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Chinese Music -- The Ch’in / Chinese Zither : A 12 page research paper on this ancient and subtle Chinese instrument. The writer includes an overview of Chinese music as well as details on the construction, playing techniques, and music of the Ch’in which shows the history and significance of this remarkable instrument. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Zither.wps

History, Continuity & Chinese Civilization : A 4 page paper that supports the recognition of continuity in ancient Chinese history as an element of current-day Chinese civilization. The writer disagrees with the perspective of Jacques Gernet and other historians who claim that by revelling in ancient Chinese history, historians lack a perspective on the changing status of the country. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chinciv.wps

Ancient Chinese Warfare / Book Review : 5 page review of Shalin Hai-Jew's "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"--a book that traces ancient Chinese warfare and diplomacy through various early dynasties (originally compiled by Luo Guan Zhong during the Ming Dynasty). No bibliography. Chinnok2.wps

"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"/ A Primer In Chinese Initiative : A 16 page paper describing the classic Chinese work on warfare and political strategy. The paper points out how, by studying the strategies of "Three Kingdoms" (written by protagonist Chuko Liang), Chinese industrialists hope to impress upon their workers that there is nothing foreign or Western about management, leadership, or strategy. The writer examines how Chuko Liang’s political and military strategy provides models for today’s highly competitive global marketplace, and show how Chuko’s trust and confidence in his generals provide models for a team-oriented and initiative-driven approach in industry. Bibliography lists seven sources. Kingdom.wps

Tzu Hsi, the Empress Dowager of China : A 5 page research paper on the life of Tzu Hsi, who has the mother of the emperor became the power behind the throne of China for fifty years. Ambitious, xenophobic, anti-modern and superstitious, she lived a life of luxury and ostentation to the detriment of her country. Her rule, rather then preserving traditional Chinese culture as she desired, undoubtedly hastened the dominance of China by the foreign influences. Bibliography lists 20 sources. 90tzuhsi.wps

Women in Chinese Culture Analyzed : This 15 page research paper examines the role of women throughout China’s cultural history. Specifically considered are women’s roles from a historical perspective, the theme of ‘big’ tradition (government) vs. ‘little’ tradition (household and the masses) and the outlook of women in China today. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Chinwom.wps

Women Contesting the Gender Ideals of Late Imperial China : A 5 page paper which examines the historical social, textual and bodily practices which constructed the ideals of the female gender and women’s ability to contest these gender boundaries in late Imperial China. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Genchina.wps

I fight Like A Woman: Women’s Rights In China : A 5 page overview of women’s plight in China and how that plight was addressed by the 1995 United Nations women’s conference in Beijing. Concludes that while the conference resulted in little overt impact to women’s rights in China it is the little positives which resulted which will ultimately make a difference. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Chinwomn.wps

The Role of Women in Chinese Literature : This 5 page paper is divided into to segments: the first addresses the role of women and the different female perspectives presented in Chinese literature during the Tang and Song dynasties, and relates gender differences based on authorship; and the second segment considers the social changes that occurred in China after the An Lushan Rebellion of 755. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chinale.wps

The Idea of Womanhood in Traditional Chinese Society : Since as early as the 7th century B.C., women in China have been permitted to hold positions of power and even lead in prominent positions as national figureheads. Unfortunately, no level of leadership, education or social prominence for women could change the patriarchal nature of traditional Chinese society. From the early Han Dynasty to the last of the Chinese dynasties, the Ch’ing Dynasty (17th-early 20th centuries) women have played significant and defining roles in the political structure of China, though these roles have been defined by the death of their husbands and their circumstances rather than by the social acceptability of female leaders in Chinese society. This 5 page paper reflects the lives of a number of prominent women in Chinese history, including Ban Zhao of the Han dynasty, Song Ruoxin of the Tang, Empress Wu Zeitan of the Zhou Dynasty, and Tzu-Hsi, dowager Empress of the Ch’ing Dynasty and defines the impact of the patriarchal definitions in determining their impact on history. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Womnchin.wps

Problems of Women in Rural China : A 3 page paper which examines the problems currently faced by women in rural China and some solutions which have been suggested. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Rurchina.wps

Spence’s "Death of Woman Wang" / Social Abuse : A 5 page paper examining the theme of domestic abuse in 17th century China in this book by Jonathan D. Spence. The paper argues that because Chinese society placed so much power in the hands of one gender at the expense of another, tragedies like the brutal death of Mrs. Wang were inevitable. Bibliography lists 1 source. Womnwang.wps

Spence’s "Death of Woman Wang" / Female Non-Personhood : A 5 page paper examining this book by Jonathan D. Spence. Looking at social conditions in seventeenth century China, the paper argues that women in this era were essentially not considered to be people at all. Bibliography lists 1 source. Wangwomn.wps

The Impact of Buddhism on Asian Aesthetics : A 7 page research paper on Buddhism and art especially in China and India. The writer details the general tenets of Hinduism, Confucianism, and Buddhism, and the changes in visual and written arts with the dominance of each. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Buddhart.wps

The Influence of Buddhism on Asia : An 8 page paper that discusses the advent of Buddhism in India and its spread throughout Asia. The paper focuses on how the malleable nature of Buddhism allowed it to insinuate itself in many different cultures, often changing the very nature of existing religions. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Buddinfl.wps *For more Buddhism papers, check out our RELIGION Category!

The Introduction & Impact Of Buddhism In Chinese History : This 8 page paper provides a basic overview of the introduction and adoption of Buddhism in China. No bibliography. Budpap.wps

Buddhism in China Analyzed : A 5 page paper examining how the religious practices of Buddhism found their way to China and became an integral part of both Chinese philosophy and religion. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Budchin.wps

1587 - A Year of No Significance / The Ming Dynasty Decline : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Ray Huang’s book and considers the contradiction between the title and the content of the work. No additional sources cited. Huang.doc

The Taiping Rebellion & "God’s Chinese Son" : This 3 page report discusses the rise of Hong Xiuquan and his version of Christian theology that led him and his followers in an attempt to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. No additional sources cited. Taiping.wps

The Story Of The Stone : In the reading of The Story of the Stone there is an enormous amount of symbolism inherent in the presentation. The author tells the reader, in the preamble, that many of the names are allegorical. The style of writing, similar to the telling of a myth or fable, and the inclusion of metaphysical thought and paranormal activities (prescient dreams) lends credence to the interpretation of the story in terms of the symbols and the social climate at the time it was written. This is 5 page paper examines the changes in social and class structure in the late Imperialist era of the Qing Dynasty through the auspices of the symbols presented in the story. No additional sources cited. Storysto.wps

