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Theology : In 6 pages the author discusses theology. Practices and procedures of theology, which includes, moral theology; ecclesiology; rules of canonical right; eschatology; apolology; bible; sacraments and liturgy; ministry; pastoral theology; revelation and other such theological themes, are used on a daily basis. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Theoprac.wps

Religion : A 6 page paper discussing various aspects of religion that address issues such as oppression and liberation. Religion is a very complex and emotional subject which can often cause people to feel completely at peace with themselves and life, but can also incite people to violence. It revolves around a faith that instills, and often forces, people to behave and believe a certain way, depending on, and regardless of, the religion. More often than not religion is nothing more than a safety net that provides individuals with set rules which essentially protect them from themselves, thereby making it an oppressive reality as well as a liberating one. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Reloplib.wps

Christianity Today : Christianity is and always has been the dominant religious preference in the United States. It was founded on the philosophy of religious freedom and the extensive diversity that has characterized the development of the nation has defined much of the political sentiment over the years. t is essential to understanding the status of Christianity today to relate a history of its development in the United States. There remains a core of Christian believers that are the foundation of Christian belief today. A trend in commercialization of Christian products indicates a rise of interest among younger people. This 6 page paper examines the history of Christianity in the United States and concludes with a creative look of the status of Christian thought in today's world. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Christod.wps

The Future of Christianity : In 8 pages the author discusses the future of Christianity. Christianity is a religion that has many theologies and doctrines. Although there are many sects of Christianity, they all share certain values and beliefs. The main points of Christianity are an adherence to the ten commandments, and a belief in the concepts that Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, Jesus was crucified, dead and buried, Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Christfut.wps

Physical Descriptions Of Biblical Patriarchs / Influenced Of Ancient Art :
A 6 page paper that compares the Biblical descriptions of some of its major patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, etc;) with the archaeological findings of the time, to support their descriptions. The writer attempts to show that archaeological findings, including art and sculpture, deny some of the representations in the Bible, including the advanced age of many of the patriarchs in Genesis, and the racial hereditary basis for characters like Esau. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Patriar.wps

Abraham’s Covenant With God : A 5 page essay that compares and contrasts the covenant made between God and Abraham as recorded in Genesis: Chapters 13, 15 and 17. The writer also notes the total obedience and faithfullness of Abraham and the fact that God chose him as a father of many nations. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Abram.wps

Significance of the Covenant in Theology This 8 page paper delves into the topic of covenants and how it relates to the Old and New Testaments. Several Old Testament covenants are outlined. The significance of virgin marriage and circumcision are explored through Old Testament theology. The New Testament, as the new covenant, is outlined and the significance of the church in Christianity is explained. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sigcov.wps

1 & 2 Thessalonians - Faith : A 9 page essay discussing the interpretation of faith as written by Paul, particularly as found in 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Several interpretations as to the importance of faith and what it does are offered. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Thessal.wps

The Bible As The Word of God : A 14 page paper in which the writer examines -- from a philosophical perspective, how we can say on the basis of divine revelation that The Bible is the word of God? Rather than look at the complex angles of that interpretation, we can take a simpler route to the answer. Why do the interpretations of the fall differ? In fact, there is validity in all interpretations : This -- and other relevant issues such as the underlying message of St. John’s writings that preparedness in faith and unconditional love of God shall result in salvation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Wordofgo.wps

Nouwen & Spirituality : This 4 page essay reviews Henri J.M. Nouwen’s Reaching Out The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life. The book is discussed primarily in terms of how it can enhance spirituality. No additional sources cited. Nouwen.wps

2 Corinthians : A 10 page essay discussing Paul's second letter to the Corinthians. Following a brief overview of Paul's letters to the Corinthians, the writer focuses on the criticisms made against Paul and his responses to each of the attacks against him by itinerant teachers who had traveled to Corinth as well as by the individuals in Corinth who did not believe what he said when he established the church in that city. Bibliography lists 9 references. 2corin.wps

Paul / Was He An Enemy Of Women? : A 5 page research paper which examines both sides of the issue of whether Paul actually wrote 1 Corinthians 14: 34-35 which prohibits women from taking an active part in the early Christian church. The writer favors the argument set forth by Kharises that these verses were not written by Paul and were actually an interpolation added perhaps centuries after Paul wrote this letter to the early Christian church in Corinth. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Paulen.wps

Outline Of The Missionary Journeys of Paul : A 7 page outline chronicling the four missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul, including his two Roman imprisonments. Formerly a member of the Pharisees and an enthusiastic persecutor of the early Christians, Paul was converted to Christianity on the road to Damascus, where he intended to squelch another wave of Christian teaching after the death of Jesus. He became the first missionary and prolific writer his letters to the churches he visited and helped direct constitute much of the New Testament. Bibliography lists 6+ sources. Paul.doc

Albert Nolan’s "Jesus Before Christianity" : This 5 page paper discusses the 1976 book by Albert Nolan. Nolan introduces his readers to the person Jesus before his death, a man who was deeply involved in the issues and problems of his day. The book presents some idea of what it was Jesus was trying to do. Bibliography lists 1 source. Anolan.wps

Outline Of The Life of Jesus : A 9 page outline chronicling the life of Jesus, taken mostly from the account of Matthew. The writer includes the period foretelling the birth of Jesus to some of the reactions following His resurrection on the first Easter Sunday. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Jesus.doc

The Miracles Of Jesus : A 5 page paper that explores the reactions of the people at the time Jesus performed miracles compared to the reactions of those in today's world. There is a significant difference in the acceptance level between the two eras. An inspirational and factual paper that briefly discusses selective belief, a new concept. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Jesmrcl.wps

Christology and Jesus : A 5 page research essay exploring contemporary study of Christology. The focus of Christology is somewhat different depending on which theologian one reads, however one definition that seems to be accepted is that Christology and bible studies are "two aspects of a single inquiry into divine revelation." It also focuses on the life of Jesus and once again asks the question, "Who was He?" This writer contends that some things in life must be accepted on faith and 'who Jesus is' is one of those things. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Christology.doc

Did Jesus Christ Say That He Is God ? : A 7 page paper examining the question, "Did Jesus ever say that he is God?" The writer examines the facts in history, which state that Jesus, in fact did NOT state that he was God, the Son of God, or the Messiah. Endnoted. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Jesusgod.wps

Jesus Through the Centuries / Book Review : A 10 page, analytical essay on this book by Jaroslav Pelikan that examines the author’s personal beliefs about Jesus and their relevance to Biblical fact. No additional sources cited. Jesuscen.wps

Jesus / His Crime and Punishment : A 4 page essay exploring the crime Jesus committed under the prevailing laws of the day. The questions investigated were: did Jesus, in fact, commit a crime and if He did, was His punishment in accordance with the Roman legal system in place at the time? Christians do not believe Jesus committed any crime other than to preach the truth. But was that the reality under the laws governing all Jews and Romans? The writer describes the laws and normal punishments in terms of Jesus' declaration that He was the Son of God. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Jesuscp.wps

Jesus Christ & The Shroud of Turin : A 5 page research paper which postulates that the Shroud of Turin is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ. The writer uses the latest scientific evidence to support an argument on the Shroud’s authenticity. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Turin.wps

Theology And Religion / Mysticism And Jesus : A 25 page research paper that tests the hypotheses that mysticism was practiced during the time of Jesus and that Jesus was a mystic. This paper includes these sections: introduction, review of the literature, findings, discussion, summary and conclusions. Mysticism is defined with examples given of what mystics say about their experience. Theology is linked definitively to mysticism. Examples of how mysticism was practiced during the time of Jesus are given using Biblical verses. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Jesusmys.wps

Did Jesus Have Healing Powers ? : A 20 page essay that explores the validity of the belief that Jesus had healing powers. References to support this belief are drawn from the Bible, from ancient documents, and from the interpretations of various scholars as well as a scientifically based analysis of one miraculous healing Jesus is purported to have performed. The essay identifies the problems inherent in answering the question and looks at the Jesus' life, where the Bible came from, the spread of the Church, and citations of healings from the Bible. A secondary resource bibliography where support is found for Jesus' life is also provided. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Jesuheal.wps

