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The Code Of Hammurabi : In this 4 page essay, the writer reviews the laws included in the Code of Hammurabi and compares some of the edicts of this Code with current laws and punishments. Hammurabi's Code established a format that is still used today. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Codehamm.wps

Code of Hammurabi / Crime, Health & Politics : A 6 page research paper on the extent of the oldest "secular" legal code in history. The writer briefly touches on the Babylonian civilization, King Hammurabi, and discusses the intricacies of the code in regards to crime, medicine, and business. The paper states that the code was the prede3/1/99cessor to Greek code, which is given credit for being the predecessor of legal code in today’s society, but posits that the difference is that the Hammurabi code was the first functional set of laws looking out for the interests of all citizens. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hamurab.wps

The Code Of Hammurabi Compared With The Laws Of Moses : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the code of Hammurabi and compares it with the laws of the biblical Moses. The history of the region, where Hammurabi lived, is touched on. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hammose.wps

The Prisons of the Ancient Worlds : This 7 page research paper looks at the "prisons" of ancient biblical lands – Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, lands of the New and Old Testament. Rather than physical structures to keep people incarcerated, "prisons" were primarily slavery, banishment, or death. Bibliography lists ten sources. Ancpris.wps

The Evolution Of Crime & Punishment : A 15 page research paper tracing the origins of criminal justice from the days of Ancient Babylonia to the present. The writer is particularly concerned with different types of punishment and how they represented the socio-religious beliefs of their respective eras. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cphist.wps

The Insanity Defense : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the insanity defense from a psychological perspective. The writer suggests that while there are considerable arguments against the veracity of the insanity defense, it remains a necessary part of the legal system in supporting the needs of the mentally ill. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Insanity.wps

Hinckley & Aristotle / Insanity Plea : A 5 page paper that considers what Aristotle's arguments might have been in response to John Hinckley Jr. attempted assassination of President Reagan. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hinaris.wps

Capital Punishment / Social Trends & Continued Application : An 8 page paper that considers the issue of capital punishment and supports the premise that there are issues related to the innocence of some death row inmates. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Capsoci2.wps

The Death Penalty In America : This 5 page paper opposes capital punishment based on a conflict perspective. The argument includes factual information about the incompetence of court appointed attorneys. The point made is that due to social stratification, the criminal justice system is unfair and thus, the death penalty should be abolished. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Amcapun.wps

The Death Penalty Is Not An Effective Deterrence : In 15 pages the writer gives proof that the death penalty is not a deterrence. Solid reasons and arguments are given. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nodeter.wps

The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished : A 10 page paper focusing on the death penalty -- arguing for the abolishment of capital punishment. It is presumptuous of humans to think they somehow have the right to decide another’s fate. Except in the case of self defense their is no ethical reason why humans should kill one another. Case studies are shown as examples. These studies include Karla Faye Tucker, Susie Jaeger, and Dr. Kevorkian. While the majority of the United States population believes in the death penalty it is still an affront to humanity in general and should be abolished. Bibliography follows containing 20 sources. Deathp6.wps

Argument Supporting Capital Punishment : A strong 7 page argument supporting and justifying capital punishment. The writer focuses on the right and duty to execute, the effects of deterrence, and the need for retribution and refutes the argument that the death penalty in inherently fallible. Deathpe4.wps

An Argument For The Death Penalty : A 5 page paper that presents the positive applications of capital punishment. This paper presents consideration of the perspectives of two politicians with determined views in regards to the death penalty, George Pataki, Governor of NY and Marion Barry of Washington, D.C. Both men present arguments in support of the death penalty as a deterrent, especially in light of increased crime statistics in many large cities. Bibliography lists 4 sources. FREE outline included ! Penalty.wps

Capital Punishment / Argument Against The Death Penatly : A 5 page paper that argues the moral and ethical arguments against capital punishment. This paper considers the moral and religious determinations, including the high chance of error, that make capital punishment legalized homicide. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cappun.wps

Arguing In Favor Of Capital Punishment : A 5 page paper discussing whether or not capital punishment deters serious crime. The author puts forth an argument for capital punishment in certain instances and explains the reasons for defending capital punishment. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Punment.wps

(The) Death Penalty : Writer presents a strong, 3 page argument for capital punishment. It is explained that "anyone who is known to have plotted a murder and acted it out should have the same done to them." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Deathpen3.wps

The Death Penalty : When Gary Gilmore insisted that he wanted to be executed by firing squad for his crimes, in 1977, thereby ending a ten year moratorium on executions, the media brought the spotlight into Utah and debate on the death penalty back into the public forum. Since then, public opinion has leaned toward the death penalty being a viable consequence for the crime of murder. This 10 page paper looks at the question of capital punishment; at the history, the controversy and public opinion. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Deatcont.wps

An Overview of Capital Punishment : In 10 pages the author gives an overview of capital punishment. The reader is given an intellectual tool of awareness concerning the issue of capital punishment, which is also referred to as the death penalty. This is accomplished with paradigms of the historical background and the more recent cases related to the ultimate punishment, with statistical data related to state executions. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Overcap.wps

The Relationship Between Race & the Use of the Death Penalty : In 10 pages the author discusses the relationship between race and the use of the death penalty, which is also known as capital punishment. The death penalty is alive and well in America. It is also a very prejudicial institution. The death penalty is the ultimate punishment anyone can face. In addition, the persons on death row must remain there for years awaiting execution. For the innocent member of a racial minority, this is a difficult pill to swallow, but one that has been forced upon them in manners that are quite reprehensible due to the discrimination involved. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Racepen.wps

The Death Penalty is Not Effective as a Deterrent : In 5 pages, the reader is given an intellectual tool of awareness concerning the issue of capital punishment, which is also referred to as the death penalty. This is accomplished with paradigms attributed to crime and this type of punishment for that crime. The selections include a rich variety of data to support the key conclusion that the author makes, which is that capital punishment is not effective as a deterrent. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Dpno.wps

Why Capital Punishment is Wrong : In 12 pages plus a one page proposal and an outline, the author discusses topic of capital punishment from the stance of opposition. The reader is given an intellectual tool of awareness concerning the issue of capital punishment, which is also referred to as the death penalty. This is accomplished with paradigms attributed to crime and this type of punishment for crime. Examples are given of proponents to the death penalty, but those in opposition to the death penalty refute them. Perspectives cover a wide range of related topics while maintaining depth and weight. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Punwrong.wps