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine : 8 pages in length. The recent trend toward alternative therapies, such as traditional Chinese herbal medicine, is one that warrants the attention of the Western medical society. Not only are the herbal therapies valued for their healing abilities, but when used in conjunction with other alternative modalities, they provide a much more comprehensive approach to overall health and healing. The writer discusses the history behind traditional Chinese herbal medicine, as well as addresses its uses in today's American society. Bibliography lists 5 sources. HerbMed.wps

Chinese Art / Book Review : - 4 page review of Michael Sullivan's "The Arts of China," a comprehensive book detailing the history and development of Chinese art from ancient times to the twentieth century. Includes bibliographic reference for Sullivan's book. Chinabok.wps

Chinese Family Systems : A 7 page paper on Chinese families, comparing contemporary situations with traditional. The writer details Chinese wedding customs, gender power, patriarchy and the traditional family structure juxtaposed in modern life.Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinafam.wps

Chinese Poetry : A very basic, 4 page overview of Yu Hsuan-Chi's "On a Visit to Ch'ung Chen Taoist Temple (9th century A.D. -China) with comparative reference to Washington Allston's poem "Rosalie." (17th century). No bibliography. Chinapoe.wps

The Positive Effects of Disease – Medieval China : This 6 research page paper briefly draws on some of the information provided in McNeill’s "Plagues and People," as well as other information that illustrates that disease can have positive effects for a population. Bibliography lists four sources. Chinadis.wps

Legalism in Feudal China Analyzed : This 5 page research paper examines the legalism, which along with Confucianism and Taoism, was a response to the chaotic Chinese feudal system. Specifically discussed are legalism views on the characteristics of a good leader; whether or not morality is important in good leadership; the relationship between the ruler and his ministers, subjects, family and friends; effective ways of dealing with the gap between rich and poor; and identification of the five vermin and why they pose a challenge to legalist authority. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Feudchin.wps

Chinese Spirit Objects / Book Review : 5 page review of concepts in a book by Zheng Dekun & Shen Weizhun entitled "Chinese Spirit Objects." Accompanied by full bibliographic reference, the text reviewed examines the meaning of Minqi and the style of Qin figures. Chinnok3.wps

Book Review / Early Dynasties : 5 page review of a book by D. Keightly entitled "Shang & Zhou Dynasties : An Historical Examination." The writer analyzes the foundations of Chinese civilization, tradition, culture, political rule, and other developments. Key aspects of the Shane and Zhou dynasties are clarified. No citation. Shangdyn.wps

Under the Ancestors’ Shadow : A 5 page paper discussing the book with the same name by Francis L.K. Hsu. Many issues are discussed in regards to China and how things have changed since Hsu’s book was published. Social mobility, the importance of farmers, personality, and kinship are but a few of the issues covered in the book and discussed in this paper. Hsu’s book gives the reader a sound foundation for being able to more fully understand the present condition of China. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ancshad.wps

History Of The Abacus / From West To East & Beyond : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the history and development of the abacus. The report essentially compares the Chinese, Roman, Greek, Russian and Indian counting methods utilizing similar instruments. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Abacus.doc

Chinese and Russian Economies & Politics : This 6 page research paper examines the changes in China and Russia since the ideological and political collapse of Communism. Specifically considered are the present and the future of the two countries, with the assertion that China is headed for ‘superpower’ status while Russia is in decline. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Chinruss.wps

Sino-Soviet Relations From 1945-1989 : 5 pages in length. Nineteen eighty-nine was a most significant year for Sino-Soviet relations. The Chinese and the Russians had endured several decades of discord that ultimately culminated in the restoration of party-to-party relations, bringing together the two communist parties. The events that initially caused the rift between the two powers served to create considerable strain within existing Sino-Soviet relations; these concerns were not so much because of Russian initiatives or concessions but more because Chinese developments. The writer discusses the events affecting Sino-Soviet relations between 1945 and 1989. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sinosov.wps

The Communists and the Kuomintang / The Struggle For Power In Revolutionary China : A 9 page paper detailing the power struggle between the Communist Party and the KMT (Kuomintang) in revolutionary China. The writer details the working ideologies of both parties and explores the social conditions and the political circumstances that produced them. The bibliography lists 6 sources.China2.wps

A Comparison Between The Han Dynasty And The Ancient Greeks : 6 pages in length. A comparative paper in which the writer attempts to reconcile how classic Greeks would view China during the time of the Han Dynasty. The writer explores various differences in the politics and culture of these two groups. Chinagre.wps

The Opium Wars : A 6 page paper discussing the causes and results of the two Opium Wars (1839-1842 and 1856-1858) between China and Britain. In 300 years of trade with China, Britain had developed a thirst for China’s tea as well as appetites for Chinese silk and porcelain, but pre-industrial China found very little to desire from Britain’s offerings. To ease the resulting tremendous trade deficit, Britain began growing opium in its colony India and insisted that China allow it to enter their country for use by their people. China declined the affront to their national sovereignty, lost Hong Kong to Britain, and later lost all right to restrict the opium trade within their borders. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Opwar.wps

Today’s China in Light of the Past : A 5 page paper discussing modern China with reference to long-standing beliefs and practices. As a culture both ancient and so new as to be positively modern, China remains a study in contrasts. Guangdong International Trust & Investment Corporation (GITIC) was forced by the government to go bankrupt when it was not destitute, but the government was alarmed over what it perceived to be the same types of patterns that preceded the currency and banking crisis in Japan and determined to force the GITIC to cease making what it believed were loans of questionable value. China remains an official "big emerging market," but it is yet unclear just what form of government and economic structure will grow from the current chaos. Bibliography lists 23 sources. KSchina99.doc

Chang’s "The Rape of Nanking" / The Chinese Holocaust : A 5 page paper on Iris Chang’s non-fiction book The Rape of Nanking. In this work Chang describes the systematic murder of the population of this Chinese city by the Japanese in 1937, and posits some reasons for the Japanese soldier’s unthinkable brutality. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nanking.wps

Democracy In China : A 12 page research paper dealing with the background and development of the democracy movement in China which culminated in the student demonstrations of 1989 in Tiananmen Square. The writer concentrates on the book The Deng Xiaoping Era by Maurice Meisner since this scholarly work gives an excellent overview of the events, politically and culturally, which contributed to the development of the movement. This paper demonstrates that with a thorough knowledge of the background of the movement the rather inexplicable events of 1989 begin to make sense within their own cultural framework. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Demchina.wps