How Jewish Was Jesus? : This 8 page report discusses the question of how Jewish Jesus of Nazareth was according to the gospel of Matthew. Bibliography lists 1 source. Jewjesus.wps

The Influence of Jesus : This 5 page paper explores the life and times of Jesus Christ and how he affected religion. The historical Jesus is compared with the spiritual Christ and archeological finds of the era are noted. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Jesusinf.wps

The Effect Of The Resurrection On Christians : A 3 page essay discussing the resurrection of Christ according to the gospel and how it affects Christian life today. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Jesusres.wps

Evidence of Christ's Resurrection : A 2 page paper that discusses evidence of Christ's Resurrection. A common sense approach is taken by the writer with reference to specific Books in the Bible. No bibliography. Resev.wps

The Characteristics Of Apocalyptic Literature Using Daniel And Revelation :
7 pages in length. Will the world come to an end? If one's faith is placed in the Bible, then it appears to be the case. There is considerable mention of the planet's last days as humanity pushes forth with all its arrogant and contemptuous behavior. It is as though the human race has sought out its own destruction from the warnings of apocalyptic prophecies that represent its own destiny. Indeed, the Bible instructs that the world will witness an end to life as it is known in such a tremendous world war that nations will be pitted against one another and kingdoms will slay other kingdoms in the name of Armageddon. The writer discusses apocalyptic prophecies as they relate to Daniel and Revelation. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Apocal2.wps

Eternity : A 5 page paper discussing the relevancy of time and eternity in relationship to a supreme being, or God. The issues discussed are essentially based on the essay titled "Timeless Eternity" by Brain Davies. The theories discussed address the essential quality of time which is a highly opinionated reality. If time is nothing more than an illusion then God does not exist in any form within such confines as a time frame. The theories addressed within Davies essay are all essentially confining the divine essence and the subject of eternity within human ideas which address the reality of time. No additional sources cited. Diveter.wps

Carl Jung And Christ As Savior : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of Jung's considerations regarding the essence of Christ as Savior. This paper includes religious, psychological and social correlations. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Carljung.wps

The Virgin Mary : Also known as The Blessed Virgin and as the mother of Jesus, Mary’s role in the history of Christianity and her role today are discussed in this 5 page essay. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mary.wps

Mary, As Portrayed In The Gospels : This 6 page paper reviews Mary, the mother of Jesus, as portrayed in each of the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. A brief reference is also made to the gospel of Thomas. A moderate feminist approach is taken to explain the paucity of references to the woman who gave birth to Jesus Christ. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Marygosp.wps

The Book of Job – Chapter One : This 5 page report discusses the first chapter of the Old Testament’s Book of Job. The first chapter introduces the reader to the hardships Job must endure and as the chapter ends, Job proclaims some of the most famous lines of any section of the Bible – " . . . the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." Bibliography lists only the book itself as a source. Bkofjob.wps

The Book of Job / Court Imagery : A 5 page paper that considers the use of court imagery in the Book of Job. The writer contends that court imagery is an effective means of supporting the themes of suffering and justice in the work. Bibliography with 2 sources. Bookjob.wps

Book of Job / Divine Justice : A 5 page paper that provides and overview of the discourse between Job and his friends in The Book of Job and reflects on the impact of this discourse on the concept of divine justice. Bibliography lists 2 additional sources. Bookjob2.wps

Is God Just? : "Doth God pervert judgement? or doth the Almighty pervert justice" (Job 8:3)? It has been argued that God, in his omnipotence, is at once loving and capricious. This 5 page paper examines the motivations of God in reference to the casting out of Adam and Eve, the test of Abraham and the troubles of Job. An analogy of parenthood and parenting techniques is proposed with the circumstances compared with the stages in the development of a child. No other sources cited. Godjust.wps

Book of Job vs. The Odyssey : A 5 page essay comparing Job to Oedipus from Sophocoles "Oedipus The King." Issues such as free will are discussed throughout. No Bibliography. Bookofjo.wps

The Book of Job / Similarities & Contrasts to the Teachings of Socrates : A 5 page review of the teachings of Job compared and contrasted to those of Socrates. Concludes that while both hold valuable lessons it is those of Job which are most instructive since they teach a faith in an almighty power. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Jobsocr.wps

Satan And The Book Of Job : 5 pages in length. Say the word Satan, and most people immediately think of a devilish character who inflicts torturous pain and misery on his victims. But the Satan known in the Book of Job was not such a malevolent being; in fact, it was with the permission of God that he imposed harm upon Job, a faithful servant to God. The writer defines Satan's place within the Book of Job and briefly describes his actions with respect to Taoism. Bibliography included. Satanjob.wps

Bible Studies / Exegesis On Deuteronomy 26:1-11 : A 6 page exegesis of Deuteronomy 26:1-11. This paper discusses this passage in respect to the Hebrew's movement out of Egypt and into the promised land. God discusses his expectations of men in the promised land--that they raise crops and bring them for blessings in front of priests. During this process, God expects that man will remember the process that brought them to the promised land while also reflecting on the gifts of God and celebrating in His name. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Deuteron.wps

Bible Studies / Exegesis On Luke 1:26-38 : A 4 page paper that provides an exegetical overview Luke’s narrative in verses 26-38. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Lukee.wps

Bible Studies / Exegesis On Luke 20:27-40 : This 4 page essay explores one section from the Gospel of Luke [20: 27 - 40] in which the Sadducees questioned Jesus about resurrection in terms of the Leverite law. Nonbelievers, they attempted to trick Jesus but He reminded them of the Scriptures and admonished them for not knowing them. Other parallels are also discussed. No additional sources cited. Luke.wps

Bible Studies / Exegesis on Matthew 5:43-48 : A 6 page paper presenting the background, literary analysis, and meaning of a passage from the Gospel According to Matthew. It is the writer's contention that this passage reflects many of the concepts present in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and therefore holds some of the basic truths of the Gospel as a whole. Bibliography lists 5 additionally-cited sources. Exegesi.wps

Exegesis / Romans 12:1-8 : A 5 page analysis of Romans 12:1-8 written by Paul in about AD 57. The Exegesis offers a brief overview of when and why this letter was written to the Romans and then provides an interpretation of the text. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Roman12.wps (keywords Bible Biblical testament)

Paul's Letter to the Romans : A 6 page analysis of the epistle to the Romans contained within the Holy Bible. The writer argue that Paul presents a theological argument that concerns the nature of sin and how Godís grace applies to all of humanity, and not just the Jewish people. It would appear that at this time there was still some controversy over whether or not the message of Jesus was meant exclusively for Jews, and whether or not, Gentiles had to convert to Judaism, i.e. be circumcised, in order to become Christian. Other points of the argument are covered as well. No additional sources cited. Paulet.wps

How Jesus' Sermon On The Mount Relates To Christian Life & The Church :
5 pages in length. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount relates directly to the Church and Christian life in that it speaks of life having specific meaning. No matter the how saddening the cause, no matter how sorrowful the occasion, Jesus' Sermon reflects the positive -- much the same way the Church and Christian life look upon the good of each situation. Indeed, the main correlation among them is that one must learn to let go of mortal attachments; that holding onto entities of this world will only delay one's salvation. The writer discusses how the truth of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount mirrored the Church and Christian beliefs. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Jesuser.wps

Bible Studies / Interpreting Matthew 24:15-26 : A 3 page paper that discusses the question: Can a literal view be used to interpret these passages? The writer discusses millennialism and how this relates to Matthew 24. Specific examples of Biblical passages are provided. Bibliography lists 3 sources. PGMat.rtf

Bible Studies / Genesis 6:3 V Matthew 24:37 - Double Reference View :
A 2 page paper that discusses the validity of using the principle of double reference when interpreting these two Biblical passages. Examples and supporting evidence are provided. Bibliography lists 2 sources. PGgenmat.rtf

