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Papers On Money & Banking / Corporate Finance

Adam Smith’s "The Money Game" : A 5 page essay on Adam Smith's "The Money Game"-- discussing the relevance of Smith's assertions to changes occurring in the former Soviet Union after its collapse. The writer examines in light of the book whether stock markets and capitalism can "exist and benefit all the people rather than exploit the many for the benefit of the few." Adamamit.wps

Adam Smith's "The Money Game" / Relevance To Today's Economies :
This 10 pages paper uses the "Father of Economics'" work, "The Money Game" as its reason, but speaks more to Adam Smith's basic theories and how they apply to today's economies, particularly those of America and the evolving Russian prefects since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The discussion of America's economy compares the New Deal of FDR to Ronald Reagan's "trickle down" approach of Reaganomics. Included is a glance at the length of time required for government to effectively back away from the free or mixed market and the inability of only one subsequent and ideologically opposed administration to change the set course in only one term. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Moneygam.wps

Adam Smith’s The Money Game : This 8 page paper provides an overview for ‘Adam Smith’’s The Money Game. This 1968 book provides timeless advice on the stock market and good information in the area of macroeconomics as well. While the pseudonym used oddly happens to be the same as the eighteenth century philosopher’s , the real name of the author was later revealed as George Goodman. No additional sources cited. Mongame.wps

Adam Smith & Jane Austen : A 7 page paper that argues the comparison between the moral convictions related to social constructs presented by authors like Jane Austen with the sympathetic development of morality through emotion presented by Adam Smith. It is Smith's basic contention that man is inherently good, and that his moral development comes from his ability to perceive and diminish selfishness. This paper utilizes the text from Smith "The Theory of Moral Sentiments" as a means for demonstrating his theory. Smithaus.wps

Changes in the Official Reserves & the Monetary Supply : In 2 page the author discusses the relationship between official reserves and the money supply in an economy. "Changes in official reserves and the money supply in an economy are in juxtaposition. When changes occur in the official reserve, there must be changes in a country's monetary supply. At some points the dollar is weak. At other points the dollar is strong. These strengths and weaknesses account for changes in the economy. Without a strong dollar policy or a stable dollar policy, countries have little economic growth potential." Bibliography lists 1 source. Resmon.wps

Organizational Dynamics and Development in Financial Institutions: A 20 page paper discussing the effects of and the need for change initiatives within finance, primarily within the banking industry. Changes in business and within the financial services industry dictate that financial institutions also change in order to remain significant within the changing of dollars between entities, but that change must be systematic and well-planned in order to result in benefit to the organization. Critical to the success of any such change initiative is that the organization clearly define what it is that needs to be changed, and then set about effecting change in that area. Bibliography lists 25 sources. KSbankDy.doc

Banking & The Economy In Guatemala : A 12 page examination of the role of Guatemala’s banking system in the evolution of the country’s economy. The civil war of 36 years’ duration finally came to an end in 1996 and the government seems to have stabilized to the point of being able to accomplish some good for the country. There is still a wide disparity between rich and poor, with little middle class. The banking system has learned some hard lessons in the last 20 years that may serve the country well now. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Guatbank.wps

Interstate Banking : In this 8 page paper the author shows how banking limitations have long restricted consumers from conducting business outside the home state where their account originated. Now, however, with the implementation of interstate banking, people can do the same activities at any out-of-state bank they choose as though they are in their own hometown branch. The writer discusses the reasons behind the measure, as well as addresses the pros and cons. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Intbank.wps

Changes & Challenges Facing Small Community Banks : This 6 page paper discusses the changing face and personality of small, community banks. In the face of the many financial mergers of banks throughout the U.S., small communities are finding that their hometown bank may actually have a "hometown" 2,000 miles away. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Commbank.wps

Corporate Reorganization & Tax Laws : A 7 page paper focusing on some of the considerations necessary for a productive corporate reorganization as seen from an accountant’s viewpoint. Some of the terms addressed are: valuation (extensively), assumption of liabilities, net operating loss carryovers, capital loss carryovers and tax planning consideration. The writer presents Hallmark’s tax-savings strategies on corporate real estate and Federated Department Store’s (Bloomingdale’s) acquisition of Macy’s in 1994 as relevant examples. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Taxlaws.wps

Managerial Accounting : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to changing technologies, increasing competition and the role of management accounting in a competitive manufacturing sector. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Manac.wps

Issues in Accounting : A 5 page overview of three areas of particular issue in Accounting: 1. Loosely defined and/or understood ethics and procedures, 2. a resulting increase in accounting fraud, and an overall 3. decreased sensitivity of the accounting profession to public concern. Discusses the importance of incorporating ethics and communications coursework in training programs and also discusses the importance of internal perusal of accounting procedures as a deterrent to fraud. Bibliography lists 4 sources. AccFraud.wps

Accrual Method of Accounting : This 12 page paper explains the advantages of using an accrual method of accounting rather than a cash method. Tax ramifications of each are also discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Accrual.wps

International Accounting Standards : This 12 page paper examines international accounting standards. The subject is discussed in general and specifically, inclusive of the positions a number of countries take on this controversial issue in accounting. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Acctstan.wps

Changing Practices in Management Accounting : This 11 page paper considers the changing world in light of technology, globalization and culture and how that affects practices and procedures in management accounting. Areas of focus are on techniques in decision making and control. Bibliography lists 5 sources. SAacctg.wps

The Dow Jones Industrial Average : An 8 page paper on the Dow Jones industrial average, who started it, how and when it was started, what it consists of, what companies are on it today/past, and its affects on our economy. The paper includes comparison charts to other indices and a discussion of how the Dow benefits our economy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Dowjones.rtf

Effects Of Demand & Zero Price Elasticity On Dow Jones : A 5 page discussion of how, despite the atrophy experienced by the Dow Jones Industrial Average over 3 decades, that a monetarist-type demand created a zero price elasticity that spared the company from its conservative growth policy, which in turn extended to the functioning of the macroeconomic realm of the New York Stock Exchange. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dowjones.wps

