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Issues Affecting the Teaching Profession Today : A 25 page research paper that examines several key issues that are facing the teaching profession, and--in particular--how these issues impact the training of teacher candidates in the nation's educational programs. The writer addresses the topics of multiculturalism, computers and technology and teacher liability. Bibliography lists 40 sources. Teachiss.wps

Proposal for Research Into New Teacher Preparedness : A 14 page paper presenting a proposal for researching the question of whether new teachers are as prepared for the classroom as were new teachers of 20 years ago. That new teachers are relatively unprepared for today’s classroom is fairly obvious. The question is why? Is it their grasp of subject matter, ability to effectively manage a classroom, efficacy regarding the associated but non-teaching duties of the teaching position, or is it that the old system of teaching children simply is not effective in today’s society? Indications point to the inability of old methods to meet the needs of today. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Teacher.wps

Changes In Teacher Education : This 15 page paper discusses a number of topics relative to teachers and teacher education. Beginning with a discussion of some of the issues teachers face today as compared to what they faced 20 years ago, the discussion then moves into changes and proposals for change in teacher certification, teacher salaries, including data regarding national averages and proposals to change the structure and finally into the diverse student body teachers work with today. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Tcredu.wps

Elements of Teacher Effectiveness : This 5 page paper explores studies in teaching methodology and effectiveness. Some helpful strategies are included but the paper focuses on applicable literature.Bibliography lists 5 sources. Teacheff.wps

Innovative Programs for Elementary Schools : A 5 page research paper that examines several innovative, practical programs that are being used in elementary schools in the U.S. The writer discusses programs that aid in teaching math, science and reading. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Innprog.wps

Creativity in the Classroom : This 5 page paper addresses the subject of creativity and how schools can incorporate projects to foster creative outcomes. The focus is primarily on elementary schools but information is also applicable to other age groups, including adulthood. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Creatclas.wps

Constructivism in the Classroom : A 5 page paper discussing the method of learning called constructivism. This method of learning essentially puts a lot of the responsibility of learning into the child’s hands for it is the child who constructs his, or her, own agenda in relationship to knowledge. This does not mean that teachers are unnecessary but that the child has more responsibility, and pride, for their own education. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Consclas.wps

Team Teaching : This 5 page paper investigates team teaching as a concept and provides an introduction to models of team teaching, research regarding the approach and anecdotal comments from teachers. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Teamtch.wps

Basal Materials & The Classroom : A 3 page paper. There are always a variety of materials available for classroom use that change with years and with changing views of precisely what should be the outcome of classroom education, how one level should prepare for the next, how students truly do learn, and even the value of the "hands on" theories. One of the duties of the teacher is to determine the learning style of each student, and how those materials can best be used. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Basal.wps

Children in the Classroom / Participation vs. Performance : 9 pages outlining collective information/study. Examines the effects of child involvement/participation in the classroom on academic performance. No Bibliography. Expattd.wps

Classroom Discipline / Classroom Management : A 6 page essay that looks at the problem of classroom and discipline and what recent studies have to say about the most effective strategies for maintaining discipline. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Classdis.wps

Classroom Management / Journal Article Reviews : Two 1 page reviews (2 pages total) of education-related journal articles. Specifically examined are classroom discipline and the importance of classroom climate for at-risk learners. Full citations are provided for each article. Educarti.wps

Positive Discipline And Classroom Management : 12 pages in length. Research has shown that classroom management is one of several elements that are critical to student learning. It is also known that use of positive classroom discipline is of extreme importance to classroom management. This comprehensive research paper examines principles, techniques, and teaching issues concerning the implementation of positive discipline. Several relevant instructional programs are explained as are the productive outcomes of the typical positive discipline approach. Bibliography lists approximately 20 scholarly sources. Possdisc.wps

Classroom Management & Discipline Issues : A 6 page analysis of some excellent studies pertaining to classroom management and discipline issues within the classroom. The writer discusses how these two terms are not synonymous and that the broader scope of ėclassroom management techniques’offers teachers concrete suggestions for improving their classroom situations and their teaching. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Mandisc.wps

Nonverbal Communication in the Classroom : A 4 page research paper which examines how an article by Richard Couch entitled "Nonverbal Language and Its Implications for Teachers" fits the principles pertaining to nonverbal communication in a classroom environment established by the research of Virginia P. Richmond and James C. McCroskey in their book Nonverbal Behaviors in Interpersonal Relations. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Gestmov.wps

Canon / Degredation Is Not for Today’s Students : A 5 page argumentative essay which posits that for regular curriculum students, exposure to degradation and oppression in the canon has no enduring meaning. In an argument against any ideological foundation for the canon, the writer proves that the canon only has aesthetic meaning for academicians. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Canon.wps