Gospel Of John / Chapter 10: 1-15 : A 6 page essay discussing the meaning, purpose, themes and uniqueness of the Gospel of John, in general, and these verses, in particular. The parable cited is found only in John's gospel. The writer concludes that the message is as relevant today as it was when it was written. Bibliography lists 1 source. John10.wps

Bible Studies / Exegesis on Revelation : This 5 page essay compares and contrasts the Book of Revelation, Chapter 1:4 through Chapter 3:22 across five different Bibles and also offers comments from theologians and Bible scholars and writers. These verses represent the letters to the seven churches in Asia. There is very little difference among the different Bibles, thus interpretations of what is meant by the text is offered. Rev.wps

Exegesis / The Infancy Gospel Of Thomas : An 8 page exegesis of one line from the work titled "The Infancy Gospel of Thomas." The line is illustrated in its simplest form, at first. This is followed by an examination of secondary sources which discuss "The Infancy Gospel of Thomas," both in an analysis as they relate to the line presented, as well as in an illustration of the content. This is followed by an explanation of what the line may well mean and what one of the interpretations may be. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ingosp.wps

Old Testament Biblical Studies / The Books Of Kings : This 6 page essay investigates the themes of the two Books of Kings, which focus on obedience to God's Laws. Adherence to the covenant brings rewards while failure to follow the Word of God brings punishments. These themes are exemplified in the decline of the Kings of Judah and Israel. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bookking.wps

The Creation of Israel, A Biblical Study : A 6 page essay on the establishment of Israel. The writer states that the will of the nomadic Israelites was to settle in a rich valley and establish a settlement, and shows how the political cannot be separated from the religious in the story of Israelite settlement. To keep up their vision, they relied on prophets to guide them, but in the end, King David, a warrior, saw to the actualization of their dream, although they attribute his presence to the will of God. Biblical passages studied include passages from Samuel I and II. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Cnisrsta.wps

Old Testament Biblical Studies / The Book of Jonah : A 7 page essay investigating the symbolism in this Book of the Old Testament. Religious scholars disagree as to whether or not the story of Jonah is an historical accounting but they do not disagree about the symbolism found within the account of this reluctant messenger. The writer likens Jonah's reaction to those that can be found in the world today. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jonah.wps

Old Testament Biblical Studies / The Book Of Daniel : A 5 page research paper that examines this important part of the Old Testament. The writer gives a brief summation of the main action in each chapter with comments as to meaning and interpretation. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Bookdanl.wps

The Book Of Daniel And The Book Of Revelation Double Reference View :
A 3 page paper that explains the four kinds of double reference principles. The writer includes in each discussion examples from the Books of Daniel and Revelations. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Pgdblref.rtf

Is Daniel 7 Amillenial Or Premillenial ? : A 3 page paper discussing the difference between amillennial and premillenial, relating that explanation to Daniel 7. The writer argues Daniel is premillenial and offers evidence to support this conclusion. Bibliography lists 2 sources. PGdanl.rtf

Book Of Genesis / Its Influence on Our Culture : A 5 page essay exploring the impact of the stories in the Book of Genesis on our culture. The writer discusses how authors such as Thornton, Wilder, & Faulkner have been influenced in some way by the Book Of Genesis. Three sources. Genisis.wps

The Gospel According To John / Who Is Jesus ? : This 5 page paper discusses two specific topics: first, it describes the themes inherent in the Gospel according to John and gives a brief description regarding the difference between this and the other three Gospels.. Second, it discusses the question of who Jesus is. Key opinions given by C.S. Lewis regarding who Jesus’ person are discussed with citations from other scholars as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. John.wps

The Gospel According to Matthew : This 10 page paper explores the purposes of this Gospel and offers verses to substantiate the perceived purposes. Further, it discusses some of the symbolism found in the Gospel and points out the forms used to make the desired points. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Gospmatt.wps

The Book Of Revelation / Are The Prophecies Coming True? : This 7 page essay investigates the claims that the prophecies found in the Book of Revelation are coming true in today's world. Writers point to specific events in the world and link these to specific verses in Revelation. Critics say that this type of activity has been going on for 2,000 years and that the interpretations are changed to fit the events of the day. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Trueprop.wps

Importance Of The Old Testament To Understanding Basic Theology : A 17 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to the challenges of the veracity of the Old Testament and relates these to a basic understanding of modern Christian theology. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Oldtest.wps

The Old Testament & The Covenants Analyzed : An 8 page paper which considers the historical validity of the biblical Old Testament, the stories of Abraham, David, Moses, Noah, Adam and Eve, and the covenants with God. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Covenant.wps

God & The Old Testament : 2 page analysis of God's portrayal in the Old Testament. The writer feels that with specific respect to his relation with man, God's character in the Old Testament is one that portrays an all-powerful, immortal being yet he needs only to be feared by those who perform acts of evil or of sin. No Bibliography. Godot.wps

Toward An Old Testament Theology: Walter Kaiser on the Challenges and Motivations: This 5 page paper provides an overview of the first 10 chapters of Walter Kaiser’s book Toward An Old Testament Theology. This paper relates the perspectives of Kaiser, which outline the difficulties and motivations that have served to define the pursuit of this theological focus, including the promise of God as the defining center of the Old Testament. No additional sources cited. MHoldtes.wps

Walter Kaiser’s Toward An Old Testament Theology: This 5 page paper provides an overview of the central arguments in Walter Kaiser’s book Toward an Old Testament Theology and considers the implications and benefits derived from his perspective. This paper considers the strengths and weaknesses in Kaiser’s theological perspective. MHKaiser.wps

Origins Of Judaism, Christianity And Islam : A 5 page paper which compares and contrast the origins of Judaism, Christianity and Islam by determining how, where and when these religions emerged and by describing their relationship to each other. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Judchri2.wps

New Testament & The Question of Introduction : A 5 page paper that considers the "Book of James" and the way in which scholars have disputed the history and authorship of this work. Bibliography with 4 sources. Newtest.wps

The New American Bible : A 5 page essay that discusses the New American Bible. References are made to other versions of the Bible and specific verses are compared among different translations. The symbolism found is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. NAB.wps

Biblical Characters / An Analysis Of Ruth And Esther : This 4 page essay compares and contrasts the Books of Ruth and Esther in the Bible. Both women had similar characteristics and both were affected by the culture of the day. One is believed to be based on a true character and one is considered to be an embellished story to make a point about the Jews in Persia. RuthEs.wps

Consistency Of Themes In The Bible : This 5 page discusses three specific themes that are prevalent in the Bible and cites sample verses to demonstrate how these themes are carried through from the Old to the New Testaments. Biblethe.wps

Biblical Inerrancy : A 10 page essay discussing the debate regarding the inerrancy of the Bible. Topics include: what inerrancy means; where the Bible came from; arguments for and against the doctrine of inerrancy and a conclusion. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Biberr.wps

Healing Sites / Importance To Christianity : A 7 page paper discussing the reasons healing sites, such as Lourdes, holy wells and other shrines, are important to the Christian faith. Different aspects such as hope, faith, and continuity are discussed with examples from research. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Healsite.wps

The Philosophies of "Herem" and "Jihad" : This 9 page paper examines the practice and meanings of Herem and Jihad and their philosophies regarding war. Bibliography lists seven sources. Jihad.wps

Atheism : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the beliefs of atheists and considers the impacts of these believes as they relate to perspectives on religion. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Atheism.wps

Is God Just? : "Doth God pervert judgement? or doth the Almighty pervert justice" (Job 8:3)? It has been argued that God, in his omnipotence, is at once loving and capricious. This 5 page paper examines the motivations of God in reference to the casting out of Adam and Eve, the test of Abraham and the troubles of Job. An analogy of parenthood and parenting techniques is proposed with the circumstances compared with the stages in the development of a child. No other sources cited. Godjust.wps