The Dow Jones Effect on Lexus Purchases : This 3 page essay discusses the past few months of the Dow Jones roller coaster ride and looks at it in terms of the demand for Toyota’s luxury auto line, Lexus. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Lexus.wps

The Effects Of Institutional Ownership : A 5 page essay analyzing the effects of institutional ownership. The writer posits that institutional ownership has numerous down-sides including conflict of interest and lack of interest in the management of the company while the entrepreneur investor is interested in all aspects of the company. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Instown.wps

Bank Mergers : A 5 page discussion of legal issues and considerations in bank mergers. Primary focus is upon the Federal Bank Holding Company Act and Bank Merger Act. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bankmerg.wps

Wells Fargo & Norwest Merger : A 6 page paper discussing the merger of two major financial institutions -- San Francisco-based Wells Fargo and Minneapolis-based Norwest. The writer provides an overview of the institutions involved, benefits and problems associated with the merger, as well as regulatory and future issues the institution faces. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Wellnor.wps

The Wells-Fargo–Norwest Merger : A 9 page paper discussing both pre- and post-merger health of these two banks that have combined to become the 7th largest in the country. Discussed in the paper are such items as capital adequacy, asset quality, liquidity and CAMELS, an internal-operation performed by bank examiners. Both were very well managed before their merger that became effective November 2, 1998, and the combined strength of the two holds promise for the resulting Wells-Fargo business entitiy. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. WellsNor.wps

Nine Months Of Merger Activity : A 5 page paper discussing the astounding rates of merger activity not only in the US, but all over the world. The writer focuses on the US and uses the financial services industry as its prime example since that industry is the most flamboyant in its merger activity. Banks show no hesitation at paying three and four times the stated book value for the entity they want to buy, and often pay as much as 20 times the earnings rate of the bank they are buying in order to expand their asset base. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mergers.wps

Bank Mergers and Related Decline in Customer Service : This 5 page paper discusses how decisions made by financial institutions decision to merge leads to a decrease in customer service and increases the motivation for cross-selling of products such as insurance. The report looks specifically at the Canadian banking system as an example. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bankcust.wps

Salomon / Smith Barney Merger : The acquisition of Salomon by Travelers’ in the Fall of 1997 is studied in this 40 page paper. The new company which was created by the deal, Salomon Smith Barney is studied. An analysis considers not only the financial picture of each company, but also problems with the clash of corporate cultures and personalities at the highest levels of the firms. Several charts are provided to illustrate financial information. A note is included that suggests techniques for conveying methods of financial analysis while utilizing the case study.This is also helpful to anyone who wants an understanding of how to consider various factors in any financial analysis. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Smithb.rtf

Salomon / Smith Barney Merger : This 5 page paper looks at the Salomon/Smith Barney merger from an accounting point of view. Several charts are included. Focus is on analysis of figures before and after the merger for Salomon, Smith Barney and Travelers as well. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Salsbmer.wps

Stock Reaction to Salomon Brothers & Smith Barney Merger : A 5 page paper discussing the merger of Salomon Brothers and Smith Barney in 1997 and how it’s stock and overall financial picture changed. Bibliography lists ten sources. Merge2.wps

Junk Bonds : A 6 page research paper. "Junk" is the common name for bonds issued by companies with below-investment-grade credit ratings of BB or less. Because these firms are considered more likely to default, they must offer higher yields to attract investors. The economy’s long and steady sustained growth over the last seven years has enabled these businesses of questionable credit ratings to prosper along with those with better credit standings, and few junk issuers are having any trouble making their payments. Bonds are attractive to investors of any age. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Junkbond.wps

Gold Valuation : The value of gold is discussed in this 10 page paper that provides investment advice. The purchase of gold is compared with other parts of ones investment portfolio. Recommendations are made in terms of how much gold one should buy including predictions about its future value. Relevant economic factors, such as the introduction of the euro, are discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Gldvalue.wps

Leveraged Buyouts : A 10 page overview on leveraged buyouts. While popular in the eighties, ramifications of these mergers are still felt today. LBO companies of the 1980's are compared to a new breed of firms that are popular today. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Buyouts.wps

Data Analysis for "Non-Linear Specification of the 91-Day T-Bill": This 2 page report discusses the information presented in the table entitled "Non-Linear Specification of the 91-Day T-Bill." Tbill.wps

Leveraged Buyouts & Junk Bonds From a Prudent Christian View : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of leveraged buyouts, junk bonds, appropriate risk, current economic trends and concludes by providing a prudent Christian view on the transition of economic conditions. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Levbuy.wps

Transport Investments : This 10 page paper focuses on the premise that a useful way of treating many transport investments is to consider them merely as cost-reducing activities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Transinv.wps

An Overview Of Capital Budgeting : Techniques employed in the process of capital budgeting are demonstrated in this 10 page paper.The insurance industry is used as an example of how the capital budgeting process is integral to an overall financial management plan. Industry trends are noted along with the financial problems Oxford has experienced in the 1990’s. A detailed discussion on NPV and IRR is included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Capbdgt.wps

Capital Budgeting for the Project Manager : A 6 page research paper on the use and contents of a capital budget in the context of managing a project. The writer details the development and uses of a capital budget, its contents, and its theory. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Capbudg.wps

Risk Management In Capital Budgeting : A 4 page essay investigating how managers assess risk when involved in capital budgeting. A longtitudinal study of Fortune 500 companies conducted between 1980 and 1991 is reported. Small businesses need to pay particular attention to risk analysis. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Risk.wps

Competition Factors & Risk Management : A 14 page research paper evaluating two common, but fairly new, business risk factors: sustained slow economic growth and increased (intensive) competition. These two factors affect nearly every industry in the industrialized nations today, but the focus in this paper is only on their effects on the overall retail industry in the United States. Economic growth is only briefly discussed, and only in its relationship to increased competition. The paper tells the tale of two companies, Toys R Us and Specs Music Corporation, and the consequences they face today for not having performed their risk management duties well in the past, and for not evaluating the impact of changing external factors on their company’s performance. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Riskmgt.wps