Capital Punishment / A Proposed Survey : Following the execution of Karla Faye Tucker in a Texas correction facility, public opinion regarding the appropriateness of the death penalty resulted in declining support for this institution. This two page paper proposes a study of student response to death penalty issues in populations of children between the ages of 14 and 18. This paper includes a 2 page survey of questions that could be used in the proposed survey to promote answers to questions determining the process orientation of death penalty opinions in student populations. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Capsurv.wps

Surveying Opinions Relating to Capital Punishment : This 15 page report discusses the issues surrounding capital punishment with a special emphasis on the literature regarding the death penalty and the development of a survey to measure secondary students attitudes and opinions in regard to the topic. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Punsurv.wps

(The) Death Penalty & Discrimination : An 8 page paper arguing that capital punishment discriminates against the poor. Uses specific cases and pertinent statistics. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Deathpen.wps

The McVeigh Sentence and the Death Penalty : A 10 page paper that discusses the following aspects of capital punishment with respect to the McVeigh sentence: Deterrent to crime? Victims' family revenge/coping mechanism? Religious precedent? Comparison to Charles Manson's continued anarchy? The paper posits that based on the findings in all of the above, that the McVeigh case needs further consideration. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Mcveigh.wps

The Catholic Church & The Death Penalty : In 5 pages the author discusses the views of the Catholic Church on the death penalty, which is also known as capital punishment. The position of the Catholic Church is opposition to the ultimate punishment, which is the death penalty. There are many instances in which officials of the Catholic Church have voiced opposition to capital punishment. It is perceived to be against the Catechism. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cathdeat.wps

Death Penalties / Philosophical Ideas : 4 pages discussing the various historic philosophies about capital punishment (an eye for an eye, etc;). Includes conclusive opinion based on material. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Dpenphil.wps

Capital Punishment / Ethics & Philosophy : A 5 page paper arguing in favor of capital punishment based, not on law or religion, but on a classical and philosophically ethical viewpoint. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Favcap.wps

Capital Punishment / Ethics & Philosophy : A 5 page paper arguing in favor of capital punishment based, not on law or religion, but on a classical and philosophically ethical viewpoint. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Favcap.wps

Differing Perspectives on Capital Punishment : An 11 page paper with three different views of opposition to the death penalty. The Green party and general liberals contribute examples of the differences of view that are possible; there are no conservative views included. The paper argues that not only does capital punishment not serve as a deterrent to future violent crime, but that states using the death penalty also have the highest rates of violent crime. Bibliography lists five sources. Dicappun.wps

The Death Penalty In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, & The U.S. : A 7 page paper discussing the merits of abolishing the death penalty in the United States. Criminology experts have proven that it does not serve as a deterrent against murder. Why do Americans cling to it as a punishment with such fervor and why is it time to stop? Comparisons are made" among the four countries listed above. Bibliography lists nine sources. Capcoun.wps

Captial Punishment / Marxist Ideology : A 6 page argument on why capital punishment should not exist in a country where a client cannot get a fair trial. The writer backs up this premise with Marxist ideology, particularly emphasizing class differences. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Marxcp.wps

Capital Punishment / The Morality & The Costs : A 5 page overview of the issue of capital punishment. Explores the morality, and the costs of such punishment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cappun2.wps

Life Sentence Without Parole -- Better Than Death Penalty : A 4 page paper arguing why life in prison without parole is better than capital punishment. The writer cites various resources to support this theory. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Lifesent.wps

Capital Punishment In Texas : A 8 page essay that traces the history of Texas capital punishment from the frontier-style lynchings which characterized its beginnings, through the use of the electric chair, to its current use of lethal injection. It also shows statistics on the inequalities that have existed in the system. Bibliography lists nine sources . Texcap.wps

Criminal Punishment In Texas : In 5 pages, the author discusses the issue of criminal punishment in Texas. Texas is found to maintain especially harsh punishments. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Crimtexa.wps

Death Penalty in Utah / A Matter of Choice : A 5 page paper discussing Utah's death penalty. The writer explores the controversies and looks at specific cases. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Psdeathp.wps

Prisoners as Organ Donors : This is a 5 page paper that proposes that a law be enacted whereby organ donation is mandated in the case of execution or death by any means while incarcerated, with or without prior consent. Once sentenced, a prisoner is relieved of their right to informed consent and may be informed of the consequences. The issues of need for organ donation, ethical questions inherent in the process and terms of consent are examined. The definition of disenfranchisement is discussed briefly. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Prisdon.wps

Thurgood Marshall on Capital Punishment : A detailed, 3 page analysis of Thurgood Marshall's philosophical rejection of Capital Punishment. Marshall was particularly concerned with the "cruel and unusual punishments" section in U.S. Constitutional Law. It is believed that the government should be responsible for instilling good values in its citizens-- and not kill them off when they stray from the principles of such values. By murdering a criminal, the "eye for an eye" theory has accomplished nothing-- for it has not genuinely made them experience self-hate or retribution. No Bibliography. Philcap.wps

John Wayne Gacy / The Killer Clown : A 6 page research paper on the serial killer John Wayne Gacy who bears the dubious distinction of being America’s most successful serial killer with a death total of 33 young males. The writer relates the latest information that the psychiatric community has pertaining to the motivation of men like Gacy and shows how this relates to Gacy’s life. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Johngacy.wps

Ted Bundy : 10 pages in length. Ted Bundy thought he was invincible. Quite possibly the most notorious mass murderer of our time, Bundy lead the FBI on a chase all across the country before he tripped up and was caught. When all was said and done, at least 30 women -- and some children -- fell victim to his charming, attractive ways. The writer charts Bundy's history, as well as discusses what might cause such behavior in seemingly normal people. TedBundy.wps serial killers

Charles Manson / The Need For Interrogation : A 9 page paper that discusses the building of Bugliosi's case based on interrogation and admissions of witnesses, rather than physical evidence, which was most often ignored or destroyed by the police. The writer argues that if interrogation and even hearsay were not allowed in the trial, Manson would have gone free. Nearly all of the physical evidence was tied into the case based on corroborative statements that had to be tracked down and pieced together. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Manson.wps serial killers

