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The Feminist Movement / A Success? : A 5 page research paper that examines whether or not the feminist movement has been successful. The writer argues that it has been successful and discusses the changed nature of American society to substantiate this position. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Succfemi.wps

Is Canada A Misogynist Society? : This 15 page paper answers that very question with a resounding "no" and provides a great deal of theoretical and statistical support to back up the position. Several areas discussed include : divorce laws, pornography laws, battered women statistics as well as male vs. females salaries in the country. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Misocan.wps

Misogyny Analyzed : This 8 page research paper examines the concept of misogyny and its role in the social construction of the male identity. Specifically discussed are its implications for social equality, the role of religion in supporting or rejecting misogyny, violence, attitudes of women and homosexuals and the relation to homophobia. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Misogyny.wps

The 14th Amendment and Women's Rights : A 7 page paper discussing the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The writer discusses the context of this amendment in current times as it relates to equality, women's rights, relevant social programs, etc; It is ultimately concluded that although the 14th amendment is the first step towards social reform, and equal rights for all citizens, it will be a long time before those discriminated against -- women, homosexuals, blacks, and other minorities -- are truly considered equal. Bibliography lists 7 sources. 14tham.wps

Title IX & Women Participating In Intercollegiate Athletics : A 7 page research paper on Title IX-- the law which first enabled women to participate in interscholastic sports. The writer summarizes Title IX and briefly discusses its history-- going on to analyze how, in the 90's,-- attention was suddenly re-focused upon its applicability to intercollegiate sports. Various cases and other controversial issues concerning women's participation in college sports are presented. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Titleix.wps

Women’s Professional Basketball / Two Leagues ? : An 8 page piece on the economics and unexpected popularity of the women's professional basketball. The paper discusses pros and cons of having two leagues and makes a statement that women's pro basketball is here to stay. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ablwnba.wps

Women In Sports : This 10 page paper examines the various obstacles faced by female athletes, with particular emphasis on the relationship between physical fitness and self-esteem. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Womenspo.wps

Women In Sports # 2 : A 5 page paper on women's role in sports. The writer examines the historical significance of women's participation, how it changed after 1972, and the gender bias that still exists. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Femsprts.wps

National Organization for Women: NOW! This 6 page report reviews the history of the NOW organization, including historical precedents and leadership that laid a foundation for the organization. Current activities and policies are discussed to clarify the purpose of the NOW organization. Ten references are cited in bibliography. Nowmovem.wps

Organizational Dynamics / Women’s Movement : A 5 page essay on how the women’s movement influenced organizational dynamics and the advantages that it passed on to today’s women’s movement. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Dynamic.wps

Women’s Rights & The Theories of The Enlightenment : A 5 page paper that provides a distinct overview of the arguments of a number of Enlightenment theorists, including Condorcet, Rousseau, Wollstonecraft and Gouges on the problems of women, and evaluates their perspectives for or against equal rights. Enthr.wps

The New Feminism : A 7 page paper describing the changes that have come over the Women’s Movement in the past few years. It redefines feminism as the struggle to end sexist oppression wherever it may be, and describes some of the efforts of the more prominent agents of change. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Newfem.wps

Should Feminism Continue ?..: 9 page analytical discussion of feminism. Writer attempts to answer the question "Now that women have achieved a level of success in the U.S., can Feminism whither away ?"--Conclusive and well-researched answer is "no." Discussed heavily is the concept of "glass ceilings" (business/management term) and the insightful works of contemporary feminist writers like Naomi Wolf. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Feminist.wps

Feminism On The Internet : A 10 page research paper which explores how feminism has successfully used the Internet as a means of for providing needed information on a variety of gender-related topics, and also as a forum for dialogues which explore topical issues relating to feminism. The writer demonstrates how the feminist sites on the net make use of links to provide a branching network of information that is extraordinarily comprehensive. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Femnet.wps

Book Review / Women in Politics : A 4 page review of former Vermont Governor Madeline M. Kunin's book entitled "Living a Political Life." The writer details experiences depicted by Kunin of working in a field that so few women have yet had the opportunity to-- Partivuaslr emotions, anxieties, and problems unique to female politicians are discussed. The primary source is cited in bibliography. Politlife.wps

Art & Feminism : A 5 page essay discussing how art has evolved to capture the feminist movement and reflect its struggles. The writer is pro-feminist. Bibliography lists 3 sources w/ end notes. Artfemin.wps

Portrayal of Women in European Paintings : A 5 page research paper exploring how women are portrayed in paintings. The writer describes images of women in a few key 20th century European paintings, and the social and cultural influences on these portrayals. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Artfemi2.wps