The World Capital Market Is Not Integrated & Reward-to-Risk Ratios Do Not Coincide : 10 pages in length. A series of essays discussing the fact that the "globalized" world capital market is not truly integrated and, thus, reward-to-risk ratios do not coincide across security markets. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Four.doc

The World of International Corporate Finance : A 30 page paper discussing numerous aspects of the world of corporate finance and corporate organizational/operational systems from a primarily financial perspective. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Changes.doc

Multinational Corporations’ Foreign Capital Investment : A 9 page paper discussing whether the multinational corporation should own its own facilities or outsource their production to an existing and similar concern. In deciding which route would be more beneficial given the set of circumstances in which the corporation will be operating, it is necessary to evaluate the overall stability of both the government and the economy in light of the intended product in order to make an intelligent decision. Several factors should contribute to the decision-making process, not the least of which is the host country’s level of enthusiasm at the presence of the multinational. Bibliography lists 9 sources. GloblFDI.wps

Analyzing Financial Markets: This 18 page report discusses the development of the new and emerging worlds of financial markets. Closer scrutiny of patterns, behaviors (both repetitive and unique), as well as developing trends must be closely examined. With the acceleration of technological change, and a growing emphasis on institutional learning and continuous product improvement, both the concepts and the policy prescriptions of traditional analysts have become less foolproof than they once were. The three primary approaches to analyzing and forecasting capital and financial markets – fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and behavior finance – are discussed in depth. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Bwfinan.rtf

The Role Of Financial Markets In Modern Economies : This 4 page report discusses the contemporary role of financial markets in the economy. The writer very briefly examines some of the changes the markets have encountered and how that has both affected and been affected by individual economies. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Finmark.wps

The Role of Profit in a Market Economy : This 5 page paper examines the role of profit in a free market economy. Impact of managerial decisions is the focus of the analysis. A variance in attitudes around the globe is noted; countries discussed include the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Profrole.wps

Corporate Wealth Maximization : A 5 page paper discussing the concentration on wealth, rather than profit, maximization. The typical approach of most businesses is to generate the highest levels of profit possible, both for increasing their own profitability and their shareholders’ equity. In recent years, however, some companies have begun holding onto more and more of the profits they do generate, choosing to reinvest in the company rather than to pay full dividends to their shareholders. Private companies gain even more benefit by positioning themselves to better withstand economic fluctuations. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Corpcash.wps

Marshall Jevons’ "The Fatal Equilibrium" : In 4 pages the author discusses "The Fatal Equilibrium" by Marshall Jevons. "One of economics' main assumptions is that firms seek to magnify their profits, trying to make them as high as possible. This is controversial to a certain degree. There are those that suggest that instead of maximizing their profits, some firms try to maximize revenues or their share in the market, or something more complicated. No matter what it is called, the bottom line is that all firms attempt to maximize their profits. This is only good business sense." Bibliography lists 1 source. Mjevons.wps

An Overview of Financial Institutions : A 12 page research paper on US and global financial institutions, with focus on banking institutions and regulatory control. Other issues addressed are capital and money markets, profitability management, banking innovation, and credit unions in the US. Bibliography list 19 sources. Fininsti.doc

The Mechanics Of The Budgeting Process In Industry : An 8 page paper that provides a concise overview of essential budgeting process mechanics and evaluates them for a warehouse delivery example. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Budgetp.wps

Manufacturing & Non-Manufacturing Budgeting : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major components of manufacturing and non-manufacturing budgeting, including a look at the planning and controlling of purchasing and material usage. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Budgman.wps

Case / Evaluation Of 501c.3 Organizations For Contribution Of $300,000 :
A 5 page paper that evaluates 4 different 501c.3 charitable organizations to choose two for the distribution of $300,000 in contributions. The writer compares the four organizations on the basis of whether the meet the goals of their mission statements and how they use the donations they receive. In the end, the writer chooses just two of the four to receive donations. 501c3.wps

Consumer Credit Scoring : This practice is evaluated in a 6 page paper which focuses on the banking industry. The pros and cons of using a single score to evaluate consumer loans are provided. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Scor.rtf

Derivatives : An 8 page overview of [financial] derivatives; their definition, history, advantages, future outlook, and various case studies. Excellent for those studying subjects like money & capital markets. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Derivati.wps

Derivatives In International Finance : A 2 page paper how multinational corporations can hedge their future needs against changes in foreign exchange rates. In order to take advantage of exchange rates when the economy is expected to strengthen, multinationals need to take advantage of hedging—not speculative—derivative instruments. Companies such as Proctor & Gamble have lost billions in unsound derivatives investments, but the astute use of the derivative instrument can be a point of increased fiscal efficiency for the multinational corporation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Derifina.wps

Derivative Market Analysis : This 6 page paper provides an overview of derivative market analysis and trading techniques. Corn and wheat have been chosen as commodities on which to base profitability testing. A general analysis of the market from a corporate investment perspective follows. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Dermark.wps

The New Finance / The Case Against Efficient Markets : A 5 page examination of the investment strategies outlined in The New Finance: The Case Against Efficient Markets, a book by Robert Haugen. Includes information on his concept of the "inefficient market" and "super stocks." No additional sources cited. Casemark.wps

Financial Hedging : This 5 page paper discusses the concept of hedging inclusive of legal issues. Also discussed : under what circumstances the practice is most beneficial. . Financial hedging is the common practice whereby traders buy and sell a particular good or commodity in order to minimize loss which might be caused by price fluctuations or currency changes. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hedg.wps

Business Forecasting Techniques & Soybean Oil : A 12 page paper discussing business forecasting techniques, especially as they apply to the prices, demands, and market for soybean oil. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Soyfore.wps

Economic Impact of Mortgages : This 6 page paper discusses various types of mortgages currently on the market as well as the economic ramifications of these instruments. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mortgage.wps

The Canadian Housing Market : A 7 page research paper on the real estate market in Canada. Issues concerning property specs, mortgages, and the general economy are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Canadaho.wps

