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General Communications Papers

Krasne’s "Say It With Confidence" : A 5 page review of Margo T. Krasne’s book, Say It with Confidence: Overcome the Mental Blocks that Keep You from Making Great Presentations & Speeches. The writer discussed how Krasne debunks popular misconceptions in regards to public speaking and then provides the reader with concrete, practical suggestions that help make for better presentations and more confidence in facing an audience. No additional sources cited. Krasne.wps

The Art Of Persuasion & Influence : A 5 page paper that demonstrates the application of techniques of persuasion, and provides an example of how these techniques can be applied within an interactive situation. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Persinf.wps

Cross-Cultural Communications
: 11 pages in length. As the world grows increasingly smaller and communications have become significantly simplified, dealing with people has actually become less easy. This report looks at various issues in cross-cultural communications using a number of countries as examples (Indonesia, Ghana, Peru, etc;). Many scholarly studies are documented. Excellent for those studying international business and/or communications. Bibliography lists approximately 15 sources. Crosscul.wps

Cross-Cultural Communications # 2 : A 12 page business-orientated discussion of non-verbal communications and what companies need to know when dealing with people overseas. Specifically examined are the cases of China, Indonesia, and Ghana. Bibliography lists approximately 15 sources. Communcu.wps

Non-Verbal Communications / A Definitive Overview : An 8 page research paper in which the writer explains the concept of non-verbal communications as it exists with respect to class and culture. Hand gestures, body English," facial expressions, and more -- are among the many forms of non-verbal communication explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nonverb2.wps nonverbal

Communication / Nonverbal Messages : A 6 page research paper investigating the power of nonverbal messages in the communication process. The investigator hypothesized that facial expressions were more important in terms of other people's perception. A brief literature review revealed significant information concerning the impact of nonverbal communication messages. The literature is discussed along with implications in the process of communicating with others. Bibliography included. Nverb.wps

Are Non-Verbal Communications In-Born or are They Learned ? : An 8 page look at non-verbal communications (i.e., gestures, motions, batting eyelashes, etc;) and the importance of realizing that different groups of people may interpret them in different ways. The primary focus of this particular report, however, is to analyze the controversy over whether most non-verbal communication activities are in-born traits or learned activities. Various issues and studies are explored to help answer this very question and arguments seem to lean strongly in favor of the 'in-born side' for certain non-verbal communications while some lean strongly in favor of the "learned" side for other examples of non-verbal communication. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nonverbl.wps nonverbal

Cultural Comparison of Non-Verbal Communications / Ghana vs. U.S.A. :
A 5 page paper on non-verbal communications in Ghana (Africa) as compared with those in the United States. Ways to convey interest, arouse attention with facial expressions, make motions & gestures, communicate mood or attitude with clothing, etc; are examined. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nonvergh.wps nonverbal

Non-Verbal Environments & Business-Related Productivity : An in-depth, 20 page look at non-verbal environments and their impact upon us. The writer specifically examines how background & foregrounds, windowless environments, weather, odors, etc; can either positively or negatively impact productivity in the business world. Bibliography lists approximately 20 scholarly sources. Nonverb3.wps nonverbal

Book Review / Culture & Non-Verbal Communication : 5 page review of Edward T. Hall's "The Silent Language" in which the writer discusses how various non-verbal factors play a major contributive role in communication and its subsequent understanding. With emphasis on the social and cultural factors that influence each of us, Hall's book essentially outlines various concepts that comprise our understanding of self and others. The role of culture in nonverbal communication is of primary importance to this discussion. No Bibliography. Silenlan.wps nonverbal

Communications / Gender Similarities : A 10 page research example on gender differences in communication. The writer develops a thesis based on studies in nonverbal communications, gender differences, demand-withdrawal, and other studies and commentaries that support the idea that the reported differences are in fact false. Even research geared toward gender differences has been inconclusive, and it is apparent in social interactions that there are more similarities than differences. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Gendsim.wps

Nonverbal Communication and Gender Differences : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of nonverbal communication and considers it in terms of the way both men and women encode and decode these messages. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Verbgend.wps

Deborah Tannen & The Male - Female Communication Model : The sociolinguist’s book You Just don’t Understand is utilized to explore communication in this 5 page paper. The paper notes the controversial nature of the work and argues that it is not credible. Many examples are provided. Other works in the field are discussed. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Tannen.wps

The Different Voices Of Gender : This 6 page paper analyzes the research reported in the article of this title by Wolfinger and Rabow. Specifically, this paper addresses the basis for the research, methodology, results and implications of results which add to the understanding of the differences in how men and women communicate. Voicegen.wps

Men, Women, & Differences in Non-Verbal Communication : In this 2 page essay, the writer observes differences between men and women in non-verbal communication patterns & habits.. Among other things, it is concluded that men are generally more expressive with their hands than their female counterparts ! No Bibliography. Menwomen.wps

Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication : 6 pages on basic human behavior as it relates to verbal and non-verbal communication patterns based upon interviews that occurred between the writer and various people in their own everyday live. Essay is essentially broken down into a series of hypotheses and summaries. No Bibliography. Hmnbhvr.wps

Smiling & Contemporary Society / Issues In Non-Verbal Communication : In this thoughtful 7 page essay, the writer discusses the meaning of smiling in modern American society and it how it functions differently for different people as an example of non-verbal communication. Of particular interest, is the difference between genders : men are often ridiculed if they smile "too much" whereas women are expected to smile constantly. Some cross-cultural comparisons are also made between perceptions of situational smiling in the United States and Europe. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Smiling.wps

Communications / Marital, Gender Differences : A 10 page research example on gender differences in communication in martial relationships. The writer develops a thesis based on dual-gender differences, demand-withdrawal, and the differences in these theories between normal and abusive relationships, and presents in study method form. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Womeng.wps

Emotional Intelligence and Nonverbal Communication : A 6 page paper that provides an evaluative overview of the elements of emotional intelligence and their correlates to nonverbal communication. This paper argues the elements of Dan Goleman’s premises on emotional intelligence and their developmental impact and considers the nature of emotional expression as it impacts nonverbal actions. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Emiq.wps

Animal Communication / Human Behavior : A 10+ page discussion of animal communication and its relevance to human communication & behavior. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Animaltk.wps

Clothing As Communication : Communication as expressed by clothing is explored in this 6 page paper. The fact that clothing is a nonverbal communicator is discussed in terms of its use in business practice as well as in daily life. Different styles of dress by generation and subculture is also pertinent to the paper as well as clothing as an expression of gender and sexuality. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Clothing.wps

Pharmacy Communications / Bridging The Gap : An 8 page report the discusses the problems of pharmacist image and how that contributes to the lack of communication with consumers. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pharmc.wps

Pharmacy Communications : A 6 page paper discussing barriers to pharmacy communications that existed in the past; however, today those barriers are quickly disappearing thanks to such technologies as open hub, the Internet, and the availability of on-line benefits. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pharmcom.wps

Booker T. Washington's Address / Analyzed : 8 pages in length. Discussion of Booker T. Washington's infamous address at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia (1895). Analyzes speech's effectiveness, organization, motives, and audience from a persuasive communication perspective. Includes relevant terminology and theories cited from 1 communications textbook listed in bibliography. Booker.wps

Analysis of a Speech : 3 page discussion of a May 1994 speech delivered by Lee Brown (director of the National Drug Control Policy) about the state of the "drug war." Written from a persuasive communications perspective; contains relevant jargon and technical terms. Bibliography lists 1 textbook source and reference to the speech itself. Brown13.wps

Analysis of a Speech : An elaboration of Brown13.wps; this 3 page work incorporates analyses from such communications perspectives/models as the AIDA model and the Toulmin format. Bibliography lists 1 textbook source and reference to the speech itself. Brown14.wps

Analysis of a Speech : A thorough 7 page analysis of the speech discussed in Brown13.wps and Brown14.wps. Explores many aspects of persuasive communications including audience, values, motives, semantics, thematic dimension and those previously listed. Bibliography lists 1 textbook source and reference to the speech itself. Brown15.wps

Analysis of a Speech : Another 3 page (persuasive communications perspective) analysis of Lee P. Brown's May 1994 speech about the War on Drugs...Bibliography lists 1 textbook source and reference to the speech itself. Brwnspch.wps

