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America Between 1870 – 1920: "The Gilded Age" : This 5 page report discusses the time period in American history that replaced the Victorian Age after the Civil War and up until 1920. Historians have dubbed the time the "Gilded Age" due to the expansion of the country economically and industrially. Several examples of how the change occurred are also given. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Gilded.wps

Eugene Debs & The Socialist Movement : The movement in the United States, as well as the life of Eugene Debs are discussed in a 3 page overview. -- Analysis of why Debs became involved as well as why the socialist movement was not successful included as well. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Debs.rtf

The Average Women’s Contribution To History in the Early Twentieth Century : An 8 page paper looking at the way women’s contributions to our culture have fundamentally altered American history in the early part of this century. The paper contends that even if women’s political contributions are ignored, changing social attitudes – changed by women, from within -- toward such issues as consumerism, contraception, and working outside the home transformed our culture. Bibliography lists five sources. Women3.wps

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. / Abstract Principles vs Social Desire :
A 5 page overview of the legal philosophies of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and how his views related to those of the Progressive Reform Movement. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Holmesow.wps

1919 / Book Review : An analytical discussion of Eliot Asinof's "1919 : America's Loss of Innocence." Book offers evidence that key events such as the passing of the Valstead Act, the Black Sox scandal, and the U.S. decision not to join the league of nations contributed to this nation's "loss of innocence." 6 pages in length, Bibliography lists 5 supporting sources. 1919.wps

1919 / Book Review # 2 : As above; 6 pages & 4 supporting sources. Asinof : 1919no2.wps

1919 / Book Review # 3 : As above, 6 pages & 2 supporting sources. Asinof : 1919no3.wps

The Boston Police Strike of 1919 : In 8 pages the author discusses the Boston Police Strike of 1919, and gives an insightful, informative, well-organized overview of the strike. "The policemen of Boston went on strike for 3 reasons. The reasons included hours, working conditions, and pay." Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bostpol.wps

Alcohol Prohibition -- "The Noble Experiment" : A 5 page paper discussing prohibition in the United States. During its nearly 14 years, the 18th amendment caused more problems than good. Crime flourished, alcohol became a near-mythic commodity, and countless dollars were wasted through destruction and confiscation. Bibliography lists five sources. Prohnob.wps

Al Capone & The Roaring Twenties : A 6 page discussion of Al Capone’s life and times specifically demonstrating how his character was indicative of the "roaring twenties. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Alcapone.wps

Capone's Control of Chicago as a Metaphor of Government : A 5 page research paper on Al Capone's syndicate and its similarities to a government. The writer details each function of government and how Capone's organization paralleled it as a microcosm. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Capone.wps

Organized Crime In Chicago : This 12 page paper discusses organized crime as it existed in Chicago from its inception through Prohibition. Social ramifications are addressed as are the various causes and effects of Mafia and other organized crime behavior illustrated by the case of Chicago. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Orgcrime.wps

Organized Crime In the History of Chicago : A 6 page research paper which looks specifically at the Prohibition era and how Chicago was ruled by gangsters, bootleggers, and corrupt politicians at that time. This era ended when mobster Al Capone was finally arrested for tax evasion by "Untouchable" leader Elliott Ness. Bibliography lists 4 sources. HistChic.wps

Book Review / "The Big Change" by Frederick Lewis Allen : A 4 page paper on this book, giving a brief synopsis. In considerable detail, the writer discusses the economic and social conditions of the period in history on which Allen writes -- the first half of the 20th century. Bigchang.wps

Why Countries Become Involved In World Conflict : 6 pages in length. War has been raging on virtually since time began. There has been no point in history where there was not some kind of conflict brewing among power hungry leaders that would either result in the overwhelming loss of human life or the takeover of innocent people for their land’s wealth. Why is this so? Intolerance is a significant factor among the many reasons countries enter into world conflicts. Coupled with the fact that each nation believes it is worthy of more status and power than all others, it is not surprising that the phenomenon of world conflict continues even today. The writer discusses the phenomenon of national participation in global conflict. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Whywar.wps

The American Presence in World War I / How the US Helped Win the War : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the history surrounding the German surrender in World War I, and argues the thesis that the U.S. intervention of 1917 was the single factor that transformed the war. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Uswin.wps

U.S. Race Riots Around The Time Of World War I : An 8 page research paper which discusses the numerous riots that occurred between 1915-1919. While most people are familiar with racial rioting such as those which occurred during the 1960s the writer demonstrates how riots between 1915 to 1919 were fundamentally different from those in the 60s. Sixties’ riots were characterized by violence which was primarily directed against property. The riots in the early part of this century were characterized by violence directed toward people. They were bloody and brutal-partly because African-Americans were finally fighting back. Bibliography contains 6 sources. Wariots.wps

World War I : A 5 page paper discussing the domestic and international causes of WWI. From those we examine the after effects which led to the somewhat stable order that existed in the post war countries of Russia and the United States. Much like any after math of war, there must be some adjustments that allow for the countries to exist in peace for some time, especially in regards to countries which possess the power that the former Soviet Union and the United States did. Without some form of stability in this respect, incidents might well occur that could not be retrieved. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Wowone.wps

America’s Post-World War I Role in World Affairs Analyzed : A 1 page paper which examines the U.S. isolationist stance that influenced international military, diplomatic, and economic policies, along with the federal government’s increasing participation in domestic affairs following World War I. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Postwwi.wps

The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 & The U.S. Army : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the Spanish influenza outbreak during World War I (1918) and considers the epidemiology and the problems related to treatment and prevention. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Spanflu.wps

Comparison of World War I & The Vietnam Conflict : This 5 page paper compares the Vietnam War with World War I, with an emphasis on causative factors. The conclusion reached is that lives were lost in Vietnam for vastly different reasons than they were in the first world war. Bibliography lists 5 sources Wariviet.wps

The Progressive Era : 5 pages in length. A great number of the people who lived in the United States during the 1920's were the same people who had lived there during the Progressive Era, a period of change that took place from approximately 1900 to1920. Yet some historians have claimed that Progressive ideals were lost and that those same Americans demonstrated a self-centered intolerance during the 1920's. This paper will address the question of why some historians have such a negative and pessimistic opinion of people who lived during that time, as well as discuss the differences between America in the 1920's as compared to the Progressive Era. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Progera.wps

General Benjamin O. Davis, SR. : 10 pages in length. General Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., was perhaps the most influential African-American in the history of the United States military. His efforts to desegregate troops opened doors for all black men who subsequently enlisted in the Army. The writer traces General Davis' illustrious career, as well as touches upon his contributions to the black military community. GenDavis.wps

Historical Education and Jewish Immigration : An 8 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of Jewish immigration around the turn of the century, and focuses on the importance of education for Jewish immigrant families. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jewimm.wps

Woodrow Wilson / Intervention In Mexico : A 4 page research paper exploring Woodrow Wilson's reasons for intervening in Mexico in 1914 and again in 1916. Mexico was involved in an internal revolution during those years, which affected the economic status of the United States in Mexico. Bibliography included. Wilson.wps

Failure Of The League Of Nations : A 4 page essay on The League of Nations, Woodrow Wilson's role, and the unfortunate reasons for its failure. Wilson's 14 points are briefly analyzed and regarded as a "clouded dream." No Bibliography. Leagnati.wps

Fabulous Flapper Fashions Of The "Roaring Twenties" : A 5 page paper discussing the fashions of the "Roaring ‘20s." A brief outline of the various styles is provided as well as speculation as to how the fashions served as reflections of the decade. The freedom of the styles was a reflection of the freedom of the age. Bibliography lists five sources. Flapper.doc

Media Deception During The Great Depression : An 8 page essay on the deceptively optimistic attitude adopted by the press and movie industry before and during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Grdepr.wps

The First Three Years of The Great Depression / 1929-1932 : A 16 page paper exploring the early years of America’s Great Depression (1929-1932) in an attempt to determine why it occurred, its implications on society, and the events which positively and negatively influenced the situation. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Grdep.wps

The Great Depression : A 10 page evaluation of the causes behind the great depression of the 1930s. Suggests that the stock market crash of 1929 was only one of many factors which led up to the Depression. Bibliography lists 9 sources. GrtDepre.wps

Stock Market Crashes / 1929 vs. 1987 : Focusing mostly upon arguments presented in John Kenneth Galbraith's "1929 : The Great Crash," the writer of this 5 page paper discusses how the infamous stock market crash which set off the Great Depression-- had quite a bit in common with the more recent crash of 1987. Specific macro-economic similarities are pointed out and relevant conclusions are drawn. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Stokcrs2.wps

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 -- Could It Happen Again ? / Book Review : In this 6 page paper, the writer attempts to answer this very question based on findings presented in J. Kenneth Galbraith's "1929 : The Great Crash." Similarities between the crashes of 1929 and 1987 are pointed out and the writer ultimately concludes that another crash not only could happen, --- it probably will happen.. Economic reasons arguing to the contrary are examined as well. No additional sources are cited. Stokcrsh.wps

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 / Book Review : A detailed, 8 page analysis of John Kenneth Galbraith's "1929 : The Great Crash" in which the writer analyzes the economic irony of such an event : Everyone believed the market was performing wonderfully when it crashed.. Some of the reasons for these misperceptions and the sudden "crash" are analyzed. The primary source is cited. Stokcrs3.wps

The Great Depression (1929) / Analysis : A 4 page paper that considers the impacts and long term ramifications of the Great Depression, while also considering its inevitablity. This paper explores the precursors to the stock market crash of 1929 that initiated the financial devastation and also the effects on national and international economics. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Greatd.wps

The Great Depression’s Impact On Labor : A 5 page paper discussing the impact of the Great Depression on organized labor. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Deplab.wps

Early Twentieth Century / New American Humor : This 5 page research paper examines the social changes between men and women during the early twentieth century, 1900-1920s, which was reflected in the humor. Specifically discussed is the "battle of the sexes" theme which emerged during this time period as a result of women in the workplace and women becoming more assertive in society. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Humor20.wps

Women in the Workplace : A 5 page research paper on the statistics of earnings and achievement of women in the workplace. The writer posits that although advancements have been made, current indices and future predictions require change in business and government policy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Workwomn.wps

The American Dust Bowl : A 5 page paper discussing the Dust Bowl of the 1930s in America."The Dust Bowl" was a term referring to most of the Midwestern United states when the Great Plains region was devastated by drought in the midst of America’s Great Depression in the 1930s. In this particular paper, the writer assesses its causes and its impacts on the U.S. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Dustbowl.wps

Political Reforms of the 1930's : A 5 page discussion of the Bolshevik Revolution, F.D.R.'s New Deal, and Mussolini's Facsism-- as they were significant political reforms during the 1930's, each with their own inherently positive and negative aspects/outcomes. No bibliography. 1930refo.wps

The U.S. Armed Forces / A History Of Race and Gender Integration :
9 pages on the history and changes in the military armed forces concerning its integration. The writer describes racial and gender-related tensions, as well as positive aspects, strides taken, and varied opinions on the integration issue. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Integmil.wps

U.S. Involvement in Haiti : A comprehensive 10 page discussion of the U.S. involvement in Haiti during the early 20th century (1920's & 30's). Examined are the reasons we were there, the impact we had, and the way Haitian nationals viewed our presence. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Haiti.wps

Intelligence Agencies in the Twentieth Century : A 5 page paper analyzing the reasons that intelligence agencies were a minor and relatively insignificant institution of United States government prior to World War I. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Intelli.wps

U.S. Presidential Scandals / The Harding Administration : A comprehensive 6 page discussion of scandal during the Harding administration. Includes issues such as the 'Teapot Dome.' Bibliography lists 4 sources. Hardings.wps

Theodore Roosevelt, 32nd President Of The United States : Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest president ever elected up until his time. His autobiography is filled with quotable quotes as this paper analyzes his account of his life. He shares anecdotes and humor as well as his accomplishments. A 5 page essay. Roos.wps