"Multi-Age" Or "Ungraded" Classrooms / How They Compare? : A 10 page paper on the evolving organization of schools,which has come full circle in the way in which students are moved through the educational system. Starting with nineteenth century "common schools" that did not separate children by age, through the introduction of graded schools in the mid-1800s which resulted in "ungraded classrooms" for non-achieving students, the writer covers the twentieth century equivalent of these separate but unequal classes in "special education" arrangements.for students not matching the lockstep of an age-graded system. Most recently, inclusive, multi-age classrooms and non-graded schools embody the philosophy that all children can learn--at their own pace and in their own way, with the help and example of peers of all ages. Bibliography lists 24 references. Multiage.wps

Book Review / "On Becoming A Leader" / Leader Or Teacher: A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major points of Warren Bennis' book, On Becoming a Leader, and considers their application for teaching as a form of leadership. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Bennis.rtf

Teacher Burnout / Causes and Prevention : A 6 page research paper that discusses the causes of burnout, including organizational structure and student behavior. Studies have consistently identified discipline problems, overwhelming paperwork and lack of supportive environments as causes of the stress leading to burnout. The writer offers ideas for improving the support component that have been cited in the literature and suggests there are an infinite number of actions that can be taken to prevent teacher burnout. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tburnout.wps

Teacher Burnout # 2 : 6 pages in length. Among other equally important reasons, teacher burnout is a major component in the downfall of the American educational system. Riddled with apathy, instructors are feeling abandoned by the system that is supposed to support them, creating attitudes of resentment and indifference. The writer addresses various entities of teacher burnout, as well as offers suggestions on how to curb it altogether. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Tout.wps

Support For First Year Teachers / Research Study Proposal : A 6 page paper offering a research proposal for investigating the issue of supportive relationships and first year teacher success, specifically what kinds of support the novice teacher needs. Sections include: Statement of the problem, hypotheses; Review of literature; Analysis of findings; Conclusions and recommendations. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 1year.wps

Teaching Science to Gifted Elementary Students : A 14 page study on methods for teaching science to gifted students. Report contains an explanation of study's importance, literature review, methodology, and several illustrative charts. The writer goes into great detail concerning the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of various teaching methods. Approximately 20 sources are listed in bibliography. Gifted2.wps

Gifted And Talented Education Programs : This 6 page paper investigates the history of gifted and talented education programs and explains the changes that have evolved in identifying GATE students. Controversies surrounding the program are also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Gtep.wps

Early Childhood Education & Economics : 11 pages in length. In-depth analysis of the importance of teaching basic economics in early childhood education. Report includes sample methodologies. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Earlyedu.wps

Requiring Writing Portfolios for High School English Students : An 8 page paper discussing the use and benefits of writing portfolios for high school English students. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Portfol.wps

Teaching Writing Effectively (K-6 Grades) : An 11 pager paper on teaching writing at the primary level. The writer describes new research outlining the most effective teaching methods as well as the National Standards for English Language Arts. Various techniques for assessment are discussed as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Educwrit.wps

Grade 1 / Word Recognition Lesson Plan : 5 pages in length. Study includes a research background relating to phonics/direct skills instruction vs. whole language. Offers a lesson plan using the long and short "o" sounds as an example of integrating the two approaches to reading instruction. Bibliography includes 7 references. Wordrec.wps

Teaching Van Gogh to Sixth Grade Students - 3 Lesson Plans : Three 2-page lesson plans for teaching 6th grade art students. Includes Van Gogh's artwork, new vocabulary words, and a post-lesson quiz. Each bibliography lists 2 sources. An excellent reference for anyone studying elementary education ! (6 pages total). Artlesso.wps

Lesson Plan For Primary Grades/ Martin Luther King, Jr : A 3 page lesson plan covering topic, objectives, introduction, method, activities, and summary. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mlkjplan.wps

Lesson Plan For Primary Grades/ Business Pioneer, Miami : A 3 page lesson plan covering topic, objectives, introduction, method, activities, and summary. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Pioneer.wps

John S. Mayher's "Uncommon Sense: Theoretical Practice In Language Education": 5 pages in length. John S. Mayher's Uncommon Sense: Theoretical Practice In Language Education dares to delve where few other educational professionals have the courage. Indeed, the author presents an interesting look at issues which others tend to view quite differently; it is in the first few chapters that he lays the groundwork for the connection between language and education. Mayher is of the opinion that there is much for instructors to learn with regard to this intrinsic relationship, which is why he strives to pass along the lessons he, himself, has learned after several decades as a language teacher. The writer discusses how the author's efforts may be deviate from the norm, but they have proven to have considerable merit of their own. No additional sources used. Uncommon.wps

The Importance of Reading : A 5 page overview of the importance of reading comprehension and the factors which affect it on both mainstream and multicultural levels. Written as though the audience were parents and teachers attending Back-To-School night. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Impread.wps