Speech Analysis / King's "I Have a Dream" : 4 pages in length. A detailed analysis of Dr. Martin Luther King's infamous "I Have a Dream" speech -- written from a communications perspective. Among other things, the report looks at King's use of language, conviction, credibility, and semantics. Numerous examples (quotations) are used to demonstrate how King's got his message across effectively. No Bibliography. Mlk&.wps

Speech Analysis / King's "I Have a Dream" # 2 : A 5 page look at organization in M.L.K.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. The writer is predominately concerned with such keywords in communications study as : motivational sequence, attention, visualization, & action steps, qualifiers and more. Bibliography lists 2 sources (one of them is a published version of the speech itself). Mlk14.wps

Speech Analysis / King's "I Have a Dream" # 3 : A 9 page paper on King's "I Have a Dream" speech in which the writer discusses the speaker, audience, time, setting, place, etc; From a communications perspective, this report is concerned with Martin Luther King's effectiveness in terms of ethos, stock issues, appeal to his audience's needs, and much more. Bibliography lists 3 sources. (one of them is a published version of the speech itself). Mlk15.wps

Speech Analysis / Martin Luther King's "Letter from A Birmingham Jail" : A 5 page essay on the sufficiency, value and effectiveness of Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter to the clergy written while incarcerated. The writer argues that through poetics, rather than potentially misunderstood detail, King made a factual, ethical, and inductive argument which succeeds by virtue of a variety of equitable treatments. Bibliography lists 1 source. Birjail.wps

Media And The Message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. : A 5 page paper on media's role in creating an ongoing image of leadership in the civil rights movement via Martin Luther King, Jr. The paper discusses the roles of timing, sensationalism, media restraint, and how the genre of eulogy was used to retain a desired media image--that benefitted all citizens in the fight for freedom. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Civrig.wps

Speech Analysis / John F. Kennedy: 5 pages analyzing J.F.K.'s 'remarks on church and state'-- The writer examines from a communications perspective how Kennedy used persuasive techniques to make his words and presentation more effective. Sociocultural roles, empathy, and even Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs are among the many keywords mentioned in the body of this well-written analysis. No Bibliography. Jfkspeec.wps

Critique of Maj. Owens' Speech On The Arts / NEA : A 5 page critique of the Major's speech and how it uses analogy, parallelism, metaphor, and other artistic techniques to express his ideas. The paper shows how he makes his points in regard to funding for the NEA, which include admonishment for lack of vision, description of potential loss of a tactile communications tool, and a warning about the dangers of giving up creativity and individuality to a self-idolizing group. No bibliography. Neaowen.wps

Nelson Mandela’s Speech As Song : A 6 page paper comparing the inaugural speech of Nelson Mandela with the performance of Verdi’s Radames in the opera Aida, and exploring the ways in which a knowledge of the structure of music can lead to a deeper understanding of public addresses. Mandela’s use of technique quietly and politely leads his audience to the point that they want more, even though a significant percentage of his audience was white. Both the black and the white could easily supply the unstated meaning of the progression through which Mandela led them. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nelman.wps

Communications / Creative Writing : Approximately 7 pages in length.
A creatively-written communications paper using various quotes from literature. Very unique in structure and form. Please e-mail us for more information. Communic.wps

Distributive Negotiations and Automobile Sales : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the processes involved in distributive negotiations and applies them to automobile sales. This paper also demonstrates the most effective avenue for success in car sales negotiations. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Carsales.wps

Education in Business Communication : 6 page discussion of education in business communication; its importance and various pertinent issues. (curriculum, issues management etc;). All topics explored from modern corporate perspectives. Buscomm.wps

The Importance of Communication Skills in Business : An 8 page overview of the importance of effective communication skills in the business environment. Stresses that communication is important for the success of a business and that this communication is both internal, within the business itself, and between the business and those on the outside. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Buscomm2.wps

Frederick Douglass and the Contextual Use of the Word "Slave" : 2 pages on the word slave and the historic context in which it was used in Frederick Douglass' narrative. Dougslav.wps

Group Communications : A 7 page applied learning paper on group dynamics, norms, conflict etc; as they relate to interpersonal & group communications. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Commgrou.wps

The Formation Of A Group : An 8 page paper that considers the stages of group development and the differences between an aggregate and a group. This paper suggests that factors of group development have impacted political decision-making. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Group.wps

Group Dynamics : A 5 page paper that explores the components and the development of groups. A discussion of traditional social psychology theory that is the underpinning for group dynamics theory is presented. Also discussed are the role functions members typically take in the group. Bibliography lists 5 sources. GrpDyn.wps

Decision-Making And Group Dynamics : The process of decision-making within the scope of group dynamics requires an understanding of a number of different theoretical components of group behavior, including consensus, Groupthink and dissonance reduction. This 5 page paper considers the basic components of group dynamics as they relate to the process of decision-making and then evaluates the implications of group vs. individual choice. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Groupdec.wps

Group Dynamics and the Jurors at the O.J. Simpson Trial : This 5 page report discusses theories of group dynamics as they apply to the jurors at the O.J. Simpson trial. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ojurors.wps

Group Dynamics / As Related To The Film "Apollo 13" : A 6 page overview of group behavior as related to the movie "Apollo 13". Bibliography lists 3 sources. Groupdyn.wps

Understanding Other Cultures : A 5 page research paper on how we understand other cultures. The writer describes the concept of culture, the fact that experience is the only way to understand one another, and the use of nonverbal cues and situational frameworks help us to understand one another. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cultund.wps

Workplace Literacy : An 8 page research paper on the importance of workplace literacy. Skills for success include writing, speaking, listening, interpersonal, cross-cultural, basic computer, and organizational. The writer examines the extent of workplace illiteracy and employer training programs designed to resolve this problem. A number of relevant studies are discussed and appropriate conclusions are made. Bibliography lists approximately 15 sources. Workplit.wps

Power Words -- Vocabulary For Success ! : Although not intended as a formal model report per se, this 5 page file contains a number of useful words for anyone wishing to build their vocabulary. Not only is each word defined, but specific examples of its use are presented as well. Vocabook.wps

Communication In Nonprofit Organizations : This 5 page paper describes different communication concepts and networks as they apply to nonprofit organizations. Topics include horizontal, hierarchical, vertical and interactive communication techniques and concepts, among others. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Commprof.wps

Computers And The World : An 8 page paper examining the conditions today that involve the computer and the world. Many cultures around the world have been deeply effected by the technological growth that involves the computer. With the development of the today’s computer and technology, the world, for the most part, is becoming such that it works faster and more efficient in relationship to communications and business. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Worldcom.wps

Communications Theory

Comparison of Two Communication Theorists : 9 pages comparing the theoretical works of Kenneth Burke to those of Walt Fisher. Among other things, Burke developed the theory of "dramatism" which suggests that language itself makes people capable of moral and ethical action. Each theorist assessed the role of culture in communications. Bibliography lists 15+ sources. Burkefis.wps

Communications Theory
: In 5 pages the author analyzes a mock communication episode while discussing persuasive communication theory. No additional sources cited. Commtheo.wps

Communication as a Regulatory Process
: A 5 page paper showing how communication, both verbal and non-verbal, can regulate behavior. The example used is that of a student dance demonstration, in which the young dancers are all either positively or negatively influenced by their mothers prior to their performance; the paper suggests that this influences the way they perform. No additional sources cited. Commreg.wps

Kenneth Burke’s "Terministic Screens" Applied To "The Hunt For Red
" : A 5 page paper which examines Kenneth Burke’s book, Terministic Screens, to determine how the film The Hunt For Red October supports the Burkean position. Bibliography lists 1 source. Termhunt.wps

Intervention Methods for More Effective Organizational Communication
: A 5 page discussion of the usefulness of intervention methods in preventing organizational communication from being obstructed. The survey feedback method, the use of change agents, and more are discussed. Several relevant managerial techniques for ensuring a positive communications environment are examined in great detail. No Bibliography. Interven.wps

Organizational Vs. Media Communications Theory
: A comprehensive 9 page discussion in communications theory, analyzing the relevance of the above to business settings. Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources. Commthe2.wps

Communication In Nonprofit Organizations
: This 5 page paper describes different communication concepts and networks as they apply to nonprofit organizations. Topics include horizontal, hierarchical, vertical and interactive communication techniques and concepts, among others. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Commprof.wps