Jeffrey Dahmer : In 5 pages, the author discusses serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer giving background information, events lead to his arrest, the organization of his crimes, his explanation of the murders, and an analysis of the aftermath for him and society. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Jeffdahm.wps serial killers

Edmund Kemper III : In 8 pages the author discusses serial killer Edmund Kemper, the Co-Ed Killer. Explanation from a causation perspective is delved into as what could have been done to stop this behavior. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Edkemper.wps

"Drug Free School Zone" Laws / A Socio-Legal Analysis : 7 pages in length. In New Jersey, as well as in a few other states, laws providing enhanced penalties for drug offenses occurring near schools have become quite popular. Through sociological analysis, the writer discusses how these laws came to pass out of custom, social need, etc; A conclusive evaluation determines that the law's impact has not been what was originally intended and that more than anything, "Drug Free School Zone" laws have only created a new avenue for aggressive plea-bargaining. Key terms and concepts are defined. No Bibliography. Socilaw.wps

Criminal Rehabilitation : A 9 page paper discussing criminal rehabilitation. Examines inmate population statistics, capital punishment as a deterrent to crime, and looks at various suggestions for programs to enable offenders to rejoin society as product members. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Crimreh.wps

Electronic Monitoring Devices in Corrections : A 19 page paper on Electronic Monitoring Devices (i.e., house arrest transmitters, etc;) and their effectiveness in corrections. Paper includes a history of monitoring devices, their various types, and the issues involved. Both sides of the argument are evaluated and case examples are presented. Bibliography lists more than 25 sources. Elecmon.wps

Are Alternative Methods of Incarceration Economically Viable? : A 5 page paper discussing various methods of incarceration that are being implemented across the country, as well as the world. These methods are examined in comparison to the traditional methods of incarceration with special attention to the costs of various methods. The methods addressed are alternative methods of punishment that are aimed at the non-violent criminal, as opposed to seriously violent criminal. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Incar.wps

Boot Camps vs. Electronic Monitoring : A 5 page paper that compares these two systems of criminal containment and evaluates their outcomes. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Bootcamp.wps

House Arrest : A 15 page paper discussing the pros and cons of house arrest and specifically looks at electronic house arrest. Examines what it is, why it is being used so extensively, public support findings, successes of the program and flaws in the program. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Housarst.wps electronic monitoring

Halfway Houses as an Alternative to Prison : A 7 page research paper in which the writer measures the effectiveness of halfway houses as a substitute for jail time. The research cited suggests that the fundamental theories behind halfway houses are not conducive to effective corrections and therefore, most programs leave something to be desired. It does not escape mention, however, that some programs operating under different pretenses-- do indeed show promise. Various case studies and statistics are cited. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Halfwayh.wps

Shock Incarceration Prison Camps vs. Standard Prison Settings / Impacts on Recidivism & Cost Effectiveness : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the data surrounding the use of shock incarceration prison camps as compared to standard prison programs and supports the hypothesis that though recidivism rates have not dropped dramatically as of yet, the trends support the importance of shock incarceration as a means of lowering overall recidivism. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Shocstan.wps

Recidivism Among Blacks : In 5 pages the author discusses recidivism among Blacks. "There are many reasons why Black criminals repeat the same or different crimes. The individual’s environment prior to becoming a criminal plays a major role in criminal activity. Gang involvement breeds criminal activity. There is not enough rehabilitation in prison to reduce the rate of recidivism. Finding and keeping employment is difficult for convicted criminals. The answer could also be a combination of the reasons mentioned." Bibliography lists 8 sources. Blckrec.wps

Recidivism : In 26 pages the author discusses the subject of recidivism, paying particular to recidivism among blacks in Baltimore, MD. "The rate of recidivism is high when the problems of the incarcerated individual is not addressed properly. With the disproportionate number of Blacks arrested there is a high rate of recidivism in the Black criminal population of Baltimore, MD. The African-American is getting a bum rap. The criminal justice system gives minorities harsher treatment than others receive." Bibliography lists 62 sources. Recid.wps

Juvenile Boot Camps vs. Juvenile Delinquent Programs / Impacts on Recidivism & The Success Rate of Programs : A 10 page research proposal that considers the question of whether juvenile boot camp programs have the same or better success rates with juvenile offenders. This paper supports the thesis that juvenile boot camp programs have greater success rates and reduce recidivism among youth offender populations. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Juvboot.wps

The Parole System : An 8 page paper discussing a few of the problems currently facing the parole system today due to overcrowding in the prisons and jails and also the problem of increasing crime. Both of these issues relate directly to the parole system in the United States. An example of a system that is working in Japan is presented as a possible role model for the system here in our country. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Parole.wps

Is Parole Effective ? : In this well-reasoned 9 page paper, the writer analyzes whether or not parole is both a viable and necessary way to assimilate convicts back into society. It is argued that our criminal justice system needs parole to ensure that those who are released have truly been reformed. It is stressed that parole should not be viewed as a "break" or as an "easy way out." Rather, it should be representative of the system's need to ensure that it has done its job successfully and that the individual is ready to make a gradual transition back into everyday life without further incident. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Parolegd.wps

Parole Reform : The importance of parole reform is demonstrated in this 8 page argument. The writer shows that changes are necessary to control sex offenders and violent criminals. Case studies are used to illustrate how parole sometimes fails. Theories of parole reform are considered, including Wellford's "continuum control" concept. Recidivism rates are discussed as well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Parole.wps

Probation : The role of probation in the American criminal justice system is explored in this 15 page analytical paper. The writer provides an historical account of probation’s evolution and delves into contemporary material as well-- including a look at alternatives such as electronic monitoring devices. The debates surrounding the issue of probation are also included and recommendations are made. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Amprobat.wps

Probation and Parole / Comparison of the United States & The United Kingdom : In 10 pages the author compares the probation and parole services in the United Kingdom and the United States. The countries of England, Wales, and Ireland are oftentimes combined and listed under the heading of United Kingdom. The probation and parole services are very similar in the United Kingdom and the United States. Probation and parole is an alternative to incarceration. The probationer is given more control over his/her life. He/she is being groomed for acceptance back into society. Some are given choices they have never had before, such as job skills and employment opportunities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Probpar.wps