Teddy Roosevelt / Effective Leader ? : A 5 page research paper exploring the question, "Was Teddy Roosevelt an Effective Leader?" Leadership and the qualities of a leader are first discussed then Roosevelt's accomplishments are analyzed. Bibliography includes 7 references. Teddyroo.wps

Republican Roosevelt : A 5 page paper describing John Morton Blum’s book. An enlightening and introspective piece of work that enabled this reader to understand quite a bit more about Theodore Roosevelt and his time in office. He was an interesting and powerful man with pressures laid upon him that were unique to his position. While some knowledge of Theodore Roosevelt was gained prior to the reading of this book, Republican Roosevelt added much more depth to this reader’s understanding of this incredible leader. Blum as a writer is an incredibly gifted, intelligent, and sensitive writer who brings history to life and makes it more easily understood. Rosevelt.wps

F.D.R. / An Analytical Discussion of His Four Terms in Office : 13 page in length. A discussion of FDR (U.S. President Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt)'s terms in office. Includes some general biographical information as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Fdrpres.wps

F.D.R.'s "New Deal" : A comprehensive 12 page overview of Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal." The writer explains the President's program and discusses the various measures that FDR took including those concerning labor, agriculture, restoring public confidence in banking, and more. Statistical information concerning government funding and its ultimate effectiveness is provided. Several sources footnoted. Newdeal.wps franklin delano roosevelt

Huey Long, Father Coughlin & Roosevelt’s New Deal This 5 page paper discusses the New Deal, focusing on the opposing forces. Two men who had high politician aspirations at the time (Huey Long and Father Coughlin), and opposed the president vehemently are highlighted. Bibliography lists 5 sources Hueylong.wps

Franklin Delano Roosevelt : In 5 pages, the author examines his actions as president during World War II. The issues of his legendary status, his legacy, and his actions are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Roos3.wps

Franklin Delano Roosevelt And His Policy On The Gold Standard :
This 5 page report discusses the economic polices of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the gold standard in the 1930s. Goals and objectives of FDR’s policies are discusses as well as the long term effect of the changes he made. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Goldfdr.wps

Hoover vs. F.D.R. / Comparing Two U.S. Presidents : A 7 page research paper exploring the presidencies of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). Their respective backgrounds and early careers are discussed as well as their responses to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Hoover believed in individualism with no Governmental intervention; Roosevelt believed the Government had a reponsibility to directly assist the individual. An extensive bibliography is included. Hooverre.wps

F.D.R. In Doris Kearns Goodwin’s "No Ordinary Time": A 5 page analysis of "No Ordinary Time" by Doris Kearns Goodwin. This Pulitzer Prize biography presents the reader with new insight into the love between Franklin Deleano (FDR) and Eleanor Roosevelt and their lives during World War II. No additional sources cited. Noord.wps

U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace : A 6 page paper discussing the life and personality of Henry Wallace. Henry Wallace served as vice president to Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was a unique man who believed in many different aspects concerning communism or socialism. He was considered a threat to some, and to some he inspired hope. He ran against Truman for president and lost. This paper provides a general sketch of the man and his time in politics during the 1930’s and the 1940’s. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Henrywal.wps

How U.S. Involvement In World War II Brought An End To The Depression : This 10-page paper discusses how and why the entry of the United States into World War II brought about an end to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Bibliography lists ten sources. Ww2dep.wps

The Long-Term Effect of World War II on America : This 5 page paper very briefly discusses the impact of World War II on America for more than fifty years. Between 1945 and 1998, the ramifications of World War II can still be felt and have, in fact, become just another aspect of life in modern America. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Longterm.wps

Treatment of Germans & Japanese During World War II : In 5 pages the author answers the question of whether the people of the United States treated German and Japanese people differently during World War II. "World War II was a total war. It involved the American Allies and their enemies, the Germans and the Japanese. Germany did not adhere to the Geneva Conventions, they tortured and brutalized and executed thousands of people. America hated the Germans for this, but they were not as much of a threat to the Americans as were the Japanese. Japan sent kamikaze pilots to bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, thus propelling the Japanese people into a war in the Pacific with America. The Germans and the Japanese were treated as enemies because they were trying to take over the world." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Germjap.wps

Combat Stories: An Interview With A World War II Medic : An 8 page research paper that recounts what World War II was like for the medics that served the front lines. Told in the form of an interview with a World War II veteran, the writer relates war stories gained from research done in this area. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Ww2view.wps

The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor : 5 pages in length. The author discusses the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and why this was ultimately more detrimental to Japan than it was to the United States. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bombing.wps

Roosevelt / Knowledge Of Pearl Harbor : A 6 page paper that discusses what Roosevelt did know in terms of the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Roosharb.wps

Eleanor Roosevelt : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the admirable qualities of Eleanor Roosevelt presented in Blanche W. Cook's book Eleanor Roosevelt. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Eroos.wps

Ernie Pyle, World War II Journalist : A 10 page paper that considers the elements of the work of Ernie Pyle that made him one of the most copied journalists of the century. This paper provides an overview of the work of Pyle within the scope of World War II. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Erniepyl.wps

Kilroy Was Here’ / American Graffiti During World War II : This 15 page research paper explores the origin of the popular phrase ‘Kilroy Was Here’ and its impact upon fighting men during World War II. The writer is particularly concerned with the phrase’s meaning, purpose, & prevalence. Bibliography included. Kilroy.wps

Radio In The U.S. Armed Forces During World War II / A Touch Of Home : A 5 page research paper that relates how the Armed Forces Radio Service brought a "touch of home" to combat troops during World War II. The writer relates how the top stars of Hollywood and the Broadway stage created some of the best radio programs ever produced for the entertainment of the troops during WWII. Bibliography lists several sources. Radioww2.wps

Wartime Memories / Life in the U.S. During World War II : A 7 page exploration of what life was like in the United States during WW II. This paper explores rationing and the war effort. Examples are given regarding patriotism, food (and lack of items such as meat), and entertainment. Brief mention is made of the role that women and minorities played in the war effort. Bibliography lists five sources. Wwii.wps

Douglas MacArthur and The Second World War : An 8 page overview and discussion of General MacArthur's military career- - particularly his role in World War II. For the most part, MacArthur is described as a hero for his strategic involvement in numerous maneuvers including the all-important decision to explode the worlds' first atomic weapons over Japan. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Macarthu.wps

Bataan Death March / The Dichotomy of War : An 11 page paper detailing the events leading up to the Bataan Death March, the march, and the horrors endured by U.S. and Filipino soldiers. Discusses the dichotomy of war and relates how, in actuality, the Japanese invasion had some positive long-term impacts. Bibliography lists eight sources. Bataan.wps

Submarines in World War II : A 6 page overview of submarine history and the use of submarines during World War II. Discusses the evolution of the submarine and illustrates its successes and failures in offensive and defensive movements during World War II. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Subww2.wps

Japanese - Americans During WW II / A Strategy of Dominance : A 9 page research paper on the internment of Japanese Americans in California during World War II. The writer details the reasons for internment, the running of the camp and its conditions, and the policies which were involved. Bibliography lists 1 source. Stratdom.wps

Treatment Of Japanese - Americans During World War II : A 12 page research paper describing events leading up to and following the Japanese Internment during World War II. Focus of the paper is the question: was this an immoral or legal act? Conclusion: Definitely not with evidence to prove it. Extensive bibliography is included. Japanese.wps

A Loss of Culture / Japanese - Americans During WW II : A 6 page examination of the true story documented in Monica Stone's "Nisei Daughter"-- the recounting of events that took place in a community of Japanese-Americans during and around the time of World War II. Specifically examined are the harsh ways that the Japanese people were treated and the socio-cultural problems they endured. Culture, power, and minority stereotypes are among the many issues explored (all Japanese were stereotyped as being "anti-American). Bibliography lists 3 additional sources used to support how the book itself illustrated such problems. Nisei.wps

Culture, Stereotyping, & Monica Stone's "Nisei Daughter" : An 8 page research paper on various sociological concepts concerning race, culture, power, stereotypes, etc; The writer defines relevant terms, provides examples, and then applies them to Stone's "Nesei Daughter"-- a narrative about the poor treatment of Japanese-American families during WWII. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Snisei2.wps

Japanese Internment Roger Daniels’ "Prisoners Without Trial" : A 10 page research paper based on Daniels’ detailed account of how thousands of Japanese Americans were interned in camps during World War II because they were mistakenly viewed as a threat to national security. Daniels shows that there was not any real reasons for this action other ones based on racial prejudice. Japinter.wps.

Chinese - American Women During World War II : In 6 pages, the author discusses the treatment and social status of Chinese American woman during World War II. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chiamer2.wps

No-No Boy : A 5 page analyses of this sometimes heart-rending story of a young Japanese man in the United States during and after World War II. An attempt to bargain with the federal government when they tried to draft him he was sentenced to prison. Upon returning to the old neighborhood after the War, he found himself very nearly ostracized by fellow Japanese as well as Americans of other races. The writer describes his story of obstacles, challenges, hate, prejudice and resentments. Nonoboy.wps

Hiroshima & The Bomb : A 5 page essay explaining why the U.S. was wrong to detonate a nuclear weapon over Hiroshima at the end of World War II. No bibliography. Abombdro.wps

Hiroshima & The Bomb # 2 : 5 page review of Herbert Feis' book "The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II." Central to discussion is the idea that the U.S. did not necessarily "have" to explode atomic weapons over Japan in order to end the conflict. Approximately 4 extra sources are listed and cited in bibliography. Abombwhy.wps

Atomic Weapons In World War II / A Bad Effort at Impressing the World? : A 5 page paper examining the reasoning behind the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan during World War II. The writer concludes that this was a senseless move on the part of the United States given that Germany had already surrendered and Japan was on the verge of collapse. Bibliography lists four sources. Fatlit.wps

Hiroshima & Nagasaki / Dropping The Atomic Bomb Saved Lives :
A 6 page paper discussing how the decision to use atomic bombs on Japanese cities saved lives. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bomb.wps

Development Of The Atomic Bomb / "Oh My God, What Have We Done!?" : An 11 page paper discussing the history and development of the atomic bomb. The role of J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project itself are also discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Oppen.wps

Truman, Oppenheimer and Teller / The Bomb Debate : A 10 page research paper exploring Truman’s decision regarding the hydrogen bomb, the events leading up to its development, and the moral arguments between scientists Robert Oppenheimer (against) and Edward Teller (for). The writer argues that although Oppenheimer’s argument should have won, it could not, given that science evolves from prior discovery and cannot be stopped. Even Oppenheimer was intrigued by Teller’s creation, and scientists who were anti-nuclear activists continued to work in the field. Therefore, hope for a different outcome is a romantic view of reality. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cnhydrbm.wps

"From Rifles To The Atom Bomb" – Weapons Of World War II : This 9 page paper reviews the variety of weapons developed and implemented during World War II (mostly by the United State). Bibliography lists six sources. Weapw2.wps

World War II -- Arguing That ‘Oil Won the War’ : A 7 research paper which argues that U.S. oil production was a vital element in the Allied victory. The writer demonstrates how the tremendous need for fuel ultimately crippled both the German and the Japanese forces and how the U.S. oil was instrumental in aiding the Allied forces - particularly a battered Great Britain in 1942. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Oilwar2.wps

General George Patton -- Bred to Be the Man He Was : A 15 page paper describing Patton and his life and what it was that makes him a man that was bred to be a soldier. That is to state that he was not born to be a soldier. He was in fact trained and educated to become one. A general description of his life helps illustrate the points made. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Gpatton.wps

U.S. Imperialism & Japan : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of post-1945 imperialism in Japan. This paper demonstrates the reasons for US imperialism, the influences that the US involvement had on Japan and the relationship that developed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Usimp.wps