Early Reading Development : A 25 page research paper that investigates the factors and skills involved in learning to read and comprehend focusing on beginning readers. Topics covered include the decades-long debate about the value of whole language versus phonics; semantics; syntax; lexical and sublexical routes; phoneme awareness, phonological awareness and the alphabetical principle. Numerous research studies are reported. The write concludes with a recommendation regarding the most effective way to teach reading and comprehension based on the research cited. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Rdngdev.wps

Teaching Reading to At Risk Students : Teaching reading can be a difficult process for primary educators and Special Education educators alike. But the problem of teaching reading is compounded for at-risk populations, which include children with emotional and social disorders, individuals in impoverished communities and children who are speakers of other languages (SOLs). This 17 paper considers the problem of instructing at-risk students with a particular focus on reading instruction. This paper also considers the issues that stem from children with minimal English proficiency, specific language impairments, and emotional and psychological disorders as these impact the process of learning to read. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Atrisread.wps

Applicability of Readings to Real Life Situations : This 4 page essay examines the teaching profession by reviewing three books on education and community. The essay examines how teachers or prospective teachers can incorporate these ideas into their classrooms. The mission of the teacher is also discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Readreal.wps

Accelerated Reading : This is a 6 page paper that proposes a study on the effects of the accelerated reading program designed by Advantage Learning Systems on the reading comprehension and retention of middle-school students. It also proposes to study the effect of that program on the motivation of the students to read outside the classroom. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Accel.wps

Motivational Techniques for Elementary School Students : A 12 page paper discussing theory and technique underlying both students’ intrinsic motivation and the extrinsic factors of motivation supplied by the teacher and peers. Finally, research has shown what seasoned teachers have known for years—only the students remaining active and involved will retain sufficient levels of intrinsic motivation for enhancing their learning activities. It is essential that teachers maintain an atmosphere of creative expectancy rather than encouraging only learning by rote in the elementary years, particularly for the gifted student. While most students’ interest in school subjects wanes with age, allowing a gifted student to languish in boredom ahead of his classmates almost assures losing that student far too early in his age progression. Bibliography lists 23 sources. Motistud.wps

Improving Educational Models for Reading Programs in the Middle School Level : Middle school educators have recognized the significance of success in reading as an indicator of academic advancement and overall performance for individual students. Reading is a fundamental process necessary to attain learning in many different subjects, and the success of reading programs enhances the outcomes for students across disciplines. This 12 page paper considers the problem of addressing reading programming for a varied population of students, and outlines a study of these students in terms of performance outcomes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Midschol.wps

Techniques to Improve the Effectiveness of Language Arts Teachers : A 5 page analytical discussion focusing on teachers of language arts and how to "refresh" their teaching methods after years of being "set in their ways." The writer argues that teachers often become "used" to being ineffective with regard to a set percentage of their students and that they ultimately fail to influence any positive change. The implementation of learning centers, freedom to experiment, sentence collecting, and reading workshops are among the many techniques presented for transforming language arts teachers into highly effective instructors. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Langarts.wps

Techniques for Increasing Literacy : A short 4 page review of literature discussing ways for teachers to increase early childhood literacy. Included in the discussion are such techniques as : read-alouds, teaching Braille and sign language to all students, and more. Adult literacy and relevant techniques are mentioned as well. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Literart.wps

Using Writing to Enhance Literacy in the Elementary Grades : A 10 page paper discussing constructivism as it applies to the concept of whole literacy teaching. The practice of using writing to enhance reading ability and contribute to overall literacy is an old one, but it is being used in new combinations in today’s search for the most effective means of teaching our children. Not only are there more pressing reasons for ownership of literacy today than at any time in the past, there also are more socioeconomic pressures that effectively work against its realization. Educators continually search for that "magic" combination that will pull it all together. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Writinge.wps

Using Big Books To Improve Literacy : A 6 page paper that explores the use of Big Books to improve literacy in young children. Little research has been conducted to date on the specific topic but extrapolations can be made based on research focusing on methods to improve different factors in literacy development. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bigbooks.wps

Reading Comprehension / Phonics vs. Sight-Based Reading Programs :
A 17 page research study that considers the differences between phonics and sight based reading programs and focuses on the benefits of phonics programming. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Readcomp.wps

Effective Strategies For Motivating Children To Read : A 10 page research paper which looks at a wide variety of the theories which are applied to the task of learning how to read and then to some of their practical applications in the classroom to provide motivation for reading. The writer also examines look for practical applications in current research. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Readstra.wps

Increasing Reading Comprehension Skills in Elementary School Students :
A 5 page research paper exploring processes for increasing reading comprehension skills among elementary school students. One specific strategy is explored in depth: POSSE which can be used on top of the existing curriculum, including whole language. Bibliography includes 5 references. Readingc.wps