Successes & Failures Of Probation : A 5 page discussion of the history, successes, and failures of the American probationary system. Various examples and statistics are included to illustrate points made. Bibliography includes three sources. Probation.wps

Comparisons Between Probation & Parole : 5 pages in length. The writer discusses the many aspects of probation and parole; similarities and differences, etc;. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Comppara.wps

The Job Of A Correction Officer : A 10 page overview of the job of the correction officer. Issues discussed include : the changing prison population, use of firearms by officers and no frills facilities. Also included are facts regarding occupational outlook, job requirements, and salary. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Socop.wps

What It Takes To Be A Good Probation Officer : A 2 page essay on the qualities which make an effective probation officer. The writer discusses these qualities with respect to their own desire to become a probation officer. No Bibliography. Proboffi.wps

Revocation Of Probation Or Parole / Legal Issues : 8 pages in length. An in-depth look at legal arguments and Supreme Court decisions concerning the issue of probation/parole revocation and whether or not probation/parolees should have many of the same rights as civilians or be treated exactly like prisoners in jail. For the most part, it is concluded that current law still mandates the acquisition of a search warrant when looking for reasons to make an arrest but that the terms of probable cause should indeed be reduced due to the unique relationship that exists between the probation/parolee and their case officer. Bibliography lists 6 article references and several legal citations. Probrevo.wps

Intensive Supervision Programs / The Risks and Benefits : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the use of intensive supervision programs as an alternative to standard probation programs. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Intsuper.wps

The Pros and Cons of Plea Bargaining : In this 10 page paper, the writer discusses the pros and cons of plea bargaining listing specific cases where plea bargaining was used to illustrate points being made. Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources. Procplea.wps

Plea Bargaining / The Need for Change : A 5 page essay which describes how the present plea bargaining system is ineffective. A detailed proposal discusses how plea bargains might be made more effective with certain necessary changes. No bibliography. Bargplea.wps

Plea Bargaining : The criminal justice system is examined in this 6 page essay that argues plea bargaining should not be allowed for violent criminals or sex offenders. Several notable incidents are examined including the cases of Polly Klaus and Megan Kanka. The plea bargaining rule is discussed also in terms of an attorney’s point of view along with possible abuses in that area. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pleabarg.wps

The Economics of Incarceration : 10 pages in length. The author discusses the high cost of prison and argues that there are alternatives to prison. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Ecoinc.wps

Incarceration In The Southwest : In 8 pages, the writer discusses the situation of incarceration in the Southwest. Overcrowding has lead to many problems in the prison system. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Swincar.wps

Drug Abuse in the Prison Population : Since the 1980s, concern for the role that substance abuse plays in crime and recidivism has gained national attention. A number of studies have been conducted to consider the problem of substance abuse and crime, especially in criminal populations, but few studies have been conducted to consider whether in-house substance abuse treatment programs in the prison setting actually reduce recidivism. This 5 page review of literature provides an overview of arguments that correlate substance abuse and repetitive criminal behaviors, and also relates the findings of a few studies which reflect the connection between substance abuse programming and reductions in recidivism. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Prisdrug.wps

Leadership vs. Management In Running a Prison : 12 pages in length. The writer discusses those areas which are affected by prison management and leadership. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Runpris.wps

Comparison of Jails and Prisons : In this 5 page paper, the author discusses the differences and similarities between jails and prisons. Key comparisons are made. Bibliography included. Jailpri.wps

Prisons & Jails / Overcrowding : In 12 pages, the author discusses the subject of overcrowding in prisons and jails, giving the reasons for overcrowding, how it is being coped with, the pros and cons, and the best of the various possible solutions for limiting the problem. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Ovrcrowd.wps

Overcrowding in Prisons and Jail : A 5 page essay in which some reasons for overcrowding are included, as well as some possible solutions. A central part of the paper focuses on freedoms and how this freedom might be effective in solving the problem. No bibliography. Crowjail.wps

Prisoner Reform / An Ideological History : An 8 page paper on penal systems & prisons. The writer examines various historical approaches to inmate reform ranging from Neo-Retributionist to Neo-Utalitarian, and so forth. Fundamental theories and overall effectiveness are assessed. Bibliography lists more than 30 sources. Prisohis.wps

Mothers And Children In The Prison Setting : A 3 page exploration of the potential emotional and developmental impacts which could be expected in allowing incarcerated mother's to keep their children with them in prison for the first year of the child's life. Prison.doc

Prison Violence : A 14 page paper discussing the problem of violence in American prisons. Obviously violence exists within our prison systems, for if it didn’t there would perhaps, be no prison system. But the issues involved may differ greatly in some areas. For example, this paper addresses the issues which involve the actual problems, which are in existence on the part of the prison guards as well as the prisoners. While most people assume the violence is only on the part of the prisoner, California, as is illustrated herein, proves otherwise. In addition to discussing the problems this paper discusses some possible causes behind the problem and then also discusses some of the possible solutions to the problem of violence in our prison system, education seemingly the key to success. An outline follows the bibliography. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Priviom2.wps

Prison Gangs : A 14 page paper on the problems faced by our prison system as they are affected by constant disregard for the law. The writer discusses how gangs actually run some institutions. How they recruit new members, how they manipulate prison employees, and what might be done to stop it are among the many issues assessed. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Gangsp.wps

Prison Recreational Privileges & Correctional Control : A 25 page analytical paper that explores the general question of reduction or elimination of recreational privileges for prison inmates. The writer explores the question in light of legislative and judiciary action, public opinion, correction administration response, and proposed educational and political solutions. Bibliography lists 28 sources. Prisrec.wps

Conducting & Reading Research In Health & Human Performance / Prison Recreation : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the process of conducting research and reading and applying research. This paper concentrates on the research process as a means of professional development for the Prison Recreation Specialist. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Prisonrc.wps

Inmate Rights : A 7 page overview of the issue of inmate rights and how these rights are affected by the actions of the governing entity. Discusses the transition we have experienced from policies largely determined by the courts to one of micromanagement by legislative bodies Explains the value of providing basic rights from a safety and security standpoint. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Inmater.wps