Comparing Josef Pieper’s "Faith, Love & Hope" with "Love Alone:The Way of Revelation" by Hans urs von Balthasar : This 11 page report discusses the viewpoints of two of the 20th century’s leading theologian/philosophers. While von Balthasar presents a more philosophical interpretation of theological and anthropological human events, Pieper (often thought to be the 20th century’s greatest expert on Thomas Aquinas) allows for the application of traditional religious thought in modern life. Bibliography lists only the two books discussed as sources. Piefalov.wps

Pirsig’s "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" : A 15 page review of the 1974 book by Robert Persig. Explores the concept of perception and how it relates to the ancient philosophy of Zen. Illuminates Persig's concern with the decline in American values and in systems such as our educational system. No additional sources are listed. Zenart.wps

Monotheism / Proof in the Bible : A 5 page essay investigating proof in the Bible that there is only one God. Chapters and verses from the Books of Isaiah and Jeremiah are cited as evidence of one and only one God and His escalating impatience with the pagan idols being crafted and glorified. Bibliography lists 1 source. Monothe.wps

Angels / God's Messengers : This 6 page essay investigates the concept of angels throughout the Bible. Specific verses are cited to illustrate the various roles of angels, including but not limited to: protectors, warriors, chastisers, encouragers, predictors of the future and instructors, always fulfilling the word of God. Bibliography lists 1 source. Godmess.wps

Angels / Their Historic Role in Various Religions & in Modern Life : A 6 page exploration of the concept of angel and their traditional importance to various religions. Explores possible reasons for the tremendous popularity of angels today. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Angelhis.wps

Arguing The Existence Of Angels: A 5 page research essay about the existence of heavenly angels. The writer argues that if one believes in the Bible, which is the foundation for all Christian religions, then there is no other conclusion to draw regarding angels but the fact that they do, in fact, exist. There are thousands of references to God's angels in both the Old and New Testaments; references that place angels on earth. There is not reason to not believe that God would send His angels to earth today as He did then. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Angels.wps

The Personality of the Holy Spirit : A 3 page paper discussing the Holy Spirit as an entity with a personality. The Holy Spirit is one of three forms that God possesses. It is apart of the Trinity which is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is essentially the intent of God which is capable of being passed on to all people. It is spirit and is therefor intangible. It is God’s method of communicating the intent of his peace and love without using visions aimed at one person who is intended to spread the Word. The Holy Spirit spreads the word, and intent, of God. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Holy1.wps

The Work of the Holy Spirit : A 3 page paper discussing the purpose and the role that the Holy Spirit plays in the world. The Holy Spirit is a pure entity that is intent on demonstrating the love of God. It is a part of God and is shown to the true believers so that they can share it with others and bring people closer to God. It’s intent is to share truth. love, peace, and pure joy to the people of faith. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Holy2.wps

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Among Believers : A 3 page paper discussing the current state of ministry among believers, in relationship to the Holy Spirit. There are many different beliefs and ideas in regards to the Holy Spirit and the true ministry which is required by believers. While some believe that such a ministry involves active demonstration, others believe that through subtle action and kind words the ministry is conducted. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Holy3.wps

The Meaning Of Life In Judeo-Christian Thought : A 4 page paper looking at this thorny problem as analyzed by the writer of Genesis, St. Paul, and St. Augustine. It concludes that for these writers, The only way to find meaning in a world filled with too many meanings is to cleave closely to an inflexible standard -- for the Jews, the Law; for Paul, the vision of Christ; for Augustine, the Church. Bibliography lists two sources. Meanlife.wps

Influence Of Religion : This 4 page paper presents a debate on whether or not religion is good for man. Religion is seen primarily as a negative influence through the seventeenth century. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Infrel.wps

Christian Tithing : A 3 page paper that discusses the questions: what is tithing, why should a person tithe, when should a person tithe and what should a person do if they think they cannot tithe. Numerous citations from the Bible are offered in the discussion. Bibliography lists 1 source. PGtithe.rtf

Film Analysis / Ben-Hur (1959) : This film is discussed in a 5 page paper which focuses on historical accuracy in terms of storyline, set, costuming and props. A chronologic overview of the events is also provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources. BenHur.wps

Trapped at Home: The Status of Women in the Odyssey and the Old Testament : A 6 page paper comparing the treatment of women in Homeric times (as illustrated by the tribulations of Penelope in the Odyssey) with the many rules and prohibitions given to women under early Judaic law. The paper concludes that both systems effectively tie women to the house without giving them any authority over it. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Odyot.wps

Joseph & His Dreams : A two page discussion of Joseph's dreams and the significant importance of those found in Genesis 37. The role of this biblical hero's brothers and parents is taken into account. No Bibliography. Josephdr.wps

Noah's Ark and the Great Deluge : A 7 page paper exploring the story of Noah's ark and the great flood. The writer examines various theories about the tale including possible scientific proof of the flood's existence. Bibliography lists 5 sources...Floodmyt.wps

Medieval / Liturgical Drama and "The Story of Daniel" : A 10 page paper on the Medieval liturgical drama. The paper provides a description of the basis of drama and how it was incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church to teach Bible stories to the congregation. The Story of Daniel is discussed in relationship to this type of teaching, and how the drama was used in Medieval times versus how it is used today. This particular drama became a stepping stone for the incorporation of secular music into the liturgical process of presentation, and as such, led to opera and the modernization of heroic plays. The play is being used today in both church settings and film, and the storyline is being incorporated into as diverse fields as music and multimedia. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Medieval.doc

Rig-Veda X vs. Genesis, Chapt. I : Approximately 4 pages in length. Compares the Indian creation myth "'Rig-Veda X, cxxix: 'In the Beginning'" with Genesis, Chapter I. Excellent for those studying mythology, religion, philosophy, Western Civ. etc; Bibliography contains 2 references. Creation.wps

Warfare And The Issue Of Biblical Morality : An 8 page paper that considers the topic of warfare as it relates to the morality of the Bible. This paper contends that there are different considerations presented in the Old and New Testament. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Warfareb.wps

Why Christians Shouldn't Carry Swords / John Drescher On Christians & War :
A 4 page review of John Drescher's article in the November 7th [1997] issue of Christianity Today, which reflects his Christian perspective on war. No additional sources cited. Chrsw.wps

War & Christianity : A 6 page paper on the connection between Christianity and war—the proclivity to bring religious elements into the war game by such deadly leaders as Hitler, Stalin, etc. The writer posits that most of this can be blamed on misinterpretation of The Bible to meet the leaders’ political desires, but that "the masses" are those who are actually capable of peace. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Warchrst.wps

Satan & Christianity : A 7 page essay exploring the role that Satan plays in Christianity. Using the Bible and other citations, the writer looks at Satan in the Old and New Testament and compares those depictions with the role he plays today. Bibliography is included. Satanchr.wps satanism

Temptation & God’s Directive : A 5 page paper that provides a creative look at the issues of temptation and action against the directive of God as these themes are represented in a number of famous works, including the Bible and Dante’s Divine Comedy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tempgod.wps

The Temptation Of Christ And Adam / A Comparison : This 2 page paper compares the temptation of Adam and Eve to that of Jesus Christ. Both similarities and differences are discussed. No bibliography. Tempt.wps

Galatians 3:24 : This 2 page paper explains how the law prepared people for the coming of Christ. The purpose of the law is explained using Paul's words from this passage and the passages immediately preceding and following it. No bibliography. Galat324.wps

Sarah & Hagar / Biblical Women : An 8 page paper on these two biblical women. The writer examines their relationship and relates their feelings toward one another to a modern-day context. Specific references to biblical passages are made. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Biblwmn.wps

Bible Essays : This paper consists of 7 pages discussing several books of the Old and New Testaments. Essays included are on Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Deuteronomy, Isaiah as well one on the four gospels No additional sources cited. Bibleniv.wps

Baptism Among Anglican Religions : A 6 page paper that talks about the role of baptism in those churches among the Anglican beliefs. The writer goes into considerable detail as to why these ceremonies are performed, just what it is that they mean, and who is eligible for them. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Baptism.wps