FDR vs. Stalin At Yalta : A 5 page paper promoting the argument that FDR was ‘duped’ by Stalin at the Yalta conference in 1945. Some background included on Stalin along with references to specific incidents showing how he manipulated the president in addition to other prominent figures. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fdryalta.wps

Stalin's Rule / Leninist Or Otherwise? : 6 pages in length. There have been many changes from the time Stalin took over for Lenin's leadership; however, it is clear by witnessing the style of leadership Stalin exhibited that he was greatly influenced by Lenin. In fact, it can be argued that Stalin did not take over after Lenin's death; rather, he ascended to it by way of taking example from the late leader's strategy. Many have contended that Lenin groomed Stalin for the position by establishing a system of learning that enabled Stalin to carry forth a great deal of the typical daily government business, as well as tend to a number of domestic and foreign policy issues. However, others assert that as Lenin neared the end, he developed doubts concerning Stalin's ability to take over such a monumental task. The writer discusses whether or not Stalin's rule was influenced by Leninism. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Leninist.wps

Jacqueline Cochran / World War II Aviator : A 5 page paper outlining the life and the contributions to aviation of Jacqueline Cochran. Bibliography lists five sources. Cochran.wps

America’s Homefront During The Cold War From 1945-1963 : A 5 page paper detailing the American society at large and how the Cold War affected the government and its people. Hiroshima and the first nuclear bombing are mentioned. A description of life in general are described such as school drills and bomb shelters. Kennedy and his involvement in Vietnam are also highlighted. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Coldwar5.wps

Levittown : A 12 page research paper on what is still the largest housing project ever assembled by a single builder. William Levitt and his brother answered the need for affordable housing after World War II by mass-producing houses on Long Island, N.Y. The first Levittown was followed by others and helped to fuel the growing post-WWII trend toward suburban living. The writer discusses the sociological, economical, and demographic consequences. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Levittown.doc

American Imperialism In South America, Post 1945 : A 3 page paper that discusses the impacts and reasons behind US imperialism in South America after the end of World War II. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Amersa.wps

America’s Post-World War II Role in World Affairs Analyzed : A 5 page paper which examines the U.S. role in developing international military, diplomatic, and economic policies, along with the federal government’s increasing involvement in domestic affairs following World War II. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Postwwii.wps

The American Policy Of Containment - 1947 To The Present : An 8 page overview of the American policy of containment and foreign policy and how it relates to the policies of previous and subsequent administrations. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Containm.wps

Containment Policy : In 6 pages the author discusses the origins and major premises of containment policy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Contpoli.wps

The Role of US & Soviet Perception in the Cold War : An 8 page research paper that examines the different perceptions of the US and the former Soviet Union and how these influenced the foreign policy decisions that created the Cold War. The writer discusses the various theories that have been formulated by various historians as well as looking at specific instances. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Percold.wps

Strategic Defense Initiative & The Cold War : 12 pages in length. The extent to which the Strategic Defense Initiative had a role in the negotiations between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union Premier Mikhail Gorbachev is great and far-reaching. Attempting to regain world peace by averting the power struggles between the United States and Russia, it was imperative that Reagan establish a significant means by which to ease the political tension. Indeed, the Strategic Defense Initiative – or Star Wars, as it was also known – took great strides as a high-tech astro-shield against nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles that originated from the Soviet Union. It was directly because of Reagan’s considerable show of power that Gorbachev reconsidered his nation’s political stance toward the United States. The writer discusses how the Strategic Defense Initiative was instrumental in Cold War negotiations between Reagan and Gorbachev. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Stratdef.wps

The Early Days of the Cold War : A 5 page paper discussing the beginnings of the Cold War. NATO is discussed as well as the necessity for such an organization. A brief respite from the tension is described. Kennedy and Khrushchev were perhaps the greatest players in the Cold War and their involvement is discussed. The Cuban missile crisis was the closest either country came to actually making nuclear war a reality. Bibliography contains 4 sources. Earlcold.wps

The Rise And Fall Of The Cold War : 5 pages in length. When one contemplates the rise and fall of the Cold War, there exist a number of variables that must be addressed in order to gain a comprehensive understanding. Depending upon one's interpretation, the Cold War possessed many instigators from American paranoia to a lack of mutual cooperation to the outright compromise of foreign policy. However, history has reflected myriad extraordinarily telling accounts of what actually did begin the rise, as well as the ultimate fall, of the Cold War; one only need decide which interpretation to believe. The writer discusses the rise and fall of the Cold War. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Risecold.wps

Cold War Consequences : The Cold War was a war of ideology that had it's beginnings in the aftermath of World War II and the redistribution of power. The two great powers, the United States and the Soviet Union struggled for a balance of power in a world where even the definitions of peace had changed. The Cold war had the effect of generating an active defense of American capitalism. Private enterprise economy was seen as a viable and stable economic system. Economic freedom and political democracy were commingled in the eyes of the world, much as communism and authoritarian government were. This 5 page paper examines some of the changes wrought by the ending of the Cold War and the changes that might be expected in the future. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Coldcons.wps

U.S. Propaganda & The Cold War : This 5 page paper concerns the use of propaganda by the U.S., during the cold war, and its psychological effects. Political implications are also examined. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Coldwar5.wps

The Presidential Campaign of 1948 -- Truman Surprises The Nation :
A 5 page research essay on Truman’s surprise upset of Dewey in 1948, an election that political experts were absolutely certain would go in Dewey’s favor. This paper covers the crucial aspects of the campaign and takes a look at factors behind Truman’s victory. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Camp1948.rtf

Harry S. Truman / Presidential Achievements : A 5 page paper that describes three specific achievements of President Truman. Other accomplishments are mentioned in addition to the emphasized three. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Truach.wps

The Korean War : 14 pages in length. A complete overview of the Korean War-- described as a "new" experience for the United States. Discussed are the War's political objectives, military strategies, and more. An excellently-detailed report ! Bibliography lists 7 sources. Koreawar.wps

Crossing the 38th Parallel, Significance To Korean War : An 8 page essay on the Korean conflict and how crossing the 38th parallel altered the political and military objectives of the war.Bibliography lists 10 sources. 38thp.wps

The Korean War & Truman’s Seizure Of US Steel Mills : A 25 page research paper. The 1952 Supreme Court case of Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v Sawyer 343 U.S. 579 circumscribed the powers of the presidency for one of the few times in the history of the United States. Citing both the fragility of the national economy and the needs of the fighting troops of the Korean War, President Harry Truman seized most of the country’s steel mills in an effort to avert a steelworkers’ strike that could have put troops in active warfare in even more danger stemming from a lack of necessary machinery and materiel. Strikes were commonplace in 1952 when the Supreme Court determined that Truman had overstepped the bounds provided for the presidency by the framers of the Constitution. Other factors were at play, however, and it appears that not all of them were taken into account by the Court. Bibliography lists 9 sources. KoreaMil.doc

The Enduring Evils of McCarthyism : A 6 page research paper on the negative impact that McCarthyism had on American life & politics. The writer details Joseph McCarthy's motivations, actions, and the effects he had on Americans in his anti-Communist drives of the 1950s. It is argued that McCarthyism was nothing more than a modern-day witchhunt and that even light of our political fears, it cannot be justified. McCarthyism was, in theme, both anti-American and anti-Democracy even as it attempted to combat the "threat" of Communism-- destroying innocent lives and ruining good names all the while. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mccarthy.wps

The Rosenbergs’ Guilt / More than Questionable : A 15 page paper discussing the injustices suffered by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. America’s hysteria over the Red Threat needed outlet, and Joe McCarthy’s witch hunts had not yet begun. The Rosenbergs provided a scapegoat image through which the entire country could feel better: the "boys" in Korea would not be facing the horrors of the new type of warfare had it not been for these evil spies giving away all our secrets to the Russians. That the Rosenbergs were never proven to have committed any wrongdoing of any kind was immaterial. They were going to be found guilty regardless of the charges levied against them, and the stiffer the penalty the better. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Rosnberg.wps

Edward R. Murrow / His Role in the Downfall Of Senator Joe McCarthy : A 9 page overview of the man, his work, and his media "attacks" against McCarthy. Also includes information about the life and career of McCarthy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Murrow.wps

E.L. Doctorow’s "The Book Of Daniel" : This 10 page essay analyzes the story on several levels: the protagonist's struggle with the past and the present, his journey to overcome past events, the path that finally gives him freedom; the author's commentary on the culture of the society during the more than two decades that span the story; and on the government. The Book of Daniel is a metafictive work that interweaves the narrator's imagination wtih factual events within the context established by the real political and social conditions in post-War America in the 1950s. The Age of McCarthyism. A paranoiac society terrified of communism, some ready to accuse anyone, condemn anyone who seemed sympathetic. The background for this work of fiction is the famous and controversial case of the Rosenbergs, tried, convicted and executed for conspiracy to commit espionage. Danielb.wps

E. L. Doctorow’s "Ragtime" : This 5 page paper provides a concise overview of the major themes and perspectives presented in E. L. Doctorow’s 1975 novel Ragtime. This paper reflects upon the societal and racial concepts noted by Doctorow, and then also defines the correlation between race and culture and the nature of man’s transition in society as they are depicted in this work. No additional sources cited. Ragtime.wps

"Being Red" : A 5 page paper on the book "Being Red," by Howard Fast. This book is a memoir of Fast’s life as a communist during the earlier part of this decade. His tales take the reader behind the scenes of the communist movement during very stressful times. He remained a communist for quite some time while others were leaving the faith. No additional sources cited. Beingred.wps

The Quiz Show Scandal Of The 1950’s : A 6 page paper discussing the scandal of the 1950’s that involved game shows and the rigging of those game shows. America was essentially a land of innocence, especially in regards to television and the media. We were not yet callused to depictions we saw on the television set and we trusted those we saw in the media. The quiz show scandal, which revealed a "fixed" game, changed all of that. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Quizscan.wps

Comparative Presidential Studies / Truman vs. Eisenhower : Presidents Truman and Eisenhower shared many of the same philosophies, yet, they were also extremely different. This 6 page research paper reviews the ideologies & accomplishments of each of these two Presidents. Bibliography includes 6 references. Trueis.wps

President Eisenhower / On Weaponry & Peace : 10 pages in length. The author discusses a statement that was made by Eisenhower concerning using weaponry as a keeper of peace and the significance of security and liberty. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Eisen.wps

History of Theme Parks : This 7 page paper explores the evolution of theme parks from Disneyland to Universal Studios' Jurassic Park. Specifically discussed are the economic benefits provided by theme parks, the ever-growing number of theme parks throughout the United States, and the changes theme parks have undergone over the years. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Tparks.wps

Walt Disney the Animator : A 5 page paper that looks at the development of Walt Disney as an animator and as a focus in the animation industry. Since his beginnings in animation in 1919, Walt Disney always demonstrated his skills as an animator, developing his skills from animation techniques created by others. But Walt Disney's greatest contribution to the industry was his organizational skills, his eye for detail, and his animation process that he developed for other animators. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Waltdisn.wps

Walt Disney - The Man : 5 pages in length. When one thinks of Walt Disney, the mind conjures up visions of Mickey Mouse, amusement parks and feature-length films. But there exists more to the man who gifted the world with the likes of Donald Duck and Peter Pan: behind the imagination lived a role model who was impassioned with making the world a better place for both humanity and the animal world. Through his efforts, Disney enabled great -- if not subtle -- changes to occur while he cleverly hid his intentions within an entertaining platform. The writer addresses Disney's humanitarian contributions, as well as those he set forth for the environment, that clearly shows why he is a role model of a different color. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Waltdis.wps

Walt Disney & The Culture He Created : This 8 page report examines "Disney Culture" in relationship to its founder, Walt Disney. The writer examines Disney’s mission statement, dress code, value system, theme park layout & landscape, and overall relevance to American culture. Recent controversies surrounding the organization are also included. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Disney.wps