Prison Inmates Filing Frivolous Lawsuits : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the statistics and implications of the rise of frivolous lawsuits filed by the prison populations in the United States. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Frivlaw.wps

Problems With The U.S. Prison System / Too Many Luxuries For Inmates : In this 7 page paper, the writer argues that contemporary American prisons are made to be too comfortable and too accommodating. Prisoners are being entertained rather than being reformed. The hypocrisy of programs such as arts & crafts, music television, occasional live shows, and leisure sports are criticized. The "prisoner's rights" movement is regarded as scaring too many jail systems into providing these amenities and a strong conclusion urges for a more reform-orientated change. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Prison.wps

North American Corrections Systems of U.S., Canada & Mexico : This 10 page research paper examines North American prisons in U.S., Canada and Mexico to compare similarities and differences in terms of punishment and views on justice. Specifically discussed will be crime statistics and recidivism. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Corrsys.wps

Prisoners & Issues Concerning Visitation Programs : 10 pages on visitation rights and prison inmates. The writer provides a brief historical overview, defines various types of visits and levels of visitation rights, and then discusses programs to improve security during visits as well as some of the positive reasons for supporting visitation programs as part of the rehabilitation process. Some rationale is also provided for being leery of allowing visitors. FREE outline of essay is included. No Bibliography. Prisonvi.wps

Privilege or Right? / Visitation & Education Within the Prison System : A 15 page paper addressing the issues of visitation, education, and job training. These are not privileges and should be considered rights. These are obviously issues that have not been addressed in the inmates childhood and should be addressed now before it is too late, if it isn’t already. A hypothetical survey and results are included for the student to gain ideas. A reference page follows containing 16 sources. Veps.wps

Solving the Problem of Prison Violence : A 20 page paper on prison violence. The writer examines this problem in our criminal justice system, and provides anaylsis and assessment of the current problem plus possible solutions. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Prisonv.wps

Solving The Problem Of Prison Violence #2 : 5 pages in length. The author discusses the problem of prison violence and the solution for this problem, which is on the up-rise. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Viopris.wps

Recidivism & The U.S. Penal System As A Revolving Door : A 14 page research paper in which the writer analyzes the U.S. corrections system as one with a statistically high rate of repeat offenders. Pointing to the fact that the prison system is simply not working, the writer attempts to blame those who should be made more responsible for working to lower recidivism rates. Models for sentencing, probation, and jailing are evaluatively assessed and analyzed. Some of the causal factors for the problem are cited and recommendations for the future are offered based upon available research. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Recividi.wps

Why Criminals Repeat The Same Or Different Crimes : 5 pages in length. The author discusses environment, gang activity, lack of or ineffectual rehabilitation in prison, and inability to garner successful employment as proponents that contribute to the recidivism of criminals. No bibliography. Whyrepe.wps

Women in Prison : In this 6 page research paper, the writer examines issues concerning abuses, poor health, inferior treatment, etc; in womens' prisons. The large number of existing abuse cases overtly suggests a strong need for reform in this gender-related aspect of the system. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Prisonwm.wps

Primary Corrections Program / Direction For Incarcerated Women : An 8 page study of incarcerated women, including the psychological profile of a woman-criminal, the types of programs that helped her change her life around, and an in-depth look at some of the correctional programs in use today. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Incarwmn.wps

Should Drunk Drivers Be Charged With Murder? : This 15 page paper takes the position that those who kill while driving drunk should be charged with murder. Many solutions to the drunk driving challenge have been explored including raising taxes on liquor, police efforts, raising the drinking age, using special license plates to designate repeat offenders and more. The paper concludes that despite the efforts made to combat the problem, drunk driving continues. Thus, tougher punishment is needed. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Ddmurder.wps

DUI Laws - Have They Gone Too Far? : A 7 page research paper which examines the evolution of DUI laws and shows how what was once a minor offense as now become a charge with the possibility of ruining the defendant’s life. The writer argues that although drunk driving has become a serious societal problem, the methods which are usually used to judge whether or not a person is impaired are grossly inaccurate and create situations where the innocent can end up being wrongfully accused. Bibliography lists 5 sources. DUI. doc.

Three Strikes and You're Out : A 5 page research paper on the "Three Strikes and You're Out Law" which limits the ability of violent offenders to receive a punishment other than a prison sentence. The writer concludes that the rule does have several inherent flaws but that it can be improved greatly through proposed reforms. Bibliography cites 5 sources. 3strikes.wps

The Criminal Trial Process : In 6 pages, the author discusses the criminal trial process, postulating on the events that someone goes through from the time of arrest, up until the time of trial. Bibliography lists six sources. Crimtri.wps

Criminal Victimization In The United States : This 6 page report analyzes the report of the victimization statistics as offered by Phillip Ennis in "Criminal Victimization in the United States." Additionally, some statistics are offered from 1993 as a comparison of the incidence of crime and victimization. One Table is included. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Crimvic.wps

Comparative Criminal Justice : More than 5 pages of collective information (notes, not a formatted paper) on (1) the criminal justice system in India and (2) the criminal justice system in Turkey. Comparative criminal justice. No Bibliography. Compcrim.wps

Computers & Criminal Justice : A 5 page essay discussing the important role that computers play in criminal justice education and careers. Examples of how the F.B.I. cracks down on organized crime through the use of computers are provided. Bibliography lists 3 outside sources. Complaw.wps

Corrections / Essays : 5 pages worth of short-answer essays discussing various issues in corrections, relevant sociological theory, and goals. For the most part, the writer is examining the fact that criminal behavior is not the result of random instinctive causes. No Bibliography. Correcti.wps

The Crime Bill Act : A 9 page discussion of the 1994 Crime Bill Act and whether or not it was effective through 1996. Good paper for those studying criminal justice or political science. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Crimebil.wps

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act : A 7 page research paper on President Clinton’s landmark anti-crime bill, signed in the waning days of his first term. It discusses the effects the political changeover in Congress had on the fate of his bill, and examines the impact the bill had during its first years. Bibliography lists five sources. Crimeb.wps

Hate Crimes : This 8 page paper explores the existence hate crimes and provides possible solutions. Various socio-psychological and legal ramifications are examined. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hatrcr.wps