Is Creationism a Science ? -- Yes ! : A comprehensive, 6 page discussion of whether or not creationism is truly a science. The author believes that it is in fact, a science and defines many relevant terms. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Keywords: biology, evolution, social science. Creatism.wps

Is Creationism a Science? -- No ! : An 8 page research paper examining whether or not creationism is truly a bonafide science. The writer describes the main theories of Creation-science and illustrates through argument that it does not meet the criteria to be a science. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Creation2.wps

Theories of Creationism : This 8 page paper delves into the controversies not only surrounding the debate between creationism and evolution but arguments within the realm of creationism itself. Include are interpretations such as progressive creationism, catastrophism, scientific creationism and the gap theory. The premise that the majority of people in America believe in pure creationism is supported by several arguments. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Creatheo.wps

Creationism Verses Evolution : A 9 page outline of the theories of creationism and evolution. Outlines the strengths and weaknesses of each and concludes that neither is inherently superior to the other. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Creaevo.wps

Science And Religion – The Differences, The Similarities : This 7 page essay discusses the issues that surround religion and science and their reason for existence in the life of an individual. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Scirel3.wps

Evolution vs. Creationism : A 10 page research paper discussing Evolution vs. Creation. Topics explored include: reaction of 19th century theologians and clergy to Darwin's theories, court cases resulting from teaching the theory of evolution, including the famous Scopes' Monkey Trial, the current acceptance level of evolution. Bibliography includes 10 references. Darwin.wps

John Scopes Trial : In 5 pages the author discusses the John Scopes Trial. July 21, 1925 was a morning that many will never forget. It was a hot day in the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee. The players: Judge John T. Raulston, two worthy attorneys, and of course, and John Thomas Scopes. The event: The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes. The significance: This was the famous "monkey trial," in which the decision was being made to the legality of the Butler Act that forbade the teaching of evolution in public schools. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Jscopes.wps

Evolution : A 5 page paper discussing the basics of evolution. Included is a description of the classic theory of evolution in addition to the theory of creationism. A brief sketch of the history of evolution is included followed by a discussion of the two theories that are most prevalent. A discussion about the possibilities both theories possess is illustrated. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Evolve.wps

Charles Darwin / His Life and Contributions : A 5 page exploration of Darwin and his theory of evolution. Bibliography lists four sources. Cdarwin.wps

"The Moral Animal" & Biological Determinism : A 10 page review of "The Moral Animal" by Robert Wright. Concentrates on Wright’s use of Charles Darwin himself as an example of the theory of evolutionary psychology, natural selection, and biological predeterminism. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Moralan.wps

The Politics of Biological Determinism : In 3 pages the author discusses biological determinism. "Biological determinism is the idea that a person is born with certain moral and intellectual qualities, which are inherited. For example, they site the way that Oliver Twist did not act as though he were an orphan. He acted as if he were middle class, because he was born middle class. They go into the theory that one's genes predispose him or her and how biological determinist theories have become an important element in both political and social struggles." Bibliography lists 1 source. Bioterm.wps

Views as Reflected in Darwinism : A 5 page paper discussing divergent views of racism and colonialism based on the premises advanced by Charles Darwin in developing his theories of natural selection and the existence of "the fittest." Concentrating on the philosophies of Darwin, Josiah Strong and Adolf Hitler, the paper also examines the stance presented by several other authors, with diversity among them ranging between Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling and the Japanese Imperial Government. Darwinwr.wps

How Darwinism is Treated in Literature : A 10 page review of Darwin’s theories and their affects on society and literature with a "man versus nature" theme. The writer explores the various negative effects the "Origin of Species" and the "Descent of Man" had on society, including effects on religion and racism. The scientific underpinnings of these issues are explored as well as how the theories have been treated in literature. Works explored in detail include Lafcadio Hearn’s "Chita," Stephen Crane’s "Open Boat," and Jack London’s "Build a Fire." Other authors and critics include Edward Wilson, Stephen Jay Gould, Aldus Huxley, Orwell and Nietzche. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Cndarlit.wps

Darwin’s Middle Road : A 5 page paper discussing "Darwin’s Middle Road," by Stephen J. Gould. There is little doubt that Darwin has been dissected more than adequately throughout the years. Many scientists, theologians, and laymen have attempted to explain just what Darwin’s theories were and who he was. Gould presents a truly unique and refreshing look at Darwin and scientific reasoning. He illustrates to the reader just how intermixed all of the theories are and brings the reader into a complete understanding of the "middle road," which is the road that implements the two major forms of scientific reasoning; inductivism and eurekaism. No additional sources cited. Darmid.wps

Can Science & Religion Coexist ? : This 15 page paper looks at whether or not there is room for both a scientific and religious view of the world. What are the philosophies and arguments on both sides of the question? Bibliography lists 7 sources. Revls.wps

Science Verses Religion / Is There Room For Both? : A 10 page discussion of the interconnectivity of science and religion. Emphasis is on the fact that the two disciplines have coexisted since the beginning of time and that neither has to be chosen over the other. Bibliography lists five sources. SvR.doc

Natural Selection : A 5 page overview and analysis of Darwin’s proposal of the theory of natural selection. Presents the proposition that the theory of natural selection had actually been around well before Darwin’s publication of Origin of the Species. Presents the view that the theory of natural selection is, in essence, a selfishness on the part of an organism to reproduce. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Natsel.wps

Homosexuality, Theology, & The Church In The Twentieth Century : A 7 page paper on the issues surrounding the gay community’s search for an arena where it can express both its spirituality and its sexuality. The paper provides historical background on homophobia within the Judeo-Christian tradition and traces some of the developments and contributions of ‘gay theology today.’ Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gaytheo.wps

The Nature and Definition of Faith : A 7 page examination of the concept of faith. Addresses the diversity in faith systems around the world and points out that there is evidence that people with faith heal quicker and adjust to adverse circumstances better than do people without a faith system. Bibliography lists five sources. Faith.wps

Peter Abelard / Faith & Reason : This 12 page paper examines the conflict between faith and reason in religion. Peter Abelard’s works are examined in an analysis which concludes that both may and do coexist. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Faitreas.wps

Psychology & Religious Conversion : A 25 page piece that postulates that not only are religions practicing conversions, but that the psychology profession must take a look at how that affects their business. Two case studies are provided which talk directly to the hypothesis, and an additional discussion makes the subject "real." Bibliography lists 19 sources. Conversio.wps

Mystery Cults and the Pre-Christian Notion of God : 8 pages in length. An insightful look at Mystery Cults-- groups that pre-date Christianity and yet who believed in the "mysteriousness" of God -- found later on in sections of The Bible (it is noted that God speaks extensively early on in Genesis and then less and less as "mysteriousness" becomes important). The history & origin (dating back to Ancient Greece) of Mystery Cults is examined as are various myths and the relevance of Judaism and even Oriental mysteries. It is essentially concluded that many primary tenets of the Christian religion actually pre-date Christianity. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mystcult.wps

Judaism vs. Catholicism / Before The Inquisition : An 8 page paper that posits that antisemitism was built slowly over the first millenia C.E., and that prior to the Inquisition, the theology of Judaism and Catholicism followed the same general path, meeting the same intents for the two religions. The paper shows that although the intent was the same and the timing of interpretations followed similar paths, the philosophies behind the two religions were different from the beginning. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Judocath.wps

The Koran [Qur’an ]Vs. The Bible : A 5 page paper comparing these two Holy books of the Judeo-Christian and Islamic faiths. The writer concludes that while there are many points of correspondence, the same stories are used to make different points due to the unique character of the three faiths. Bibliography lists 5 sources. QuBible.wps

A Christian Perspective on Psychology : A 20 page research paper which focuses on the textbook Introduction to Psychology and Counseling: Christian Perspectives and Applications by Meier, et. al. Supplementing this text with other sources as needed, the writer argues that a Christian perspective on the study of psychology provides superior counseling because the Christian counselor has the framework of Christian principles as provided by scripture to give direction to therapy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chrisper.wps