Bill Cosby & Carroll O’Connor : The lives of these two American celebrities are compared and contrasted in a 5 page analysis. The obvious similarities involving the early and tragic deaths of their sons leads to a discussion on their family values. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cosocon.wps

Progression Of The American Theatre / Pre-War 1930 To The Post-War 1950s : A 10 page paper that compares and contrasts the styles and major developments in the American theatre from 1930 to the 1950s, with a focus on the scenery, costumes and actors of each era. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Amthe.wps

The Gulf Of Tonkin : 15 pages in length. The Gulf of Tonkin is significant to the beginning of the Vietnam War as it gave President Johnson the ammunition he needed to instigate combat upon the North Vietnamese. The battle, which took place near the North Vietnamese coast, has been historically noted as one of the key incidents that ultimately plunged the United States into the Vietnam War. The writer discusses the significance of the Tonkin Gulf incident as it relates to the Vietnam War. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Gulftonk.wps

America in the Sixties : 7 pages worth of brief essays and definitions pertinent to any study of the United States during the 1960's. Included are such names and keywords as : Lenny Bruce, Kent State Shootings, Woodstock, Clark Clifford, My Lai Massacre, Tet Offensive, Tonkin Gulf Resolution, Voting Rights Act, Martin Luther King, Jack Ruby and much more. No bibliography. Amerc60s.wps

The Turbulent 1960s In America : A 7 page paper discussing the social protests of the 1960s. It was the decade when it seemed that the whole world was intent on coming to an end. Cities burned, as did draft cards. The drug culture was coming into its own. Rock stars dropped from drug overdoses and were held up as martyrs for the ills of society. Activism was "in" and personified on campuses all across the nation. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) saw its greatest activity during the last half of the decade, with the Vietnam war as its focus. Bibliography lists 10 sources. 1960s.doc

Jonathan Rieder’s Canarsie : The Jews & Italians of Brooklyn Against Liberalism : A 5 page analysis of the book by Jonathan Rieder. Many books have investigated the societal and racial turmoil that began in the 1960s from the standpoint of the African-American community. This book, however, takes a look at the period between 1960 and 1980 from a different perspective--that of a middle-class white community. In so doing, the Rieder doesn't excuse the actions of this neighborhood, but he does help to the reader to understand their motivations. No additional sources cited. Canarsie.wps

New Urban Immigrants : A 5 page analysis of the book by Illsoo Kim which looks at the ways in which immigration has changed since the Immigration Act of 1965. Kim specifically looks at the Korean community centered in the New York metropolitan area as representative of this new wave of immigration. This book demonstrates how the fundamental nature of immigration has changed since the early part of this century. No additional sources cited. Newurb.wps

The Impact Of Hippies On American Culture : A 5 page paper that reflects on the transformation of perspectives that occurred as a result of the hippie generation of the 1960s and 1970s. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Hippies.wps

(The) American Economic & Industrialization : A 7 page essay discussing the developing U.S. economy in the wake of an emerging Industrial society (writer goes as far back as the late 1860's and upto the mid- 1930's). No Bibliography. Amerecon.wps

American History/Short Essays : Contains several short essays/works; a 1 page creatively-written letter from the standpoint of former Indian leader Jawaharlal Nehru to Winston Churchill, a 1 page opinion about the U.S. decision to explode atomic bombs over Japan at the conclusion of World War II, and 1 page discussing the sociopolitical struggles of Vietnam veterans in our country. No bibliography. Amhistes.wps

The United States Economy Under JFK in 1963 : A 4 page paper on the history of the U.S. and it's economy under the Kennedy administration. While the paper’s main purpose is to show what the economy was like during the year 1963, it also goes into detail about the Kennedy administration and how the president impacted the economy. No Bibliography. 1963.wps

The United States & Its Economy In 1973 : A 4 page paper on the economy under the Nixon administration. The paper mainly talks about where Richard Nixon took the economy of the United States while also talking about his presidency. No bibliography. 1973.wps

The Most Influential 20th Century U.S. Presidents : A 5 page paper in which the writer discusses Teddy Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan, comparing how and why these three men each demonstrated characteristics qualifying them as the most influential U.S. Presidents of the 20th century. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Infpres.wps

(The) Balance of Payments & Kennedy : Provides a thorough, 8 page overview of factors controlling and inhibiting global trading and the world economy leading upto the Balance of Payments and the reason behind Kennedy's pertinent dilemma. Written mostly from a U.S. perspective. No Bibliography. Balapay.wps

The Cuban Missile Crisis & The Role Of John F. Kennedy : A 5 page examination of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the role of John F. Kennedy. Bibliography lists five sources. Cubanc.wps

The Cuban Missile Crisis : 8 pages in length. Never before or since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the world been placed on such alert for potential nuclear disaster. As a result of Soviet missiles being secretly planted in Cuba, the threat of a nuclear world war was directly at hand. The writer discusses what ultimately caused the Cuban Missile Crisis, as well as interjects considerations with regard to how the world's safety of today rests upon what was learned from this situation. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cubamiss.wps

The Bay of Pigs, the CIA & Kennedy : A 9 page research paper on the Bay of Pigs and the relationship of the CIA to Kennedy. The writer details the background of the fiasco, and the culpability of the participants. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Baypigs.wps

The Bay Of Pigs - Peter Wyden's "Untold Story" : A 5 page analysis of the Peter Wyden's fascinating book. This is a well-researched, scholarly, historical account, of the disastrous invasion of Cuba in the Kennedy administration, which reads as if it were a novel. Full of dialogue and description, Wyden gives the reader an insider's view of how the plans for the Bay of Pigs Invasion were carried out within the U.S. government; and, in the process, he also gives the reader a clear understanding as to how so many extremely intelligent leaders, America's best and brightest, could think that the CIA plan could work. What he succeeds in showing his readership is that even the best and most well intentioned leaders are not supermen, they are human, and as such, they are capable of error. The Bay of Pigs was-quite simply-a mistake-one of the most dramatic in U.S. history. No additional sources cited. Wyden.wps

Kennedy & Cuba vs. Nixon & China / A Comparison Of Negotiation Styles: A 12 page overview of Kennedy’s executive committee handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis compared to Nixon’s normalization process developed out of the Shanghai Communiqué and the crisis of the Cultural Revolution in China in 1970. The paper discusses the salient points of how these two forms of negotiation (committee and normalization) were developed from these crises, including policy objectives, style/model developed and ongoing effectiveness of decisions. Bibliography cites 13 sources. Chincuba.doc

(The) Black Panthers : 8 pages about the Black Panther party of the 1960's and 70's. Discusses their role, their purpose, and the government's "plot" to exterminate them. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Blackpan.wps

The Latin Lords / Media Destruction of Political Effort : 12 pages in length. An insightful look at how the media portrayed the Latin Lords -- a radical, socio-politically involved group (active during the 60's and 70's) that can be compared in many respects to the better-known Black Panthers. The author argues that the media over-exaggerated and made them out to be 'irresponsible hoods' -- so as to destroy public trust in the Lords and unfairly make them out to be a band of street "hoods" and not activists they actually were. Detail is given as to the sociological "bonding" experiences of Latin Lords. Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources. Latinlor.wps

A Nation of Protests, The Age of Dissent : This 5 page essay reviews some of the most notable protest movements occuring in the U.S.A between 1950 and 1990. Struggles for civl rights and preservation of the environment are among the many touched upon. Bibliography lists seven sources. Protesdt.wps

Protest As A Way To Change : An 8 page paper examining the civil rights movement of the 50's, 60's, and 70's and how protest has brought about change in our nation. Also examines the Women's Movement as a second pier protest and looks at the meaning and overall impact turbulent and peaceful protest has had on our society. Bibliography lists 1 source. Protestc.wps

Integration After Brown v. Board Of Ed : The Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) decision is highlighted in this 8 page paper that looks at school segregation. Several cases, such as Missouri vs. Jenkins (1990), which have served to demonstrate a reversal of the original order, are included. The paper concludes that despite the problems with Brown, which are also noted, integration is sorely needed in a society that is still racially divided. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Afterbrown.doc

A Legal History of Integration in U.S. Public Schools : A 5 page research paper that gives a brief synopsis of the legal cases that have affected public policy in regards to school integration. The writer covers landmark cases such as Brown vs. the Board of Education, but the cases that led up to this pivotal legal decision are also reviewed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Leglint.wps

Brown vs. Board of Ed -- Its Impact Today : In this 7 page paper, the writer analyzes the impact of the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education decision of 1954. It is demonstrated that, although the Supreme Court had good intentions when deciding against segregation, the hidden racial agendas caused by this decision have had lasting effects. After over 40 years, the positive affects of the decision are questioned. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Brownvs.wps

The Birmingham Protest : A 12 page paper discussing the civil rights protest in Birmingham, Alabama, in April of 1963 and the history of amendments to the United States Constitution which purported to grant equal rights to African-American citizens. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Birming.rtf

George Wallace / Both Sides Of The Coin -- The Civil Rights Movement : A 7 page paper on George Wallace and the role he played in the civil rights movement. His was a fight to gain office more than that of hatred. He spoke hatred because people listened. He struggled for segregation and lost but gained support in his presidential campaigning. He was shot in 1972 and changed his beliefs and attitudes 100%. He now stands for equality instead of against it. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Wallace.wps

McCarthyism and Civil Rights Movement : A 4 page essay that discusses the paradox of these two movements occurring during the same era. The beginnings of the Civil Rights movement which would emerge fully in the 1960s could find its foundations beginning in the 1950s, the same period of time that saw ultraconservative McCarthyism. The writer offers reasons why the occurrence of these two events is not as paradoxical as it seems at first glance. Mccar.wps

Origin of Social Movements / Civil Rights & Farm Workers : A 3 page essay that investigates the origin of these two social movements and their subsequent impacts on the American society. The writer argues that social movements always have an impact on the society, the questions are: is the impact lasting and how much of an impact is made. In both these cases the impacts were significant. Evidence for the conclusion is presented. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Impact.wps

Impact Of 1960s Social Movements : A 4 page essay discussing how the social movements of the 1960s impacted attitudes toward race, government, war, politicians and women. Did the struggles of those involved in the different movements result in lasting changes? This writer suggests they did, although true equality still eludes many segments of the population, the events of the 1960s did have a positive impact in many arenas. Socmove.wps

Civil Rights in the United States : A brief, 4 page overview of the struggle for civil rights in the United States. Covers relevant politics and law-making from 1870 to the present. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Civilrig.wps

The Civil Rights Movement in America : A 50 page research paper chronicling in great detail the modern civil rights movement. The writer describes the historical and political background that led to the formation of the African-American civil rights movement in the 1950s and traces the movements efforts. Bibilography lists 12+ sources. Civilri.wps

The Success Of The Civil Rights Movement : A 5 page research paper that examines the success of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. The writer argues that this social movement was incredibly successful as it forever changed American culture and ended officially sanctioned prejudice. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Succiv.wps

Civil Rights : This 5 page paper compares the civil rights movement of the sixties as with those that occurred during the earlier part of the century. Figures such as Booker T. Washington and W.E.B.DuBois are discussed. The September 1998 racial disturbances in New York are used as examples of why the fight for equality is still not over. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Civrite.wps

The Civil Rights Movement / Its Importance to Educational Equality :
A 3 page overview of the positive results of the Civil Rights Movement on Education. Identifies bilingual education and the Civil Rights Act as being perhaps the two most important spin-offs of this movement. Relies heavily on "Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society" (1998) by Donna Gollnick and Philip Chinn. No additional sources cited. Eduequa2.wps