Hate Crimes # 2 : In 17 pages the author presents an extensive overview of hate crimes. Many people would argue that there is a hate crime epidemic in the United States. In fact, they would consider it to be of epidemic proportions. Those that oppose crimes of hate also oppose other prejudices. Hate crime is criminal behavior that is motivated by racial, religious, ethnic, gender, sexual preference, or any other type of prejudice. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Hatcr4.wps

Should Hate be a Crime ? : A 9 page argumentative essay pertaining to "hate crimes" and whether or not enhanced criminal penalties should exist for those who commit them. Used as a constant reference is the relevant Supreme Court Case of R.A.V. vs. St. Paul and various tenets of the First Amendment. The writer concludes that free speech must be protected at virtually any cost in the U.S. even if it means that hate speech and "hate crimes" will continue to cost lives. Hatecrim.wps

Constitutional Protection : In June of 1990, Russell and Laura Jones of St. Paul, Minnesota found a cross burning in their yard. Two adolescents were charged; one plead guilty, the other was found guilty of a St. Paul "hate speech" ordinance which specifically makes bias-motivated cross burning a crime. The case was eventually appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme court. This 5 page paper describes the themes and findings, the controversial issues and different perspectives of that case as an example of the argument that the Constitution does not protect the average American from harm. The bibliography lists 4 sources. Protecon.wps

Hate Crimes & The Landmark Case Of Wisconsin vs. Mitchell : This 10 page paper analyzes the controversial case of Wisconsin vs. Mitchell -- over a state statute which allowed longer sentences for people convicted of violating existing laws if they chose their victim because of race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. The writer analyzes the actual crimes as it was committed, the facts of the case, and litigation as it occurred at every level. Views of the American Civil Liberties Union and other organizations are expressed. Relevant legal and sociopolitical analysis follows. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Wiscmit.wps

Samuel Walker’s "Hate Speech" : A 5 page look at the book, "Hate Speech: The History of an American Controversy," by Samuel Walker. Walker’s book offers many different types of arguments which involve the ACLU, African Americans, the Jewish community, and other minorities. He delves into the issues surrounding free speech and hate speech today, as well as throughout the history of this country. Walker’s book illustrates how this subject is quite complex in that it exists on a fine line between censorship and free speech issues. No additional sources provided. Swalker.wps

Hate Speech, Flag Burning, & The First Amendment : A 6 page essay looking at issues presented by two authors, Thomas Emerson and Kent Greenawalt, in their books A System of Freedom of Expression and Fighting Words, respectively. The essay shows how much of the confusion over freedom of expression today reflects the confusion of the Supreme Court in its rulings on these issues, and looks into some of the critical problems faced when discussing this volatile topic. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Emergren.wps

Beyond the Burning Cross : In June of 1990, Russell and Laura Jones of St. Paul, Minnesota found a cross burning in their yard. Two adolescents were charged; one plead guilty, the other was found guilty of a St. Paul "hate speech" ordinance which specifically makes bias-motivated cross burning a crime. The case was eventually appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme court. This 6 page paper describes the themes and findings, the controversial issues and different perspectives of the case as presented by Edward J. Cleary in the book, Beyond the Burning Cross. No additional sources cited. Burncros.wps

Myth -- Blacks Commit More Crimes : 5 pages in length. An excellent essay designed to debunk the crime myth that Black males are more likely to commit crimes than their Caucasian counterparts. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Crimmyth.wps

New Jersey's Court System -- Examined at Every Level : New Jersey's court system is very much like that of most states in the U.S.A. and this 5 page paper examines precisely how it is broken down. Discussed are the State Superior Court's Law Division, municipal court proceedings, the sentencing power of judges at each level, the role of Grand Juries, and the discretionary power of prosecutors to propose plea-bargains. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Njcourts.wps

Preventing Jail Suicides : An 18 page study on preventing Jail Suicides in which the writer carefully presents the need for such a program and then discusses in great detail a methodology for re-thinking prison philosophy, reducing the availability of potential suicide tools, removing the psychological desire to kill one's self, and enforcing set policies. A financial plan to assess feasibility is also presented in brief. Bibliography lists 8 supporting sources. Jailsuic.wps

Legislative Sentencing Guidelines & Controversy : A 12 page research paper on crime, Federalization of crime laws, mandatory minimum penalties, and the controversial impact that certain proposals may have on sentencing guidelines in general. The writer is particularly concerned with political activities which have already influenced life-in-prison sentencing and death penalties. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sentguid.wps

Sentencing Guidelines: In 5 pages, the author discusses the sentencing guidelines that were put into place by Congress. A review of literature is made, with the author discussing the pros and cons. A strong argument is made against sentencing guidelines. Bibliography lists several sources. Sentgui2.wps

An Overview Of Federal Sentencing Guidelines : A 10 page research paper which examines how the institution of the federal sentencing guidelines has impacted the court system. The writer gives a brief history of the sentencing guidelines showing some of their applications in case law. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Fedsent.wps

Unfair Sentencing of Blacks : An 11 page research paper discussing in great detail the subject of blacks who commit crime and the sentences that they receive. Examines the disparity between white sentencing and black sentencing--makes strong arguments. Bibliography contains 8 sources. Blackcri.wps

Minorities in the Criminal Justice System / Stereotypes & Unfair.. : 11 pages in length. An excellent analysis of how the criminal justice system treats minorities unfairly. The writer focuses upon some of the reasons for such treatment -- particularly the myths and stereotypes that have evolved pertaining to Black males. Continued racism in systems whose jail cells boast populations comprised of more than 50% Black men are also explored along with chain gangs and other travesties of justice. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Minocrim.wps

Minorities in the Criminal Justice System # 2 / Unfair Treatment : In this well-presented 8 page research paper, the writer offers evidence that Blacks and Latinos are discriminated against in the criminal justice system; According to the argument, minorities are charged with more serious crimes, have less opportunity to plea-bargain, are convicted more frequently, and receive harsher sentences when compared with Caucasians in similar situations. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Minocri2.wps

Inequality Of Minorities In The U.S. Criminal Justice System : In 5 pages, the author describes the inequality of minorities in the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system is biased concerning minorities. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ineq.wps