Rectifying Communications Impasses
: A 5 page paper analyzing the organizational communication "disconnect" of a rapidly growing business, Lawson Software, that inadvertently allows their attitudes to lapse into a we vs. they mentality. The company urged their reluctant managers to use peer-to-peer training to become facilitators of groups whose surface purposes were to discuss the internal problems of the company. The managers, however, realized that all their internal problems were only facets of one underlying trouble: an early breakdown of communication both intragroup and intergroup. One manager said that while Deming had provided the philosophy, the facilitator approach at Lawson had provided the means for implementation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Impass.wps

Cognitive Communication Theory / Applied To The Individual
: A 4 page essay discussing how cognitive communication theory can be observed in everyday life of an individual. Cognitive communication, also referred to as constructivist theory, has recently been emphasized in mass media, especially in films but these same precepts are also true in everyday life. Communication requires cognitive processing just as it requires the perceiver to construct meaning. No additional sources cited. Cogtheo.wps
Perceived Understanding : A well-written one page essay on perceived understanding. Relevant to the study of communication theory. Commtheo.wps

Uses & Gratifications Approach
: Approximately 3 pages of information on this communications theory which basically examines the social roles that constrain audience needs, opportunities, and choices. Part of this file is a "working" (annotated) bibliography. Commprac.wps

The Spiral Theory Of Silence & Smoking Policies In The Workplace
A 6 page overview of the Theory of the Spiral of Silence, a theory which holds that individual’s modify the verbal expression of their opinions according to what they perceive as being majority opinion. Gives an example of how the Theory of the Spiral of Silence has an impact over time and how workplace policies can change as a result. Uses an example of the smoking policy in State of Florida facilities. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Spiralt.wps

The Use Of Communication Skills To Fight Delinquency
: The importance of effective communication in combating delinquency is discussed in this 25 page paper. The problem of delinquency is explained along with the reasons for its existence. Various cultures around the world are looked at for insight on how to solve this pervasive problem in American society. The continuum concept is included as well. Detailed solutions are noted, inclusive of verbal and nonverbal techniques of communication which may be utilized by parents for various age groups. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Figthdel.wps

Political Communication Theories
: This 8 page political science paper provides an overview for the development of political communication theory. Several communications theories are discussed inclusive of their development within the context of the political realm. Contemporary examples of American politics are provided as well as other illustrations to demonstrate the application of the concepts. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Polcomm.wps

Politics And Communication
: A 3 page paper analyzing George Orwell’s "Politics and the English Language." Using examples from contemporary politics, the paper wryly argues that both tact and diplomacy would be impossible if speakers were forced to tell the unvarnished truth. No additional sources cited. Orcomm.wps

Cross Cultural Communications
: A 20 page paper discussing the issues surrounding cross cultural communication in the workplace. This is an issue which is increasingly important in the business world as technology has brought down many cultural barriers. An introduction is included, which addresses various concerns as well as provides a definition of terms. This section is followed by a literature review which consists of two separate sections. One section illustrates some particular problems in dealing with different cultures. The second section describes various ways that some writers have offered in regards to solutions. This is followed by a conclusion which addresses the literature described and discusses the possible effectiveness of current trends. Bibliography contains 20 references. Croscult.wps

Tailored Communication in Health Care
: A 15 page overview of the importance of effective communication in health care emphasizing that misunderstandings can not only be costly but also potentially deadly. Stresses that in many cases information must be tailored to meet a patient’s cultural or educational background. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Hlthcomm.wps

Applied Conflict Theory
: A 5 page paper discussing minimizing the potential destructiveness of conflict through awareness of conflict styles as delineated in Hall’s Conflict Management Survey. Conflict truly can be found in any situation involving more than one person and one set of ideas. An awareness of Hall’s conflict styles can aid in resolving that conflict more quickly, whether it be in a manner of compromise or competition and whether it be in the board room or in the back yard, allowing the participants to return more quickly to the issues at hand. There are strengths in each style of conflict advantageous to each setting, and it is up to those involved to make honest assessment of which style would best suit their purposes and the current issues before them. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Aconflict.wps

Communication / Construction Work
: A 8 page research paper discussing two issues of communication: opening communication channels on the work site and improving one's own communication processes. The writer contends that open communication channels enhance job performance and offers three specific suggestions for how to accomplish this. The second part of the paper deals with how supervisors can improve two aspects of their own communication processes to also enhance moral and job performance and to avoid misunderstandings. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Const.wps

Communications in History by David Crowley and Paul Heyer / Art and the Symbols of Ice Age Men
: This 7 page paper provides an overview of the major components of the first chapter of Communication in History by David Crowley and Peter Heyer, and relates an understanding of communications forms and technologies that can be viewed through an understanding of early cave art and symbols. Bibliography lists 8 sources. MHicemen.wps

Language’s Applicability To Metaphysics
: A 5 page paper discussing whether language is necessary in conjunction with metaphysics. Metaphysics is rooted in cause and effect; myriad books and articles have been written to discuss the role of language. If it has no part in cause and effect, then it also can have no part in metaphysics.. This is a dispute in metaphysics, and so necessarily must result either in language being necessary or not. The paper concludes that language is necessary for judging validity of statements, but that a more important aspect is that of sound logic. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Metaph.wps

Intercultural Communication
: A 10 page research paper that examines the complexities of intercultural communication. The writer looks at the necessity for intercultural communication, the processes involved, and the future of this field. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cultcomm.wps

Mass Media & Broadcasting

Aspects of the Mass Media : 8 pages worth of short essays on the mass media; its history and development. Specifically covered are : books, magazines, journalism, TV, radio, syndication, and more. All information from notes and films. No bibliography. Mdiajrnl.wps

Two Revolutions In Sharing Information / The Printing Press & The Internet
A five page paper discussing and comparing the invention of the printing press with the "invention" of the Internet. Both creations have had enormous impact on human communication. Quite literally, humanity had and has never seen something like it before. Bibliography lists six sources. Press.wps

The Media & Foreign Policy
: A 15 page paper discussing the role the media plays in the development and implementation of foreign policy throughout the world. Examples of where it obviously has had an influence, as well as where it has overstepped the boundaries of authority are noted. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Medfor.wps

Book Analysis / Understanding Media
: An 8 page paper giving a critical review of Marshall McLuhan's Understanding Media. The writer describes McLuhan's theories and argues critical points. McLuhan.wps

Marshall McLuhan & the Internet as Global Village
: It can be argued that author Marshall McLuhan was a man before his times, and his social perspectives on the emerging trends in technological development and man’s interactions with the media were considered copious at best when he developed his premises in the early 1960s. But the transformation of the world through the integration of the media and technology and the emergence of the Internet as the foremost component of the global community underscores the primary arguments that McLuhan developed. This 6 page paper considers the major premises of McLuhan and then reflects the nature of current society and the impacts of McLuhan’s early predictions. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mcluhan2.wps

Media Imperialism
: This 12 page paper looks at the subject and highlights the influences of television, radio and film. The term is defined and discussed, concluding that while media imperialism is present today, it is highly overemphasized. Bibliography lists 11 sources. SAMedia.wps

Can Broadcast Media Reject Ads
? : A 6 page essay detailing arguments concerning whether or not broadcast media (Tv, radio, etc;) should be allowed to reject advertisements based upon their content. (Comm/Media, Law, and Advertising). Bibliography lists 12 sources. Broamark.wps

Broadcast Media Advertising / The Choice To Ban Ads
? : 12 pages in length. Advertising is a company's primary means by which to sell its product; without television or radio advertising, businesses would have significantly less ability to successfully market their wares. However, there are guidelines even for such a seemingly innocuous concept as plugging one's product, for the advertising industry has become a well-versed and slick operation all its own. Through the years, a distinctive trend has been established with regard to the various methods advertisers employ in order to outshine the competition. Some of these practices are looked upon as being instrumental within such a cutthroat environment; others, however, are viewed as inappropriate and unacceptable. The writer discusses the fact that while the broadcast media are the focal points for such a vast array of advertising techniques, they does not reserve the right to censor public consumption. Bibliography lists 7 sources. BroadBan.wps

Marketing And Television
: This 10 page paper focuses on advertising promotion as it pertains to television. Several aspects are examined including the use of music and lyrics in different cultures. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Marktv.wps

Discrimination Against Women in Broadcasting
: A 10 page literature review on the instant subject, exploring issues of workforce statistics, discrimination against women broadcasters, and discrimination against storylines of women in broadcasting--including appearance and subject matter. The paper also discusses the "hidden" women in broadcasting--technicians. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Broadwom.wps