Tiananmen Square / An Historical Perspective : A 6 page paper that traces the political history of the Gate of Heavenly Peace, and then explores the six weeks leading up to the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The paper provides 3 viewpoints on the deaths involved, and ends with two quotes, one from an intellectual involved in the occupation of the Square and the other from Xioaping Deng--that shows the diverse outlook on the occupation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Tian.wps

Tiananmen Square Remembered : An 8 page creative essay in which the writer tells what happened on that fateful day from the semi-fictional perspective of someone who was actually there [based on documented eyewitness accounts]. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Tiansq.wps

Chen Village & Long Bow: / Communism Spreads Through Village Communities : A 7 page research paper in which the writer considers the way in which village communities were utilized as central focuses for the spread of communism during the first half of the 20th century in China. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Chenvill.wps

China’s Fall To Communism : A 10 page paper discussing the rise of China’s Communist party under the leadership of Mao Zedong, with emphasis on the Long March. In many ways it appears that China’s Communist party was victorious almost more as a result of Chaing Kai-Shek’s weak leadership than because of their own superior abilities. Without his unnatural obsession for eradicating Communists rather than foreign invaders, the observed history of China likely would be far different. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chinalco.wps

Mao and Kim / Two Faces Of Communism, Two Faces Of Famine : A 6 page overview of the politics of Mao Tse-tung in the People’s Republic of China and those of Kim Il Sung in North Korea. Points out the similarities and concludes that each was responsible for the tremendous famines experienced and being experienced by their countries. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mao&kim.wps

China / The Long March (1934-35) : An overview of one of China's most dramatic stand-ups in the country's history : "The Long March." For the most part, this was an epic journey across China undertaken by the Chinese Communists in 1934-35 and sprawling out over 5,000 miles. It has been defined by some as the most extraordinary event of its kind in world history and this 5 page paper details its casual factors, philosophical rationale, and political outcome. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Longmarc.wps

Mao Zedong / Legacy : A 5 page essay on the history of Mao Zedong’s government through historian eyes and the eyes of civilians during the period. The writer discusses Mao’s policies, and how they applied to individuals—and how they are still a huge influence upon China. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Maodong.wps

Differences & Similarities Between Lenin, Stalin, & Mao : An 10 page reseach paper analyzing the similarities and differences of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. The impact they had on their country is discussed. Further, a comparison is made between the writings of Lenin, Hitler and Mussolini. All were fanatics, all were dictators, all blamed another segment of their society for everything that was wrong. Extensive bibliography is included. Lenstalin.wps

The Three Gorges Dam Project in China : 5 pages in which the writer evaluates the Three Gorges Dam Project in China. China is taking a big risk in the building of this very expensive dam. Bibliography lists 4 sources. 3gorges.wps

The Modernization of China : A 7 page research paper on the collision course that is forming between China’s steadily growing population and the corresponding increasing need for food. China has over one-fifth of the world’s population, but only about a seventh of the world’s arable land. Experts fear that China may be headed for another famine equal to the one which followed Mao’s push toward industrialization in the 1950s. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Modchina.wps

Political & Military Reasons for the Defeat of the Nationalist Chinese by the Communist Chinese in 1949 : This 12 page report discusses the takeover of China by Communist forces in 1949. The writer specifically discusses political and military mistakes and lack of leadership bt Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek that led to the defeat of Nationalist China. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Polmil.wps

The Human Rights Policy of The United Nations & Implementation of Those Policies in China : In 5 pages the author discusses the human rights policy of the United Nations and an analysis of the implementation of those policies in China. "The UN human rights committees focus their goals on human rights violations, and ensuring equality on all aspects. China has been cited as a violator of the human rights covenants that were established by the United Nations." Bibliography lists 7 sources. Unrights.wps

Human Rights in China & the U.S. : This 10 page paper outlines the differences in perception between the United States and China in terms of human rights issues. The 1989 Tiananmen Square incident is highlighted as a significant example as well as an occurrence that changed foreign policy. Also explored is whether or not there can be an objective human rights determination; the paper concludes that human rights issues are subjective and rely largely on cultural perceptions. Bibliography lists 8 sources Humchin.wps

China’s One-Child Policy / Economic Perspective On Governmental Control : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to China’s limitations on child rearing and considers the impacts in terms of national economics. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chinaone.doc

Is China Becoming the Next World Economic Super Power? : A 10 page paper looking primarily at late 1990’s economic developments in China, with an eye toward answering the above question. China is in the process of moving from a market-driven socialist economy to one that, while freer, cannot be termed a totally free economy. Already, the economic boom in progress since 1987 has greatly increased the living standard of millions of China’s citizens. The Jiang government is taking active steps to ensure that China continues to enjoy double-digit economic growth while holding inflation at low levels, and they are committed to relieving themselves of all but 1,000 of the 305,000 state-owned enterprises. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Chinabpow.wps

China's Economy : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of China's economy in light of the relationship with the United States and considers the impacts of economic reforms initiated in the 1970s. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinaeco.wps

China’s Economic Possibilities : 5 pages in length. Already the largest manufacturer of labor-intensive products in the world, China appears to be poised for nothing more than impressive growth, and is expected to out-perform the anticipated $1.1 trillion GDP of ASEAN by 2010. The good fortune in China is skewed, however, with most of the foreign companies being located in the southern provinces. The region has reached its limits in the numbers of people it can support; the paper takes the position that China should require that future installations be placed around the country. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chinaecp.wps

Foreign Direct Investment in China: A 5 page paper discussing the special problems of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China not found in any other country. China is still fairly attractive for FDI, but not to the extent they have been overly hospitable to multinational corporations. The company only needs to be aware of the problems specific to China. While the actual market may be lower than anticipated due to per capita income levels, China still can be a profitable business site. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinafdi.wps

The Economics Of Hong Kong vs. China : A 25 page paper that strives to demonstrate the differences in the economies between these two cultures. The writer discusses much about the recent reversion of Hong Kong back to Chinese rule, and what effects that will have on its economy and government. Hongchi.wps

Economics In Hong Kong & China : An 8 page research essay discussing aspects of Hong Kong economics in comparison to those of China. While Hong Kong clearly embraces much of Keynesian theory, China continues to operate within a Marxist philosophy. This despite eager study of Western economics theory for the past sixty years. How New Hong Kong will fare in the world market as part of the People's Republic of China is also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hongchi.wps

Economics / China & Hong Kong : A 10 page research paper exploring the pros and cons of the rapprochement of Hong Kong to China. The writer explores historical Chinese and Hong Kong economics, shifting politics and policies, and different sides of the argument in terms of the dual economies of 1998. Bibliography lists14 sources. Chinahkg.wps