Improving Reading Comprehension Skills for 4th Grade Students : A 15 research study paper that provides an overview of the current literature regarding reading comprehension, teaching techniques and outcomes, and proposes a study of 4th grade students to support the findings. Bibliography lists 15 sources. 4thgrade.wps

Literature and Student Literacy : 8 pages in length. A comprehensive look at the importance of well-constructed literature curricula in improving student literacy. Examples of goals for teachers to pursue are provided as are techniques, and recommended readings. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Literedu.wps

Literacy in the Science Classroom : An 8 page research paper on the integration of language and literacy in the science classroom. The writer gives background into the educational approach, as well as providing a wide range of activities currently being used by teachers. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Literacy.wps

Literacy-- More Than Being Able to Read : A 5 page research paper which contains background information on the subject of literacy/illiteracy. The paper then describes the difference between literacy, illiteracy and functional literacy. Bibliography lists four sources. Illitera.wps

Becoming Literate / Dr. Marie M. Clay and Her Contributions to Literacy Education: A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the life and writings of Clay as they relate to literacy education since the 1960s. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Marclay.wps

Cooperative Learning & Literacy / Grades 7 - 12 : This 5 page essay discusses the use of cooperative learning in developing literacy skills. Specific examples of techniques that can be used are provided. Bibliography lists 6 sources. CLlit.wps

Reading, History, and Cooperative Learning: Working Together for Success :
A 5 page paper discussing learning the subject of history by incorporating content reading and cooperative learning into the curriculum. By combining the various methods and approaches to learning, the student can expect to gain much more valuable information out of history, a subject often confined to lectures. The content area reading method is discussed and defined, as is the method of cooperative learning. Bibliography lists 6sources. RAread.wps

Cooperative Learning / Bilingual & Multiculture Programs : An 8 page paper that explores the use of cooperative learning in bilingual and multicultural program classrooms. The writer offers a brief background of cooperative learning, then cites research revealing the benefit of the process in enhancing self-esteem and increasing academic achievement. Interspersed is how cooperative learning becomes a natural conduit for success in the bilingual and multicultural program. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Coopl.doc

Cooperative Learning Applied To Mathematics : 5 pages in length. Cooperative learning is a great benefit to the overall method of teaching. By its very principle, it enables students to flourish within the academic system by implementing a balanced degree of separate and assembled interaction. The purpose of cooperative learning is to encourage student accomplishment by coupling individual accountability with group incentives and recognition. This teaching technique is utilized in many aspects of schooling to aid in the overall improvement of learning; the writer addresses the fact that mathematics is yet another subject where cooperative learning can be applied. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Coopmath.wps

Multicultural Education & Reading Comprehension : A 5 page overview of the literature concerning multicultural education and its influence on learning. Emphasized that reading skills are often the highest determinant in a student’s academic success and that the level of reading comprehension is often determined by background knowledge structure. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Multirc.wps

Oral Reading and the Elementary School Classroom: A 5 page essay on the demise of grammar instruction in the schools. Why has learning good grammar gone "out of fashion" and what problems has it caused? Bibliography lists 5 sources. Edioral.wps

Whole Language vs Phonics in Learning to Read : A 9 page research paper comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the whole language and phonics approaches to teaching children how to read. Whole language is the approach whereby children experience the joy of entering the "grown up" world of writing words that convey a meaning or tell a story; phonics is the old-school rules list complete with spelling rules, punctuation rules and spelling lists. It is also the method which produces the highest levels of achievement. Each method has its proponents, but nearly all will consider only pure programs without the benefit of a combined approach. One such combination approach is that of the Montessori method of early childhood education. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Phonics.wps

Educational Assessment / Benefits From Assessment Informing Educator Decision-Making : This 10 page paper provides an overview of the current perspectives on educational assessment, especially as they respond to the constructs of Gerald Haigh’s claim that educational assessment must inform educator process. This paper considers the nature of Haigh’s assertion that if assessment doesn’t inform planning, then it is pointless. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Assesedu.wps

Reading Assessment of Young Children : 5 pages discussing reading assessment of young children. Excellent overview for those studying early childhood education. No bibliography. Assessmt.wps

Pedagogic Grammar : A 12 page paper that considers two different perspectives on pedagogic grammar, and determines the importance of each for the development of language skills. Bibliography with 7 sources cited. Pedagogi.wps

Pedagogy, Andragogy Or Synergogy - Which Is The Best Approach To Teaching ? : A 7 page research paper which examines the controversy in education about what constitutes the best approach to teaching. The writer explains how research has pointed to a combination of pedagogical methods, such as lectures, and andragogical, self-directed methods as a successful alternative to traditional methods. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Pedagogy.wps