Media Messages
: This 3 page paper examines the effect media messages may have on the general public. The view is that advertising has a limited influence on behavior as confirmed by studies. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Medmess.wps

Compromised Media / The Case Against the Tabloidizaton of the "Legitimate" Press
: A 16 page research paper which posits that the media has compromised itself by going to bed with politicians. The writer discusses the media’s degraded position in regard to public trust, and blames its position on a lack of vision which ranges the Kennedy, Reagan, and Clinton administrations. Based on Reagan’s example and the media’s response to it, the writer uses a "cowboy" metaphor to describe the relationship between the media and politicians. The writer lists specific threats to the news media and also provides solutions. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Cnmedpol.wps

Media Bias
: The subject is covered by focusing on a New York Times article published shortly after the Abner Louima incident in Brooklyn. This 6 page analysis suggests that, although this Haitian immigrant was brutalized, it was unfair for media to blame the police without adequately exploring the case. Other cases are mentioned in the discussion. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mediabia.wps

Media Bias # 2
: This 5 page paper provides a discussion on the premise that media is biased. It concludes that although there is less objectivity in reporting today, there is not a particular slant as often charged. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Medbias.wps

Media Racial Bias
: 9 pages in length. Given the power of the press, one would think that reporting the facts would be of utmost importance. However, the truth is often intermixed with fiction, opinion and downright bias when it comes to the media's interpretation of racial issues. The writer addresses racial bias within the media, as well as cites substantiated reasons for its existence. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Mass Media In Popular Culture
: An 8 page paper on the effects of mass media in society. The paper’s main topic is how mass media can and does influence popular belief about politics, people, and products. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Massm.wps

Media & Politics / Politicians & Public Polls
: An 8 page paper that explores the issue of "polls as oracles," and posits that the media should take steps to improve their poll taking abilities because of misleading results. The writer takes the viewpoint of polls and how they affect political processes, especially as they relate to politicians and smear campaigns and how this relates to the public acceptance of those tactics and poll results. The paper presents various examples of how polling and smear campaigns have fared around the world, but emphasis is on American politics and media. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Campolis.wps

Public Polling & Surveys / The Use in the Media and Impacts on Individual Decision-making
: News media organizations and politicians use public opinion surveys to shape public perceptions and address their specific arguments. One of the misnomers of American cultures is that the use of these surveys represents an accurate and accountable view of the opinions of the public as a whole, rather than just representing the cumulative views of the individuals that the survey studies. Both Floyd Fowler and Herbert Asher address the issue of bias in surveys and public polling and this 8 page paper considers the arguments they present. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Polling.wps

Generation X, The Media, & Voting
: 10 pages in length plus FREE outline. In this argumentative essay, the writer posits that "Generation X" is a generation motivated only by media messages and romanced by marketing savvy. Using the specific example of young people's inattention to politics, the case is excellently argued that we vote only because of what we learn through commercial sources. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Generxvo.wps

Flaneurs / Seeing the World, Effecting Change
: A 25 page research paper that explores the world of the modern flaneur. The writer posits that the new adult generation (Generation X) is composed of flaneurs, trained by visual and sound bites to become the world’s spectators, and through follow-up action, they effect a different world. The writer discusses the effectiveness of this generation whose interest is in information (peace) rather than technology (war). As information is applied by this generation to artistic endeavors, the author provides a history of flaneurs and their objective and subjective purposes. Criticism of this generation by older generations is presented, along with refuting arguments. Bibliography lists 28 sources. Flaneur.wps

Televised Politics / Content Validity
: A 10 page argumentative essay which posits that although the format and content of televised politics cannot be validated on the point of quality, the issues raised promote discourse, which is always a valid point. The paper explores the pros and cons of televised political debates and advertisements and their statistical influence on the audience, within the further delineation that the medium is a rapid-information system working on a passive audience. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Candatv.doc

To What Extent Should Media Manipulate Presidential Politics
? :
In 3 pages, the author discusses the role of the media in presidential politics. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Towhat.wps

Reagan / Media & The Polls
: A 12 page research paper that discusses Reagan’s influence on the press corps and its effects in the elections and the polls despite the unpopularity of his fiscal policies among many citizens. The paper posits that both the public and the media suffered from Reagan’s administration, and that his media legacy has also contributed to other unfavorable results for the current presidency and the media as well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Reagmed.wps

1992 Presidential Campaign Rhetoric
: A 10 page paper exploring the 1992 presidential campaign, its rhetoric and its strategies regarding communication with the public through interaction with the press. Emphasizes that it is effective communication, most of which reaches the public through the press, that determines our political leaders and gives numerous examples of the communications strategies used by Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ross Perot. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 1992prec.wps

Spiral Of Cynicism / The Press And The Public Good
: A 7 page synopsis of the book "Spiral of Cynicism: The Press and the Public Good" by Joseph N. Cappella & Kathleen Hall Jamieson. The subject of this book is the media’s portaryal of political issues which, more often than not, result in an attitude of cynicism on behalf of the viewer. The authors illustrate how this is done through a selective framing which revolves around the cynical impression of any given poltiical situation. No additional sources cited. Spiralcy.wps

Analysis of How the Media Portrayed the Clinton / Lewinsky Affair
This 9 page report discusses the politics of the media in its coverage of the President Clinton Monica Lewinsky affair. Issues of news vs. propaganda, gender, the role of the media in the larger story, and other "newsworthiness" aspects are commented on. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Clintlew.wps, Clinmedi.wps

Executive Press Censorship & War / Adding Salt To The Wound
? : 7 pages in length. There were three primary concerns for instituting executive press censorship during Operation Desert Storm: the questionable tactics the media use to purportedly report the truth; the very real chance of classified information reaching enemy hands; and the ever present possibility of reporters getting harmed or even killed while covering the front lines. These issues are significant to the field of communications law, because they represent the sanctity of privacy that is so instrumental in the overall safety of wartime activities. The writer addresses these three issues as they pertain the censorship implementation. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Warpress.wps

Comparing CBS and NBC News on the Peace Talks Following the Iraq Bombings (1999
) : This 5 page report discusses and compares the news coverage provided by two of the top news organizations in the United States. How were they similar and in what significant ways did they differ? No sources cited. CBSNBC.wps

Martin Luther King Jr. / The Impact of the Electronic Media
: An 8 page overview of the importance of the electronic media in the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Asserts that Dr. King utilized both the media and timing to his advantage. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Elecmed.wps

Evolution Of Digital Communication
: A 5 page paper that consider the progression of developments in digital communications for the invention of Morse code to the current processes of data communication transmissions. This paper explores the invention of morse code and facsimile transmission systems as the starting points for the more complex teletype and digital voice systems. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Morsecod.wps

Radio News: 1850s / Expansion vs. Slavery
: A 5 page fictitious 1859 radio broadcast (not invented yet) from New York City calling for an end to slavery. The announcer uses the argument of the nation’s successful expansion through population and economic growth as a means to denounce the Dred Scott decision. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cn1850s.wps

Developments in Digital Radio
: A 6 page research paper exploring the development of Digital Radio. Includes discussion of digital equipment currently available and tools and gadgets currently under development. Satellites, interactive networks, telephones, computers are mentioned. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Digitalr.wps

Analog and Digital Communications Systems
: A 7 page paper discussing the two separate forms of signals. Each one of the signals function differently and serve separate purposes. The technological world of today is quickly moving towards a digital communications system and eliminating much of the analog products. Although analog signal systems will undoubtedly still be employed in some uses most of technology will become digital. Television is perhaps the most obvious form of digital communications signals. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Analog.wps

The History of Radio
: A 5 page research paper which gives a brief overview of radio development beginning with Marconi and going through present day. Topics covered include the "Golden Age" of radio programming and the inventions which contributed to radio technology. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Radohist.wps

Radio In The U.S. Armed Forces During World War II / A Touch Of Home
: A 5 page research paper that relates how the Armed Forces Radio Service brought a "touch of home" to combat troops during World War II. The writer relates how the top stars of Hollywood and the Broadway stage created some of the best radio programs ever produced for the entertainment of the troops during WWII. Bibliography lists several sources. Radioww2.wps