President Kennedy’s Civil Rights Legacy Analyzed : A 5 page paper which questions whether President John F. Kennedy actually left behind a legacy of civil rights, or if it was merely a facade created to perpetuate the slain leader’s memory. Specifically considered are whether or not JFK actually achieved anything in civil rights, why or why not, and the motives behind his involvement in civil rights. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Jfkcivil.wps

Robert Weisbrot’s "Freedom Bound: A History of the Civil Rights Movement" : This 3 page report is an overview of Weisbrot’s chronicle of the major events of America’s civil rights movement. Bibliography lists 1 source. Freeboun.wps

The American Civil Rights Movement / Philadelphia : A 5 page paper discussing the civil rights movement particularly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bibliography lists eight sources which are all taken from newspaper reports. Philly.doc

Civil Rights Movement 1945-1965 : A 5 page paper discussing events of that time period that brought about the civil rights of African Americans. This time period in history was instrumental in building a foundation for later achievements and victories within the civil rights movement. President Kennedy is described and his efforts towards the movement. Also included is Martin Luther King who was essentially the voice for the civil rights movement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Civilr3.wps

Separatism / A Legacy 1960-1990 : A 6 page paper on how the 1960s led to the separatism of the 1990s. The writer proves, through historical, socioeconomic and political perspectives that "the revolutionaries of the 1960s are still stranded on the edge of the abyss and scrambling for ways to keep their children from falling in. One or more leaders today haven’t the charisma or opportunity, due to media castration, to lead them. Leadership is coming in the form of separatism into various cultures. Just as they were then, the boomers are stuck looking for identity in separatism, and also as they were then, they are the leaders of that revolution." Bibliography lists 14 sources. 60s.wps

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. / 1960-1967 : A 12 page overview of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. during his years as Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor. The writer provides an historical view of his career in these years with emphasis on the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in terms of his leadership style, allies, and enemies. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Acpowell.wps

A History of Desegregation : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the history of desegregation in the United States that stemmed from the Brown v. the Board of Education decision and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Deseghis.wps

Central High School / Landmark Event In The Civil Rights Movement :
A 15 page paper on how the efforts of the black students at Central High School helped advanced the movement. This paper covers the students' sacrifice and the effects it had in the courts and on government. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Desegre.wps

*More Civil Rights papers can be found in the Black Studies section !

Desegregation of Major League Baseball In The United States : A 10 page paper on the integration of Black athletes into major league baseball. The writer describes the evolution of the Negro Leagues and the reasons why it would have been beneficial for these leagues to remain in effect as they contributed to social bonding. It is argued that integration damaged some of the pride and cultural experience that Black athletes enjoyed in the Negro Leagues. Desegregation brought about major opposition, ridicule, shame, etc; Irony exists in the fact that Blacks were allowed to fight and die for America-- but they could not play baseball. And once they were allowed to, nobody would accept them. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Desegreg.wps

The Causes and Effects of World War II : A 5 page paper on the causes and effects of Word War II. It includes insight and some facts as to why we went to war, who was involved, and what some of the outcomes were. It also describes some of the losses suffered by the various countries involved, and what motivated them to act as they did. Bibliography cites several sources. Ww-ii.wps

World War II & The End Of Discrimination In The American Military :
A 7 page paper on discrimination in World War II and how African-Americans finally began to break the "color barrier" in the military. Specific cases including those of the Civilian Pilots Training Act, The Tuskegee airmen, and more, are presented. The assimilation of women into the military is described as well. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ww2disc.wps

The Genre Of War Films / Avoiding The Issue Of Race : In this well-reasoned 5 page essay, the writer argues that war films have traditionally avoided having to portray African-Americans in a realistic manner. Even films about the Civil War "hid" Black people to a large extent -- out of fear that doing otherwise would invoke some controversial discontent. A number of insightful examples from war films are provided to support this thesis. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Warfilms.wps

"The End of Victory Culture" by Tom Engelhardt : A 5 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of his concepts in The End of Victory Culture, especially as they relate to the transition in perceptions of the American war story in post-World War II Cold War America. No additional sources cited. Engel.wps

Hawaii : A 6 page paper which discusses the state of Hawaii. A profile of Hawaii is given, along with political history, leadership, and key issues. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hawaii.wps

J.F.K., Civil Rights, & Lyndon B. Johnson : A short yet concise, 3 page essay on the impact that John F. Kennedy's work on the Civil Rights movement would have on American society and how such influence carried over into the Lyndon B. Johnson years as well. The writer also touches upon issues concerning early American involvement in Vietnam and questions how American society might have been different if Kennedy had not been assassinated. Bibliography for second essay lists two sources. Hist1877.wps

John F. Kennedy As A Cold War Warrior : A 30 page research paper which examines Kennedy presidency from the viewpoint that Kennedy was the epitome of a Cold War combatant due to the aggressive stance he took with the former Soviet Union. The writer covers such topics as the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall, as well as the plotting by the Kennedy administration to have Castro assassinated. Bibliography contains 15 sources. Kencoldw.wps

John F. Kennedy / The Man, The Memory, The Impacts : A 16 page paper exploring the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Includes comparisons of his "memory" with his actual accomplishments and those of other U.S. Presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and Bill Clinton. Bibliography lists five sources. Jfk2.wps

The Economic Policies of John F. Kennedy : A 7 page paper discussing the role John F. Kennedy played in relationship to the economy of the United States during his time in office. While Kennedy was quite ignorant in regards to any type of economic strategy in the beginning he quickly taught himself and had others around him instruct him about economics. He was unlike those before him or after him in that his knowledge was learned with no previous bias. this led Kennedy to produce a non judgmental approach to the economic situation of the United States. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Johnfk.wps

The J.F.K. Assassination / Fact vs. Film Fantasy : 8 pages in length. An excellent resource for those studying forensics or criminal investigations. This paper analyzes the reliability of facts presented in Oliver Stone's movie JFK with respect to actual Warren Commission and House Select Committee reports. It is argued that the most logical assassin was indeed Lee Harvey Oswald and that Stone's movie is good for little more than imaginative historical fantasy. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Jfk.wps

Lee Harvey Oswald As A Sole Assassin : A 13 page paper that presents both sides of the case and dismisses the conspiracy theory for the following reasons: none of the conspiracy arguments match, they are disjointed and if true everyone in the CIA would have known about the "secret" plot to assassinate JFK; in contrast, the sole assassin theory is supported by evidence gathered by such diverse agents as CIA agents, lawyers, private investigators and Norman Mailer. In this theory, all the evidence matches, with each adding a little more insight into Oswald. Bibliography lists more than 10 sources. Lhoswald.wps

Jack Ruby / Conspirator Or An Unstable Individual Simply Seeking Attention ? : A 15 page paper examining the life of Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald. Discusses the improbibility of his role as a conspirator and points to his mental and personal instability as the likely reasons he killed Oswald. Bibliography lists ten sources. Jackruby.wps

Book Review / Prosecution of the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case : A 5 page discussion of The Lindbergh Case. The writer details the investigation and the trial of the crime with regard to the role of and effectiveness of the prosecutor. Bibliography lists 1 sources. Lindbergh.wps.

Major Issues In Constitutional History : A 9 page paper that discusses the arguments in regards to abortion, affirmative action and the ERA and takes an individual look at the history and legal ramifications of each. The text utilizes presents compelling looks at the different perspectives on these issues, and the paper presents individual opinions on each. Conhist.wps

Closing of the American Mind / Book Review : Approximately 4 pages in length. An analytical review of Allan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind"--A book in which the author criticizes the American university's abandonment of traditional educational values (circa 1960-present). Report concludes that "The Closing of the American Mind" was actually a misinterpretation of what should really have been titled "The Opening of the American Mind." No Bibliography. Closamer.wps

Sex & The Mass Media / The Sixties Vs. The Nineties : A 10 page paper on the change in attitudes and policy regarding sex in TV and movies from the beginning of the sixties to the middle of the nineties. It concludes that since television followed movies in becoming more "sexually free," perhaps the "kinder, gentler" love story the movies have focused on of late presages a change for television as well. Bibliography lists six sources. Sexmedia.wps

The Evolution Of "TV Moms" : A 9 page paper on television mothers and their evolution from domestic housekeeper/child-raisers to professional women. Beginning with the '50s, TV moms are examined and compared to the real-life counterparts. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tvmoms.wps

Sitcoms Of The 50's & 60's -- Media Portrayal Of The American Family : A 14 page research paper on the history of situational comedies ("sitcoms") and their presentation of the American family during the 1950's and 60's. The writer discusses specific shows, their characters, and the degree of reality presented by them and their on-screen families. Comparisons are made between yesterday and today regarding TV's portrayal of divorce, social problems, etc; Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Sitcom60.wps

American Families & The Nostalgia Myth / The Way We Never Were :
Focusing primarily upon the argument in Stephanie Coontz's (1992) book by same title, the writer of this 5 page paper presents the argument that each generation has looked upon the one previous to it and commented on how pure and innocent things were back in the proverbial "good ol' days." In actuality, however, morality was never as high in the past as we are led to believe. We are "brainwashed" by family-orientated television programs to believe that during the 50's and 60's, people were more "innocent" when in reality, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, etc.;-- soared-- sometimes to levels much higher than today. This social phenomenon is explored in great detail. Bibliography also cites 2 additional sources. Waywene.wps

The Changing American Family : This 5 page essay describes the changing American family, considering many aspects including gender roles, ethnic variances, longevity, blended families as well as projections for the future. The paper’s position is that the traditional nuclear family was a temporary structure and has been replaced by a revised definition mostly brought on by social change. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Charamer.wps

Cold War Politics : A 2 page essay on post Cold War politics briefly endorsing Henry Kissinger's "realist position" and its applicability today...20thhist.wps

The History And Ideology of the Pentecostalist Movement : 8 pages in length. An historic overview of the "Holy Movement" in the United States and the birth of Methodism followed by Pentecostalism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The writer looks at how Pentecostalism has changed since its original inception, to become more organized and bureaucratic than was originally intended. FREE outline included ! Bibliography lists 10 sources. Holimove.wps

History Of 911 Emergency Response Systems : A 6 page paper describing the history and progression of 911 emergency response systems and their application today. The author attempts to show the factors that impact the effectiveness of using 911 emergency response systems and addresses a number of complaints about its effectiveness. FREE Outline included. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 911.wps

(The) Democratic Convention of 1968 : 7 pages in length. A look at the historic events surrounding the '68 convention and the negative ramifications that they would have for the Democratic party in the ensuing years. The protests and riots of the '68 convention are discussed as well as the sociopolitical reasons for the Democrats' blame. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Democcon.wps

The Chicago Conspiracy Trial : An 8 page paper discussing the trial of the Chicago Eight following the 1968 Democratic National Convention riots, what precipitated the riots, how the trial was handled, what both events taught the American people about themselves and their government. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chictria.wps

Detente : A 7 page history of Detente from World War I to the Nixon era. Bibliography lists approximately 6 sources. Detente.wps

Detente and Nixon's Involvement: An 8 page paper on the events leading up to detente and Richard Nixon's involvement. The writer describes the years prior to the Cold War, the involvement of Kennedy and Krushchev in nuclear armament, and Nixon's eventual move toward the lessening of hostilities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nixondet.wps

Richard Milhous Nixon / The Man & His Administration : A 6 page essay on Richard Nixon, his political career, and his administration. Differs from other reports on Nixon in that the writer focuses more upon Nixon’s political career as a whole -- not just the Watergate scandal. Bibliography includes five sources. Nix.wps

The Life of Richard Nixon / Cause & Effect : A 6 page cause and effect paper discusses the relationship between the unethical actions of former President Richard Nixon and the subsequent negative publicity that subsequently led to his resignation from office rather then face impeachment proceedings. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nixlife.wps

Richard Nixon & Watergate : An 11 page paper on the known events of the Watergate scandal and the investigation that followed. Controversial issues concerning the Watergate tapes are discussed in great detail and the writer explains how socially devastating the incident was. This was the first time a U.S. president ever resigned but according to this paper, the ultimate effect of such was both a positive and educational one for the American public. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Watergat.wps