Hong Kong's Return to China : A 5 page overview that speculates about what may happen when Hong Kong is handed back to China, after approximately150 years of British rule. Economic and cultural aspects are highlighted. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hongkong.wps

Hong Kong / Political and Economic Changes : A 15 page paper that describes the impacts of the process of Chinese reunification on the political and economic status of Hong Kong. The focus of this paper is on those aspects that significantly impact the economic health of Hong Hong. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hongkon2.wps

Deviant Behavior in Hong Kong Adolescents : A 5 page paper discussing two articles on deviant behavior among adolescents in Hong Kong. The first article is titled, "Family, school, peer and media predictors of adolescent deviant behavior in Hong Kong" by Yuet W.Cheung. The second article is titled, "The relation of prosocial and antisocial behavior to personality and peer relationships of Hong Kong Chinese adolescents" by Hing Keung Ma et al.. While both studies vary slightly in their subject matter they both address, in one way or another, the issue of peer pressure and the influence it has on deviant behavior among adolescents. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Hongkon2.wps

Labor Markets / China vs. U.S. : A 10 page paper comparing the labor markets of China and the US. Traces China’s journey from a communal system to its present-day attempts at an open market system including a brief description of the US open market system and what it means to a country’s economy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Usclabor.wps

Housing As Social Control : A 9 page discussion of the different social control theories utilized by the United States and Tibet / China with respect to housing. The United States and China have very different forms of social control, especially in regards to the settlement of land in another country, as China is settling Tibet. While it would seem that the United States and China/Tibet would have nothing in common in regards to their settlement policies, the fact remains that both countries use a similar social theory as the basis of social control in their neighborhoods. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Soccontr.wps

Confucianism / Book Review : 5 review and discussion of the book "An Outline of Confucianism" by D.Y. Lee. Author describes the history and evolution of this core philosophy. Confucia.wps

The Analects of Confucius : A 6 page research paper on the history, value and significance of Confucius’ Analects, a multi-volume, 2,500 year old collection of his sayings put into writing after his death by his followers. Confucius had something to say about every aspect of human life within the confines of his society, truths that today, even with all the societal changes that have ocurred over the centuries, remain truths applicable still to human life that Confucius worked so fervently to improve. Bibliography lists 6+ sources. Confucis.wps

Principles Of Confucianism : This 10 page paper examines the Eastern philosophy (and religion) known as Confucianism. Specifically, there will be a discussion of the philosophy's origins, the emergence of Confucian schools of thought, tenets, rituals and principles as outlined in the classics and books of Confucianism. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Confuphi.wps

Lun Yü of K’ung Fu-Tzu / Analects Of Confucius vs. Theories Of Plato : An 8 page paper discussing the Lun Yu, also known as "the Analects" of Confucius and comparing them to the views of Plato regarding the reformation of society. Bibliography lists five sources. Lunyu.wps

Confucius vs. Plato / Their Ideas On Society & State : This 11 page research paper compares and contrasts the views of Confucius and Plato on society and the creation of a ruling state. Specifically discussed are the nature of man in terms of good and evil, what role, if any, a higher power plays; whether or not morality can be learned; and the purpose of the state and qualities of its leaders. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Conplato.wps

Confucius, Alexander the Great & Socrates / A Comparison : A 4 page comparison of three historical figures, Confucius, Alexander the Great and Socrates. Discusses the accomplishments of each and presents a comparison of military verses philosophical pursuits. Bibliography lists 4 sources. PPconfuc.wps

Americans & Hui Muslims / A Cultural Comparison : A 6 page paper comparing and contrasting the culture of the Hui Muslims and that of Americans. Although the culture of America is far more complex an issue than that of the particular group of Chinese Muslims, a general comparison and contrast is involved, which illustrates that, even though there are scattered issues which illustrate different aspects, the majority of the issues illustrate vast similarities in the cultures. While this may be directly related to religion to some extent, the differences are, more than likely, attributable to the basic and essential qualities that are inherent in history and culture’s involvement in such. For individual cultures appear to follow a similar path in the evolution of their unique cultures. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Amhuimus.wps

The Hui Muslim Of China – A Culture Unlike Anything In The U.S. : This 7 page report discusses the Hui Muslims of northwest China. Muslim separatists want to recover or liberate the land they call "East Turkistan." Violence has broken out in what the Chinese government has referred to as "counter-revolutionary rebellion." There are some vague parallels between the Hui and the African American and Native American cultures of the U.S. that are very briefly mentioned. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hui.wps

Hui Muslims: Their Culture Verses "Mainstream" American Culture :
A 7 page exploration of the definition of culture as it relates to the Hui Muslims of China and the "mainstream" American culture. Proposes that the biggest difficulty in such an overview is the definition of "mainstream." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Huimusli.wps

Taoism -- Ancient Chinese Religion : A complete, 9 page overview of Taoism-- an ancient Chinese religion. The writer discusses the philosophy, traditions, practices, and rituals of Taoist people as well as some of their legends and sacred scripts. Variations of Taoism, Taoism's relevance to Confucianism, and the endurance of the religion today-- are among the many other subtopics covered in this comprehensive discussion. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Taoism.wps

Taoism -- Approach to Turbulence Analyzed : This 6 page research paper examines the emergence of Taoism in feudal China. Specifically considered are the natural characteristics and elements of Taoism such as the explanation of the universe, invisible and visible Tao, good and evil, morality and the consequences of going against the teachings of Tao. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Taoism2.rtf

Taoism in Feudal China : This 8 page research paper examines the emergence of Taoism as a response to the war-like mentality of feudal China. Specifically considered are the similarities and differences between Taoism and Confucianism and the elements of Taoism as discussed in Lao Tzu’s official text, Tao Te Ching, on such issues as the natural explanation of the universe, invisible and visible Tao, characteristics, causes of world misery, war, material greed, lawlessness, and desires. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Taofeud.wps

Confuscianism, Taoism, Legalism : A 5 page paper that discusses Arthur Waley's [author of book w/ same name] opinion and categorization of pre-Han eastern religious/philosophical debates in regard these three dimensions of thought. The writer argues that Waley's view is limited by his own interpretation of the that discourse. Bibliography lists 1 source. Conftao.wps

Tao Te Ching : a 6 page paper on this Chinese philosophy. The writer explores the history of Tao and gives a summary of its basic principles. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Taoching.wps