Martin Block & Music Radio
: A 10 page paper discussing the influence that Martin Block had on the evolution of music radio in the US and the ways in which the role of the disc jockey have changed. Martin Block coined the term disc jockey after he suggested in 1935 that his radio station play recorded music as they waited for news of the Lindberg kidnapping trial, creating an industry. Today’s disc jockeys tend to meet the stars as the fans do, but music hopefuls in Block’s time auditioned for him and his colleagues. Today’s disc jockeys are only slightly more privileged than the fans and their listeners, and no longer possess any of the powers of the past. Bibliography lists 8 sources. MBlock.doc

Radio’s Format Changes
: A 5 page paper discussing the format and content changes radio has undergone since its earliest days. Before the advent of the program manager, disc jockeys were in total control of what they did on the air as long as it was within FCC and the station owner’s guidelines. Talk was live; music was recorded in the middle age, but radio shows have been increasingly recorded over the years. There is a trend of some to return to more of the live programming common only a few years ago, but some even offer fully prerecorded shows, breaking into the recording only for the hourly news. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Radiofor.wps

Programming & Format On Four Major NY-Area Radio Stations
This 14 page paper comparatively examines the music, theme, programming, format, and demographics of four radio stations broadcasting in the greater New York City area. Specifically discussed are : WBGO, WQHT, WWRL, and WLTW. The writer is primarily concerned with listener statistics and the relevance of budgeting efforts to what is actually played on the air. The 4 stations analyzed each appeal to a different market. All information was found in brochures & pamphlets requested from the individual radio stations. (Not Available). Radiosta.wps

Deregulation’s Effect On Small Market Radio
: A 5 page paper on the effects of deregulation’s potential in a rural Pennsylvania market that includes 3 FM stations owned by the same group. Radio is one of the few things that is still a growth market after having been in existence for so many years. Rather than declining, its increase is assumed to be because of its ability to blend with other activities that are competitive with other media forms, such as television and the Internet. Radio is still the choice of commuters and is one of the few things that can be simultaneous with other, competing, activities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Radio.wps

Classic Rhetoric’s Role in the Modern World
: This 4 page research paper discusses the compatibility between Aristotle's Classic Rhetoric and the mass media and technology in today's world. Classic Rhetoric is explained from a philosophical perspective. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Arisrhet.wps

Comparison of Media in Two Foreign Countries
: 14 pages in length.
A detailed comparison between contemporary media as it exists in both Sweden and Austria. Issues concerning culture and modern law are discussed so as to explain each country's affection (or lack thereof) for journalism, television, radio, etc; Bibliography lists 8 sources. Foreimed.wps

The Media's Negative Impact On Homelessness
: 7 pages in length. The plight of the homeless is one that can be witnessed every day of every year in just about every city in the world. They have already been dealt a challenging hand that has landed them without homes, income or a way to meet the very basic necessities of life. Making a bad situation even worse is the negative impact the media's coverage has upon the already struggling community. The writer discusses the various ways the media negatively impact homelessness, as well as analyzes the change of sympathetic views from the 1980's to the 1990's. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Homelss2.wps

Effects Of The Mass Media On Our Perception Of Christmas
: A 25 page research paper examining the question: "Does mass media affect the image of Christmas?" The writer traces the history of Santa Claus, examines the importance of Christmas shopping for retailers, reviews the types of media that affect the meaning and image of Christmas providing quotes from a number of sources, and reaches a relevant conclusion based upon the research. Extensive bibliography is included. Christma.wps

The Media & Its Ability To Effect The Public Perception Of Police Departments
: In 8 pages, the writer discusses the media and its ability to effect the public perception of police departments. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Mediae.wps

New York City / Media Visual Imagery
: 20 pages in length. The media image of New York City is one that is both intriguing and dishonest; nowhere else are there more accounts of stereotypical imagery than is portrayed within the Big Apple. A number of various entities have worked together though the decades to create the larger than life image of New York City the world has come to adopt; art, photography and film represent a significant part of that influence. When one contemplates the visual imagery of New York City as it relates to the media, one does not have to think long before a predisposed illustration comes to mind. Not unlike other victims of media influence, New York City is perceived as a twisted Mecca of entertainment, violence, self-centeredness, insanity and raw indifference. The writer discusses the various aspects of media visual imagery as it relates to New York City. Bibliography lists 8 sources. NYCimage.wps

The News
: A 5 page paper on violence in the news. A summary of four different news programs are discussed which includes the percentage of violence that is examined in the news programs. It is found that local news in this area covers violence far less than the national news programs. Some of the stories are examined and accessed to discuss whether they have covered enough of the relevant points of the situations. No additional sources are provided. News.wps

The Importance of Layout & Design in Written Communication
This 6 page research paper examines the role of page layout and design in conveying a message via the print media. Specifically considered are the elements of traditional magazine layout and how such successful publications as Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal and LIFE Magazine strive to convey their messages, and the importance of computer software in the continuing evolution of design. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Layout.wps

Television Technology -- Its Past, Present, & Future
: A 10 page examination of the advancements in technology which resulted in television as we know it today. Includes both a history of television technology, a synopsis of its current status, and predictions of future advancements. Bibliography lists 7 sources. TVhist.wps

Television Technology
: A 4 page look at the technological history of television. Traces the development of the medium from the discovery of selenium to the present day technology. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tvtech.wps

How Television Has Changed The Game Of Baseball
: 6 pages in length. Baseball and television have had a rocky but financially rewarding union. The writer addresses various pros and cons of televised baseball, particularly with respect to the ever-increasing status of player salaries, and discusses aspects of the game that have come into existence specifically through the inclusion of television. Baseb.wps

Television Commercials / 1950s vs. 1990s
: This 7 Page Research Paper investigates the content and format of the commercials aired on television during the 1950s and the commercials in the 1990s. The kinds of products advertised as well as the content and the form of the commercials is different in some ways and much the same in other ways. Specific examples are provided. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Tvad5090.wps

The Simpsons – A Cartoon Portrait Of The American Family
: A 5 page paper discussing the FOX television network’s long running half-hour show "The Simpsons." The program’s characters are representative of American family life, American dreams and goals, and American humor. Bibliography lists four sources. Simp.wps

Popular Culture / Sexuality In Prime Time Television
: 5 pages in length. Sex sells big, and television executives are the first to cash in on the potential draw of prime time television sexual content. However, there exist underlying considerations of this popular culture with regard to the negative side that such entertainment produces, from degenerating morals to low self-image. The writer identifies how prime time sexuality has negatively affected society, demonstrates how other journalists have reported on the issue, proposes a study and discusses its outcome. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Popsex.wps

(The) Evening News / Content Analysis
: 4 page (includes chart) discussion and analysis of evening news content (amount of sex, violence etc;) from study conducted over a one-week period during the summer of 1995. Evennews.wps

A Look at "Grace Under Fire
" : A detailed 3 page essay that takes a brief glance at a popular situation comedy in relation to the cognitive, superiority and aggressive theories of humor. One cited reference. Grace.wps

Are High School Students Being Desensitized To Violence
? : In this two page essay, the writer argues that students are so heavily exposed to violence the media that they are not nearly as sensitive towards it as they should be. Specific examples of movies and other dangerous media are provided. No Bibliography. Teenviol.wps

Argument In Favor Of Reducing TV Violence
: A 5 page paper arguing for TV programming based on higher ideals rather than on blood and gore. One network has catapulted from the bottom of the pile based solely on the success of "Touched by an Angel," a show CBS executives believed would not last a full season, and has since added similar programming. Hollywood has followed suit. These shows and movies are not venues of substitute preaching, but rather are representation of higher ideals by which we can live and make our daily choices. The "garbage in/ garbage out" saying common among early computer programmers applies also to the human mind, and reducing the level of violence on TV can only have positive effects. CBS has shown that those positive effects also can be reflected in the corporate bottom line. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Tvio4.wps

"Natural Born Killers" In The Theme of "Bonnie & Clyde" : A detailed, 4 page reaction to the film "Natural Born Killers" -- The writer discusses the movie's positive qualities as well as its frequently-cited problems re : negativity and violence. Natural Born Killers is discussed in a societal context and also with relevance to some of Oliver Stone's other films. Bibliography lists 3 supporting sources. Mediacr2.wps

News Media Depictions of Police Abuse of Power
: In this 2 page essay, the writer compares three articles describing illegal stops in Delaware and discusses specifically how each article reports on the issue-- with reference to different reporting habits & behaviors of different media-types. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Polccorr.wps