Downsizing’s Effects on the Real Estate Market : 9 pages in length. Certainly the real estate industry, both residential and commercial segments, were greatly affected by the downsizing waves on either side of the year of 1990, as were many others. With the sustained growth of the national economy, however, many of those depreciated properties have now regained and even surpassed their former values. The private owners and real estate developers suffered, but we all really did, too. We’re growing now, and we even have the added benefit of lessons learned from the effects of downsizing. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Downsize.doc

Real Estate Overview : A 6 page paper discussing real estate in terms of history, regulations and careers available. There are a variety of ways real estate can change hands, every one of them regulated in some manner. Real estate careers involve the only natural resource we have that does not change in volume available. It can neither grow nor diminish in its presence, but that may be all that it can claim to hold constant. Land use rules change continually in areas of rapid population growth, and the best use of properties in the inner city quite often is something completely different than any property’s current use. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Realhist.wps

Real Estate Management, 1990s & Beyond : A 10 page analysis of the changes affecting real estate management in the 1990s, with focus on financial diversity and organizational changes. The writer takes an in-depth look at these areas and touches on changing laws and demographics that will affect real estate in the next century. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Estman.wps

Residential Real Estate Contracts : A 5 page paper discussing three aspects of the sales contract: land description, adjustments of purchase price and mortgage commitment. The paper stresses that description of the land is in legal terms and is not a marketing description. Price adjustment, such as allowances for carpeting or repairs, is a common addendum, as is a contingency clause for meeting financing requirements. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Realsell.wps

Real Estate Appraisal : An 8 page paper in two sections, one discussing the highest and best use analysis of a particular property, the other discussing the sales comparison approach to real estate valuation. Determining the highest value possible for a property is not always based on the existing improvements present on the property—it may be that the property could be worth more as a vacant lot, as the paper describes. The sales comparison approach is considered standard and highly regulated, yet it contains subjective assessments that can vary according to the personal tastes of the appraiser. Enhancing the science of appraisal could be beneficial for both buyer and seller. No additional sources cited. Estapp.wps

Real Estate Investment Trusts : A 5 page paper which involves the analyzing of 4 separate articles relating to real estate investment trusts (REIT). An abstract of each article is included. This is followed by a discussion which illustrates how the 4 articles relate to one another. Also included is a section illustrating how these articles can be used to understand financial marketing. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Retrusts.wps

Investment Ethics : A 3 page paper examining the ethics behind using insider information to recommend a specific stock purchase. A broker has nonpublic information on a specific stock he intends to recommend to all his clients without regard to their individual circumstances or their own investment goals. This paper counts the ways in which Charlie is about to violate several of the points of the code of ethics of the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR). Bibliography lists 1 source. Invsteth.wps

Leave Those Investments Alone! : A 6 page paper with an additional 1-page sentence outline addressing the old rules of investing that dictate to invest wisely and then give the investments time to perform. The market responds to more stimuli in today’s global economy than at any other time, and those old rules not only are not outdated, they are more important than ever. The pre-boom rule of thumb regarding patience in investing still applies today. As is the case with most adages, this one of investing money and then leaving the investment alone still applies because it works. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Leavinv.wps

Currency Issues : 6 pages discussing the methods by which governments have the ability to control the values of their currencies. The "trick" is that manipulation of the nation’s currency simply must be thoughtful and based on real-world conditions rather than wishful thinking. Those nations that have favored absolute and total control of their currencies and their economies have been the poorest of the world, but the other side of the same coin is no better. Much of Japan’s economy is on the verge of collapse , and much of the blame can be pointed at the failure to exercise enough control. Middle ground is a magical place, and it appears that we have had the good fortune of residing there for the past several years. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Currencyj.doc

Exchange Rate Management : The volatility of exchange rates can cause substantial problems for U.S. companies as they begin to import and export in foreign currencies. This 9 page research paper examines currency exchange, currency contracts, foreign currency accounts, rate options, and more. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Excrate2.wps (mgt,finance corp)

(The) Exchange Rate Regime : A 15 page paper discussing issues concerning trade and the exchange rate regime in a rapidly-changing post-Communist world. Various sub-issues such as the effects of exchange rate-fixing are examined in depth. This research paper is significantly more complex than excrate2.wps (above) and should only be considered by those knowledgeable of advanced economics/finance issues. Bibliography lists 27 sources. Excrater.wps

International Exchange Rates / Formulas : This 17 page research essay describes and explains the factors involved in determining international exchange rates using Krugman's formulas as a point of reference and emphasis. The Bretton-Woods Agreement is first described in terms of its articles referring to exchange rates; the collapse of Bretton-Woods is discussed along with the results of the breakdown in the system. Target Zones have been widely discussed as the upper and lower boundaries within which to hold the exchange rates; Krugman is the first to offer formulas to describe the dynamics of money within target zones. His formulas are presented and explained. Bibliography lists 7 sources. ExchnRts.doc

The Falling U.S. Dollar : 5 pages on the fall of the U.S. dollar. Discussed are its detriments and benefits; particularly with regard to U.S. foreign investment. Falldola.wps

Review Of Kindleberger’s "Manias, Panics And Crashes: A History Of Financial Crises : A 5 page paper discussing the book in terms of comparing Kindleberger’s views of financial crisis with those of the late Rao Aiyagari, using speculation of the demise of the business cycle as the point of comparison. The paper also discusses Kindleberger’s view of the "lender of the last resort" and refutes the notion that such lending will necessitate increased regulation, saying that such increase is dependent on whether the lender is a domestic or international entity. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Kindleberger.wps

The Thai Baht & The Asian Monetary Crisis : This 15 page paper examines the change in the value of the baht and the events which led up to the July 2, 1997 action which effectively started the Asian currency crisis.Various issues are addressed including the state of businesses within Thailand, effect on trading partners as well as the general economic effect felt around the world. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Thaibaht.wps

Economic Analysis Of Asian Growth Triangles : This 15 page paper examines the Growth Triangle which consists of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, in light of the New Institutional Economics that has recently become popular. The analysis includes projections for the future of the region and considers the currency crisis as well as Asia’s political position in the world. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Astrigro.wps