Heidegger, Zen Buddhism, and the Value of Meditative Thinking :
A 9 page paper outlining the teachings of Heidegger and Zen Buddhists. The writer examines the similarities in both views of reality, self, and the value of meditation as it relates to their ideas. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Heidegge.wps

Kant, Suzuki, & The Philosophy Of Zen Buddhism : A 6 page paper on the differences and similarities between the theories and philosophies of Immanual Kant, and Suzuki Roshi. It gives some insight into each of these two philosophies, explaining how they work in practice and in theory. The writer also discusses how each effect life today. No bibliography. Kantzen.wps

Hu Shih & D. T. Suzuki / Philosophy of Zen Buddhism : In 9 pages the author debates between the philosophies of Hu Shih and D. T. Suzuki and how each argues Zen philosophy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hushih.wps

Zen Meditation : A 6 page research paper on the history and practice Zen Meditation. Zen essentially teaches that inner transformative power is found within our own selves and not through pious acts or learning from established masters. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Zenmedi.wps

Hu Shih & D. T. Suzuki / Philosophy of Zen Buddhism : In 9 pages the author debates between the philosophies of Hu Shih and D. T. Suzuki and how each argues Zen philosophy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hushih.wps

Zen Meditation : A 6 page research paper on the history and practice Zen Meditation. Zen essentially teaches that inner transformative power is found within our own selves and not through pious acts or learning from established masters. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Zenmedi.wps

Ezra Pound / Philosophy & Works : 9 pages in length. Ezra Pound was an American avant-garde poet, critic, and translator, who exerted an enormous influence over the development of English and American poetry and criticism during the early 20th century. Interestingly, Pound actually led the Modernist interest in Chinese poetry and is therefore quite significant to Asian studies. Report is largely a comprehensive, sociopolitical examination of Ezra Pound's influence, philosophy, and style. Bibliography lists 5 critical sources. Ezrapoun.wps

Genghis Khan / Life & Conquests : 8 pages on Genghis Khan, the Mongolian Conqueror. The writer analytically outlines his life, battles, conquest, campaigns, etc; Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gengihsk.wps

Genghis Khan’s Impact On Asia : An 8 page paper that evaluates the impact Genghis Khan had on Asia, particularly how in creating the Mongol Empire and the Mongol Army, he affected cultures and practices of the native people and forever changed the face of the continent. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Khangen.wps

Ghengis Khan / The Man, His Empire, & His Infamy : A 7 page discussion of mongul conqueror Genghis Khan and his long-lasting effects on the structure of the world. Bibliography lists six sources. Gkhan.wps

Kingston’s "Warrior Woman" / Mother-Daughter Relationship : A 5 page essay on the mother’s expectations, legacy, and results of the daughter’s efforts in Maxine Hong Kingston’s autobiography. The writer posits that both the mother and daughter, though retaining separate ideologies, come together in the fact that the daughter becomes a warrior woman, a warrior created through the help of the mother. No additional sources cited. Womwar.wps

The Role Of Women In The Chinese Family: Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior: Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among Ghosts And Fae Myenne Ng’s Bone : This 5 page paper provides a comparison of the central theme of the role of women within the family structure of Chinese and Chinese-immigrants as related through Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts, and Fae Myenne Ng’s Bone. This paper not only considers the role of women in the family, but also relates this role to the Chinese mythology and the perspectives of individuals women within the development of these stories. No additional sources cited. Kingch.wps

Women Warriors in Hong Kong Films : An 8 page research paper on the women warrior genre in Hong Kong films. The writer details the history of the genre, its main features, and describes several examples. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hongfilm.wps

Chinese Film -- "Farewell My Concubine" Analyzed : This 4 page research paper examines the 1993 Chinese film, Farewell My Concubine. Specifically discussed are the film’s opening and closing scenes, asks and helps answer five questions pertaining to the film, and considers a particularly thought-provoking aspect of the film. Farewell.wps

The Chinese Educational System : A 5 page essay on the history and current condition of the Chinese Eductinal System and the problems that it is currently faceing. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinesed.wps

US / China Economic Relations : A 10 page paper research paper discussing the present status of US/China economic relations and considering past and present indicators that could impact the future of Sino-American trade. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Uschina.wps

U.S. Financial Foreign Policy and China : A 20 page research paper examining much of the phenomenal growth of China’s economy. There are three basic sections: overall Trade Policy, Foreign Investment Policy and Foreign Exchange Rate Policy. The trade policy section lightly discusses the WTO, of which China is not a member, but deals extensively with the ever-intense issue of renewing China’s Most Favored Nation status. The United States has growing numbers of business concerns within China’s borders, as some of our largest companies seek to take advantage of some of the lowest production costs in the world. Similarly, Taiwan has made the same sort of investment in China’s economy. As U.S. trade deficits show us reaching more of a balance with Taiwan, it is only a paper balance—many of the Taiwan products we import are actually produced now in China, and are called Chinese. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Chinapol.wps

China and the Middle East : A 5 page paper discussing China’s political relationships with the Middle Eastern countries and its trade arrangements with, not only the countries of the Middle East, but also the United States. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Mideast.doc

Military Strategists / Sun Tzu vs. Carl Von Clausewitz : A 4 page paper that considers the military philosophies presented by Sun Tzu and Clausewitz and the similarities and differences that can be inferred from a comparison of their works. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Artofwar.wps

Chinese Immigration In The 19th Century United States : A 5 page research paper which examines the conditions faced by Chinese immigrants in the nineteenth century and then gives a quick overview of how these conditions evolved and changed to the present time. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chinaim.wps

Asian Women (Hmong Refugees) : A 5 page research paper that examines the situation of Hmong refugee women in American society who are suffering from depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. The writer discusses the rehabilitation efforts that have directed towards these women and whether or not these do more harm then good. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Asiwome.wps

Hmong Imigration And Adaptation In The United States : This 8 page report discusses the Hmong people of the highlands of Laos who fearlessly allied themselves with the United States war effort in Southeast Asia and who have since faced merciless persecution. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hmong.wps

Chinese City / Sex, Death & Hierarchy : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of some of the major points in Jankowiak's work and reflects on the impact in terms of a comparison of traditional Chinese culture and contemporary practices. No additional sources cited. Jankowik.wps

China and Japan / Political & Legislative Structures : A 10 page paper discussing and comparing the political and legislative structures of China and Japan. The primary issue or "problem" discussed is the idea that the Chinese government has claimed all authority resulting in less innovation and growth compared to Japan’s more functional approach to development and government support rather than government control. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chinjap.wps

