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Anglo-Saxon Settlement In England : This 11 page paper examines the Anglo-Saxon settlement in England -- why they moved there, their subsequent society and culture. Particular emphasis is paid to medieval literature and its reflection of the Anglo-Saxons. Bibliography lists 8+ sources. Anglosax.wps

Francis I : 5 page biography and general discussion of England's Francis I (16th century). Good for those studying Western Civilization; Keyword Western Civ. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Frances.wps

Frederick II : Brief 4 page biographical overview of Frederick II- the eighteenth century English monarch. Paper outlines his life, times, and political activities. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fredrick.wps

The Life of Henry VIII : A short, 5 page overview and discussion of King Henry VIII's life, career, and many marriages. No Bibliography available. HenryVII.wps

The Wives of Henry VIII : A 9 page paper tracing the six marriages of Henry VIII. Discusses points of Henry's wives, what prompted him to marry so many times, and what type of person he was. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hen8.wps

Henry VIII's Wives, a Comparison : 6 pages in length. This paper discusses and compares two of King Henry VIII's six wives and their very different fates at the hand of their husband. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Henry.wps, Henwives.wps

Book Review / "Bloody Mary" -- Queen of England : Mary I has come down in history with the unpleasant name of "Bloody Mary" because of the religious persecutions of her reign. This 7 page paper reviews W.F.M. Prescott's book entitled "Mary Tudor" -- a text which goes into considerable detail about the Queen's terrifying reign. No other sources are cited. Quenmary.wps

Queen Elizabeth I / Her Life and Contributions : An 8 page paper discussing the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I to England. Bibliography lists six sources. Queene.wps

Queen Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell : Both English leaders are compared and contrasted in this 6 page analysis which focuses on biographies of these famous subjects. Queen Elizabeth I by John E. Neale and Oliver Cromwell by Peter Gaunt are discussed in depth. No additional sources are cited. Elizcrom.wps

Oliver Cromwell And The English Civil War : 25 pages in length. The English Civil War was waged for several reasons, none of which are atypical to the origin of most every war in history. Power, greed and fear are the primary instigators that propel people and countries into the ravages of battle, often never solving the problem that threw them into war in the first place. Oliver Cromwell and the Roundheads’ participation were instrumental in the English Civil War, establishing a quest for revenge in exchange for the years of oppression they suffered. Indeed, the Roundheads, under Cromwell’s rule, were a strong force to be reckoned with; it was as a direct result of their moral commitment to battle that they came to be known as an incredible fighting force. The writer discusses the causes of the English Civil War, as well as focuses upon Cromwell and the Roundheads. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Ocromwel.wps

World Exploration During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I : A 7 page overview of English exploration of the world during the late sixteenth century. Gives a brief description of political unrest in England during this time period. Emphasizes the voyages of Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake. Describes the difficulties early explorers and colonists faced in the "New World." Bibliography lists six sources. Worldex.wps

King Canute : 10 pages in length. After a century as Danish plunder of England, Canute came to the throne. He was also the king of Denmark and Sweden but held a special fondness for England. His reign was peaceful and prosperous for England. Canute’s life and work are discussed. Bibliography included. Canute.wps

King John and the Magna Carta / Historical Perspective Can Vary : A 5 page overview of King John of England. Presents the perspective that the societal wrongs typically associated with King John were really in existence prior to his gaining the throne and that the Magna Carta’s original provisions were designed to protect England’s rich, not her common citizens. Bibliography lists four sources. Johnking.wps

Blaming Kings James I & Charles I For The English Civil War : This 5 page essay discussed the extent to which kings James and Charles can be blamed for the Civil War. It discusses the Religious tensions at the time- between the Catholics and the Anglicans and the Puritans. Also mentioned: the Court of the Star Chamber and the Archbishop of Laud. Kingj.wps

English Feudalism : A 6 page paper discussing English feudalism under two kings: Edward the Confessor, and William the Conqueror. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Engfued.wps

Feudalism, The Norman Conquest, & 11th Century English Politics : In this 9 page paper, the writer is concerned with whether or not Feudalism imposed by the 11th century Norman Conquest truly had an impact on politics in England. Issues of ownership, social class, and much more are examined to reach the ultimate conclusion that the impact of Feudalism was a positive one indeed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Normancq.wps

How the Urban Revolution Of The 11th Century Eroded The Feudal SystemThis 5 page paper examines the impact of urbanization on the established system of feudalism in the Middle Ages. The Magna Carta, the growth of cities, the centralization of governmental power all led toward the ultimate collapse of feudalism. Bibliography lists six sources. Urbrev.wps

The Differences Between Feudalism Before and After the Norman Conquest : This 8 page paper reviews how feudalism evolved from its original application after the Norman Conquest and the rule of William I. Bibliography lists five sources. Diffno.wps

Medieval Feudalism : A 6 page research paper exploring the elements of medieval feudalism in England. Descriptions of what constituted medieval feudalism, reason for wars, status of women and the decline of the feudal system are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 references. Feud.wps

The Magna Carta & The Constitution : A 5 page essay which compares the English document with the American Constitution. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Magnacar.wps

Stonehenge : A 1 page essay on the architectural construction of Stonehenge; a mystical European creation from the New Kingdom Temple- era. Bibliography lists 1 source. Stonehnge.wps *TOTAL FOR THIS ESSAY ONLY $ 9.95 !