The Asian Currency Crisis : Perceptions and reactions around the world to the Asian currency crisis is contained in this 12 page paper written during March of 1998. The history of the crisis is traced to its very beginnings. The devaluation of the baht as the incident that sparked the crisis is included and the consequences of the decision is highlighted as well. United States and European involvement is detailed and predictions for the future are also included. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Asiamon.wps

Mexico’s 1995 Financial Crisis vs. Late 1990’s Financial Problems in Asia :
An 8 page paper discussing the motivations and subsequent behavior of major financial institutions in the 1994-95 financial crisis in Mexico and their response to the recent and current economic problems in Thailand, Indonesia, and Korea. Also discussed are the indicators that led to each situation and how/why the financial world should have been forewarned. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mexasia.wps

Currency In 1998’s Germany : Several economic variables are analyzed in this 5 page paper that looks at the change in currency to the euro in contemporary Germany. Several concepts are discussed including the PPP and Big Mac index. Market sentiment, German economic history as well as its 1998 condition is provided. Recommendations for the future are included. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Germcurr.wps

Fleet Bank & Its Many Mergers : A short and simple 3 page overview of Fleet Bank and its various bank merger activities. Bibliography lists 4 comprehensive sources. Fleet.wps

Investment Banking : A 7 page paper on Investment Banking. The writer provides some insight into precisely what Investment banking is, gives a little history of investment banking, and discussed some current investment banking issues. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bank.doc

(The) G.D.P. : 5 pages on late 1995/early 1996 trends in the G.D.P. Interest rates, housing starts, retail, etc; are examined. Bibliography lists 9 sources. GDP.wps

The Gross Domestic Product As A Measure Of Economic Wealth : A 3 page paper on the differences between GDP and GNP. The writer also talks about why the GDP is not an accurate measure of economic wealth, and what would be some things that we could do differently Gdp.doc

An In-Depth Look At The Economy : The economy is examined in this 12 page paper which includes a number of charts and focuses on several indicators. Variables such as the unemployment rate, the GDP, and the CPI are examined. Speculation as to the future of the U.S. economy is also explored. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Eco.word.wps

The Federal Reserve, CPI & Open Market Sales : A 5 page paper that discusses recent action taken by the Federal Reserve in regards to inflation. The Federal Reserve has utilized the CPI figures to deny the need to reduce interest rates because of the immediate perception that inflation is not currently occurring. At the same time, the Federal Reserve also purchased a significant number of Treasuries in an action reflecting the need of more money in the current economic system, reflected by seasonal need. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Reserves.wps

The Federal Reserve System Effect on Consumer Interest Rates : A 6 page economic analysis of how the Federal Reserve, the nation s central bank, affects interest rates in all areas of consumer activity and can either boost or hold back economic growth by means of interest rate manipulation. Though the Fed is interest rate charged to commercial banks, the discount rate, is the most visible means of economic manipulation, it is by no means the only one available. There are other avenues the Fed can choose, each with varied results but with the same overall effect that of controlling economic growth through interest rates. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fedres.wps

The Federal Reserve System / The Banks’ Bank : This 9 page report discusses various aspects of the United States’ Federal Reserve System. How and why Federal Reserve Banks were created, what their role is in government and banking, as well as the role of the Chairman and the Board of Governors are covered. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Frbank.wps

The Roll of Commercial Banks, Banking Structure & Citibank Travelers Merger : A 4 page paper that provides a brief overview of the roll of commercial banks, the costs/benefits of each unit of the banking structure, and the major issues in the recent proposed Citibank/Travelers merger. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Bankcomm.wps

Interest Rates, Inflation, & The Federal Reserve : 4 pages in length. Still quite useful as a model, this paper discusses how current events during the last quarters of 1995 led the Federal Reserve to push interest rates up higher and increase inflation -- despite warnings from economists to do otherwise. No Bibliography. Infltion.wps

Federal Reserve Board : This 8 page paper describes the creation and the role of the Federal Reserve Board. Consequences of its actions are explored and several economic views are provided. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Frb.wps

The Federal Reserve’s Future Role : A 7 page paper discussing the future of the watchdog of the economy. It is likely that the primary role of the Fed in the next ten years will remain that of watchdog. Given the long period of economic expansion and the amazing values of Wall Street, it appears that the long expansion cannot possibly last indefinitely, but that some correction will have to be made as we learn that the business cycle is indeed alive and operational. We have indeed been fortunate to have Alan Greenspan at the head for as long as we have, but the man will have to retire sometime.... We can only hope that his replacement will be as thoughtful of the consequences of the actions of the Fed and as willing to opt to leave the economy alone to let it go where it will as long as it’s growing. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Fedfutur.doc

Secrets of the Temple / How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the major points in William Greider’s book. No additional sources cited. Greider.wps

Interest Rate Policy Of The Bank of Japan : 12 pages in length. Until the 1980’s, the Bank of Japan had an active role in implementing government-directed fiscal policy, but as the economy stabilized and seemed to be completely self-sustaining, regulatory influences were increasingly withdrawn. Today, the Bank of Japan is charged mainly with establishing and maintaining interest rates. In that respect, it is comparable to our Federal Reserve. Years of questionable business finance practices have been catching up to Japan faster than Japan can catch up to the consequences. The Bank of Japan’s role has been to keep interest rates artificially low in an attempt to aid commercial banks on the verge of failure, but those interest rates being at such low levels is having other and far-reaching implications for the Japanese economy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bankjap.wps

The Conflict Between Credit Unions & Banks / U.S. Supreme Court Level :
This 6 page paper describes the ensuing conflict and how it evolved. Issues of self-interest and regulation are briefly discussed as are suggestions for how the situation could or could have been resolved. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Creditu.wps

The Swap Market & Credit Risk : As the market for swaps grows and matures, understanding and measuring the accompanying credit risk remains a concern of bankers, regulators, and corporate users. This 8 page research paper analyzes how swaps are used, provides examples of swaps, pricing of floating & fixed rate packages, and more.These elements are applied in an attempt to answer the question at hand. Tables included. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Swapscre.wps

Principles Of Finance : This 8 page research paper outlines some of the most fundamental principles of finance and makes an argument in supporting the premise that there are more regularities than anomalies in the financial market place based on the fact that an anomaly so quickly becomes the norm! Bibliography lists 6 sources. Finmarkt.rtf