Crime & Justice in the Non Western Media
: National and international restrictions on the news media and increasing criminal activity against journalists are just to concerns that come into view when considering the representations of crime in the non-Western news media. This 10 page paper provides a comparative view of the issue of crime in the media, and then evaluates the specific context of Saudi Arabia, where critics have argued the royal family controls what is viewed and how international news media are allowed to pursue internal information. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Saudmed.wps

Media Stereotypes
: A 5 page essay that looks at the current state of media and its obsession with stereotypical images. The paper reviews social theory relating to image, racial portrayals in the media, and the portrayal of women in the media—and posits that in the United States, legitimate media is currently underground. Bibliography cites 7 sources. Steromed.wps

"The Camera Never Blinks" / Analyzed : This 6 page research paper examines Dan Rather's 1977 autobiographical memoir, The Camera Never Blinks: The Adventures of a Television Journalist. Specifically discussed are Rather's most memorable stories for CBS News, including the civil rights unrest in the early 1960's south, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his stint as southeast Asia correspondent covering the Vietnam War. Bibliography lists one source. Camblink.wps

Variations In Media Coverage
: Variations in coverage of news stories are noted in this 6 page essay. By reviewing two weekly publications, The Economist and The New Republic, the coverage of abortion rights during the 1996 Presidential Election campaign is discussed. Two particular articles are compared for which similarities and differences are noted. Political ideology is discussed as well. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mediacov.wps

Variations In Media Coverage # 2
: Variations in coverage of news stories are noted in this 4 page essay. By reviewing two weekly publications, The Economist and Time Magazine, the coverage of recent events surrounding the Clinton White House regarding fund raising improprieties is discussed. Two particular articles are compared for which similarities and differences are noted. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Clincoff.wps

Problems of the Mass Media
: A 5 page analytical look at the writer's perceived "down" fall of the "mass audience" and, ultimately, of the mass media. Stereotypes, prejudices, and the public's lack of faith in institutions are cited as being responsible. Media responsibility is examined as are a number of other key topics from this genre. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Massmedi.wps

Unblind Justice / Cameras In The Courtroom
: A 5 page argumentative essay on why cameras should not be allowed in the courtroom. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Camcour.wps

Cameras In The Courtroom / Right Or Privilege
? : A 5 page paper discussing the role of cameras in the courtroom and proclaiming the need to keep them there. Bibliography lists five sources. Cameras.wps

Cameras In The Courtroom
: 14 pages in length. The writer addresses how the presence of television cameras in today's courtrooms presents quite a dichotomy with regard to the legal and ethical ramifications surrounding the hotly debated issue. Opponents of such allowances claim there exists a multitude of problems stemming from the media having access inside the courtroom, while proponents say it is every citizen's right to see what is going on in the present judicial system. No matter which way one's opinion may stand, the fact remains that cameras in the courtroom have created an unprecedented obstacle that has both sides debating whether the final outcome of any given trial will been influenced one way or another. Bibliography lists 9 sources. CourtCam.wps

Princess Diana’s Divorce & Death / Role Of The Media
: This 14 page report examines the role the media has played in the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Posed is the question : ‘where does responsible journalism end and dangerous exploitation begin ?’ Bibliography included. Princess.doc

Mass Media and the Self / Negative Influences
: A 9 page paper that presents the impact of the mass media on the individual through the perspectives of a number of significant theorists, including Lasch and Freud. This paper demonstrates the negative impacts of the mass media on individual self-identification, while also demonstrating the societal impacts as well. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mass.wps

Religion And The Media
: A 5 page research essay that explores the relationship between the many forms of the media and religion. How do journalists report about religious events or do they? Are journalists knowledgeable about religion? Where does the public gain its opinions about religion, faith and spirituality? These are the questions explored in this essay. The historical mistrust between religious leaders and the press is based on a number of issues which were revealed in a 1993 study. This writer argues that the media do, in fact, influence what people believe. Bibliography lists 4 sources. RelMed.wps

The Media's Responsibility In Covering Sports
: The writer of this 8 page research paper attempts to answer the question of whether the media can effectively serve any function in sports other than commercializing our favorite ones. It is argued that while the media does help promote our sense of spirit, motivate fans, etc.; it also helps create unfair stereotypes for athletes, undue pressure for college players, and promotes dishonesty in those whose jobs depend on winning..in front of the camera. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sportmda.wps

The Media's Responsibility In Covering Sports # 2
: In this well-reasoned 6
page essay, the writer discusses what the media's ethical responsibilities should be in covering sports-related issues & events and how these measure up with reality. It is argued that the media spends too much time influencing the opinions of fans while it should really be providing objective news. Ultimately, the media's poor coverage of sports helps ruin the private lives of athletes, creates dishonesty among players & coaches, and in the specific case of college sports,-- helps draw the spotlight away from education itself. Recommended ideas about what the media should be doing are presented. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sportmd2.wps

Mad Cow Disease / Media & Economic Impact On The Cattle Industry
A 30 page paper that considers the problem of mad cow disease and the impact on the cattle industry, the problems with the media, and the market fluctuations and their overall impacts. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Moo.wps

The Nielsen Ratings & Advertising Cost
: A 2 page overview of the Nielsen Ratings, "people meters," and their relevance to determining the cost that sponsors must pay to advertise during more popular TV segments. No Bibliography. Nielsenr.wps

Broadcast Cable
: Approximately 3 pages describing the technology of broadcast cable; provides an excellent technical overview of how the system works. No Bibliography. Brodcabl.wps

History of Cable Television
: Brief 3 page history of cable television. Covers litigation and arising issues. Includes short outline (No additional charge). Bibliography contains 3 sources. Cabletv.wps

Trends In The Cable TV Industry
: A 6 page research paper on current trends in the Cable TV industry, focusing on the growth of interest and implementation of cable modem technology to allow interactive Internet access over existing cable lines. The paper includes 2 charts of historical growth of selected segments of the cable industry, and a bibliography listing 6 sources. Cabletv2.wps

Cable v. Satellite TV
: A 5 page paper discussing the pros and cons of installing satellite TV or cable TV in a 36-unit apartment complex. Discusses the initial expenditures for both, monthly fees, maintenance, etc. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Cabvsat.wps

The Use of Satellites in Wireless Communication
: A 10 page research paper discussing the increasing use of satellite technology in the wireless communication industry. This paper discusses a description of the subject matter, the current state of technology in this field, and then presents the advantages, disadvantages and present and future trends in the use of satellites in wireless communications systems. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Wiresat.wps

Gaps Between Theory and Application of Satellite Communications
This 11 page report discusses the gaps between the theories related to satellite communications and their applications as compared with the actual practice being utilized or expanded upon. An ever-increasing number of applications of international communications satellite technology have developed in the past forty years but many of those applications are still variations on the communications theme. This paper both discusses satellites and their capabilities but also examines the number of potential satellite applications that have received little attention or development. Bibliography lists 11 sources. BWsat.rtf

Cable Modems
: A 10 page overview of cable modems, including history, speed, cost, price to consumers, technological advancements, and competitor information. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cblmodem.wps

"Video On Demand" : 7 pages in length. Video on demand was posited to give customers access to a wealth of video services, and allow them to watch a wide variety of programs of their choosing. Concentration is placed on the emerging technologies into online systems. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Videodem.wps

Saving "Free" Broadcast Television
: An 11 page report proposing some fixes for the "fix" network television finds itself now facing. For years, broadcast TV has paid little attention to the desires of the viewers, even as they leave in droves for cable channels and satellite TV. Now there is talk of the major sports organizations’ governing bodies to abandon network TV in favor of a pay-per-view approach to raking in the money. The ultimate effect of such a move, however, would be to limit fan accessibility to the organized games. Baseball attendance still has not regained the ground lost during the baseball strike, and further exhibits of lack of loyalty to the fans could do irreparable damage to the fortunes of big-business sports, a fact that network executives need to point out to the powers that be. FREE appendix included ! Bibliography lists 6 sources. Freetv.wps

Television Documentaries / Information Or Propaganda
? : A 5 page essay that looks at the question of whether or not it is appropriate for TV networks to take a partisan position that has a predetermined editorial point of view. Docu.wps

Television Talk Shows
: A 5 page research paper on the good promoted by television talk shows. Describes how talk shows have increased public awareness of domestic violence, pitfalls of managed care, promoted racial equality, and help direct minority youth to programs and opportunities for careers and higher education. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Talkshow.wps