Subtle Sexism & False Portrayal Of Women In Hollywood Films : A 7 page paper on sexism, the "gender war," and the overall treatment of women in film. "Boomerang," "A Stranger Among Us,"and "Man Trouble," are among the many movies used to illustrate the writer's points. Stereotypes and the subtly of sexism are explained as the writer presents some recommended suggestions for change. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sexismfl.wps

Women in Film : A 15 page paper tracing the role of women on screen. The writer describes the history of the portrayal of women from the 1930’s to present day and concludes with a look at "Waiting to Exhale." Bibliography lists 8 sources.Womeni.wps

Hispanic Women In Film : Hispanic women portrayed in American film are discussed in this 8 page paper. Pointed out is the fact that while women's roles have evolved in the industry the Hispanic female is still stereotyped and little work is available for serious Spanish actresses. The releases of such movies as Selena and Evita are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hispwmn.wps

Female American Film Directors : This 25 page research paper explores the contributions of women directors to American cinema. Specifically discussed are the films of Lois, Dorothy Arzner, Ida Lupino, Elaine May, Joan Micklin Silver, Claudia Weill and Susan Seidelman and their depiction of male and female characters. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Femaldir.wps

Caryl Churchhill / A Feminist Playwright : A 6 page overview of the work of Caryl Churchill, a woman who began play production in the 1960s for BBC radio. Discusses the gender issues inherent in these plays. Bibliography lists 2 sources. BBCradio.wps

Female-Exploitative Advertising : A 10 page research paper defining just what constitutes exploitative advertising. Each spring, the print advertisements of the previous year are pooled for judging. It’s awards time again. Winning an award for an ad is a true cap feather, but winning ads are not necessarily the most effective. If an effective ad as one designed with the built-in ability to reach the audience for which it is intended, then one that grabs the attention of a panel of experts is not necessarily the one that will work best for its intended purpose. Calvin Klein indeed captured attention, but that attention was accompanied by accusations of exploitation and kiddie porn. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Femads.wps

The Exploitation Of Women In Advertisments : 7 pages in length. The writer discusses the many ways that women are exploited in advertising. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Expowo.wps

The Role Of The Supermodel : A 6 page paper investigating the creation of the supermodel from the point of view of the perfume industry. The phenomenon of the supermodel is a growing one—in the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s models were largely anonymous, but they began to be spending more time in the public eye after Cheryl Tiegs. Now, they are celebrities in their own right, albeit ones who sell product. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Supermod.wps

"The Awakening" as an Example of Womens' Oppression : An 8 page analysis of the depiction of women and their revolutionary role as was specifically evidenced by the character of Edna in Kate Chopin's "The Awakening." Complimented by 5 sources listed in bibliography. Awakenin.wps

Perkins' "The Yellow Wallpaper" & Ibsen's "Doll House" : In this 6 page essay, the writer compares social oppressions as they relate to the wives in each of these two stories. In each story, the wife was expected to look up to her husband as an 'Ideal-maker'--yet each author uses different techniques and secondary characters to illustrate this point. No Bibliography. Isbengil.wps

The Scarlet Letter : A 5 page research paper describing the Scarlet Letter from a feminist viewpoint. The writer discusses how the Scarlet Letter reflects the stereotype of women as either good or evil, and how its reflected in the main character of Hester Prynne. Biblography lists 6 sources. Femscarl.wps

Racism Against Women of Color / During the Feminist Movement : A 10 page paper that considers the issues of racial division in the feminist movement and also focuses on the role that women of color have played in race-based social movements. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Women.wps

Women and Power in Selected Black Literature : A 6 page paper discussing the issue of female power in two twentieth-century fictional works, the novel Their Eyes Are Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and one story from the short-story collection Uncle Tom’s Children by Richard Wright. In the essay, power is defined as a sense of one’s own self and a fearlessness about putting that knowledge into action. No other sources cited. God.wps

Gilman and Gender Stratification : A short 2 page analytical essay on Charlotte Perkins Gilman's theories concerning gender stratification and the role of the individual in society. No Bibliography. Gilman.wps

Charlotte Perkins Gilman : A completely discussion of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's life and theories. The influence that her social work / feminist ideology had on others is explored as are the individuals upon whom she may have based some of her own work. Several of her works are examines including the treatise "Women and Economics." 6 sources are cited. Gilmsoci.wps

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "Her Land" : An analytical 6 page essay in which the writer discusses this classic feminist work from a personal point of view. In the book, Gilman describes a Utopian society successfully created and inhabited by 100% women. "Her Land" was originally published in 1915 as a magazine article and did not become a book until 1979. *The writer of this easy supports / agrees with Gilman's feminist ideology. Herland.wps