Financial Principles / More Anomalies Or Regularities? : This 8 page essay explores the question: are there more anomalies or regularities in the market ? The writer takes the position that there are more regularities and discusses different option pricing models as well as logic to support the assertion. The use of the same formulas for decades is another supporting piece of evidence to support the assertion. Bibliography lists 5 sources. FinMkt.wps

U.S. Monetary Policy in Modern History : An 8 page research paper on monetary policy -- the management of money supply, credit, and interest rates by a government. The writer is particularly concerned with the role that the Federal Reserve plays in determining monetary policy and how such policy evolved in the U.S. during the 1970's and 80's focusing on the strong influence that inflation played during the earlier years. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Monepoli.wps

Influences On Coca-Cola’s Stock Prices : A 7 page case study of Coke’s stock values and the changes that could be expected in it following the death of Roberto Goizueta, industry trends and the effects of ever-present competition from Pepsi. Stock value barely wavered following Goizueta’s death; two weeks later, it was up even higher than before. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cokepric.wps

Is "Mickey Dee’s" A Good Investment? : A 7 page paper discussing whether or not McDonald’s is a good investment. The corporation’s financial information, profit improvement, and corporate structure are discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. McD.doc

McDonalds Corp. - A Good Investment ? : An 8 page paper discussing whether or not McDonalds Corporation is a good investment. The company’s performance history and current standing is reviewed, as are the reasons supporting McDonalds as a solid choice for investors. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mcducks.wps

McDonald's & Marketing In Russia : A 12 page research paper discussing McDonald's entrance into Russia. A brief overview history of McDonald's Corporation is provided, followed by their successful opening in Moscow. Other issues discussed include establishing a business in Russia, including the an explanation of the different business behaviors expected and marketing. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mcrussia.wps

Buffett Method of Investing : Investment strategies are discussed in this 12 page paper. The focus is primarily on Warren Buffett’s Value Investing strategies but other Wall Street gurus and their methods are mentioned also. These include the use of beta coefficients and joining investment clubs, something not supported by Buffett. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Buffett.wps

The Beta Coefficient : This 5 page paper looks at the beta coefficient in terms of assessing individual stocks and portfolios as well. Other factors in risk evaluation are considered such as incorporating the use of R squareds and standard deviations. Pros and cons of using beta are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Betacoef.wps

The Internet & Electronic Commerce : A 6 page, definitive overview of electronic commerce and the role the Internet plays in facilitating faster banking and other transactions. Predictions of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) are examined as are the views of other leading financial authorities. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Internetcm.wps internet commerce

Electronic Commerce & Financial Success : A 10 page paper on the benefits of implementing electronic commerce. Examples of key businesses are illustrated. The point is made that in today’s world, a business must become involved in electronic commerce in order to profit and succeed - while remaining competitive. A section on government and business is also included. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Ecinbiz.wps internet commerce

Electronic Commerce’s Impact : A 5 page paper discussing the growing importance of Internet commerce. By the early 1990s it had become apparent that the growing Internet held great promise for those companies that wished to sell their wares to a larger potential market than they had previously been able to address. There were dreams of consumers purchasing nearly all their routine goods online, from groceries to clothing. To date, that early vision has not materialized. Internet commerce has not grown into the virtual mall that early marketers had hoped, but it has become increasingly important in the financial futures of thousands of companies all around the world. Bibliography lists 12 sources. E-Commrc.wps internet commerce

Internet Commerce : A 10 page paper discussing Internet commerce and digital economy technologies such as encryption technologies and secure-site technologies. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Intcomm.wps electronic commerce

Banking on the Internet : Some people choose a banking facility based on proximity to their home or employment. Others shop for the best rates, the most services or the availability of incentives. An option that is gaining popularity in this, the computer age, is banking and paying bills through the Internet. Financial transactions such as checking, savings, credit cards, debt payment and investments are possible to transact with a simple 'click', while sitting at the computer. Most of the major banks and many of the small community banks have opted to begin doing business through the Internet. This 10 page paper examines Internet banking from the perspective of the banking industry and also the customer. There's a section detailing how to become an Internet bank customer and what are the advantages and problems. Bibliography lists 7 sources. KTwebbank.wps

Online Investing : A 9 page paper looking at the reinvention of at least one of the financial wheels of our society. Ettorre says, "At intermittent junctures in history, such earth-shattering and revolutionary advances occur that they wipe out what has gone before or change it so profoundly that the world is never the same again. Once our ancestors dimly realized that it was easier to roll something than to drag it…we humans were on our way." It would appear that the same magnitude of change is occurring in investment habits. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Investon.wps

Check Processing in the Banking Industry : This 15page paper looks at management concerns and solutions of check processing. Several issues are addressed including fraud, employee errors, the use of ECR and truncation as well as hiring procedures. This paper focuses on the managerial role in the banking industry as it pertains to paper checks. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bankchek.wps

Banking in the Twenty-first Century : This 10 page paper discusses changes in the banking industry and what people have to look forward to in the twenty-first century. The Y2K problem is noted. Bibliography lists 10 sources. 21bank.wps

Investing in the Stock Market Today : This 25 page paper provides an argument for investing in the stock market. It looks at the subject historically at times to demonstrate its stability. Much of the paper focuses on the turbulent summer of 1998 when the Dow climbed up and plunged down in the midst of the Clinton political crisis. Several methods of investment are outlined and the 401K is recommended as a method of tying retirement funds to Wall Street. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Investck.wps

The Stock Market / An Overview : A 5 page overview of the stock market and the way it works. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Stockmrk.wps

I.P.O.s & Their Tremendous Success on the Stock Market : A 5 page look at several Initial Product/Price Offerings (IPOs) and why they're so effective at attracting investors out to make a 'quick buck.' The writer posits that the biggest winners in 'the IPO game'; are the institutions; brokerage houses (which set aside the shares for their best customers), mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds that snap up most of the shares of the best IPOs. No Bibliography. Ipo.wps

