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1984 Presidential Election Results : A 12 page paper discussing the presidential election of 1984. The term "rhetoric" has come to carry a negative connotation that is the object only of scorn, while in the past it was a much-admired ability and art. To the chagrin of the Democratic Party, there could have been no better candidate than Ronald Reagan for the 1984 election. He has indeed earned his label of the "great communicator," and his personal character was found to be above reproach in a time that such things mattered more than perhaps they do today. Reagan was uniquely suited to the presidency at that time and in that climate. Bibliography lists 9 sources. 1984el.doc

The 1992 Election / Ross Perot’s Unintended Role : A 5 page research paper which examines the effect that Ross Perot’s third party candidacy had on this election between incumbent President George Bush and Democratic candidate Bill Clinton. The writer demonstrates that without Ross Perot’s influence on this election, Clinton might not have been elected. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 1992elec.wps.

Marketing Used in the 1992 Presidential Campaign : A 6 page paper exploring the marketing maneuvers of the 1992 presidential campaign. Stresses that it is marketing that determines our political leaders and gives numerous examples of the marketing strategies used by Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ross Perot. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Presmark.wps

Reagan / Media & The Polls : A 12 page research paper that discusses Reagan’s influence on the press corps and its effects in the elections and the polls despite the unpopularity of his fiscal policies among many citizens. The paper posits that both the public and the media suffered from Reagan’s administration, and that his media legacy has also contributed to other unfavorable results for the current presidency and the media as well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Reagmed.wps

1992 Presidential Campaign Rhetoric : A 10 page paper exploring the 1992 presidential campaign, its rhetoric and its strategies regarding communication with the public through interaction with the press. Emphasizes that it is effective communication, most of which reaches the public through the press, that determines our political leaders and gives numerous examples of the communications strategies used by Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ross Perot. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 1992prec.wps

1996 Presidential Race / A Question of Economy ? : 10 pages in which the writer examines the 1996 U.S. Presidential race as having largely been a question of economy. Clinton's role and ideology in U.S. economic policy are looked at as are Bob Dole's counter attacks. All are evaluated with respect to the election's outcomes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Election.wps

John Ensign / Senate Campaign : 15 pages in length. Republican John Ensign did not lose the Senate race because he was not popular; indeed, the one-time veterinarian and casino director held much of the Nevada constituency in the palm of his hand. His clean-cut, family image, handsome exterior and outward appeal for the betterment of all Nevadans placed Ensign in good favor with the public. However, he was up against a tough Democratic incumbent by the name of Harry Reid. Both candidates pitched a good, solid campaign, yet only one was ultimately chosen to occupy Nevada's Senate seat. The writer discusses Ensign's campaign as it relates to the 1998 Senate race. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Jensign.wps

1998's Midterm Election : A 5 page paper evaluating areas of nationwide Congressional and gubernatorial races in terms of debates, polls and the final results including the resulting state of balance of power in both the House and Senate. Elections held in years when there is no presidential election as well typically generate only mild interest on the part of the voters, and the elections of 1998 provided no surprises in that realm. One of the most heavily contested gubernatorial races was that of California, where not even the media was interested enough to broadcast all of the debates between candidates. Bibliography lists 7 sources. 98elect.wps

Bob Dole : A Fall 1996 (pre-election) discussion of why Bob Dole should be elected President of the United States based on his background and genuine concern. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bobdole.wps

Campaign Funding & Contributions / A Problem of Democracy ? : A 15 page analytical research paper on the controversial issues resulting from our (U.S.) Democratic government's allowance of open election contributions and government funding. Numerous case studies are cited including that of Bill Clinton's acceptance of large contributions from various individuals during his 1996 Presidential campaign. The writer concludes that Campaign contributions are, a traditionally unfair and unethical practice. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Campaign.wps

Ethics & Political Campaign Contributions : A 7 page paper discussing the ethical questions surrounded by Presidential campaign contribution abuses and the current bills before both the House and Senate for major reform of campaign contribution laws. If the bipartisan legislation passes Congress, Political Action Committees will not be allowed to make any campaign contributions and loopholes will be tightened, forcing candidates into accountability for their sources of funds. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ethical.wps