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "Her Land" # 2 : A 6 page essay similar to the one described above (Herland.wps) except the writer debates Gilman's ideology and asserts that she fails to give men enough of a fair chance in the story. C.P. Gilman is criticized in this essay for having been too "one-sided." Herland2.wps

Revolutionaries and the Feminine Mystique : A 6 page piece which postulates that in "The Feminine Mystique" and "Slouching Towards Bethlehem," Betty Friedan and Joan Didion write (separately) of a women’s revolution, Friedan by tracing history toward a thesis, and Didion by adding apocolyptic commentary to the theme by living with the emerging culture, and by observing the unconscious shedding of historical perspective. However true to history their original insights, it can be claimed that both lost touch with their historical perspectives, specifically as they applied to the ongoing social issues for which they fought. As such, they themselves became victims to a "history mystique" of their own creation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Friedion.wps

The Success of Mercy Otis Warren : A 5 page paper on Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814) -- one of the first American playwrights. The writer describes how Warren's works reflected the sociopolitical climate of her day and also how, as a woman, she defied social convention by taking part in this sort of endeavor. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mercyot2.wps

Harriet Martineau as a Key Social Theorist : A 3 page essay on Harriet Martineau (an English writer), who the author of this essay believes deserves to be remembered in the same light as Karl Marx and other great social theorists for her insightful contributions. Martineau's critique of Charlotte Bronte is cited as are several other key examples. Bibliography cites 2 sources. Martinea.wps

Bell Hooks’ "Ain't I A Woman" : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Hooks' book, while also concentrating on her philosophical perspective. This paper contends that Hooks bases her work on the racial aspects that have led to racial and gender oppression, and provides a discourse for change. No additional sources cited. Bellhook.wps

Rosemarie Tong / Feminist Thought : A 5 page paper that provides an analysis of Tong's book, Feminist Thought. This paper supports Tong's philosophical thesis, which demonstrates the historical and societal influences on the seven different forms of feminism. No additional sources cited. Tong.wps

Susan B. Anthony / Champion Of Women's Rights : An 8 page research paper on the life & contributions of women's rights leader, Susan B. Anthony. The writer is particularly concerned with specific activities in which Anthony participated. For example, the temperance movement, the first women's rights convention, the struggle to include women in the 14th and 15th amendments, the National Woman Suffrage Association, and more. Also discussed is how Susan B. Anthony's influence still perserveres in today's movements. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Susanba.wps

Seneca Falls’ Lasting Effect : A 6 page paper examining conditions as they existed at the time of the Seneca Falls convention in 1848 and again 70 years later in 1918 when women at last won the right to vote. At the time of the Seneca Falls convention, women had no legal rights of any kind, including the right to hold a job or retain any family inheritance once she married. Evolution of women’s rights still has a way to go today, but conditions are far better than in the mid-19th century. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Seneca.wps

Nineteenth Amendment and Suffrage : A 5 page paper that looks at how the people involved in the debate fashioned their debates in support or against the right to vote for women. Bibliography lists more than 5 sources. Suffrage.wps

Jane Addams / Female Activist : 2 pages in length. Essay discusses Jane Addams as a woman of great thought and of great action. Mostly from the writer's opinionated perceptive but two sources are also included in a bibliography. Addams.wps

Mary Wollstonecraft / Feminist Philosopher : An 8 page research paper on the life and philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft. Wollstonecraft is highly regarded as the leader of the women's suffrage movement in Britain and is best known as the woman who answered Rousseau with her philosophical treatise entitled : "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman." The writer describes Wollstonecraft's life and works, and discusses her contributions to both philosophy and feminism. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Marywoll.wps

Sexuality in Mary Wollstonecraft’s "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" :
A 6 page paper which examines the theme of sexuality in Mary Wollstonecraft’s 1792 treatise, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. TGrights.wps

Emma Goldman : This anarchist's life is discussed in a the context of a book authored by John Chalberg in this 5 page paper. The focus is on influences, such as the subject's childhood, other anarchists as well as American individualism, on her later political activism. Chalberg's book is the only source used. Emmagold.wps

Gloria Steinem: A 10 page paper on the life of Gloria Steinem. Her life is illustrated including her childhood. Steinem made many political stands and was most know for her policies towards the feminist movement in which she was instrumental in creating. Descriptions of her books and writings are also noted. Steinem made quite an impact on society and how we view women and their rights. A works cited page follows containing 8 references. Steinem.wps