Talk Radio / The Conservative Onslaught
: A 5 page evaluation of the political bend of talk radio. Bibliography lists four sources. Talkradi.wps

Satellite Communications
: This 20 page report discusses satellite communications and provides a basic informative and technical overview of the concepts and advancement of the technology. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Satcom.wps

Satellite Communications
: A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the development of satellite communications since Sputnik. The writer also outlines the issues and international impacts of this type of technology. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Commsati.wps

Electronic Communication / A New Language and a New Way of Communicating
: This 14 page report discusses the advent of electronic communication and the ways it has changed the interactions between millions of people. Discussion forums can and are built around a specific topic or area of interest and allows participants to post messages that others can read at a later time. Such a process applies to the business world, as well as academics and, increasingly, personal interactions. As a result, a new language, etiquette, and frame of reference have developed which has developed into its own unique world. Bibliography lists 12 sources. BWchat.rtf

Shopping From Home
: 25 pages in length. A thorough discussion of the home shopping network, QVC and others. The writer looks at their history, growing popularity and the future of at-home & on-line shopping. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Homeshop.wps

Sex & The Mass Media / The Sixties Vs. The Nineties
: A 10 page paper on the change in attitudes and policy regarding sex in TV and movies from the beginning of the sixties to the middle of the nineties. It concludes that since television followed movies in becoming more "sexually free," perhaps the "kinder, gentler" love story the movies have focused on of late presages a change for television as well. Bibliography lists six sources. Sexmedia.wps

Beauty & Its Superficial Importance In TV Sitcoms
: A 5 page research paper which analyzes how TV sitcoms portray beautiful women. The writer shows that these images are unrealistic and stereotyped relating TV’s portrayal of women with some of the latest research on the human perception of beauty. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Beautytv.wps

The Evolution Of "TV Moms
" : A 9 page paper on television mothers and their evolution from domestic housekeeper/child-raisers to professional women. Beginning with the '50s, TV moms are examined and compared to the real-life counterparts. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tvmoms.wps

Dysfunctional Family On TV / "Married With Children
" : A 5 page essay on this popular TV sitcom in which the writer analyzes the show from a sociological point of view. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Marriedw.wps

Sitcoms Of The 50's & 60's / Media Portrayal Of The American Family
: A 14 page research paper on the history of situational comedies ("sitcoms") and their presentation of the American family during the 1950's and 60's. The writer discusses specific shows, their characters, and the degree of reality presented by them and their on-screen families. Comparisons are made between yesterday and today regarding TV's portrayal of divorce, social problems, etc; Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Sitcom60.wps

Situation Comedy Through the Ages
: Sitcoms are explored from the fifties through the nineties in this 10 page overview. The programs are exposed as being unrealistic and the question of why some comedies endure while others fade is the main theme of the paper. Highlighted shows include "I Love Lucy", "The Honeymooners", "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Seinfeld". Bibliography lists 8 sources. Sitcomed.wps

The Development of Love Relationships Within The TV Sitcom
: A 3 page essay on the development of love relationships within the American family as shown on TV sitcoms. Bibliography included. TVfam.wps

The Role & Effectiveness of Print Advertising
: A 6 page paper on the role and effectiveness of print media in influencing public opinion. Specific magazine ads are analyzed and the usefulness of this media is compared with that of television, radio, etc; Bibliography lists 4 sources. Printadv.wps

Television and Cinema / Two Forms of Mass Communication
: 4 pages in length. These important two types of communication tools are explored by the writer and compared in terms of modes of reception and language used to reach their specific intended audiences. No Bibliography. Cinetele.wps

Technology & The Mass Media vs. O.J. Simpson
: 4 pages in length. A fresh look at a worn topic in which the writer argues that O.J. Simpson was "robbed" of his right to a fair trial because media overage of surrounding events contributed to prejudicial opinions all over the world. As the media has made it virtually impossible for a truly "impartial" jury to exist, we cannot have expected Simpson to be judged as anyone else would. The role of technology in helping to solve the case is also discussed. Included FREE outline ! Bibliography lists 1 source. Oj.wps

Consumer Reaction To Products Endorsed By Specific Celebrities
A 7 page paper presenting an advertising research project in which a survey was used to assess the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in advertising in terms of obtaining the desired effect on the consumer. The paper reports a survey done of 52 mall shoppers equally divided regarding sex. They were asked their opinions of several celebrities, several products, and whether celebrity endorsement affected their purchasing decisions. The limitations of the study prevents the researcher from concluding that the hypothesis is proved, but it is supported by the findings and warrants further research. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Advcele.wps

The Ethics of "Selling Science" In The Popular Press
: A 4 page essay on ethics in reporting science and technology issues in the popular press. The writer details the relationship between the press and the scientific community, the problems associated with P.R., and the importance of knowledgeable reporters. No bibliography. Sellscie.wps

Commercials & Television Programming / An Observational Analysis
In this 5 page essay, the writer reports their observations of television commercials as they occurred during a certain one hour television program. Recorded were the times that commercials occurred, their length, and content. These variables are analyzed with respect to advertising market and other relevant data. An illustrative chart is included .No Bibliography. Tvcomml.wps

Gender Studies In Saturday Morning Marketing
: A 10 page paper looking at the content of both children's TV shows and the commercials within them from a gender view. Shows discussed are Looney Tunes (Porky Pig), Captain Planet and Muppet Babies. Commercials discussed are those for Oreo Cookies, a motorcycle that comes with a wrench for making bike parts move, triplet babies, and ever-present Barbie. The paper concludes that though there are some instances of gender-specific focus, children's programming seems to be much less gender-biased than in years past. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Cartoons.doc

The "Smurfette Principle" & Today’s Gender-Biased Media
: Nearly three decades after the "Feminist Movement" and the initiation of the Equal Rights Amendment, much of the entertainment media is still reflecting lower-level roles, even subordinate roles for women. This 4 page essay explores "The Smurfette Principle" in terms of various preschool television shows. The similarity of today's storylines to those of 25 and more years ago is astounding. . . a rather incredible fact in light of the feminist movement. Gender bias is alive and well in entertainment media. No bibliography. Smurfett.wps

The Equal Rights Amendment Ratification & its Effect
: In 5 pages, the author discusses the Equal Rights Amendment. Roles and positions of both supporters and opponents of the amendment are made. The author also discusses its affect on society. "The Equal Rights Amendment has been presented on numerous occasions, but it has failed ratification. There are some that see the ERA as the only viable solution for the women of the 20th century and beyond. Others see it only causing major problems in colleges and the military and as giving gays an open forum for same-sex marriages and certain other privileges." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ratef.wps

"Touched by an Angel" : A 6-page essay in which the television series is reviewed in terms of characters, plot, theme, settings in Part I. Part II explains what melodrama and genre are in terms of television and gives examples of melodramatic incidents in the show. Part III discusses the social and cultural effects of the show. Angel.wps

Television & People's Viewing Habits -- Research In Communications Theory
: A 12 page research paper examining reasons why people watch television. The writer believes that those of us who watch more television do so with less reason. Similarly, those who watch less television do so with more reason. Primary research and the results of the writer's own small-scale survey (FREE copy of survey included) are incorporated into the discussion and the original hypothesis is validated. Communication theories such as the uses & gratifications approach are utilized to explain this phenomenon. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Televisn.wps

Proposal To Create A Latin American Film Series For Americans
: An 11 page paper that provides an overview of a film series proposal on Latin American culture and history. This overview provides a reasoning behind the development of the series, which includes the hope of dispelling American stereotypes, while also designing divisions and episodes necessary to consider the almost 3 dozen countries, republics, provinces and political units in Latin America. This paper attempts to incorporate as many as possible into the episodes, each focusing on one cultural, political or environmental event that significantly impacted the cultural development of the group countries or political units. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Latinfil.wps

Uses & Gratifications Approach / Why We Use the Media
: A 15 page research paper in which the writer discusses today's popular mass media (television, radio, & print) and assesses reasons why people tend to use each of them more than others. In doing so, this report inherently focuses its background attention upon the uses and gratifications approach -- offering proof that the theory is a valid one. Demographic data concerning media audiences is analyzed and the results of a small-scale survey conducted by the writer are discussed (copy of the survey questionnaire is provided). Several illustrative charts and graphs are included (if receiving by e-mail, you MUST be able to download file attachments in order to view these !) Bibliography lists 12 sources. Mediawhy.wps