The State Of The Election Campaign Investigations : An 8 page research paper arguing that the campaign election contributions reform is indeed needed. The Clinton administration attempted to turn the Lincoln bedroom into a Days Inn for the highest bidder in the 1996 campaign, but there have been other presidential sleepovers, too. Several unsuccessful bills have attempted to distinguish between "hard" and "soft" money, with the soft variety being used for the recognized necessity of buying national media exposure. The focus of the 1997 reform is that very distinction, but is muddied by the prospects of a Justice Department investigation into White House fund raising activities. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Campref.wps

Morality In Government : 7 pages in length. The politicians maintain that there is a high degree of morality in government, but most of the rest of us are beyond even acknowledging such a claim. The paper uses the issue of Presidential campaign contribution abuses and Attorney General Janet Reno’s investigation as example rather than address some of the seamier aspects of governmental abuses. Bibliography lists five sources. Moralgov.wps

The Ethical View Of Government Kickbacks : A 10 page paper discussing latter-day practices. We tend to assume that any discussion of government kickbacks in association with the US became invalid with the dismantling of the political machines of the nation’s largest cities early in the century, but recent cases show that not to be the case. Kickbacks and bribery very much are represented by the laws of supply and demand. Existing laws make both the supply and demand sides illegal. Many social observers and theorists want to ascribe the reasons for bribery as a matter of course of business in many of the developing countries of the world to poverty overcoming temptation, but continued practiced more likely results from a combination of the thrill of power and old-fashioned greed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Kicke.wps

National Elections Affect State Elections: A 7 page paper on the effects that one year's national elections may have on the following year's state election. The writer describes possible consequences for incumbent NJ governor, Christine Whitman. Bibliography cites 5 sources. Elctions.doc

The Electoral College : In 5 pages the author addresses the subject of the electoral college. "The electoral college is widely misunderstood, and to some it is an archaic means of electing a president and vice president. The electoral college has stipulations in the constitution that most people are not aware of. There are some that feel that the electoral college in its present form will cause a president to become elected who was not the winner by popular vote." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Electcol.wps

Private Morality And Political Leadership : 15 pages in length. Determining whether or not private morality should be a component of political leadership is not the same as deciding if the person in question is capable of handling the demands of such an office. Indeed, while some believe there exists a distinct connection between the two issues, others think that one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. There is no question that this particular topic is nothing if not dialectical in that there is no singularly correct answer; rather, whatever religious, moral and ethical beliefs one harbors are going to indicate which side of the issue one supports. Inasmuch as opponents of private morality contend that what a politician does in his private life bears no reflection whatsoever upon his public duties, this paper's view will be one that asserts just the opposite. The writer discusses the fact that a political leader's personal activities do, indeed, represent his commitment to job or country, just as any other affiliations would. Bibliography lists 6 sources. EthMoral.wps

What Is Wrong With Voting Methods ? : In 5 pages the author discusses the different voting methods used. "Voting in the United States is not as simple as it would seem. The outcome of the election depends on the method used in voting. Of all the methods of voting, there is not one that satisfies all of the conditions of fairness." Bibliography lists 6 sources. Votemeth.wps

Weaknesses Of The American Political Parties : An 8 page paper in which the writer considers factors that have weakened American political parties over the course of the last two decades. Ultimately, these factors have contributed to a determined decline in the American political party system. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Weakpart.wps

Political Parties In The United States / Why Independents Fail To Win Elections : This 8 page paper investigates the emergence of third parties in the political machinery and more specifically why they have thus far failed to achieve much of a showing in national elections. Specific parties are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Thirdpar.wps

Decline of (American) Political Parties / Book Review : A 2 page review of Martin P. Wattenberg's (1996) book entitled "The Decline of American Political Parties." In brief, the author examines such issues as party management and the role of the media. No Bibliography. Declpart.wps

Voter Participation In American Politics – What’s Going Wrong? : This 5 page report discusses voter participation and the lack of it in U.S. elections. The writer examines why voter participation is important, what difference does it make, and what could be possible solutions. Bibliography lists 1 source. Votepota.wps

Generation X, The Media, & Voting : 10 pages in length plus FREE outline. In this argumentative essay, the writer posits that "Generation X" is a generation motivated only by media messages and romanced by marketing savvy. Using the specific example of young people's inattention to politics, the case is excellently argued that we vote only because of what we learn through commercial sources. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Generxvo.wps