Feminist Leaders : A 10 page research paper on Alice Paul, Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary P. Ryan and their contributions to the feminist movement. The writer posits that Paul was radical, but highly successful, Roosevelt was enigmatic, and that Ryan shows bias toward NOW, but that all were very influential in their time and that their legacy continues today. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Femlead.wps

"Glass Ceilings" / Management, Women, & The Workplace : A 9 page essay on the struggles that women still endure in the professional, corporate world. It is argued that while women have indeed enjoyed some advancements in business, they still are barred from achieving top-level management positions. Thus, they are looking through a "glass ceiling." In answer to this, many women are forming their own businesses. The role of downsizing and other relevant minority issues are brought into the discussion as well. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Womnwork.wps

Circumventing The "Glass Ceiling"/ Women As Entrepreneurs : 8 pages in length. There is really nothing any more remarkable in women entrepreneurs’ efforts than there are in the men counterparts’ work, at least not in the present. In the early years, women were at a distinct disadvantage if they intended to focus on any business that could be seen as untraditional. Since those first ground-breaking years, however, women-owned businesses are just businesses—sound management practices and tuned acumen truly is without gender. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Womenent.wps

Why Women May Make Better Managers : In this 10 page research paper, the writer evaluates the hypocrisy that women are discriminated against in the workplace. Using relevant studies, it is argued that women are physiologically more capable of effectively handling common administrative tasks and situations for two main reasons : (1) their brains may be intrinsically more efficient with regard to verbal ability and (2) their social nurturing and inherent nature make them more able managers. Many examples are presented to illustrate points made -- all are properly documented. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Womenmgt.wps

Deborah Tannen's "Talking 9 to 5": A 5 page paper that provides an overview and analysis of Tannen's book. This paper supports Tannen's contention that gender specific communication styles have significantly impacted the roles that men and women play in business structures. Bibliography lists 3 sources. 9to5.wps

Deborah Tannen & The Male - Female Communication Model :
The sociolinguist’s book You Just don’t Understand is utilized to explore communication in this 5 page paper. The paper notes the controversial nature of the work and argues that it is not credible. Many examples are provided. Other works in the field are discussed. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Tannen.wps

Is Telecommuting Unfair To Women ? : This 6 page paper describes the phenomenon of tele or "cyber - commuting" and its popularity in modern society. It is argued that tele-commuting has actually intensified the consequences of a male-dominated workplace and that women are afforded the same lesser economic status and lower positions in the corporation they have always had as a result of the advent of computer technology in terms of telecommuting. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Womnwkp2.wps

Is Telecommuting Unfair To Women # 2 ? : In this well-argued 6 page paper, the point is made that tele-commuting does little more for women than keep them at home-- where they were a century ago. Women who work from their home office/computer are expected not only to handle corporate business from 9 - 5, they are also usually expected to take care of household affairs and even to raise children during the same time. This stands in contrast with men who cyber-commute but who are not expected to do anything other than work during the course of the business day. Various other relevant ethical issues are discussed and it is ultimately concluded that women have very little to gain in today's workplace. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Womnwkpl.wps

Women's Rights & The Law / Views Of Catherine MacKinnon & Richard Epstein Both law professors with opposing ideologies, MacKinnon & Epstein, are discussed in a 5 page analysis as it pertains to the legislation of women's rights. The writer concludes in agreement with Epstein. No additional sources used. Womenlaw.wps

Discrimination Against Women in Broadcasting : A 10 page literature review on the instant subject, exploring issues of workforce statistics, discrimination against women broadcasters, and discrimination against storylines of women in broadcasting--including appearance and subject matter. The paper also discusses the "hidden" women in broadcasting--technicians. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Broadwom.wps

Affirmative Action and Women in Public Education : This 8 page paper looks at the subject inclusive of a review of relevant literature and makes recommendations.
The position of the paper favors affirmative action in this context in order to improve stereotypes of women as well as to help women to achieve in such professions. Bibliography lists 8 sources Sa276.wps

Women In The Military : A 10 page paper that argues that women should not be allowed in the military. The issues raised include psychological fitness, physical-emotional response, and present behavior in the military, and the reputational and financial costs of that behavior. The writer argues that based on the psychological, physical-emotional, and behavioral evidence, women should not be allowed in the military. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Wommil.wps

Woman In Power : A 5 page paper on how woman in Florida and other parts of the country have become empowered to achieve success, power, and how they continue to promote and lobby for womens’ rights. The writer also talks a little about the woman suffrage and the womens’ rights movement. Women.doc

Equal Rights, Gender Differences & The Problems of Women : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the arguments of Condorcet, Rousseau, Wollstonecraft and Gouges on the problems of women, and evaluates their perspectives for or against equal rights. Eqwom.wps


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