Minority Women (Working) In Criminal Justice Positions : A 9 page paper in which the writer discusses the success story of Vicki Miles-LaGrange -- an African-American woman named by Bill Clinton to serve as U.S. Attorney. Examples of several other such women are provided as well. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Wmncrimj.wps

Women & The Criminal Justice System / Equality for All ? : A 15 page examination of women in the criminal justice system and how their treatment is inferior to that received by men in the same situations. Bibliography lists fifteen sources. Winjail.wps

Women & The US Justice System : A 16 page research paper. The topic of women and the US Justice System is indeed a broad one, containing several aspects that cannot be ignored by any discussion of both the role of and the effects on women. It is necessary to look at women on each side of the judicial bench—how those in judging positions perform their duties and the contributions they make, and how those embroiled in legal issues common to women are faring today compared to past times. Also important is the fair and unbiased evaluation of the effects and the realized results of laws specific to women, such as sex discrimination of women and reforms of rape laws that have been in place in several jurisdictions for several years, while are still under discussion in others. Bibliography lists 12 sources. WomenUS.doc

The "Nanny" Trial / An In-Depth Look At American Criminal Law : A 12 page research paper that analyzes one of the more compelling trials of the decade, that of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Woodward in which a young British au pair is accused of murdering her young charge. The writer dissects the judicial process with specific regard to this case, uncovering some surprising legal strategies and decisions that served to display the breadth of American law. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Aupair.wps

Computer Crime and the Law : A 5 page examination of the problem of computer crime and the various state and federal laws which are in place to combat it. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cclaw.wps

The Electronic Frontier / Crime : A 9 page paper discussing how the metaphors applied to the Internet can contribute to anarchy and the commission of crime. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Frontier.wps

White Collar Crime & Its Impact On Society : A 7 page paper defining the concept of "white collar' crime and evaluating its economic cost to society. The writer feels that criminal white collar activities represent society's most serious crime. Specific examples of white collar crimes are given and the impact that these have upon their victims is assessed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Whitecol.wps

Exxon Valdez / A White-Collar Crime : This 8 page research paper first offers the background and effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, describes white-collar crime, then explores theories of white-collar crime. Exxon's behaviors during and since the spill are related to the different theories. In every case, the writer finds that Exxon's actions cannot be considered anything but fitting into the descriptions inherent in the different theories. Bibliography included. Exval.wps

Exxon Valdez / Case Analysis : 10 pages in length. Case study of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Many catastrophic implications -- economic as well as with regard to public relations -- have been associated with the accident. This paper will provide an overall case study analysis pertinent to the situation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Valdcase.wps

Tax Fraud : This 6 page paper considers tax fraud cases. Specific ways in which people attempt to cheat on their income taxes is noted. The Internal Revenue Service’s controversial program that uses paid informants is detailed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Taxfraud.wps

Crime Audits For Cities & Towns : This 7 page paper provides an overview of what a Central Business District might do in employing a crime audit. The paper concludes that utilizing statistical data and inspections of business facilities is important in the establishment of safe business environments. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Crmaudit.wps

Technology & Its Role In Criminal Justice : A 6 page paper dealing with the role of technology in criminal justice. Discusses computerized databases and analytical software and systems which are designed to enhance law enforcement effectiveness. Bibliography lists eight sources. Techrole.wps

Plato, Hobbes & Kant / A Fictional Discourse On Crime & Punishment :
A 6 page paper that provides a hypothetical discourse between Plato, Hobbes and Kant regarding their take on crime and punishment. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Platetal.wps

Mark Fuhrman’s Role in The O. J. Simpson Case / Was Race An Issue? :
A 10 page examination of the events in the O. J. Simpson murder trial and how race became an important issue. The activities and behavior of Detective Mark Fuhrman are emphacized. Bibliography lists five sources. Mfuhrman.wps

Fencing & Criminal Justice : A 4 page paper that considers the comparison between fencing, or organized sword fighting, and elements of the criminal justice system. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Fencing.wps

Anthony Lewis’ Gideon’s Trumpet : 7pages in length. Gideon’s Trumpet by Anthony Lewis sheds substantial light on the story of a man who was wrongly accused and jailed for a crime he did not commit. The eye-opening account was Lewis’ way of demonstrating the significant downfalls of the United States judicial system when an innocent man could not gain appropriate legal aid. The writer discusses the various nuances within the book, as well as addresses the message that it is never too late to hold out for hope, especially within a legal system that often goes awry. No other sources used. GidTrump.wps

Harold Rothwax’s "Guilty - The Collapse Of Criminal Justice" / A Critical Review : In 7 pages the writer reviews the book "Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice" by Harold Rothwax while giving a reaction to views and conclusions given by Judge Rothwax about America’s deteriorating criminal justice system. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Guiltyh.wps

Book Review / "Blind Faith" : 10 pages in length. Reviews the book "Blind Faith" from a criminal justice perspective. The story is a true one- about a NJ man who murdered his wife on the Garden State Parkway and alleged that the act was committed by strangers in the night who knocked him unconscious while changing a flat tire. The report examines the prosecutor's work in investigating, unfolding the true story, and getting a conviction. Paper argues that sentencing was insufficient. Blindfai.wps

Book Review / John Slattery's "Change of Heart" : This 7 page paper looks at the about face John Slattery made in opposing the death penalty after the Louise Woodward conviction. The death penalty is discussed in depth as well as other cases where innocent men had been wrongly convicted. The paper strongly opposes capital punishment. Bibliography lists additional 3 sources. Slattery.wps

Book Review / "Dead Man Walking" : A 4 page review of Sister Helen Prejean's book "Deadman Walking"; a true story about a nun's interactions with prisoner's on death row. Author of book (the same nun) urges for the death penalty to be abolished. Deadmanw.wps

Film Analysis / "Dead Man Walking" / Portrayal Of The Criminal Justice System : The portrayal of the criminal justice system in the film Dead Man Walking is discussed in this 6 page paper. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Deadwalk.wps

"Dead Man Walking" / Crime & Punishment : A 3 page paper which compares and contrasts crime and punishment in the Tim Robbins’ film, Dead Man Walking, to determine whether justice is considered from a legal or cultural respective. No additional sources cited. Deadman.wps