Flaneurs / Seeing the World, Effecting Change : A 25 page research paper that explores the world of the modern flaneur. The writer posits that the new adult generation (Generation X) is composed of flaneurs, trained by visual and sound bites to become the world’s spectators, and through follow-up action, they effect a different world. The writer discusses the effectiveness of this generation whose interest is in information (peace) rather than technology (war). As information is applied by this generation to artistic endeavors, the author provides a history of flaneurs and their objective and subjective purposes. Criticism of this generation by older generations is presented, along with refuting arguments. Bibliography lists 28 sources. Flaneur.wps

The Phenomenon of Geraldine Ferraro / Media Portrayal : A well-researched 30 page paper on the first woman to be nominated for national office in the United States. The writer describes the media's portrayal of Ferraro and how she coped with the 'bad press' she received. Ferraro's unique social responsibilities and the media's unfair treatment of her -- based entirely on gender -- are of primary importance to this discussion. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Ferraro.wps

Political Campaigns and the Internet : A 5 page paper that reviews the contemporary use of the Internet in the '96 Presidential Campaign and discusses briefly the benefits of future use of the Internet for political information. Six references are cited. Polinet.wps

Should Ross Perot Have Been Allowed in the 1996 Debates ? : A 6 page, argumentative research paper on whether or not Ross Perot should have been allowed to participate in the 1996 Presidential debates. The writer addresses arguments in favor of Perot's participation and refutes them all one by one-- maintaining that there was no reason he should have been allowed in. It is believed that Ross Perot can get his points across in other ways and does not need to do so in a more serious-minded, traditional Republican vs. Democrat debate. The argument is also made that the debates should be reserved only for those candidates who are known to have a reasonable chance of winning and not any individual who feels that (s)he would like to run for office. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Perot.wps

Bill Clinton vs. J.F.K. / Pursuit Of Liberty : A 5 page research paper investigating how President John F. Kennedy approached his vigorous defense of liberty at home and abroad compared to how President Bill Clinton approached the same goal. Reasons for the differences between the two include the fact that this is an entirely different world and the fact that President Clinton also happens to be the first post-Cold War President. In this new era, time is needed to determine exactly what the position of the United States will be. Bibliography is included. Clinkenn.wps

Deracialization in Black Politics : A 5 page analysis of the political strategy of deracialization as it is used in black political campaigns. This term refers to the refers to the conduction of a political campaign by a black candidate in which racial issues and themes are minimized thereby appealing to more white voters. The writer discusses the implications of this strategy and its relationship to traditional black politics. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Polblack.wps

Racially Polarized Voting in Mayoral Elections : This 12 page paper explores the issue citing several races in the states of Georgia, Maryland, New York and Missouri. A thesis that such a polarity exists is discussed in light of the racial divisiveness in America in general. Causes and solutions are explored. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Electrace.wps

Unions, Election Politics and the Plight of American Laborer : 11 pages in length. Prior to the 1996 elections, this report examined candidate Bill Clinton and possible candidate Pat Buchanan with respect to their political views on labor and the plight of the American worker. The typical union delegate's argument in favor of Buchanan is analyzed and a decision is made by the writer that although neither Clinton nor his opposition will significantly benefit the average worker's union,-- Buchanan would have indeed been the 'less of the two evils.' Bibliography lists 11 sources. Laborpol.wps

Robert B. Reich / Secretary of Labor : A 10 page paper discussing Reich’s contributions to the relationship between organized labor and corporate interest. Robert Reich has his critics on all sides—liberals complain that he is far too conservative; conservatives complain that his views are too liberal—but he is one of the few realistic observers of the state of commerce and of labor in the 1990s. Some, even many, do see him as a classic fence-sitter, unable to decide whether he is liberal or conservative, but Reich himself obviously has no such doubts regarding his own conclusions in the necessity of both sides working together for mutual benefit. He has been able to overcome the "us vs them" mentality of the traditional adversarial relationship between labor and business, as have many who are daily involved in the realities of business today Bibliography lists 8 sources. Reich.wps

Politics And Communication : A 3 page paper analyzing George Orwell’s "Politics and the English Language." Using examples from contemporary politics, the paper wryly argues that both tact and diplomacy would be impossible if speakers were forced to tell the unvarnished truth. No additional sources cited. Orcomm.wps


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