Japan’s Economic Relations Wth China : 15 pages in length. Within the past 50 years, Japan’s economic relations with China have moved from that of warily watching the next move of the giant Communist nation to having China being the greatest recipient of Japan’s available foreign direct investment funds and becoming one of Japan’s most important customers for their export goods. With Japan’s success in manufacturing that has put to shame most of the rest of the industrialized world, they found themselves with an excess of wealth to put to use. Originally focused at buying much of America, Japan has since settled on China as the most worthy recipient of their earned wealth. In response, China has prospered. Bibliography lists 8 sources. JERC.wps


Japanese Art and Culture : This 10 page paper provides an overview of Japanese culture with an emphasis on art. Included is a section on the history of art in Japan. Contemporary subjects are addressed including the culture's treatment of AIDS and homosexuality. Comparisons between Japanese and Western culture are made throughout the paper. Bibliography cites 11 sources. Japcult.wps

Japanese Art During The Asuka Period : This 5 page paper provides an overview of Japanese art as was created during the Asuka period. The scope of the era is defined and its link with the introduction of Buddhism is highlighted. The Horyuji Temple is noted as being important to the history of Japanese art and the clothing as created during the time period is also included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Asuka.wps

Japanese Art Of The Kamakuran Period : 10 pages in length. The Kamakuran period marks the time in Japanese history when the city of Kamakura was the capitol of Japan. The period was characterized by great and beautiful art as a direct result of the change in military rule, and Buddhist beliefs. Most of the art of the time consisted sculptures pictures and portraits of Gods, spirits, and priests. This paper traces the development, significance, & style of Kamakuran Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kamakura.doc

Japanese Music : A 5 page research paper that examines the surprising prominence that Western music has gained over traditional Japanese forms since World War II, and shows that this pattern of appropriating the musical forms of other cultures is actually typical of the Japanese. The writer demonstrates that Japan has frequently borrowed from other cultures as the traditional forms of Japanese music are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Japanmus.wps

Shonagon’s "The Pillow Book" / A Reflection Of Japanese History :
A 14 page research paper on this work by a tenth-century Japanese woman who served as a lady-in-waiting at the Imperial Court. The writer demonstrates how Sie Shonagon’s collection of anecdotes, reflections, aesthetic assessments and accounts of courtly life provide a window into life in medieval Japan. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pillowb.wps

The Meiji Constitution and Democracy In Japan : A 9 page paper that considers the Meiji Era and the Meiji constitution and Reischauer and Jensen's contention that they were a betrayal of democracy. This paper also suggests the inherent problems that have led to a questioning of the importance of democracy within the current political climate of Japan. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Meicon.wps

Diary of a Japanese Nationalist : This fictitious, but historically accurate, diary of a Japanese biologist tells of atrocities that happened in the early twentieth century. Some information is included pertaining to religion, schools, customs and family life but the focus is on the inhumane experiments conducted in Japanese ruled Manchuria. Bibliography cites 5 sources. Asiane.wps

Japan / Her History and Economy : A 9 page discussion of the history of Japan with particular emphasis on her economy, both past and present. Bibliography lists four sources. Japan2.wps

Japanese History / Fall Of The Tokugawa : A 5 page researching the reasons for the fall of the Tokugawa Bakufu. The Tokugawa brought two centuries of peace to Japan and then became obsolete. The demands of other nations and the demands within the country led to the 15th Tokugawa Shogun turning the power back to the Emperor. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tokugawa.wps

Feudalism and Literature in pre-Meiji Japan : A 5 page paper synthesizing two books --Feudalism in Japan by Peter Duus and the Anthology of Japanese Literature by Donald Keene. It makes observations, not only about the history of feudal Japan, but about the nature of history itself. Bibliography lists two sources (the books themselves). Japan.doc

Japan / 300 Years, 3 Administrative Periods : A 4 page research essay on the Meiji, Tokugawa, and Amae periods (1550-1668, mid-1900). The writer discusses this in terms of historical revisionism and relationship to U.S. policy. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Meiji.wps

Samurai Japanese Culture : A 4 page research essay that describes the Samurai culture. Topics include the origins of the Samurai, their purpose, and the end of the Samurai class. But, did the spirit of the Samurai end there? Was the spirit of the fiercest warrior who service without regard for his own safety once again evident in the Kamikaze pilots in World War II. This writer discusses this possibility. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Samurai.wps

Battle Of Nomanhan, Mongolia (Khalkin-Gol River) / Analyzed : This 5 page research paper examines the 1939 Battle of Nomanhan border dispute between the Soviet and Japanese armies. Specifically discussed are the causes of the underlying causes of the battle, what took place, and its impact. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nomanhan.rtf

Japan’ s Involvement in World War II : A 7 page paper discussing Japans reasons for entering the war. It talks about why, and how Japan became involved, and why they weren't successful. Jpww2.wps

Art in Hiroshima / Then and Now : A 5 page paper that considers the impacts of the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 on the development of art in that region. The writer focuses on the impact of political cartooning as an art form. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hiroart.wps

Japanese Animation / Anime & The Link to Hiroshima : A 5 page paper that considers the role that the bombing of Hiroshima has played in the shaping of modern day animation. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Japanim.wps

Hiroshima & Nagasaki / Dropping The Atomic Bomb Saved Lives :
A 6 page paper discussing how the decision to use atomic bombs on Japanese cities saved lives. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bomb.wps

Hiroshima / Examination Of Mass Destruction : A 10 page overview of the history and impacts of the destruction of Hiroshima in 1945. This paper demonstrates the physical destruction that occured and the lasting implications of this kind of action. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hiro.doc

Hachiya’s "Hiroshima Diary" : In this 13 page research paper, the writer presents an in-depth analysis into the historic importance of the Hiroshima Diary -- written by a Japanese physician soon after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Hirodiar.wps

The Changing Status of Japanese Women : This 19 page research paper examines the role of Japanese women in their society and how that role has changed since the conclusion of World War II. Article 14 of the Japanese constitution was a major landmark in helping to improve conditions for women and various other laws & events have helped to increase women's participation rights..yet Japanese society still clings to tradition in several key respects.. Bibliography lists 15 comprehensive sources. Japane1.wps

The Westernization Of Japan : A 4 page research paper discussing the Westernization of Japan. In the mid-1800s Samurai who were in the low ranks became dissatisfied with the feudal system and wanted to modernize Japan. A revolution occurred and the Meiji era began. The Shogunate was abolished and Westernaization began in a rather wholesale fashion. One aspect of Westernization the Japanese people feared was imperialistic power and, in fact, the Meiji government did find itself in the midst of what they feared. Wholesale adoption of Western ways was ended in 1912. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Japanwe.wps