Formal vs. Informal Education : A 3 page paper examining the issue of whether students benefit more from a self-directed (or job-based) learning system versus a formal college program. The paper suggests that students should first learn informally on the job and supplement the gaps with formal education. No sources cited. Formalv.wps

Social Studies’ Place in Elementary Education : A 10 page paper discussing the importance of including social studies in elementary education. One of the goals of social studies education has been to lead students to the point that they can be both critical and reflective thinkers, but that focus traditionally has been only marginally at the junior high school level and has been reserved primarily for high school and college. Studies ranging in age from very new to 30 years old have all found that this population consistently has been disappointing in the level of critical thinking that they have been able to achieve when social studies education begins in earnest in junior high school. One obvious possible solution is to begin social studies in earnest in elementary school rather than keep it as only a passing subject that is only briefly addressed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Socstud.wps

Social Studies Curriculum 1950-1990 / Social Change & Educational Focus: An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the progression of social studies curriculum in the United States from the 1950s to 1990s and reflects on the elements that impacted this change. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Socstud.wps

Technology & Music Education : A 10 page research paper which looks at how computer technology is impacting the field of music education. The writer gives an overview of some of the technological marvels available and then discusses the controversy as to how much these new innovations should replace traditional pedagogies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Tmaus.wps

The Importance of Music in the Early Education Curriculum : An 8 page argumentative discussion pertaining to the importance of music in the classroom / curriculum. The writer feels that music programs receive insufficient funding and attention from school boards and quotes a number of professional opinions who maintain that young students without sufficient music education are culturally impaired as a result. Bibliography lists 7 sources. FREE outline included. Musicedu.wps

The Importance Of Music In Education : In this 7 page research paper, the writer explores various ways in which music can be implemented as an educational tool. Various examples and classroom strategies are provided. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Musiced.wps

Music Appreciation Through The Ages : 30 pages in length. One of the reasons that the "average Joe" cares little for classical music is that he knows nothing of it. We have raised generations in which it is common for the average person to be unable to distinguish between Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky. Khatchaturian is an unknown name, and a response of, "I’ve heard that one—it’s on all the old cartoons" is commonplace. Some observers believe that classical music is now a special taste, like Greek language or pre-Columbian archeology. With the proper exposure and the proper method of teaching—that of anticipated surprise rather than supreme boredom and all-too-common pretentiousness—that respect can slip into a love of the music that will be enduring for a lifetime and so preserve the genius of the ages. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Musicapr.rtf

Art Education : An 8 page research paper on art education, its history, and suggested goals for relevant curricula. The theories of significantly renowned artists and art teachers are discussed with relevance to the author's own creative ideals. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Arteducn.wps

The Effect of Teacher Absenteeism on Student Achievement : An 8 page research paper which demonstrates through a review of empirical research on this subject that teacher absenteeism has a negative effect on student performance. Additionally, the writer addresses the possible causes behind teacher absenteeism according to current research. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Tchabs.wps

Variables Impacting The Ability To Learn : A comprehensive 8 page research paper in which the writer focuses upon the variables that affect learning including : self-concept, achievement needs, social aspects, peer influence, locus of control and motivation. Paper emphasizes different motivational factors. Bibliography includes 11 references. Psylearn.wps

An Analysis Of Research For Improving Student Performance : A 5 page analysis of recent research which attempts to show what the effects are of enhanced instruction addressing areas for remedial work on student performance at the university level in course material which is nonsequential in nature. Additionally, this research shows that feedback/corrective techniques are another area which has a positive result on student test scores. Only the source research article is cited. Rsle.wps

Fear of Mathematics (Math Anxiety) : 9 pages in length. A comprehensive look at the problem of "math anxiety" and numerous studies that have attempted to help improve our understanding of its treatment. Among other things, the writer discusses how to quantitatively assess Math Anxiety and concludes with recommendations for helping young children who suffer from it. Bibliography lists 20+ sources. Mathanxi.wps

Gender and the Capacity for Learning Mathematics : An in-depth, 20 page research paper in which the writer seeks to determine whether which sex is more apt to have problems grasping math concepts at an early age. Report contains analysis, methodology, discussion, etc; Numerous studies are cited and it is found that while girls generally perform better, they are more likely to avoid harder levels of math than are their male counterparts. Standard bibliography lists 20+ sources and a FREE annotated ("working") bibliography is included ! Mathgend.wps

AIDS Education : 9 page presentation of an educational program designed by the writer to teach adolescents how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS. Includes comprehensive test continuing multiple choice, true/false, matching and short-answer essays to test student's knowledge. Rationales are provided for each of the questions to explain how each of them tests to ensure that students have achieved one of five program goals by correctly answering them. Useful for those studying curriculum/instruction and classroom teaching. Bibliography contains 5 sources. Aidsedu.wps