Career Counseling from a Christian Perspective : 7 pages in length. In great detail, the writer discusses problems that Christians are apt to find with the concept of career counseling and posits a methodology designed to help them appreciate it based upon the existing literature. It is asserted that a well-rounded Christian philosophy in career guidance counseling should help people discern their vocations and encourage the Christian use of their skills, Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources. Careerco.wps

"Christian" Vs. "Biblical" Mental Health Counseling : A 5 page paper briefly discussing the differences between and the controversy surrounding the two modes of mental health counseling and therapy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Christbib.wps

Christian Women In Religion : The role of the woman in Christianity is explored in this 4 page essay that uses Barbara J. MacHaffie's book Her Story: Women in Christian Tradition. MacHaffie looks at the role of women in different sects of Christianity, with a primary focus on the United States. The subject is looked at historically, but much data on contemporary Christianity is also included. MacHaffie's book is the only source used. MacHaffie.RTF

The Beliefs Of Southern Baptists : A 10 page paper on this topic in which the writer examines Southern Baptist theology and their beliefs about salvation, biblical authority, sin, etc. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Baptist.wps

The History of Ideology of the Pentecostalist Movement : 8 pages in length. An historic overview of the "Holy Movement" in the United States and the birth of Methodism followed by Pentecostalism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The writer looks at how Pentecostalism has changed since its original inception, to become more organized and bureaucratic than was originally intended. FREE outline included ! Bibliography lists 10 sources. Holimove.wps

Philosophy & The Greek Orthodox Church : Comprehensive, 25 page discussion of the Greek Orthodox Church and its fundamental origins in the works of classic Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Bibliography lists 19+ sources. Greekort.wps

Practices & Beliefs Of The Roman Catholic Church : This 5 page paper gives a brief overview of Roman Catholic beliefs and imperatives. Bibliography four lists sources. Catholic.wps

Protestant Biblical Interpretation : Bernard Ramm's Protestant Biblical Interpretation is the only source used for this 5 page overview of several types of biblical interpretation. Ramm analyzes, and gives warnings inherent with the use of liberalism, allegory, and typology as well as both letteral and literal interpretative methods. The writer concludes that these techniques are best used in conjunction with one another rather than by themselves. Probib.doc

Why Petition God? : This 5 page paper addresses this question from the viewpoint that since God is omniscient and omnipotent, why should man pray for anything. Issues discussed include free will, Divine planning and arguments about the usefulness of prayer with examples that relate to everyday life. Petgod.wps

The Revival Of Christian Music : An 8 page paper discussing Christian charismatic music and its revival since the mid-1980s. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Charmus.wps

Origins of the Santa Claus Legend : A 10 page paper discussing the history behind the legend of Santa Claus and the traditions accepted in American culture today. The writer attempts to put into perspective the life of Nicholas of Myra and the good deeds that brought him to fame. Nicholas' became legendary after committing a number of acts of kindness, including destroying the temple of Artemis in Patara. Critics argue that Nicholas' was not a humanitarian, but a religious zealot. The writer attempts to answer this charge, while also presenting the legend's importance in European and American traditions. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Claus.wps

Zoroastrianism & Its Influence On The Development Of Judaism and Christianity : A 15 page paper that provides a substantive view of the prophet Zoroaster, the subsequent development of the religion of Zoroastrianism, and considers the implications for the development of Judaic and Christian doctrine and practices. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Zoroas.wps

Distinct Similarities Across Religions : A 5 page essay exploring similarities (similar foundations, philosophies, etc;) across various religions with examples from the Bible. Also referenced is examples from Richard Elliott Friedman's book, "The Disappearance of God." No additional sources cited. Godsim.wps

Religion And The Media : A 5 page research essay that explores the relationship between the many forms of the media and religion. How do journalists report about religious events or do they? Are journalists knowledgeable about religion? Where does the public gain its opinions about religion, faith and spirituality? These are the questions explored in this essay. The historical mistrust between religious leaders and the press is based on a number of issues which were revealed in a 1993 study. This writer argues that the media do, in fact, influence what people believe. Bibliography lists 4 sources. RelMed.wps

Humanism’s Contribution To The Reformation : A 6 page paper discussing the role of humanistic thought in the Reformation. Many believe "humanism" to be an arrogance embodied in an attitude that reflects the 1970s attitude of the "I’m OK, you’re OK" ilk. Most of those would be incredulous to learn that humanism, far from being an arrogance of single human worth, was as a movement and attitude of believing that humans could be far more than they had been until the time toward the end of the Dark Ages. We know today that there are factions that agree only on few items aside from the basics of Christianity (i.e., Jesus is God’s Son), but today’s Christianity is largely based on the humanism that helped drive the Reformation more than 400 years ago. Bibliography lists 4 sources. MLuther.wpd

Discussion Of Manna From Heaven As A Type Of Bread Of Life : 3 pages in length. In many aspects, manna from heaven served as a type of bread of life in that it offered sustenance to those who were in dire need. God provided manna for the Israelites in the Exodus so that they may continue their journey without succumbing to the effects of starvation, being that their entire food supply had been exhausted long before reaching their destination. Indeed, finding the manna one particular morning as the dew left its impression upon the land enabled the Israelites to continue forward on their journey reveling in their unexpected good fortune. Without the manna from heaven, it can be argued that they might not have survived their journey. The writer discusses how manna from heaven can be considered as the bread of life. Bibliography lists 1 source. ManaJsus.wps

Why Deuteronomy Is Said To Be A Book For Every Man : 3 pages in length. The book of Deuteronomy is said to be a book for every man in that it outlines the manner by which every good man should live his life. It can be argued that this fifth book of the Pentateuch is instrumental in establishing a connection between one's acts and the repentance that may accompany them. By abiding by Deuteronomic teachings, and therefore following suit to Moses' instructions, it is believed that every man will benefit from its inherent blessings. The writer discusses the reasons why Deuteronomy is considered a book for every man. Bibliography lists 1 source. Deutron2.wps

The Lives Of Lot And Abraham: Compare/Contrast : 3 pages in length. Although Lot was Abraham's nephew, the fact that the two were family did not preclude them from experiencing considerable differences along with their familial similarities. It was Lot who accompanied Abraham on his journey up from Egypt, bringing along all the possessions the two families had between them. The fact that Abraham and Lot's father, who was the family patriarch, were brothers would have one believe that there existed a significant loyalty between them but this assumption did not reflect the truth. The writer compares and contrasts the lives of Lot and Abraham. Bibliography lists 1 source. LotAbra.wps

Discussion Of Balaam : 3 pages in length. Discussing the prophecy of Balaam is akin to locating the origination of man's ability to make a fool of himself, for it is Balaam who acts as a horse's ass by the manner in which he portrays himself. The writer talks about God and the Israelites as they relate to Balaam. Bibliography lists 1 source. Balaam.wps

Discussion Of The Seven Feasts : 3 pages in length. The book of Leviticus sets forth that there are Seven Feasts of the Lord, which are also referred to as Festivals, that are instrumental in celebrating religious events. These Feasts and Festivals are remembrances in reflection of God's considerable acts of salvation He performed for His people. Hence the name, it is not unusual to find that a good number of these celebrations were cycled in a series of seven, which follow such a process as to climax on the seventh day. The writer discusses the significance of the cycle of seven, as well as the various feasts. Bibliography lists 1 source. 7Feasts.wps

Euthanasia - Theological Perspective : A 5 page paper arguing that euthanasia is akin to murder. The writer concentrates on a Catholic/Christian perspective, but also explores the Jewish and Muslim view on euthanasia. Quotes from the Bible and the Koran are included, as well as discussion on Torah points. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Eutheo.wps

Evangelizing People : A 10 page research essay discussing the definitions of evangelizing and the procedures used by some groups. Some organizations provide their evangelists with a script, some that focus on Church-based outreach programs include full programs with manuals and tapes, others offer a list of suggestions anyone can use. The general opinion is that every Christian must be an evangelist sharing the good news of Jesus. Obstacles to the process of evangelism in today's world are also offered. Evang.wps