The Japanese Consulate : This 12 page paper discusses the function, policies and organizational structure of the Japanese Consulate. Consulat.wps

Japanese Imperialism in Modern Times : 7 pages in length. An historical discussion beginning with the rise of Japanese imperialism in the late nineteenth century after the arrival of U.S. Matthew C. Perry and ending with the decline of Japanese Imperialism at the end of World War II. The writer also examines some of the steps that have since been taken to ensure the growth of Democracy in Japan. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Japanimp.wps

Japanese History & Senso : In 4 pages, the writer discusses whether 1945 should be seen as a break in historical continuity or whether pre and post 1945 history should be analyzed in terms of historic continuity [Japan]. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Senso.wps

"Family Game" (Kanoku Geemu) / Post War Japanese Society : In 4 pages the author discusses the movie "Family Game" (Kanoku Geemu) and the post war Japanese society. No additional sources cited. Postjap.wps

Moving To The City / Japan's Graying Farms : A 6 page essay examining Japan's current trend away from the farms and into the cities. Family farms are being worked by owners well past working age while the families' children are opting for the life of the city, which seems to be freer and easier to live. The paper includes an analogy between the current Japanese migration from their ancient agricultural heritage to the American shift from farms to cities, comparing the similarities and differences in the cultural views of agriculture and those who make it their living. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Japanfar.wps

The Japanese Educational System : A 17 page research paper examining the Japanese educational system, focusing on the government-controlled elementary curriculum. Though the Japanese high school system is in reform to upgrade their levels of achievement scores in the humanities, the entire world is aware that the Japanese scores in science and mathematics are consistently the highest in the world. A prime reason for the success of Japanese schools in these areas are the sense of self and pride in any task instilled in the elementary years. The elementary program of Japan shares many parallels with the Montessori method, which has gained popularity in the United States in recent years. Bibliography lists 8 cited and 2 general references. Japskool.wps

A Comparison Between the British & Japanese Parliaments : A 40 page research paper which examines in detail the British and Japanese parliamentary systems. The writer demonstrates that the two systems have many similar charactertistics as well as some signficant differences which stem largely from the fact that the Japanese Constitution was written not by the Japanese, but by American Occupation forces after World War II. Bibliography contains 26 sources. Britjap.wps

United States & Japan / Foreign Policy : The continuance of current Japanese-U.S. relations as likely is the premise of this 6 page argument. Several issues are explored including cultural differences, trade agreements, and the positions of both the United States and Japan in the new world order. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Japanus.wps

Japan - US Policy / Amae : An 8 page research paper on the Japan-US relations from their first contacts. The writer explores the hills and valleys of the relationship to current policies, based on the Japan ideal of amae and the U.S. response to same. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Amae.wps

Japan’s Business Laws / Sony Corp. : An 8 page research paper on the relationship between Sony Corp. and Japan Business Law. Using the Japanese ideology of Kaizen and Keiretsu, the writer offers a discussion on the reciprocal success between the company and the government. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sonyngov.doc

Japanese Foreign Direct Investment : 9 pages in length. Among all the currency problems that many regions of the world have witnessed since 1992, "Southeast Asia's situation is more acute. The region does have one major strength: some of the world's highest growth, savings, and investment rates. But like the Latins, Asians had binged on easy-money policies. Now, the Asians--like the Europeans, Mexicans, and even the Japanese--are paying the price. They are also being forced to become more realistic about steps they need to take to keep their economies healthy in the longer term." FDI is a route to even out some of bumps, with the added attraction of contributing to growth in better times. Bibliography lists 12 sources. JapanFDI.DOC

Foreign Investment in Japan : In this 5 page essay, the writer evaluates both external and internal (Primarily F.D.I.) investments in Japan and their feasibility. Japan is regarded as a high-income country with a large domestic market. Based upon library research, some advice & recommendations are given as to how U.S. & other foreign countries should assess and plan their investments in Japan. Japanfdi.wps

Japan / Financial Trends Analysis : A 5 page trends analysis exploring Japan’s BOP, exports/imports, debt and FDI. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Japanbop.doc
"The Japanese Way Of Management" / Asian Capitalism : An 8 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of post-World War II capitalism in Japan and demonstrates how this relates to the concepts of Japanese-style managment systems (JSMS) using a number of relevant examples from Japanese theories of management. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Japanman.wps

Management Styles / Comparison Between The U.S. and Japan : A 5 page paper comparing management styles in Japan and the US. Not until the American public was tired of expensive inferior quality and started turning to the Japanese for increasing numbers of cars each year did American manufacturing take Japan seriously. The management style in the US had been that from the behavior school, with a fair amount of autocracy included. The chasm between labor and management was particularly wide in manufacturing operations, while a healthy labor-management attitude operated in Japan. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mstyle.wps

Japanese and American Accounting Principles / Increasing Continuity :
A 5 page paper that considers the progression of accounting principles in both the United States and Japan and outlines the call for greater complicity between these two countries. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Japamac.wps

Defining Organizational Change : A 5 page paper discussing some of the reasons for and mechanisms of organizational change. America’s discovery of Japanese cars was the first real indication that American manufacturing would have to change in order to keep up, but it was discovered that accomplishing that change involved far more than just doing things differently than in the past. It was also necessary for management attitudes to change as well. Today, the principles described by Kurt Lewin in the 1940s are as true as they were then, and management at the most successful of companies has discovered that lasting and beneficial change occurs when management sets the stage, but employees lead the implementation of change. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Defofch.wps

Interest Rate Policy Of The Bank of Japan : 12 pages in length. Until the 1980’s, the Bank of Japan had an active role in implementing government-directed fiscal policy, but as the economy stabilized and seemed to be completely self-sustaining, regulatory influences were increasingly withdrawn. Today, the Bank of Japan is charged mainly with establishing and maintaining interest rates. In that respect, it is comparable to our Federal Reserve. Years of questionable business finance practices have been catching up to Japan faster than Japan can catch up to the consequences. The Bank of Japan’s role has been to keep interest rates artificially low in an attempt to aid commercial banks on the verge of failure, but those interest rates being at such low levels is having other and far-reaching implications for the Japanese economy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bankjap.wps

Japanese Economic Crisis : Japan's economic system is an amalgam of business, political and cultural preferences and policies. The Japanese model of economic development differs significantly from it's counterparts in the West. Up until a few years ago it was deemed as a success and many countries were on the road to emulate it's unique blend of politics and business, particularly its reliance on deliberate government intervention to guide the economy. This 6 page paper examines the Japanese model of political and economic symbiosis and argues that the cultural bias toward belief in government correctness has added to the current crisis. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jpcrisi2.wps