Promoting AIDS Awareness In Schools : A 10 page research paper discussing AIDS / HIV awareness education in public schools in America. Several programs are cited, including the American Red Cross program and a multi-media interactive program that is free to all. Bibliography includes 10 references. Aidsschl.wps

Male Self-Esteem & The Gifted Student : A 40 page thesis/practicum investigating the hypothesis that male students exhibit reduced levels of self-esteem in the gifted classroom environment. Solution strategies are presented in full detail. Bibliography lists more than 30 sources. Please write to us for more information. Gifted.wps

Improving Education : A 30 page research paper on the problems facing today's educators and methodologies to improve the quality of education delivered to students. The writer describes different ways education can become 'quality teaching' as well as 'quality learning.' A number of insightful theories are presented. Bibliography cites 11 sources. Educimpr.wps

Education as Activity / Three Readings : A 6 page paper on three essays by Adrienne Rich, Walker Percy, and Paulo Freire. The paper argues that education needs to be an active, not a passive, experience in order for it to mean anything to the student at all. Essays discussed are Rich’s "When We Dead Awaken: Writing as Re-Vision", Percy’s "The Loss of the Creature," and Freire’s "The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education." Bibliography 3 sources. Eduread.wps

Total Learning : A 10 page discussion of the textbook, "Total Learning" - a work concerned with offering insight into the total learning concept of developmental curriculum for the young child. Totlearn.wps

What Makes An "Excellent Teacher" : A 3 page essay describing excellence in teaching. Rather than a single model, the writer believes there is a combination of elements that lead to an excellent teacher. These elements include characteristics and personality of the teacher as well as the practices and techniques employed. Exceltea.wps

The Fundamentals Of Learning / Bernhard’s "Primates in the Classroom" :
A 6 page overview and critique of Bernhard's work. This paper supports the evolutionary perspective provided by Bernhard that demonstrates the social and emotional impacts on learning processes. No additional sources cited. Primates.wps

Learning English as a Second Language : 6 pages worth of text, notes, and charts pertaining to the "natural approach" to learning English as a second language (describes methodology and details effectiveness). No Bibliography. Esl.wps

Learning ESL -- English as a Second Language : 5 pages worth of text, notes, and charts pertaining to the "natural approach" to learning English as a second language (describes methodology and details effectiveness). No Bibliography. Esl.wps

Literature-Based English as a Second Language / Improvements in Instruction : A 10 page paper that provides and overview of the subject of English as a Second Language and considers a literature-based approach to instruction compared to standard ESL techniques. Bibliography lists 8 sources. ESL.wps

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) & Bilingual Reading Techniques : This 5 page essay briefly addresses issues and concerns, as well as practical solutions for both students and teachers working in the realm of ESL. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Teaesl.wps

ESL & Haitian Students In A Multicultural Classroom : A 10 page paper that discusses teaching English as a second language to Haitian students in a multicultural classroom. Explores the pros and cons of teaching English as a second language, cultural awareness, practicing cultural sensitivity in order to help the students learn, and various techniques for teaching ESL. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Eslfor.wps

Multi-Culturalism & Change / Major Issues for Teachers : This 5 page paper discusses the impact of multi-culturalism and change in modern educational philosophy and practice. The thoughts and philosophies of two of western education’s leading thinkers (John Dewey, Herbert Spencer) are referred to in terms of how their philosophies actually support issues of change and diversity. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Multitch.wps

TESOL, Linguistic Development & The Use of Technology : A 100 [one hundred] page paper that provides a complex overview of the different aspects of second language instruction, with a focus on TESOL and linguistic development. This paper focuses on the use of technology as a technique. Bibliography lists 99 sources. tesolfin.wps

Hispanics in the California Classroom : A 5 page paper that considers the problems, issues and situations that occur as California classrooms become increasingly bilingual, and also provides an overview of techniques to improve student outcomes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hispaniced.rtf

"Rethinking Language Arts" by Nina Zaragoza : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Zaragoza's book. This paper supports the premises created by Zaragoza in applying her educational philosophy to classroom constructs. Bibliography lists no additional sources. NinaZ.doc

(The) Intellectual Development of Children : 8 pages discussing the intellectual development of children. 9 references cited. Excellent for those studying child psychology, child development, theories of learning etc; Paper makes many reference to the works of Piaget. Childdev.wps

Comparison Of Existenialists / Humanists On Learning Development : An 8 page paper that compares the learning theories of Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl and Erik Erikson in relationship to the questions: nature v. nurture, common human motivations, emotions expressed, developmental processes, and the roles of gender, personality and parents in learning experiences. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Edpsy.wps

Nurture vs Nature : This 10 page report is written as a letter to the United States’ Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, and discusses America’s role in the status, subjugation, and support of women around the world. It presents and overview of the problem and offers some suggestions. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Albright.wps