Richard Nixon & The Watergate Conspiracy : A 21 page paper that outlines the history of the Watergate Conspiracy and discusses the role that mass media and public opinion had in the proposed impeachment of Nixon. The author relates the causes of the Watergate conspiracy in terms of personality, society and the political institution and comes to the conclusion that Nixon deserved to be impeached as outlined within the articles of impeachment. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Nixonwat.wps

The Executive Decision to Pardon Richard Nixon : A thorough, 9 page analysis of the executive decision to pardon Richard Nixon. It is argued that recent research has revealed that President Ford was prepared to pardon Nixon long before he was ever even indicted. A review of documented meetings, testimony, and more is presented to show that indeed Nixon only left office knowing full well that he would not be penalized for his crimes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nixonpar.wps

Book Review / Text Shows Nixon as a Successful Politician ! : A 4 page review of Stephen Ambrose's book entitled "The Triumph of a Politician" in which President Richard Nixon was actually regarded as being an important leader-- successful in most respects and even largely responsible for the possibility of the Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush presidencies ! No additional bibliography. Nixonbok.wps

Carter & Clinton : A 10 page paper comparing President Carter’s administration and President Clinton’s first administration. Their economic policies are considered followed by a section discussing their foreign policies. Within the area of foreign policy the major crises are addressed. Carter had the Iran hostage situation and Clinton had the Bosnia situation. This is followed by a brief section listing other members of Washington who were involved with the administration. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cartclin.wps

Watergate & G. Gordon Liddy : A 6 page paper on G. Gordon Liddy’s involvement with Watergate. The focus is that of defining what it was that Liddy was guilty of. He had powerful people put him in the position of power and the fact that they were equally responsible is illustrated. The general character of Liddy is also described. following the paper is a sources cited list that lists 6 sources. Liddy.wps

Alger Hiss & Whittaker Chambers / Underpinnings Of The Conspiracy Theory : A 30 page paper that provides an overview of the historical, political and social elements that led to the conviction of Alger Hiss as a Russian spy and the factors that led to arguments regarding a conspiracy against Hiss. This paper considers the role of men like Hugh Cronin, Richard Nixon, Whittaker Chambers, J. Edgar Hoover, and McCarthy, and the implications of interconnected associations in supporting the possibility of a conspiracy against Hiss. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Ahiss.wps

(The) Emmet Till Trial : A 12 page research paper on the circumstances and events leading to the murder and the trial. The writer describes the story of Till, the murder and the trial that followed. This particular case was a landmark in 20th century history in which law agents attempted to cover up key elements of the torturous murder of a young Black child. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Emmettil.wps

The Lizzie Borden Trial vs. Sharon Pollock's "Blood Relations" : A 7 page paper relating the historical background of the 19th century trial of spinster Lizzie Borden who is said to have brutally murdered her parents to various contradictory accounts. Particularly important to this discussion is the information presented in Pollock's play on the same subject entitled "Blood Relations." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Lizziebo.wps

Sharon Pollock’s Blood Relations : In 5 pages the author discusses "Blood Relations" by Sharon Pollock. "Sharon Pollock, one of Canada's leading playwrights, wrote a play about Ms. Borden. 'Blood Relations' is about Lizzie Borden, the acquitted axe murderer. Lizzie Borden is considered to be the most notorious murderess in American history. She is infamous. Lizzie portrayed a sinister sweetness. Nance O'Neil was the actress who became Lizzie's lover, and a mainstay of the play. Pollock's play consists of 49 scenes that play with time and gives dramatic contrasts, and dramatic potential." Blodrel.wps

Sacco and Vanzetti : 6 pages in length. Discusses the famous death penalty case where two Italian immigrants affiliated with an anarchist group were executed for a crime they insisted they didn’t commit. To this day, there is considerable mystery surrounding this. Did they do it, or was their trial a political witchhunt? Bibliography lists five sources. Sacco.wps

The Sacco-Vanzetti Case / Failure of The American Justice System : An 8 page discussion of the Sacco-Vanzetti trial -- An historic case from the early 20th century in which two Italian-Americans were unjustly sentenced to die. Several sources listed in bibliography. Saccovzt.wps

Actor / Singer Paul Robeson’s Political Mistreatment In The United States : Paul Robeson was a remarkably talented singer & actor who faced adversity in the form of racial prejudice and intolerance; he was labeled subversive due to his outspokenness about racial injustice and his defense of some communistic principles. In this insightful 8 page research paper, the writer argues on behalf of Robeson and in defense of his activities. FREE outline included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Paulrobe.wps

Essays on the Cold War : Approximately 6 pages worth of essay responses pertaining to various idiosyncratic aspects of the Cold War i.e., The Cuban Missile Crisis, American attitudes towards the former Soviet Union, Administrative decision-making during Kennedy's presidency etc; No Bibliography. Coldwar.wps

Fashion During the 1950's : 5 pages in length. A well-written essay in which the writer demonstrates how popular fashions of the 1950's reflected the sociocultural mood of that particular era. It is posited that fashions are always representative of the mindstate of the people who live in the era during which they are popular. T-shirts, boots, jeans, and black leather jackets are among the many examples provided of fashion during the fifties. Bibliography lists 7 comprehensive sources. Fashn50s.wps

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson's "Great Society" : A 12 page socio-political analysis of Lyndon B. Johnson's well-intended failure in implementing the "Great Society" plan. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Greatsoc.wps

The Years of Lyndon Johnson / The Path to Power : A 5 page paper that provides a concise look at the Robert Caro’s book "Years Of Lyndon Johnson" and considers the author’s thesis and the significance of the work. No additional sources cited. Johnpowe.wps

Neil Armstrong : A 6 page biography of astronaut Neil Armstrong-- most commonly known as the first man to walk on the moon. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Armstron.wps

Astronaut Sally Ride -- First American Woman In Space : A 5 page overview of the life & contributions of astronaut Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Ride's work in the field, space missions and scientific research are discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Sallyrid.wps

Activities of the Ku Klux Klan : An 8 page overview of the Klan's history, activity, and an attempt to explain some of their behavior using sociological crime theories (radical-conflict). The Klan is compared to traditional organized crime groups and also to other hate groups such as The White Citizen's Council. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Kkk2.wps

(The) Ku Klux Klan in the South : A 14 page report on the history of the early (post-Reconstruction) and twentieth century (1960's era) Ku Klux Klan and how it terrorized the South. A large part of this paper deals specifically with the case of Crenshaw County, Alabama and the Klan's hideous ability to effect itself as a major instigator of socio-political events. In theme, the writer attempts to remind us of how politically-powerful hate organizations can become so that we can hopefully prevent future uprisings. No Bibliography. Kkk.wps

The Ku Klux Klan : This 12 page paper explores the experience of the KKK and reasons why the group’s activity dominated just a few decades within American history. The paper concludes that the Klan’s motivations are largely economic in nature. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Kkkhist.wps

Ku Klux Klan / Historical Change : 10 pages in length. The past decade has represented some drastic changes within the framework of the Ku Klux Klan. In an effort to attract a larger following, and thus take better control over the issues of white supremacy, KKK's national director, Thom Robb, has made some significant alterations to the way in which the racist group is presented. Such historical changes mark the organization's need to update its original concepts with regard to how it relates to the rest of the world. The writer discusses this historical change as it relates to the Ku Klux Klan. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kkkchng.wps

Ku Klux Klan & The NAACP / Comparisons Of Beliefs : 8 pages in length. If there were ever two organizations that represented the antithesis of each other, they would be the Ku Klux Klan and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) symbolizing the furthest ends of the racial spectrum. The NAACP stands for the inherent rights of minority groups -- the struggle for civil and political liberty -- while the KKK is instrumental in attempting to refuse those rights to any race other than white Christian supremacists. While one speaks to human equality, the other maintains that white supremacy is the only consideration worthy of contemplation. The writer compares belief systems between the NAACP and the Ku Klux Klan. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Kkknaacp.wps

Today’s Ku Klux Klan : An 8 page discussion of Nancy MacLean’s book entitled "Behind the Mask of Chivalry: The Making of the Second Ku Klux Klan." 5 sources are added to reinforce points made. Behnmask.wps

Mythology Of The South / Racism & White Supremacy : In 17 pages, the author discusses the myth of racism and white supremacy in the South. This myth has been around for a number of years and has been perpetuated into infamy. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Mytsouth.wps

Segregation -- Myth Of The South : A 15 page paper discussing the myth of white supremacy in the South. The evil done in the name of race likely was not so much based in the delusions of white supremacy as in fear that such attitudes might in fact be groundless. Liberals of all colors later claimed that members of the black race deserved ongoing preferential treatment as retribution for "400 years of oppression," a common phrase in the 1960s that manages to persist, though far more in the North today than in the South. The South may well be the most racially tolerant region of the country. It cannot be denied that the Ku Klux Klan burned crosses all across the South and terrified black families for years. It also cannot be denied, however, that their very methods were in themselves cowardly, reflecting the fear of the whites for the blacks—the cover of darkness was not enough; they had to have robes, too. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Segmyth.wps

U.S Involvement In Vietnam, 1945-1954 : A 5 page research paper on U.S. involvement in Vietnam which explores the events leading up to the Geneva Conference which ended a French presence in Vietnam, partitioned the country at the 17th parallel, and temporarily halted hostilities for two years. The writer demonstrates how Congress was instrumental in preventing a U.S. unilateral intervention in 1954. Bibliography lists 5 sources. War45-54.wps

Vietnam and the Media : A 15 page paper explaining the media's role in the way the Vietnam war was perceived. The writer explains how different types of media influenced public opinion in both the USA and Canada. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Vietnamm.wps

Vietnam War / The U.S., Ho Chi Minh, And Why We There : The political objective of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV), embodied in Ho Chi Minh, was the unification of Vietnam under its rule, by force if necessary. In this 9 page paper, the writer discusses Ho Chi Minh's political nationalism, American objectives in Vietnam, world interests in South Asia, relevant debate, pertinent justification, and more. Bibliography lists approximately 6 sources. Viethoch.wps

Vietnam War / Corruption In The Vietnamese Army -- Book Analysis :
This 10 page paper explores Neil Sheehan's look at the Vietnam War, "A Bright Shining Lie," by providing a character study of John Paul Vann and examining the corruption of the Vietnamese Army. No additional sources cited. Brightli.wps

Vietnam War / Attrition Strategy : The strategy employed in Vietnam by General Westmoreland is discussed in this 10 page paper. A major focus of the paper is on the use of attrition as a strategy with particular emphasis on the book
A Bright Shining Lie by Neil Sheehan. An overview of the Vietnam conflict is also provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Vietstrat.wps

George C. Herring’s America’s Longest War : US involvement in the Vietnam Conflict occurred for a number of reasons that were more complex than simply the desire of the United States to prevent the spread of communism. In his work America’s Longest War, Herring reflects on a number of common war theories to explain US involvement and to define the essence of the action taken. Herring also demonstrates the underpinnings of the war itself and the nature of the perspectives, both national and international, that sustained the conflict and US involvement for so long. This 5 page paper considers the elements of Herring’s discourse, while also providing a view of the war itself and defining the underpinnings that supported its longevity. No additional sources cited. Gherring.wps

Vietnam War / Guerilla Warfare Tactics : An 8 page paper discussing the guerilla warfare tactics used during the Vietnam war and how they differed from those used in other wars. Also examines the effects of those tactics on U.S. troops. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Guerilla.wps