Japan’s Banking Crisis / Fuji Bank : 8 pages in length. The Japanese banking system is too much like that of the US in the early 1930s, and years of questionable financing decisions have finally caught up with many of them. That catching up was well under way before the Asian currency crisis, but that same crisis brought things to the point that they could no longer be ignored. Fuji Bank is one of Japan’s larger banks, but they have not made poor business decisions in the volume of some of their competitors. Fuji Bank has good prospects for as painless a recovery as possible. Bibliography lists 8 sources. JapBank.wps

Japan's Faltering Economy & The Nikkei Index : 4 pages in length. An insightful look at Japan's blundering economy during the mid-1990's. Specifically focusing upon the Nikkei Index, the writer examines the causal factors of its poor performance. Among the many reasons cited are oddly-priced Japanese IPOs, poorly-utilized foreign capital, misdirected government privatization of industry and more. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nikkei.wps

Japan's Stock Market Crash / "After the Bubble Burst" : A 9 page research paper which focuses on why the stock market crash occurred and how that crash directed effected the lingering recession which followed the Japanese Stock Market Crash. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Crasjapa.wps

Japan / Recession (1998) : A 5 page discussion of the reasons behind Japan’s recession, financial statistics concerning debt and balance of payments, contemporary economic predictions in regards Japan’s recovery, and positive steps taken for recovery. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Japanrec.wps

The Trade Conflict Between Japan and the United States : An in-depth, 10 page look at the sources and outcomes of U.S. trade conflict with Japan in modern history. Japantra.wps

Ending the Trade Conflict with Japan : 10 page report that provides an overview of the history, causes, and possible solutions to the United State's trade conflicts with Japan (as they specifically relate to the auto industry). Twelve references include multiple journal sources. Japanaut.wps

Trading with Japan : A 6 page analysis of the Clinton administration's efforts to improve U.S. trade relations with Japan. The writer assesses all sides of the issue and proposes some degree of mutually-beneficial compromise between the two countries. Bibliography lists 5 supporting sources. Japanust.wps

U.N. Peacekeeping / The End of Japanese Isolationism : In this well-written 23 page essay, the writer examines in great detail the implications of U.N. Peacekeeping involvement for Japan. Until the early 1990's, the nation had underwent a long period of isolationism which broke under great controversy with the passing of a single act and changed Japan's foreign policy quite drastically. Analyzed are the voices of Japanese nationals and the impact that Japan's peacekeeping efforts have had thus far in various events around the world. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Japanun.wps

Japanese/U.S. Relations : This 12 page paper examines the economic relationship between Japan and the U.S. in light of the Asian economic crisis.
A historical view of the relationship is presented as well as a look to the future. Implications of the monetary crisis are discussed in detail. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Relwus.wps

The Affects of World War II on the Japanese : A 7 research paper that examines how World War II caused fundamental changes in Japanese society.
Prior to WWII, Japan was an authoritarian state where the individual had few rights. After WWII and the Allied occupation, the sovereignty of the Japanese state rested with the people for the first time in their history. The writer argues that huge assimilation of Western cultural ideals fits in with the overall pattern of Japanese history and that the behind a Western façade, the Japanese have succeeded in retaining their cultural identity. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Affectjj.wps

How World War II Affected the Society & Political System of the Japanese:
In 8 pages the author discusses how World War II affected the society and the political system of the Japanese. The Japanese have always been a proud people. When they lost World War II, it had a major affect on them. They "lost face." This is the worst possible thing that could happen to them. The culture of Japan is such that the people just can not lose. They must win at all cost. The Japanese would rather face death than defeat. To lose face for the Japanese was a fate worse than death. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Ww2jap.wps

Japanese Vs. American Development of Self-Concept : A 15 page paper on the factors that make up self-concept in each country. The writer describes how the mythology, religion, social setting, child-rearing and concepts of success define who people are in each culture. Bibliography lists 7 sources.Japanv.wps

Youth Sports Structure / Japan vs. the United States : A 5 page essay comparing the structure of youth sports in Japan to the structure of youth sports in the United States, concentrating primarily on the schooling period that equates to middle- and early secondary school in the United States. Japanese students operate on a modified year-round school schedule and the school days are much longer than those of the U.S. In addition, more than half of the students of middle school age also attend private tutoring classes five and six nights each week, and three hours of homework daily from the public school is common. Japanese students have little time for sports activities of any kind, and the structures between the two countries are very different. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ythsport.wps

The Priesthood In Japan vs. The United States (Shintoism vs. Catholicism) : A 5 page research paper which reveals that the priesthoods of both cultures are undergoing change and must adapt to meet new requirements of accountability. The writer demonstrates how change is taking place, and how it presents a fundamental change in the way the people of both cultures approach religious experience. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ewpriest.wps

Professional Sports / Japan vs. the United States : A 5 page essay comparing the professional sports of Japan and the United States. Though almost every Japanese citizen follows their traditional sport of sumo wrestling, the growth of baseball in popularity and following in recent years has led even the Japanese to refer to it as the national sport. Nearly a mirror image of its American counterpart in administrative structure, it has allowed Japan to add another, unexpected, export: professional baseball players to U.S. teams. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Prosport.wps

Preparation Methods of Japanese Vegetables : This 5 page overview provides useful information on the preparation of traditional Japanese vegetable dishes. Methods for cooking shiitake mushrooms, tempura, and ways of creating authentic salads and salad dressings are included. Bibliography cites 4 sources. Japveg.wps

Yakuza : A 25 page in depth paper on the Yakuza (Japanese Organized Crime Syndicates). The writer details the history, organization, activities of the Yakuza in Japan and abroad and also talks about Yakuza's linkage to other organized crime groups. Provided, are in depth discussions of past and recent Yakuza bosses, Yakuza activity in the international drug trade, sexual slavery, financial sabotage, corporate manipulation, loansharking, etc. Report is based on information obtained from Yakuza: Past & Present. Primary source cited in Bibliography. Yakuza2.wps

Japan’s Relationship With Korea : A 3 page paper discussing the oppressive rule Japan held over Korea during the Japanese occupation 1910–1945. Japan ruled Korea with little regard for the nominal constitution and with the intent of eradicating everything Korean, including the language, from the soul of the Korean people they ruled. Though powerless to overcome the Japanese, the Korean people developed a strong sense of nationalism in response to the occupation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. JapKorea.wps

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