Stonehenge Temples in England : The writer of this 14 page research paper provides an informative informative view on the Stonehenge Temples in England. The description of Stonehenge is inclued, as well as the theories on how this monument came to be. Bibliography included. Stoneh.wps

England’s Civil War / The Roundhead Rebellion : This 11 page report summarizes the history of the English Civil War during the period of 1642-1651. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Roundhea.wps

The Foundation Beneath English Relief For The Poor : An 11 page research paper examining poverty and its growth during the reign of Elizabeth I. England’s population nearly doubled during the period between 1520 and 1620. Coupled with an estimated 40% inflation with no appreciable rise in wages, those on the fringe lost living standard ground and their numbers increased dramatically. The first attempts at poor relief were made during Henry VIII’s reign, but the first real strides were gained during the time of Elizabeth I. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Poor2.wps

Life in Elizabethan England Analyzed : This 6 page research paper describes the life of a typical member of Elizabethan society. Specifically discussed are Elizabethan work, play, food, drink, fashions, hairstyles and amusements. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Elizeng.wps

English History Essays : 8+ page worth of essays pertaining to English history. Topics include William the Conqueror, Henry II, Thomas Becket, The Magna Carta, The Hundred Years' War, and the Wars of the Roses. Bibliography lists 6 primary and secondary references. Enghisty.wps

French and English Colonization : A 6 page paper discussing the affects of French and English colonization from the 1500’s to present day and the benefits derived from it. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Frenenc.wps

The Governments Of France & England : A 6 page paper discussing the rise of France and England in power after the end of the Crusades. Analyzes the feudal and aristocratic systems of government in each country and draws comparisons to the present-day US. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Freneng.wps

12th Century Renaissance & Intellect : A 5 page paper discussing the cause of the intellectual changes that occurred during the renaissance period in Europe. Many people have stated that the cause of these changes was due to the education and knowledge available through the monasteries of that time, but the monasteries were limited to the texts they contained. Their exposure to the world outside of Europe was very limited. The idea that the Crusades changed the intellectual face of the Europeans is the argument given. Bibliography lists 1 source. 12cenren.wps

How The Crusades Influenced A Cultural Change In Art and Literature :
15 pages in length. The Crusades were highly influential with regard to the cultural changes in art and literature. Their contributions are noted in any number of ways, which are easily detected merely by interpreting the number of literary works and artistic designs that were prevalent during that period. There existed a certain political correctness that was associated with the manner in which the crusades influenced -- and even represented -- the art and literature that followed their lead. The writer discusses how the Crusades afforded a considerably elevated level of civilized culture as it pertained to artistic and literary styles. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Crusade1.wps

The Role Of Private Property According To Karl Marx & John Locke : A 5 page paper discussing the different attitudes Marx and Locke had regarding the issue of private property. Bibliography lists three sources. KarlJohn.doc

John Locke’s "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding" / Ideas : A 4 page essay discussing John Locke’s perceptions and philosophy regarding human ideas as the primary and the difference to ideas of the secondary qualities. No additional sources cited. Ideas.wps

The Social Effects of the Glorious Revolution : A 9 page research paper on William III's accession to the throne of England and its affect on the various social classes in England. The writer details religious toleration, the standing army, the Restoration settlement, freedom of thought and speech, and other issues which resulted from the 1688 Revolution. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Glorrevo.wps

Political Effects of the "Glorious Revolution" on Colonial America Analyzed :
A 5 page paper which examines the ideas which emerged as a result of Great Britain’s Glorious Revolution of 1688, and the changes which resulted in the political and legal institutions of colonial America. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Gloryrev.wps

The Puritan Revolution vs.The Bloodless (Glorious) Revolution : A 9 page paper that discusses the similarities between these two events in British history. The basic premise for both of these acts of insurrection against the reigning monarchy developed from dissatisfaction in the religious status of the Parliament and the monarchy and dissent between the two. Though the players were different in both of these actions, the basis was in similar disputes over religion, and the political and social ramifications of these differences. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Puritanbl.wps English revolution, Glorious revolution

Neoclassicism & The Development Of The Asylum : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the history of England as it reflects the neoclassism of the 17th and 18th centuries and correlates this to the development of England's earliest asylum. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Neoasyl.wps

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