Vietnam War / My Lai Massacre -- Book Review : A 6 page paper focusing upon Michael Bilton and Kevin Sim's "Four Hours In My Lai" -- a book documenting one of the American military's darkest wartime activities ever-- the rape, torture, and murder of thousands of innocent Vietnamese civilians within a one-day period. The writer attempts to evaluate the book's thesis: that is ironic how My Lai seems to be almost forgotten in today's media accounts and historical reflections upon the Vietnam war. It is almost as if the government wants us to forget how barbarically the U.S. military acted ! The horror of this particular incident is described in somewhat graphic detail. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Vietnbok.wps

1968 As A Turning Point -- American Politics & Vietnam : This 9 page research paper examines the year 1968 as a sociopolitical turning point in which America changed its opinion about Vietnam. The temporary nature of American successes in the big unit war, the limited success of bombing in the north and on the infiltration routes, and the failure of the pacification campaign were all revealed in the Tet Offensive. Politically, the U.S. government and military had also proven themselves to be both unreliable and untrustworthy with such illegal moves as Operation Chaos. It is essentially argued that 1968 marked a turning point not only in how Americans would view their own government, but in how the government would accept these views. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Viet1968.wps

The Vietnam War & American Foreign Policy : A 10 page paper that considers the history of American foreign policy and demonstrates how policy in Vietnam was actually influenced by policies of the past. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vietfp.wps

Vietnam War / U.S. Bombing Policy : A 9 page analysis of the U.S. bombing policy in the Vietnam war, the subsequent loss of the war and other devastating results (human) due to the lack of a legitimate war strategy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Vietbomb.wps

Vietnam War -- The Tet Offensive / America Learns A Hard Lesson : A 3 page essay in which the writer reflects upon a documentary film about the Tet Offensive and its importance in the Vietnam War. The severity of defeat for the Vietcong (and the U.S.) are described as are some of the specific events that enabled us to be so ill-prepared. The Tet Offensive also had a devastating impact upon the U.S. domestically-- and is presented in this essay as a most valuable -- and humbling -- learning experience for Americans. No Bibliography. Tetoffen.wps

Vietnam War / Mainstream Press Coverage Of The Tet Offensive : A 7 page research paper which examines how the New York Times covered the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War using only primary sources. The writer looks at the original articles published between Jan. 31 and Feb. 7, 1968, and concludes that, despite the tendency of the conservative right to blame the American withdrawal from Vietnam on the media, the coverage was accurate, factual, and unbiased. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Presstet.wps

Vietnam War / Socio-Political Thought & The Anti-War Movement :
An 8 page overview & discussion of the Vietnam War, relevant events, and the ensuing controversy that occurred domestically in the United States as a result of our participation. Radical conflict, militant civil rights, social activism (i.e., on U.S. college campuses), etc.; are among the many sub-topics explored. The writer is particularly concerned with assessing precisely what it is we have "learned" from the Vietnam war. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Vietnam.wps

The Vietnam War In Its Final Stages : A 9 page essay which looks at the ending of the Vietnam War, but also examines some of the reasons why it so wrong for the U.S. to be involved due to the political situation of that time. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Vietend.wps

Vietnam War / The War We Could Not Win -- Why It Really Ended : In this insightful 9 page paper, the writer discusses how utterly defeated the U.S. was by its enemies in Vietnam and how unable the America military was to protect itself from guerrilla warfare. It is argued that it was actually a combination of factors that led to U.S. withdrawal from Nam and no one singular event, group, or person was exclusively responsible. President Nixon played at least some role as did the wartime protesters, but neither achieved what we are commonly led to believe. The protesters were unsuccessful in changing the attitude of American politicians and the Presidency was unsuccessful in achieving any worthwhile conclusion to the War. In short, the U.S. was left with nothing else to do but withdraw. Specific events and political controversy from that troubled era are discussed in great detail. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Vietnend.wps

Vietnam War / Why It Was So Difficult to Fight : This 5 page report discusses issues involved in the Vietnam war that made it unusually difficult to fight. The writer also illustrates how movies about the Vietnam "experience" have colored Americans’ view of the war. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Whydiffu2.wps

Vietnam War / The Role Women Played : A 5 page essay on the role of women in the Vietnam War and how it is has changed how we look at women and war. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Namwom.wps

Vietnam War / Role of Peasant Women : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the role that peasant women played in the Vietnam Conflict. This paper considers their roles, contributions, the mobilization of women, and even the conflicts between emerging social roles and traditional lifestyle. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Peasviet.wps

Vietnam / Movies The Changing Face of Protest and Resistance : A 10 page research paper which explores the ideas of protest and resistance in historical reference, in Oliver Stone’s "Platoon" and "Born on the Fourth of July," and in FitzGerald’s "Fire on the Lake." The writer posits that protest led to an ever-changing "face" of resistance that redefines the outcome of the Vietnam War. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Vietprot.wps

Vietnam War / "We Were Soldiers Once & Young" : The book on the Ia Drang Battle during the Vietnam War, by Harold G. Moore and Joseph L. Galloway, is reviewed in this 5 page paper. Four themes of the book are explored. No additional sources cited. Soldrs.wps

The Vietnam War / How It Has Impacted American Culture : An 8 page exploration of the impacts of U.S. involvement in Vietnam on American culture. Discusses the traumatization of both the Vietnam veteran and of the American public who were exposed to the realities of the war by tenacious media coverage. Bibliography lists ten sources. Warviet.wps

Effects of Vietnam War in Modern America Analyzed : This 15 page research paper examines the impact of the Vietnam War of the 1960s on the American society, politics and culture of the 1990s. Specifically considered is how the War itself has contributed to the current social, political and cultural debate regarding America’s moral landscape. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Vietnw.wps

United States Policy in Vietnam / Why it Failed : This 6 page paper looks at the reasoning behind the politics associated with the Vietnam War, public opinion in the last days of U.S. involvement and the aftermath of the era. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Whyfai.wps

Post-Vietnam America / A Culture of Internal War : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the perspectives in Englehardt's book The End of the Victory Culture and Gibson's work Warrior Dreams as they apply to the post-Vietnam American culture. No additional sources cited. Postviet.wps

U.S. 20th Century Involvement In Indochina : A 6 page research paper addressing the war in Indochina and the subsequent peace treaty. A brief background of the war and its costs are given with the major points of the peace agreement. Changes in foreign policy since Vietnam are discussed. Bibliography is included. Indochi.wps

Children Of The Vietnam War -- Confusion & Social Chaos : It is well-documented that the Vietnam war left many veterans in a deterioriated mental condition. But what is less frequently discussed is the depressed lifestyles of children -- those born of American soldiers who had sex with Vietnam women as rape or otherwise. Many of these children live in the United States today.. Some have even attempted to find their fathers.. The behavior patterns of these youths reflects their war torn heritage and this 6 page essay examines this concept as well as its effects on the parent - veteran (i.e., post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.;). Bibliography lists 4 sources. Vietchil.wps

Employment Opportunities for Vietnam Vets : Reasons why there is higher unemployment for Vietnam Vets are discussed in this 7 page paper. Several issues are looked at including the devastating effects of PTSD. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Vietemp.wps

Resilience Of Stress As Illustrated By The Experience Of Vietnam Vets : A 10 page essay on the stress particularly as it is experienced by vets suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Stressre.wps

The United States & Vietnam -- Normalized Relations At Long Last ! :
In this 16 page research paper, the writer examines the formal normalization of trade between the U.S. and Vietnam-- announced during the mid 1990's. The years leading upto this monumental event are described, statistical figures are analyzed, and the writer presents some of the issues that lie ahead-- concerned with whether or not lingering resentment will lead to greater social strife between the people of these two countries. Issues and other challenges to successful normalization are assessed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vietnamr.wps

U.S. Politics Since the 1970s / A Shift to the Right? : A 6 page document exploring the shift in the United States over the past thirty years to the far political right. Explores this shift in terms of arms control policies as well as human rights issues. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Rgwing.wps

U.S. Army Policy (1979-1989) : A 5 page discussion of how policy developed out of the mistakes of the Viet Nam War into the success of the Persian Gulf War via policies instigated between 1979 and 1989. The development process is discussed, including specific policies and military strategies employed by the U.S. Army during these years. Bibliography cites 4 sources. War79-89.wps

The CIA / American Intellignce During The Cold War And Beyond :
5 pages in length. C.I.A. involvement during the Cold War extended far beyond the exploits of heroes in Clancy or Ludlum novels. The apparatus of the intelligence community has extended into each of our lives far beyond "halting the threat of communism." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Thecia.wps

The Phoenix Project : A 7 page research paper on the Phoenix program, in which the writer provides a definitive overview of precisely what the Phoenix program was and why it was implemented. The prumary objective of this historic intelliegence operation was the neutralization of the Vietcong Infrastructure (VCI) through the collection of data which could lead to their identification and subsequent neutralization. The paper describes some of the key players in America’s involvement with the Phoenix program, and the moral, and ethical dilemas that they faced. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Phoenix.wps

"Learning From The Events of the 20th century" : A 6 page essay that discusses in great detail the social and economic events which have contributed to the changing world structure. Bibliography contains 4 references (report contains many examples to illustrate its points). 20thcent.wps

Mary McCarthy / A Look at Her Life and Work : A 10 page look into the life of Mary McCarthy, a noted and controversial writer of the 1930s-1980s who explored issues as diverse as women's sexuality and the politics involved in the Vietnam War. Bibliography lists seven sources. Marymcar.wps

The Effectiveness and Ineffectiveness of 20th Century U.S. Presidents :
A 4 page paper on U.S. Presidents of the 20th century and their effectiveness or lack thereof. The writer makes the point that executives like Ronald Reagan were held somewhat highly in the public eye but were largely ineffective whereas Richard Nixon was loathed and criticized-- yet succeeded at enacting many worthwhile reforms. Much of the discussion focuses upon comparing the leadership abilities of J.F.K. and F.D.R. in this same light. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Presiden.wps

The Phenomenon of Geraldine Ferraro / Media Portrayal : A well-researched 30 page paper on the first woman to be nominated for national office in the United States. The writer describes the media's portrayal of Ferraro and how she coped with the 'bad press' she received. Ferraro's unique social responsibilities and the media's unfair treatment of her -- based entirely on gender -- are of primary importance to this discussion. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Ferraro.wps

1984 Presidential Election Results : A 12 page paper discussing the presidential election of 1984. The term "rhetoric" has come to carry a negative connotation that is the object only of scorn, while in the past it was a much-admired ability and art. To the chagrin of the Democratic Party, there could have been no better candidate than Ronald Reagan for the 1984 election. He has indeed earned his label of the "great communicator," and his personal character was found to be above reproach in a time that such things mattered more than perhaps they do today. Reagan was uniquely suited to the presidency at that time and in that climate. Bibliography lists 9 sources. 1984el.doc

Reagan’s Star Wars Program : Ronald Reagan’s space-based missile defense program is discussed in this 5 page paper. The focus of the paper centers on the legal ramifications of such a program in respect to international treaties that have been in effect since 1972. The paper takes the position that Reagan made the right decisions in respect to Star Wars. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Starwars.wps

Military Buildup Under The Reagan Administration : A 22 page research paper dealing with the Cold War decisions which lead to the buildup of the military under President Ronald Reagan. This paper also deals with the differing opinions as to whether or not this buildup helped or hindered the ending of the Cold War. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Reagan2.wps

Scandal During the Reagan Administration : This 6 page report examines the scandalous Iran- Contra affair with specific reference to the Reagan administration, failure to notify Congress and more. Provides a good overview of events that transpired. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Irancont.wps

The Space Shuttle Challenger & Basic Economic Issues : A 3 page essay reviewing the Challenger space shuttle accident and the amount of money spent of the space program. Considering the number of homeless and hungry in our country, the writer offers a proposal for a better use of the money spent on space shuttles. Bibliography provided. Chall.wps