Christianity & Scholarship : A 4 page paper that provides an overview of Tinder's article entitled "Exercising a Christian Intellect" from Christian Century, which is essentially a look at George Marsden's recent work on scholarship and religion. Bibliography lists 1 source. Chrisint.wps

Christian Iconography & Medieval Burial Rites : A 14 page paper discussing the influence of Christian symbolism and iconography in the Middle Ages. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Icon.doc

Artificial Intelligence : A 10 page paper discussing the history and development of artificial intelligence to the current time and an analysis of IBM's Deep Blue chess-playing computer. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Artint.doc

The Problem of Evil : A 5 page paper discussing the philosophy on the presence of evil in the world. The writer makes frequent mention of Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel's writings (i.e., "Night") as a counterpoint to the Free Will Defense of St. Augustine. Evil.wps

The Problem Of Evil # 2 : A 6 page paper exploring "The Problem of Evil" using Elie Wiesel’s Night as a foundation. The opinions of other philosophers and theologians, such as St. Augustine, C.S. Lewis, David Hume, and the Bible are integrated into the discussion. Evil2.wps

Reincarnation / Philosophical Theories & Religious Doctrines : A 12 page research paper on the concept of reincarnation. Various terms (i.e., Metempsychosis, Transmigration, Metensomatosis, etc;) are defined and arguments both supporting and refuting the recycling of life are assessed. A number of well-document historical philosophies are evaluated in light of specific, relevant concepts found in religions like : Buddhism, Brahamanism, and more. It is largely concluded that since one cannot remember nor gain anything from their "previous" life-- the very idea can be invalidated. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Reincarn.wps

Religion, Reincarnation, & The Concept Of An Afterlife : An 8 page paper that discusses the importance of reincarnation and the afterlife in 3 major world religions, Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism. This paper contends that Hinduism recognizes the all-importance of reincarnation, while Buddhism and Catholicism both look to alternatives in the afterlife. But there are moments in both Buddhism and Catholicism when members of both religions consider the possibility and/or probability of reincarnation. Afterlif.wps

Dreaming and the Nature of Death & Beyond : This 8 page paper discussing the nature of what dreaming reveals about death and what lies beyond death. The writer draws a great deal of information from leading Christian theological thinkers, with some reference to more modern psychological theories regarding dreams. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Theodrem.wps

Theology / Beliefs In God, Gods, & Other Spirits : A 4 page essay on such theological concepts as : animism, dualism, monism, polytheism, etc; The writer defines each term and discusses which groups (Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc;) were/are well as how they each practice their respective religions. No Bibliography. Theology.wps

The End Time : This 9 page paper investigates the Daniel's 70 weeks and the End Time events. Discussion focuses on comparing Antiochus Epiphanes, also known as Antiochus IV, with the antichrist described in Revelation and argues that the two demonstrate the concept of double reference. An illustration provides a chronology of events to fulfill Daniel's 70 weeks timespan. A Table offers a chronology of the End Time beginning with the Church Age through the Rapture. Premilleniast and prewrath views are used in the chronology. Bibliography lists 8 sources. PGendtime.msw

Sociology of Religion : A comprehensive 14 page paper on this topic. Basic principals are examined as well as the theories of Marx, Durkheim, and Weber and how each of them influenced the sociology of religion. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Socrel.wps

Marx & Religion : An 11 page research paper which posits that Marx’s theories promoted anti-religious sentiments. The writer explores Marx’s training with Hegel and various views on Marx’s treatment of religion. The writer explores the views of critics who believe Marx purposely left religion out of his theories for the purpose of not confusing the issue of creating a proletarian state, and other critics who view Marx as being anti-religion to the point of stealing his ideas from the Rerum Novarum. Of Marx’s theories explored are "The German Ideology" and the "Manifesto of the Communist Party." Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cnmarxre.wps

Social Theory & The Future of Religion: A 5 page paper that provides an overview of four of the fundamental arguments in William Swatos' collection of authors and works on social theory and religion in The Future of Religion. This paper relates four selected chapters to the premise of the book as a whole and the outcomes defined by Swatos. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Relifutu.wps

Marriage and Religion / The Role of Commitment : A 10 page paper focusing on the importance of commitment in marriage, and presented in the light of "religion" as the term is commonly used. Religion in itself can do little to build or preserve a marriage, but faith can. Couples with a strong basis of faith have a much better chance of seeing their marriages survive the daily pressures placed on them. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Marriage.wps

Two Religions--One Family : A 9 page research paper which discusses the effects of maintaining two religions. Four real-life scenarios describe the joys and heartbreaks involved in this dual-relationship struggle. A brief background into Judaism and Catholicism is included. Bibliography contains five sources. Famireli.wps

Interfaith Marriage : The subject is explored in terms of the marital union itself as well as how society views couples from different backgrounds. This 8 page paper looks at both interracial and interfaith wedlocks, and what difficulties such couples may encounter. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Interma.wps

Interfaith Marriage & Social Problems : 4 pages in length. An interesting look at interfaith marriages and the unfair social problems they result in-- These issues are looked at both in terms of the unexpected feelings that a typical interfaith couple will have towards one another and also, of course, with regard to society's own prejudicial treatment. Various issues concerning the raising of children are highlighted as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Interfai.wps

Plato’s Theory Of Forms & Modern Christian Thought : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the basic elements of Plato’s Theory of Forms and then considers the implications of his concepts for modern Christianity. Plato’s ideas are considered in relation to elements of the Bible as well as the modern writings of Paul Tillich and Alan Jones. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Platfrms.wps

Plato’s Theory of Forms & Wittgenstein’s "Notion of Truth" : Plato’s Theory of Forms outlined in a number of his dialogues including "The Republic" and "Parmenides," is based in the perception of knowledge and the limitations of the senses. Plato recognized that man is limited by his sensory perception in an understanding of the natural of the world around him, and as a result, proposed the Theory of Forms in its initial sense to reflect a more complete understanding of the essential nature of the world based outside of the sensory and in the rational. Wittgenstein, in "Notion of Truth" also considers the comparison between the actual and the perceived, and evaluates truth both as a component of basic understanding and an element directly correlated to the physical world. This 6 page paper reflects these concepts and provides support for components of both philosophers’ arguments through the texts they created. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Platwitt.wps

Cultural Anthropology / Religion & Art : A 7 page paper on how art and religion have been blended throughout known history and how this applies to cultural anthropology. The paper discusses how religion and art are means of expressing cultural beliefs, means of teaching societal norms, and means of progressing society. The writer argues that cultural variation/progression impacts the evolutionary scheme as imperatively as biological variation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Cultant.wps

The Role Of Religion In The Concept Of Blame : A 6 page overview of the expectations of religion and how those expectations are imposed. Discusses Christ and his Crucifixion and the reasons the Jewish people have held the blame for that crucifixion. Bibliography lists 3 sources. ReligBla.wps

The Psychology of Religion : 6 pages worth of comparative essays on Freud, Jung, & Erikson-- Specifically looking at how they viewed the psychology of religion, relevant social development, and change. No Bibliography. Please send us e-mail for more information. Psychrel.wps

How Successful Are The Modern Attacks on Religion Presented by Marx, Nietzsche and Freud? : Modern attacks on religion, as presented by Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud, are grounded in the belief that the rational, or scientific, method of explanation is superior to, and may totally negate, the irrational, or a priori foundation of religious beliefs. The use of language and the manipulation of the concepts by which scientific proof is accorded negates the argument of that religion is of little or no value because it does not satisfy scientific inquiry. This 10 page paper examines the views of these three men and presents the argument that the views they held on religion are not applicable or pertinent in Today's society. Bibliography lists 10 sources. ArgRelig.wps