The Bull Market Of The 1990s : A 5 page paper illustrating that the stock market of recent years has indeed been a bull one. It seems the entire country has been in awe of the performance of the stock market in recent years, and there is talk among economists that the old and classic model of the business cycle might well be obsolete, that "bust" does not always follow "boom." Whether that speculation will prove to be valid or not, the US economy has experienced several straight years of slow and steady growth, with advances in economic indicators each year. The trend toward globalization reduces business’ risk in any given geographical location, and businesses are operating in a more fiscally sound manner than in any other recent time. The factors that have contributed to the long-standing bull market are still in place. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bull-Mkt.doc

Is The Bull Market Going To Last? : A 5 page paper discussing whether the bear is ever going to return. There are some hard and fast rules within the universe. Until the early 1990s, one had been that the stock market would rise until stock values had reached a point at which they were overvalued in some degree, then they would "correct." We have no reason to believe that rule will not activate in any given year or even tomorrow. But the interval of the cycle has certainly been stretched beyond the limits of anyone’s imagination only a few years ago. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bullmkt.wps

The Stock-Market Boom Of The 90’s : An 8 page paper discussing the trends of the 1990’s and how these trends have affected the stock exchange and how they have helped to create the apparent boom to the market. The 1990’s have brought with it many changes to the United States, as well as the world. Technology has made astronomical advances and the world has become even smaller as this technology connects many people in many ways. The stock-market reflects these changes. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Stokboom.wps

Stock Market Trends : A 5 page trends analysis on the U.S. and Foreign stock markets for 1998, including economic and political reasons. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Stoktren.wps

Risks In The Stock Market : This 8 page paper provides an overview of the risks inherent in market investments, particularly as it involves insider trading. Many aspects are considered, from the legal ramifications to the psychological component that propels people to engage in risk taking behavior. The big scandals of the eighties are discussed in addition to the trends that have been seen in the nineties as a result of the flood of mergers. Hillary Clinton’s success in cattle futures is analyzed. A one page outline is provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Riskstok.wps

Agricultural Commodities / Corn : A 9 page introduction to agricultural commodities focusing on corn. Sections include a general introduction; some of the problems in the corn commodity market; new farming methods, volume of corn produced and stock prices. One graph is included. Bibliograhy lists 9 sources. Corn.wps

Derivative Market Analysis / White Wheat Futures : This 5 page paper analyzes a sample futures contract in white wheat. Both a practical and technical analysis is performed and an overview on derivatives is provided. Bibliography lists 6 sources Wheat.wps

Agricultural Price Indexes : An 8 page paper discussing price indexes in agriculture. The writer examines the consumer price index and indexes of prices received by individual farmers as well as farming conglomerates. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Agprice.wps

Interest Rate Risk : Derivatives are analyzed in the context of interest rate risk in this 15 page paper. Swaps, forward contracts as well as options are considered. Various types of options are defined. Controversy concerning use of derivatives, as well as its dangers and benefits, are discussed.Bibliography lists 10 sources. Raterisk.wps

Managing Interest Rate Risk : 8 pages in length. Citing that bank participation in derivative markets has risen sharply in recent years, the writer discusses interest rate risk and how to manage it with particular application to derivative contracts. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Intrrate.wps

Market Correction Through Governmental Regulation : 8 pages in length. We learn from economics texts that for every economic imbalance that occurs, there is a corrective reaction that occurs to reestablish equilibrium. Those corrective actions are not immediate though, and sometimes they seemingly take forever. Arguing in favor of government control is not to say that businesses need to be regulated in their ability to operate or to make their own decisions, and in fact they need to be encouraged to develop new products and services to be able to remain competitive. Government regulation is required in financial sectors to control those market flaws that cannot be otherwise corrected. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Govtreg.wps

The Money Revolution & America's Infatuation with Interest : A 5 page analytical look at what author and economic analyst Joseph Nocera called "The Money Revolution." The writer examines rising 'interest in interest rates,' the changing financial habits of the middle class, and how the economy has affected a newfound consciousness in which average people are, for the first time in modern history, genuinely concerned about the growth of their personal investments. Excellent analysis is provided into the role of money market funds, varying interest rates, and more. No Bibliography. Monybank.wps

Rising Interest Rates : 3 page essay providing a basic overview of the Federal Reserve and rising interest rates. No Bibliography. Fedresph.wps

Mutual Fund Portfolio Management : This 15 page paper creates a mock mutual fund in order to glimpse just what a fund manager does. Several stocks are chosen and each is explored in depth in order to provide sound reasoning for the choices made. Beta coefficients are used in assessing risk. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Mutport.wps

Option Volatility and Pricing : A 7 page essay reviewing Sheldon Natenberg's book, "Option Volatility and Pricing." This is one of the most widely read books in the stock market. Sections include: language to know and understand; what are call and put options; how volatility is determined; different elements to consider before entering this market. Optionv.wps

Dividend Distributions : This 3 page essay examines a fictitious company that plans to distribute a $20 million dollar dividend. An overview of implications concerning dividend distributions as it relates to business law and taxes is included. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Divdist.wps

Loan Choices During Recessionary Times : This 3 page essay examines a fictitious company and its loan choices with the possibility of recession in mind. An overview of economic variables as well as advice about types of loans the company should take are provided. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Loanrec.wps

The Salomon Brother Scandal / Wall Street Prosecutes ! : A 9 page paper on the Salomon Brothers Scandal of the early 1990's in which a prestigious trading firm was caught submitting $15.5 billion in phony bids to buy more U.S. government bonds and notes than it was allowed. The writer discusses SEC involvement, the firm's quick own restoration of its good name and some of the recommendations posed for preventing the occurrence of another scandal in the future. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Salomon.wps

Wall Street / Ethical Issues Presented : A 7 page paper that describes the moral and ethical dilemmas presented to Bud Fox in the movie "Wall Street." One of the major themes in the movie is the issue of being a moral individual in an amoral organization, and Bud's character and the character of Gekko provide the essence of his discussion. Wallstre.wps