"No Heroes, No Villains, The Story of a Murder Trial" : A 5 page overview of the novel written by David Phillips in 1989. Concentrates on the explanation of criminal law and its practice as incorporated into the novel and stresses the importance of proper evidence collection and presentation. No additional sources cited. Nohero.wps

Howard Zehr's "Changing Lenses" / A New Focus For Crime & Justice: A 10 page paper that considers the major points presented in Zehr's book, especially the concept of restorative justice, and provides a critical analysis of his argument. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Zehr.rtf

Book Review / Pierce R. Brooks – "Officer Down – Code Three": This 5 page report discusses "Officer Down Code Three" and shares the insights of this writer regarding the book. Numerous insights are offered regarding the larger world of police work and commented on as a part of the report. No bibliography. BWdown.rtf

Film Review / "Murder in the First" : 4 pages in length. A thoughtful analysis of the film "Murder in the First." The writer describes the film in the context of being a commentary on the ails of our corrections system and the people who work in it. Torturous solitary confinement and other unfair punishments are examined. No Bibliography. Murdfirs.wps

Book Review / Blaming Crime On The Poor ? : A 6 page analytical review of Jeffrey Reiman's book entitled "The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Prison" in which the author attempts to identify the reasons for the failure of our criminal justice system and to see what interests (if any) are served by its failure. The heart of Reiman's argument is that the criminal justice system fails to reduce crime while making it look like crime is the work of the poor. The writer of this paper analyzes his claim and evaluates Reiman's proof. No additional sources cited. Richpoor.wps

The Rich Get Richer Aand The Poor Get Prison: In 8 pages the author discusses the book The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison by Jeffrey Reiman. The bibliography lists 10 sources. Poorpris.wps

William M. Adler’s "Land of Opportunity" : A 5 page analysis of this insightful book which relates the story of the Chambers brothers, four brothers from Arkansas, who were instrumental in the crack cocaine business in Detroit during the 1980s. The writer demonstrates how Adler’s unique viewpoint which places the brothers’ activities within a sociological and historical context gives new insights into America’s drug culture. No additional sources cited. Adler.wps

Criminal Justice Management : In 9 pages the author discusses the topic of criminal justice management. Criminal justice management is often not considered when one thinks of the different criminal justice agencies. All of those agencies need managers that effectively perform their duties, while maintaining a focus on what is best for their prospective agencies. Many people have theories on what constitutes an effective manager and how that manager should be trained. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cjm.wps

Article Review/Anderson,D.,Anderson,S.,& Schumacher,R., H.P.1991. Releasee Characteristics and Parole Success. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation,17,133-145. - A thoroughly comprehensive 7+ page analytical review of the article including 1)purpose of study, 2)subjects and their selection, 3)instruments, measuring devices, & methods of Data collection 4)Design & Method of analysis 5)Principal findings 6)General Conclusions and their foundations and 7)Observations and criticisms. Review lists full citation for journal article. Crim1.wps

Article Review/Abyeta,S. & Forest,J.,P.R.1991.Relationship of Role-Playing Games to Self-Reported Criminal Behavior. Psychological Reports,19,1187-1192. - A thoroughly comprehensive 6+ page analytical review of the article including 1)purpose of study, 2)subjects and their selection, 3)instruments, measuring devices, & methods of Data collection 4)Design & Method of analysis 5)Principal findings 6)General Conclusions and their foundations and 7)Observations and criticisms. Review lists full citation for journal article. Crim2.wps

Article Review/Jefferson,T. & Johnson, J., A.A.C.P.1991.The Relationship of Hyperactivity and Sensation Seeking to Delinquency Subtypes. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 18, 195-201. - A thoroughly comprehensive 5 page analytical review of the article including 1)purpose of study, 2)subjects and their selection, 3)instruments, measuring devices, & methods of Data collection 4)Design & Method of analysis 5)Principal findings 6)General Conclusions and their foundations and 7)Observations and criticisms. Review lists full citation for journal article. Crim3.wps

Article Review/Serin, R., S.P.1991. Psychopathy and Violence in Criminals. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 6, 423-431. - A thoroughly comprehensive 7 page analytical review of the article including 1)purpose of study, 2)subjects and their selection, 3)instruments, measuring devices, & methods of Data collection 4)Design & Method of analysis 5)Principal findings 6)General Conclusions and their foundations and 7)Observations and criticisms. Review lists full citation for journal article. Crim4.wps

Article Review/Dwyer, M., Rosser, S., & Sawyer, S., H.P.1992. Dissociative Experiences of Sexual Offenders: A Comparison Between Two Outpatient Groups and Those Found to be Falsely Accused. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 18, 49-58. - A thoroughly comprehensive 6 page analytical review of the article including 1)purpose of study, 2)subjects and their selection, 3)instruments, measuring devices, & methods of Data collection 4)Design & Method of analysis 5)Principal findings 6)General Conclusions and their foundations and 7)Observations and criticisms. Review lists full citation for journal article. Crim5.wps

Erving Goffman’s "Characteristics of Total Institutions" : In 4 pages, the wroter discusses an article entitled "Characteristics of Total Institutions" by Erving Goffman. A macro and micro comparison is made of staff and inmate, mortification, privilege system, adaptation alignments, and culture themes. Egoffman.wps

Request For A Light Sentence : In this well-argued letter, the writer appeals to the judge of a municipal court in the Northeastern United States to impose a minimum penalty upon their sibling-- who had been found guilty of a crime. Pointed out are the importance of the individual's background, family, etc; Courtlet.wps

Swedish & U. S. Prisons / A Comparison : In 13 pages the author compares Swedish and U. S. prisons. "Both the United States and Sweden share the commonality that criminal offenses should be punished. The United States, however is harsher in her treatment of criminals. She has more prisons and more are being built all the time. The United States has the death penalty, with the state of Texas being the leader in executions. Sweden does not. The United States is getting tough on crime with its 'three strikes' laws, while Sweden allows convicts out on unsupervised furloughs. Sweden's overall approach to managing its offender populations relies less on incarceration and more on alternatives than the United States. The incarceration rates are much lower in Sweden than those in the United States." Paper contains an example of an outline. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Swedus.wps

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