Marx & Religion : An 11 page research paper which posits that Marx’s theories promoted anti-religious sentiments. The writer explores Marx’s training with Hegel and various views on Marx’s treatment of religion. The writer explores the views of critics who believe Marx purposely left religion out of his theories for the purpose of not confusing the issue of creating a proletarian state, and other critics who view Marx as being anti-religion to the point of stealing his ideas from the Rerum Novarum. Of Marx’s theories explored are "The German Ideology" and the "Manifesto of the Communist Party." Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cnmarxre.wps

Near Death Experiences -- Are They Real ? : A 9 page research paper examining the validity of alleged Near Death Experiences (NDE). Since Raymond Moody coined the term with the publication of Life After Life in 1975, the entire issue has been under debate. Though some researchers maintain that the NDE is nothing more than a product of physiological changes the body undergoes when death is imminent, their scientific logic is found to be faulty. The body of knowledge surrounding the NDE is too vast to be dismissed because of our inability to clinically replicate the events encompassed by the NDE. That same inability does nothing to prevent the stars from existing and maintaining their positions, either. Those who have returned unshakably hold that their experiences were in fact very real, regardless of what some researchers want to say about those experiences. Thus, the writer of this paper makes a strong argument that NDEs are indeed, very real. Bibliography lists 9 sources. FREE Outline included. Nde.wps

Review of Three Articles About Near Death Experiences : This 5 page paper compares and criticizes three articles written about near death experiences. The author of the paper establishes which paper is the most credible of the three and to which the author had the strongest response. Bibliography lists four sources. Neardeat.wps

Christian Ethics & Collective Evil / Bonhoeffer and King : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the basic elements of Bonhoeffer and King's religious ethics and considers them in terms of the political and social issues of their day. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cevil.wps

The Church & Human Rights In Latin America : An 11 page research paper on the role that liberation theology has played in developing human rights in Latin America. The Latin American Catholic liberation--theological perspective is described as one important voice in the emergence of a new global ethic centered on human rights. It is strongly connected with the defense of the rights of the poor to a better life and of indigenous peoples in the Americas who have been profoundly hurt by several centuries of colonization. The rights of the poor in Latin America and theology's efforts to provide them with the same human rights as everyone else-- are explained in considerable detail. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Theollib.wps

Importance Of The Ride & Spread Of Western Monasticism : A 5 page paper reviewing the contributions made to Western civilizations by the men and women of monastic communities from the days of early Christianity to the Reformation. It is argued that these communities, where service to God and humanity superseded personal concerns, were significant in making Christianity a worldwide religion as well as preserving much of the knowledge of ancient Graeco-Roman civilization that could have been lost during the Middle Ages. In addition, the contribution of monasticism to the understanding of egalitarian communal life, to art, music and architecture, and to scholarship is considered. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Monasticism.doc

Vatican Attitudes Towards Liberation Theology & The Women’s Movement :
This 15 page paper compares how each of these "movements" are officially viewed by the Vatican. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vatican.wps

Science and Religion / Can They Co-Exist ? : A 10 page research paper exploring the title question. Two primary questions are discussed: Can science and religion co-exist; and Are space, time and matter on in the same thing? The writer offers two theses. First, science and religion not only can co-exist, they must co-exist. Evidence for this is drawn from a number of philosophers and scientists including Descartes and Wertheim. The second thesis is that space, time and matter are three separate substances with evidence drawn from Descartes, the Deists, and Berkeley. Other philosophers and scientists are also briefly discussed in this paper. Bibliography included. SciRel.wps

Beginnings Of The Reformation : A 5 page paper discussing events and conditions leading to the beginning of the Reformation and Luther’s role in it, along with lasting cultural changes that accompanied the religious ones. Beyond his importance as a religious leader, Luther had a profound effect on Western culture. He is, paradoxically, the last medieval man and the first modern one, a political conservative and a spiritual revolutionary. His impact is most marked, of course, in Germany, where he laid the cultural foundations for what later became a united German nation. Before he translated the Bible from Latin to German, there was no unified German language, but only a series of Germanic dialects. Luther provided that language through his Bible translation. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Beginref.wps

John Bunyan’s "Pilgrim's Progress" : An 8 page essay that discusses how Bunyan used his book to reflect not only the religious arguments of his day but also the "political" and "everyman" characters behind the story--within both an individual and universal framework. The paper posits that the "little book" was, in fact, complex in its use of characterization, allegory and setting, and uses supporting evidence from Martin Luther, Erasmus, The Bible, and commentary from George Bernard Shaw and a number of other writers. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bunyan.wps

Pilgrim’s Progress and 17th Century Protestantism : A 4 page essay which examines how John Bunyan exemplified radical seventeenth-century English Protestantism in his work, Pilgrim’s Progress. The writer argues that Christopher Hill was correct in his assessment that nonconformist Puritans, such as Bunyan, "turned the world upside down." Bibliography lists 2 sources. 17bunyan.wps

Belief Systems : One example of a personal belief system is designed in the first part of this 8 page paper. Other sections discuss Buddhism and Hinduism. The personal belief system, however, is based on Catholicism. Issues discussed include birth control, divorce, symbolism and fundamentalism. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pebelief.wps

McBrien & Catholicism : A 5 page paper discussing the book "Catholicism" by Richard McBrien. It is an extremely long and thorough examination of this particular religion. It is a religion that has been around for centuries and is one of the leading religions of the world. McBrien illustrates every conceivable, and inconceivable, aspect of this religion. The edition being discussed is the 1994 revised edition. It is a more than complete study of Catholicism as it details every possible aspect. No additional sources provided. Mcbrien.wps

Alcoholism / Sin .. Not A Disease? : A 26 page paper arguing that alcoholism, while manifesting physical symptoms and genetic changes, is not in itself a disease, but rather a sin. The genetic evidence that has been found quite likely is not the cause, but is rather the result of alcoholism, as those genetic defects have been found only in true alcoholics. While researchers are adept at describing the effects of other, less controversial, chemical compounds that arise and are manifested in changes of gene expression, they seem to be unable to apply the same methods of research to issues connected with alcoholism. Every recovering alcoholic who has been reconciled with his God, either through restitution of a prior relationship or his own first-time meeting understands the power of denial, and that denial of sin does nothing to diminish its existence. Bibliography lists 30 sources in 50 footnotes. Sindis.wps

Martin Luther & His Use of Language : This 5 page paper considers the nature of Martin Luther’s theological orations and his use of language and metaphor and considers the argument that Martin Luther’s sermons and speeches were one of the foundations from which modern Germanic languages have progressed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Mlanguag.wps

Martin Luther : A 6 page paper discussing the life and works of Martin Luther. A brief description of his early life is included followed by some of the most important occurrences in his life which led him to being the predominant historical figure he is today. He was a man who changed the face of Christianity forever, and instigated the Reformation and the beginnings of the Protestant faith. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Martinlu.wps

Beginnings Of The Reformation : A 5 page paper discussing events and conditions leading to the beginning of the Reformation and Luther’s role in it, along with lasting cultural changes that accompanied the religious ones. Beyond his importance as a religious leader, Luther had a profound effect on Western culture. He is, paradoxically, the last medieval man and the first modern one, a political conservative and a spiritual revolutionary. His impact is most marked, of course, in Germany, where he laid the cultural foundations for what later became a united German nation. Before he translated the Bible from Latin to German, there was no unified German language, but only a series of Germanic dialects. Luther provided that language through his Bible translation. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Beginref.wps

Mormons in Utah : This 5 page report discusses the sociological and anthropological aspects of a group (Mormons) and the their rituals, beliefs, and ideas that are associated with a particular region of the United States (Utah). Their characteristics as a collective, as well as their customary way of life are briefly examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mormon.wps

Biblical & Secular Management : This 4 page paper and 1 page outline explore the topic of differences between biblical and secular leadership in a business setting. Several companies are named including the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bibsec.wps

Christianity’s Separation From Judaism Analyzed : This 5 page research paper examines the major reasons why Christianity became a separate religion from Judaism. Specifically explored are the similarities between early Christians and Jews, the role of Jesus in the separation, and the difficulties of using modern sources to understand early Christianity. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chrisep.wps
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