Television Violence
: This 5 page essay argues the thesis that violence should not be shown on television. Several studies that support the position are cited, including research conducted by the American Psychological Association. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tvviol.wps

Television Violence #2
: 5 pages in length. The author discusses both sides of the issue of TV violence. Studies are mentioned that give validity to both sides of the issue. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Tvio.wps

Television & Media Violence
: In this insightful 9 page essay, the writer argues that Television violence and its influence have grown to epidemic proportions and that it is our responsibility to effect change so that future generations can lead more socially healthy lives. Research from a number of excellent authorities is provided to support these ideas and the apparent attraction between children and violence is analyzed. Recommendations are included. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Mediavio.wps

Violence On Television
: A 7 page paper discussing the problem of television violence and its effects on children. The paper analyzes violence in cartoons and violence in movies and contrasts these with violence within the sports industry, specifically the WWF. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Vioontv.wps

Media Violence
: Violence as portrayed by the television, film, and music industries is discussed in this 25 page paper. Actual cases of copycat crimes are noted in addition to a section devoted to the effects of music videos. A discussion on video games is also included. Solutions to the problem are provided, including a discussion on the new V-chip technology and the new television rating system. The paper is replete with references to the latest studies on media violence. Bibliography lists 23 sources. Violmed.wps

NOT The Media’s Fault / The Truth About Violence
: A 9 page paper on how the roots of violence are not from the media but hit very close to home: within the group dynamic. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Tviole.wps

TV & Children
: A 4 page essay addressing the negative effects of TV viewing on children. The writer discusses alternatives to TV for children. No Bibliography. Vkids.wps

TV Violence / Sociological & Psychological Impact On Children
: An 8 page research proposal for studying the topic question: does violence on television have an impact on children. Controversy and debate have raged for at least three decades on this question. Meanwhile, the level of violent acts committed on television shows during prime-time, including the family hour, has increased steadily. A brief search of the literature suggests that TV violence does have an impact on children's behaviors and level of sensitivity. Tv.wps

Television’s Effects Upon Sexual Behavior
: A 7 page research paper exploring the effects of television on sexual behavior. The writer focuses upon the changes in adolescent sexual activity. Specific documented examples of youngsters mimicking acts they had seen on television or in the movies are given. The thesis of the paper is essentially that, "Yes, television does, in fact, impact the degree of sexual activity among adolescents." Bibliography is included. Tvsex.wps

Influence of Film on Adolescent Sex
: This 7 page paper discusses the impact of contemporary movies on sexual activity in adolescents. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Teensex.wps

Violence, Society, & The Media
: In this thought-provoking 8 page essay, the writer tells us that as violent as some contemporary presentations have become, we cannot point an accusing finger nor blame today's society for it is far from unique -- Even two thousand years ago, Greeks & Romans sat in Coliseums and cheered as one opponent brutally slayed another. All that has changed today is the media through which we view such violence. Art is but an imitation of life and we must therefore acknowledge that as frightful as it may seem, television and movies are definitive art-- and the violence they are depicting is but an imitation of life. No Bibliography. Mediavi2.wps

Movie Ratings / How Effective Are They
? : A 5 page paper exploring the need for movie ratings and explaining the various problems and attributes of existing and proposed systems. Emphasizes the important role of the parents controlling the viewing patterns of their child. Bibliography lists four sources. Movierat.wps NC 17

Video Games / Labeling & Ethics
: A 12 page paper describing video games and the fact they contain graphics, language and ideas that may be objectionable and damaging if not handled properly. At present the method of censuring is labeling the games. Descriptions of games and of advertising is described. The main point in focus is the fact that it is the parents’ responsibility to filter the information of video games just as it is their responsibility to control the child’s access to television, music, and movies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Videogms.wps

Video Games And Violence
: A 9 page review of the violence of video games and the possible impacts of these games on real life violence. Suggests that the level of violence we are experiencing in our society today can be correlated, at least to a certain degree, with the violent stimuli our children are being exposed to through video games and other sources. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Vidviol.wps

International Terrorism And The Media
: 8 pages in length. In what manner are the various forms of media coverage a welcome mat for international terrorism? By granting them celebrity status, experts say intense and infiltrating news reports only benefit the terrorist, for it is that exact public access he is after to present his political platform. The writer defends opponents of such media coverage by stating facts and historical examples of its harm. Terrintl.wps

Mass Media And Terrorism
: A 15 page research paper that explores how terrorists are successful at exploiting the link between the news media, public opinion, and presidential decision making. The writer discusses the sociological and political dimensions of reported violence in hostage, terrorist attacks, and bombings situations. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Cnmdia.wps

U.S. Response to Terrorism
: A 6 page research paper that examines how the U.S. foreign policy response to terrorism and specifically to the 1985 crisis when Shite terrorists hijacked TWA flight 847. The writer argues in favor of a hard-line military response as the best preventative measure against such attacks. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Twa847.wps

Media Deception During The Great Depression
: An 8 page essay on the deceptively optimistic attitude adopted by the press and movie industry before and during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Grdepr.wps

Vietnam War And The Media
: A 15-page paper explaining the media's role in the way the Vietnam war was perceived. The writer explains how different types of media influenced public opinion in both the USA and Canada. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Vietnamm.wps

Why America Listens To Howard Stern
: A 9 page essay analyzing why society listens so closely to the words of obnoxious radio personality : Howard Stern, a man famous for his willingness to always say the "wrong thing." Stern's attitudes on politics, homosexuality, gender, and more, --are analyzed. The writer also looks at some of the psycho-social implications of common performances by Stern and his sidekick, Robin and what it is that makes them seem so believable. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Stern.wps

Video Script For A Slide Show
: Sold as 5 pages. This document contains a standard video script for a business presentation / slide show -- advertising a fictitious car with a special V-14 engine. Graphics, sound effects, etc.-- are all taken into account and written into the script. Vdscript.wps

Cellular Phone Fraud
: A 12 page paper discussing cellular phone fraud. Examines the victims and perpetrators, the laws affecting relevant cases, and the costs. Bibliography includes 12 sources. Fraud.wps

Telecommunications Fraud
: This 5 page paper argues that telecommunications fraud will never be eradicated, only perhaps slowed down. Specific types of scams and schemes including cellular phone cloning are examined. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Telfr.wps

The Telephone
: A 5 page research paper that examines this technological wonder of the nineteenth century. The telephone is so taken-for-granted in modern society that it's easy to forget that it radically changed the way people communicate. The writer discusses how this invention works and describes the early history of the Bell Company. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Telephon.wps

Telephone Technology
: A 4 page overview of telephone technology. Includes information regarding the physics of the human voice and the differences in analog and digital telephone processing systems and newer systems such as Signal 7 in processing this voice. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Teletech.wps

Telephone Service Providers & Their Networks / Addressing Technological Change and Cost Feasibility in a Constantly Changing Market
: Over the past century, the development of the telecommunications industry from a conceptual and primary stage to a distinct, vast and complex web of interconnected providers and technology-based services has defined it as a standard focus of the increasing global business sector. The telecommunications industry, which clearly impacts the lives of most Americans on a daily basis, has developed as the connected operation of many businesses and major monopolies, and has resulted in the call for a reshaping of legislation that addresses the industry-specific issues in the last decade. This 70 page paper reflects the changing face of the telecommunications industry, and also considers the efforts by specific telephone service providers and their expanded networks to address the issue of technological change while also maintaining their cost-containment efforts and addressing the needs, both in services and in fees, of the consumer base. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Teleserv.wps

Iridium LLC’s Launch
: A 10 page paper discussing the global telecommunications company’s success within one week of the date it began service, making it possible to gain global telephone and paging service through one telephone number. In the planning and building stages from 1987 to 1998, Iridium LLC is the first of six planned global cellular service providers to go operational after getting its network of 66 low-orbiting satellites in place. Iridium begins service with $2.5 billion in debt but great promise for success. The paper provides explanation of general satellite differences, the competition Iridium will face in the future as other companies launch their own services and the relative cost of service. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Iridium.wps

Telephone Technology Paradigms / Cellular Rises To The Challenge
: An 8 page overview of cellular telephone technology. Provides a technical outline of the telephone industry as a whole and related the importance of challenge in the improvement of technology. Presents digital technology as the current paradigm in the field. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cellulap.wps

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