Space Shuttle Design / Then And Now : 20 pages in length. If the space shuttle were to have existed at any other time than the present, would it have possessed the same physical characteristics that it does today? Surely, if the architectural components were compared with that of the Renaissance period, Classicism, Neoclassicism and the early part of the Twentieth Century, there would exist considerable difference with regard to the rocket's outward appearance. There is no question that the basis of architecture has changed immensely throughout the centuries, which helps to establish a theory about the inherent physical appearance the space shuttle would have reflected in those eras. The writer discusses space shuttle design as it relates to these periods. Bibliography lists 16 sources. SpaceShu.wps

The Effect of Reagan Tax Cuts on Consumer Spending : A 7 page essay on the effects of consumer behavior in response to Ronald Reagan’s economic policies. Immediately after taking office in 1981, he began instituting a series of economic policies that came to be known as "Reaganomics." For the eight years immediately preceding the Reagan era, there was no growth in real household income. For the eight years following the time of his administration, there has been a decline in that income of over $1,400 a year. During the Reagan years, however, real income rose a full 10% over the period, giving the American worker more discretionary income than they had known since the 1960’s. Five footnoted references; no bibliography. Reagan.wps

Reaganomics : A 10 page paper that considers the positive impact of Reaganomics on the American economic climate of the 1980s. This paper determines that not only did Reagan face a difficult and already determine economic path set by years of mismanagement, but the systems that were implemented under his Administration were the most significant economic changes created in decades. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Footnotes included. Reag.wps

The EPA and Reagan / Conflict & Disparity : A 12 page paper that outlines the perspectives of the Reagan Administration regarding the EPA and considers changes that occurred during the Reagan Administration that negatively impacted the process and authority of the EPA. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Epareag.wps

Infamous Flight Around the World / Dick Rutan and Sally Yeager's Voyager : A 7 page research paper that provides an overview of the Voyager's nonstop flight around the world. This paper concentrates on the specific equipment utilized for this successful flight. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Infamous.wps

The American Invasion Of The Panama Canal (1989) : A 10 page paper that reflects upon the history of the Panama Canal leading up to the invasion, and also recognizes the implications of the invasion and treaties on the prospects for the future. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Panama.wps

1991 - America Changes Her Mind : An 8 page essay on the events of the first three months of 1991 and its impact on the American people. It was in 1991 that the Soviet Union collapsed, the U.S. removed its troops from Germany, and the Gulf War broke out. Bibliography lists 4 sources.1991.rtf

The Reagan - Bush Administrations / Policies Following the End of the Cold War : A 6 page exploration of the policies of the Ronald Reagan and George Bush Administrations during and the Cold War and following its end. Discusses the role of the United States in containing communism and in ending the Cold War. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Reaganbu.wps

Effects of the Persian Gulf War on the U.S. Economy : A 5 page paper documenting the residual affects of the Persian Gulf War on the U.S. economy in which the writer explores three specific economic affects: the cost required to repair damage done to Iraqi and Kuwaiti civilians to restore livelihood in the region; the financial obligation the U.S. has to its troops suffering from Gulf War syndrome; and the misrepresented information provided to the government that allowed for the allotment of over $80 billion in increased defense spending directed towards "smart" bomb technologies. Bibliography lists 7 supporting sources. Gulfware.wps

The Conflict in Iraq : This 5 page paper focuses on the tense situation in Iraq. Several views are discussed and implications for future action are expressed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Iraqcon.wps

Iraq / Problems & Solution : A 10 page research essay on the human rights problem in Iraq since the Gulf War. The writer reviews US sentiment regarding war and sanctions, the US-led sanction policies held against Iraq, and describes why sanctions alone are not successful. The writer posits that the UN should adopt a policy similar to that used in Bosnia to treat the Iraqi situation. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cnsanctn.wps

President Bush and The Gulf War : 9 pages analyzing ex-President George Bush's decision to enter the Persian Gulf Conflict. Focuses on his misuse of Presidential power. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Gulfwarp.wps desert storm

President Bush and Desert Storm : A 15 page paper that describes the significance of Operation Desert Storm in the political development of George Bush. Bush made significant contributions to ending the Crisis in the Gulf and in turn was able to shed his "wimp" image and gain notoriety. 8 sources cited. Bushdese.wps gulf war

Outcome / Gulf War Military Strategy : A 23 page research paper that provides an overview of the political, social and military makeup of Gulf War strategy. Concentrating on the military end of this equation and an analysis of the outcome of that war, the writer posits that because of the temporary success of that strategy in the view of the public, the military would be wise to consider public opinion in its future discussions of future military strategy. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Iraqwar.wps

"Why Desert Storm Would Not Become Another Vietnam" : A 7 page paper discussing President Bush’s statement that Desert Storm would not turn into another Vietnam and what he meant by that statement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Desnam.wps

"The Gulf War Reader" / A Review : A 6 page summary of the book edited by Micah L. Sifry and Christopher Cerf. No other sources listed. Gulfread.wps

Cynthia Enloe & A Feminist Perspective of the Persian Gulf War : A 3 page paper discussing "Bananas, Beaches, and Bases" by Cynthia Enloe and how the Persian Gulf War would be described from Enloe’s feminist perspective. No additional sources cited. Banana.wps

The 1992 Election / Ross Perot’s Unintended Role : A 5 page research paper which examines the effect that Ross Perot’s third party candidacy had on this election between incumbent President George Bush and Democratic candidate Bill Clinton. The writer demonstrates that without Ross Perot’s influence on this election, Clinton might not have been elected. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 1992elec.wps

Bill Clinton vs. J.F.K. / Pursuit Of Liberty : A 5 page research paper investigating how President John F. Kennedy approached his vigorous defense of liberty at home and abroad compared to how President Bill Clinton approached the same goal. Reasons for the differences between the two include the fact that this is an entirely different world and the fact that President Clinton also happens to be the first post-Cold War President. In this new era, time is needed to determine exactly what the position of the United States will be. Bibliography is included. Clinkenn.wps

Socioeconomic Structure In Los Angeles As A Stimulus For The 1992 Riots : A 9 page research paper on social conditions which caused the eruption of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. The writer posits that the Rodney King verdict was merely a final stimulus ("the straw that broke the camel's back") for the ensuing violence but that various other social, economic, cultural, and demographic factors contributed to it as well. Conflict, race relations, and immigration to South Central Los Angeles are of particular importance in this insightful sociopolitical analysis. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Urbanla.wps

The Million Man March : A 7 page paper on the struggle and problems of racism. The paper talks Specifically about The Million Man March and even more specifically about what Paul Robeson, Jr had to say about it in his published work the "Million Man March: Wrong Message, Wrong Messenger." Bibliography included. Millman.wps

The 105th Congress / Aspirations and Actuality : An 8 page paper exploring some of the issues before the 105th Congress, which convened January 7, 1997. For the first time in 68 years, the Congress was controlled by the Republicans for the second consecutive year, though not by the margin they enjoyed before the 1996 November elections. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 105cong.wps

Clinton v. Reagan - Comparing State of the Union Addresses : A 4 page paper discussing the similarities and differences between Clinton’s Jan. 1998 State of the Union Address and Reagan’s Jan. 1982 State of the Union Address. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Stateu.wps

Clinton’s Success In 1992 -- Political, Social & Economic Factors : A 40 page paper that provides an overview of the basic elements that impacted the Clinton candidacy in 1992 and provided a win for Clinton even in light of controversy, questions of ethics, and the presence of Ross Perot. Bibliography lists 35 sources. 1992cl.wps

The Clinton Presidency -- A Return To Gridlock?: A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the major perspectives presented in the Brookings' Institutes compilation of perspectives on the Clinton presidency, edited by James Sundquist, and considers the question of whether Clinton was the leader of major changes through out his presidency or did the progression of government control the national destiny. Bibliography lists two additional sources. Clingrid.wps

Roger Morris’ "Partners In Power" / Bill & Hillary Clinton : A 5 page book report on the book "Partners in Power" by Roger Morris. The paper focuses on how Morris feels about Bill and Hillary Clinton and why he seems to feel that Clinton is a cheat, a thief, and a liar. No additional sources cited. Clinpart.wps

Bill Clinton's Call to Action : A 3 page paper summarizing U.S. President Bill Clinton's 1997 state of the union address. The writer discusses Clinton's "call to action" and his aspirations for the United States over the four years that would follow. No bibliography. Clintons.wps

Accomplishments Of The Clinton Administration : This 5 page report discusses the positive aspects of President Bill Clinton’s Administration and outlines some of the many accomplishments he and his administration have made in the past six years. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Accoclin.wps

Clinton’s Red Herrings : A 5 page review of the tactics employed by Bill Clinton to distract the American public from the details of the ongoing presidential sex scandal. Offers the US bombing of the Sudanese pharmaceuticals plant as one example of a red herring being thrown out by the Clinton administration. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Redherr.wps

The Dayton Accord : A 10 page overview of the Dayton Accord, its history, implementation and current status. Stresses the importance of U.S. and NATO involvement. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Dayton.wps

The Iraq Crisis : A 5 page opinion essay that expresses Clinton’s potentially doomed idea of getting public support for invasion of Iraq. The writer provides a factual background for the reasons that Clinton would want to pursue military action vs. his adversaries—the U.N., Saddam, and U.S. citizens. Bibliography included. Crisiraq.wps

(The) Americorps Program :12 pages of text plus 15 sources listed in a bibliography, many end notes, and 2 appendices. Paper discusses and analyzes the controversial issues surrounding Clinton's dying Americorps program during the mid-1990's. Americor.wps

AmeriCorps / An Overview : A 5 page overview of the AmeriCorps program initiated by the Clinton administration. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Amcor.wps

Flight 800 / Air Tragedy : A 6 page paper describing the events following the fatal accident. Details of the search which ensued are covered. The fact that there were two sperate conclusions as to the cause of the crash is descrbed. There are also details given as to the changes in regulations ,and rules that occurred as a result of the crash. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Flight80.wps

Social Services In The United States / Past & Present : This 10 page paper compares social services today to the same programs as they existed in the 1930's. The evolution of the programs from that time period until present is examined in this paper that touches on the unemployment situation, welfare reform, problems with social security and the need for a national health insurance plan. Predictions for the future are made based on past and present economic conditions. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Sociserv.wps

Dick Morris and "Behind the Oval Office" : A 5 page paper that considers the political theories and sociological impacts supported in Morris' book Behind the Oval Office. This paper demonstrates the way in which Morris used his understanding of major political and socioligical theories to assist in the re-election of Clinton in 1996. No additional sources cited. Ovaloffi.wps

1998's Midterm Election : A 5 page paper evaluating areas of nationwide Congressional and gubernatorial races in terms of debates, polls and the final results including the resulting state of balance of power in both the House and Senate. Elections held in years when there is no presidential election as well typically generate only mild interest on the part of the voters, and the elections of 1998 provided no surprises in that realm. One of the most heavily contested gubernatorial races was that of California, where not even the media was interested enough to broadcast all of the debates between candidates. Bibliography lists 7 sources. 98elect.wps

Williams and Sowell / American Journalism : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the influence of journalists like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell on American journalism. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Sewellw.wps

Interview With an Old Woman in New York : This 10 page paper provides a fictitious interview with a 75 year old woman who grew up in New York during the twenties. Her personal history relates to historical events in the city including the Triangle Factory fire and the Great Depression. The paper spans close to a century
as the writer reflects on the interview conducted in 1979. No additional sources cited. Nylady.wps

Rap Music As A Major Development In U. S. Music History : 10 pages in length. The writer discusses rap music and the hip-hop culture as a major development in U. S. Music History. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Rapdev.doc

Rock ‘n’ Roll & 20th Century American Culture : A 6 page research paper which examines the relationship between 20th century culture and rock n’ roll particularly in regards to how it expressed the sense of alienation and separation of a generation during the sixties. The writer demonstrates how the political philosophies of such composers as Bob Dylan were expressed in their music and how this, in turn, influenced the political environment of that time. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Musiceff.wps

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