Nurture Versus Nature : This 5 page report discusses "nurture vs. nature" controversy in human development. This writer supports the idea that nature and genetic determinism plays a far greater role in human development that science is even aware of today and which will prove to be essential in the development of future abilities and methods of nurturing. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Natuvnurt.wps

School-Based Intelligence Testing in Children : 10 pages in length. Educators, psychologists, parents and even children have long known there was "something" not quite right about standardized intelligence tests. They do seem to be ingrained in our society, but their value has been questioned for more than 20 years. Since 1990, the concept of emotional intelligence has been increasingly used to explain the successes of those whose intelligence test results indicated would not perform well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Testing.wps

The Neurobiological Process of Reading, Memory & Cognition : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the physiological processes of reading, memory and comprehension, with a focus on the elements of brain function. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Neurobio.wps

Learning and Memory / The Biology and the Culture : A 5 page overview of the phenomena of learning and memory. Provides a detailed physiological review of how each occurs and supplements that view with a discussion of the cultural and belief components which come into play. Bibliography lists 20 sources. PPLearn.wps

Triggers for Proactive Interference in Memory : Proactive interference during memory recall has been recognized as one of the most prevalent causes of forgetting and the importance of this process in determining memory and cognition has been the focus of considerable research. This 10 page paper reflects the specific components of the process of proactive interference and considers the implications for memory and cognition. In addition, this paper proposes an experiment and evaluations to demonstrate the link between specific triggers and the process of proactive interference for a subject population. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Proint.wps

Maria Montessori : An 8 page paper on the educational pioneer, Maria Montessori. The writer describes her contributions to the field of education and how they are still relevant today. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Edhist.wps

The Montessori Method : A 9 page paper discussing the history of the Montessori Method of Education, it's application in the present, and potential applications in the future. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Monteppf.doc

Measuring the Effectiveness of Teachers : A 4 page paper defining teacher efficacy and its relevance to student achievement. Writer posits that teachers measure their effectiveness in terms of student response to curricula and that there is a direct correlation between effectiveness and self-confidence. Bibliography lists approximately 4-5 sources. Effectte.wps

Parental Involvement & Effective Education : 11 pages in length. An in-depth analysis of parental involvement and the role of parents in effective education (early childhood). Includes discussion of relevant case studies. Author concludes that parental involvement is a positive, influential factor in the child's education. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Effecedu.wps

Parenting Practices and Their Impact Upon Academic Achievement : An 11 page research paper identifying the four patterns of parenting usually used in research studies. Writer then describes numerous studies that have concluded parenting practices do, in fact, affect academic achievement. Extensive bibliography provided. Parenpra.wps

Parental Involvement in Education / Article Review : A 2 page review of a 1995 journal article discussing the role of parental involvement in a child’s education. Educart2.wps

Assessment Methods In Current Mathematics Instruction : A 12 page paper discussing traditional assessments of mathematics proficiency in students in light of recent changes in overall goals imposed by government and the public. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Mathtest.doc

Classroom Education / Whole Language -- Journal Article Review : A 4 page article synopsing and critiquing a lengthy article from an educational journal. Specifically, the writer reviews an article about Whole Language written seven years ago and compared it to what has happened in the field. No additional sources cited. Wholel.wps

Student Attitude vs. Performance : Approximately 8 pages of analytical research describing the relationship between student attitude and student performance. Good for those studying careers relevant to teaching. 20+ sources suggested in bibliography. Arttvsper.wps

Standardized Testing : A 4 page research paper investigating the use of standardized testing. One of the studies reviewed suggests that preparing students to take the test has more effect on their success level than a new curriculum. Bibliography included. Stantest.wps

Standardized Testing & Student Success : A 6 page paper exploring three research designs to answer the question: Does the format of standardized testing affect student success? Models included are experimental, co-relational, and quantitative. Bibliography lists several sources. Stan2.wps

Standardized Testing / An ERIC - Based Literature Review : A 5 page literature review of standardized testing articles appearing in the ERIC database for educational information. The review includes the inability for educators to reach agreement on the extent of the usefulness of standardized testing and includes information on the growth of such testing following the 1983 publication of A Nation at Risk. Since that time, testing has been integrated to seek both academic and psychological achievement and functioning, and has been used to both promote and hinder efforts of school reform. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Ericlit.wps

Using Group Investigation To Increase Hands-On Instruction : This 14 page research paper offers a brief overview of test scores in America, an explanation of group investigation, an advanced cooperative learning model that is founded on inquiry and problem solving. Three overviews of model lessons in the general area of biology and a short list of other ideas for using group investigation in the science classroom are listed. Ideas can be modified for any subject area. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Grpinves.wps