Has Negative Publicity Affected Tobacco Companies’ Stock Prices? : An 8 page research paper investigating the ways in which negative publicity might have affected the performance of the nation’s top two tobacco companies in the stock market. Some analysts have said that the companies’ stockholders are bearing the brunt of the rash of lawsuits and multi-billion dollar settlements in questions of tobacco-related health concerns and that the losses are "unfair" to the long-time investors. Philip Morris, the leading cigarette manufacturer, consistently posts gains and their three-year stock performance mirrors that of the DOW Industrials. RJR Nabisco posts performance that wanders all over a graph. The paper concludes that management practice is costing some stockholders even more than billion-dollar settlements. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Smokemkt.wps

The Effects of Yield Management on the Fortunes of the U.S. Airline Industry :
A 9 page paper on the positive financial effects that yield management pricing has had on the major airlines of the U.S., exhibited by a $2.5 billion industry-wide profit after posting losses of over $13 billion over the previous four years combined. With the major airlines’ increased financial health, they are better able to compete not only with each other, but against the newer, smaller airlines that would like to create a secondary market in areas not well-served by the major carriers. The major airlines, however, are using all their new-found financial might to drive the smaller ones out of their markets and then follow with increased fares when the threat of competition is gone. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Yieldmgt.wps

Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette : 12 pages in length. Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette is one company that turns the phrase "big business" into a totally inadequate understatement: they boast total capital of over $3.46 billion and total assets of over $55.56 billion. DLJ is involved in every facet of commercial finance endeavor ranging from investment banking to stock brokering to asset management to institutional equities to emerging markets to any other imaginable aspect of commercial financial operation. The many separate businesses that comprise DLJ fall into three groups: Financial Services, Capital Markets and Banking. The one discussed in depth is their online investment trading services. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Lufkin.wps

Investment Trading : This 10 page paper explores the subject of investment trading. Several aspects are discussed including mathematical models and the Efficient Market Hypothesis. The difference between long term market investing and trading is explained in detail. Bibliography lists 8 sources Invtrade.wps

Budgeting Management At Dial Corporation : A 9 page paper relating the actions and the performance of Dial Corp. to their budgeting management system. The paper gives an overview of some budgeting management systems such as incremental, project-based, relevant-cost and performance-based. It determines that the system in place at the time Dial spun off its most recognizable products to a new company, Viad, was most heavily weighted to the incremental system and recommends that the company ensure the use of a system with more accountability, such as the relevant-cost approach. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Dialsoap.wps

Bankruptcy At Federated Department Stores / What Campeau Could Have Done: A 5 page paper speculating how Federated Department Stores could have avoided filing Chapter 11 in 1989. Of course it’s always easier to see what could have been done than it is to have a completely clear view of the best long-term course of action when making a decision, but seeing the way is never clear through the fog of massive ego and arrogance. Robert Campeau wanted Federated Department Stores, and he wasn’t going to let a little thing like knowing nothing of the retail business stop him. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fedepst.wps

Management Theorist -- Dr. William G. Ouchi / His Life & Work : A 5 page research paper on William Ouchi, author of Theory Z: How American Management Can Meet the Japanese Challenge. Dr. Ouchi is a graduate school management professor at UCLA who is both academically and civilly active. His best known work, Theory Z, was published in 1981 when American business was still scratching their collective heads in trying to understand the Japanese advantage. Dr. Ouchi pointed out that advantage, which was revealed to be a Japanese commitment to democratic leadership that resulted in increased quality, increased productivity and decreased costs while making workers at all levels full partners in business. In short, the underlying management philosophies inherent in any successful Total Quality Management (TQM) application. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ouchi.wps

The Job Of Security Analysts & Researchers : A 5 page report on careers centered in the sales and trade of securities, specifically the career of security analyst/researcher. The industry involves both those sales agents working for specific customers and those more behind-the-scenes economic analysts whose responsibility it is to analyze both the current performance of specific stocks and forecast the specific stock’s likely path of growth in both the short- and long-term future. The paper includes education levels required and salaries that can be expected at various levels within the industry, including the salary effect of advanced degrees. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Stockjob.doc

Information Technology & The Banking Industry : This 5 page paper examines the digital revolution in the context of the commercial banking industry. The past, present and future are discussed in terms of how information technology has revolutionized an old institution. The Michigan National Bank and Citicorp are highlighted as industry leaders. The use of ATM’s, truncation, and home banking is included in the overview. Bibliography lists 7 sources. IT.wps

Article Review / Technical Analysis For The Stock Market : A 3 page review of an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled: Technical Analysis Successfully Tests Old Resistance Level of Fundamentalists. The article cites successful uses of technicals and also offers opposing opinions. Techs.wps

Wall Street Journal Article Review / Thrift Charters : A 3 page review of an article entitled, "Brokers, Insurers Queue Up for Thrift Charters." The article is a bit confusing but it does offer some information on thrift charters and how a thrift differs from a bank. The Federal Charter would place thrifts in a good competitive position with banks. The reviewer offers a synopsis of the article. Thrift.wps

Two Credit Union Articles/ Review : A 5 page paper discussing reviewing the possibilities of a case before the Supreme Court that would tighten membership rules for federal credit unions, eliminating many current credit union members. Credit unions consistently charge less interest for loans and pay more interest on savings, and the banks caught in the fever and expense of merger mania are seeking legal means to regain the customers the credit unions won through service and lower cost—i.e., competition. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Credart.wps

Alex C. Michalos On STET, Currency Exchange, & World Poverty : A 14 page paper that addresses Alex Michalos' hope for erasing world poverty through reforms in revenue budgets for the U.S., Canada and the world. Michalos' arguments are addressed, including counterpoints and his response. The paper posits that Michalos' arguments are adequately supported. Bibliography lists 1 source. Stet.wps

Spending Habits Of Today’s Young Americans vs. Yesterday’s : A 6 page paper discussing the very different spending patterns and attitudes of young Americans just starting out in the adult world and more "settled," thirty-something Americans. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Spend.wps

Mad Cow Disease / Media & Economic Impact On The Cattle Industry : A 30 page paper that considers the problem of mad cow disease and the impact on the cattle industry, the problems with the media, and the market fluctuations and their overall impacts. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Moo.wps

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