Classroom Observations / Assessment Of Classroom Management Styles :
A 5 page essay describing a future teacher's observation of a classroom. Classroom management processes were observed and described. What was learned and how it will affect the future teacher's teaching are discussed. No Bibliography. Futuret.wps

Classroom Observation / Classroom Management : A 4 page essay describing an observation of a high school literature classroom with particular emphasis on classroom management techniques used by the teacher. Research in this area suggests there are numerous things a teacher can do to prevent major behavior problems from occurring, such as enforcing the rules. This teacher demonstrated knowledge and skills in averting potential problems. The writer describes what the teacher did in her classroom in terms of prevention and correction. No bibliography. Classobs.wps

Research Proposal / The Degree of Preparation Found in Apprentice Teachers : An 8 page paper proposing the following original research study : Hypothesis / Apprentice teachers are not as well prepared today as they were five to ten years ago. Sections include: statement of the problem, hypotheses, survey of literature, methodology and expected outcomes. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Studentr.wps

Improving Education through Learner-Based Education : A 60 page research study that outlines the benefits of learner-based educational programming when compared with information-based or "old-school" curriculum. This paper correlates the current literature to the findings of a research study that outlines outcomes related to the two different teaching styles. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Lrnrbase.wps

Active Learning And At-Risk Elementary Students : A 10 page paper explaining and discussing how the terms active learning and at-risk students are described in the literature. The bulk of the essay discusses the kinds of active learning pedagogical techniques that have been found to be effective with at-risk elementary students. Numerous techniques are provided. Bibliography lists 32 sources. PGactlrng.rtf

Gustavson's "A Preface To History" (Teaching) / Analytical Reflections : A 12 page paper discussing and analyzing Carl Gustavson’s classic text on how history has been mis-taught, and how it could be taught more effectively to increase our understanding and retention of it. Gustavson’s contention is that most people have been taught history illogically. Rather than seeing the subject as simply the earlier stage of development of a current situation, they plunge in and begin trying to tie names to dates to places to events, without any frame of reference or particular goals in mind (other than passing the course!). No other sources cited. Gustav.wps

Effective Approaches to Teaching : A 5 page paper providings an overview of the perspectives of Vito Perrone as they relate to Fenstermacher and Soltis’ Approaches to Teaching. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Perrone2.wps

The Philosophy Of Teaching : 9 pages in length. Despite what many expert scholars may decree, there is not merely one right philosophy of teaching. Educating the masses requires a vast array of techniques, rather than just one that is utilized for each and every instance. Indeed, variety is the key to a well-rounded education. The writer attempts to show her preference with regard to the philosophies of teaching. Philtea.wps

The Importance Of Private Tutoring : 6 pages in length. Today's society is producing kids who cannot read, write or perform basic mathematical functions. Some argue it is frightening to think that these students represent the future of the United States. But private tutoring is a way to provide these failing students with the supplemental instruction they need. The writer addresses the essentiality of tutelage for students of all ages, as well as why some parents are opposed to such academic assistance. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tutor.wps

John Dewey / Impact On Education In America : This 15 page research paper investigates John Dewey's theories and their influence on the American Education System. Dewey's theories are compared to those of Horne and Thorndike. Pragmatism and progressive education are discussed with evidence of their inclusion in the instructional methodologies used in today's classrooms. Criticism of Dewey's theories are reported both in terms of the past and the present. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Jdewey.wps

John Dewey and the Education as a Social Function : This 5 page report discusses John Dewey’s (1859-1944) definition of education as a social function, what he felt the meaning of education to be, and his views on the environment. These ideas are compared to modern views of education as a social function and presents two current and popular views of education in the 1990s. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Deweysic.wps

Evaluation Of Occupational Education Programs : This 5 page research paper discusses different occupational programs and reports findings regarding their success rates. Exemplary programs can be found but those operating under the major federal funding source have not been impressive. Bibliography lists 4 sources. OccEd.wps

Educational Assessment and Ethics : An 11 page paper that provides an analytical overview of three articles on educational assessment and then determines their impact on the issue of ethics in relation to this process. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Stuass.wps

Standard Based Assessments for Teachers / New York : A 10 page overview of Standards-Based Assessments for the evaluation of teacher progress and qualifications. Discusses the need for the incorporation of such standards as well as the controversy and resentment these standards are often met with. Discusses the input which is necessary from all facets of the educational system to ensure adequate and effective criteria. Bibliography lists 11 sources. SBAteach.wps

Castleman & Niewoehner’s "Going to Law School" : A 5 page review of a book by Harry Castleman and Christopher Niewoehner that details what’s involved in going to law school-what law school is like, how classes are run, the ins-and-outs of which one to choose and how to apply-these topics and more are all covered in this book. This report concentrates on the first few chapters of the book which examines why a student would choose law school and the personality traits necessary to make a good lawyer. Quotations from the source. Golaw.wps

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