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Glenn Curtiss & The Wright Brothers : A 5 page paper discussing the ongoing feud between these three individuals. Embroiled in a legal battle that would put some of today’s most litigious souls to shame, accusations of patent infringements prevented much development within aviation before the outbreak of World War I. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Wright.wps

Flight Safety, Wind Shear, and Wake Turbulence : This 5 page report discusses airplane flight safety with a focus on wind shear and wake turbulence. The paper also covers causes of turbulence and wind shear while looking at what equipment has been designed for detection and mitigation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Flighteq.doc

Infamous Flight Around the World / Dick Rutan and Sally Yeager's Voyager :
A 7 page research paper that provides an overview of the Voyager's nonstop flight around the world. This paper concentrates on the specific equipment utilized for this successful flight. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Infamous.wps

Aviation Tactics in World War II / American vs. Japanese Perspectives :
A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the aviation tactics used by the German, Japanese and American troops in World War II. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ww2av.wps

Airline Disasters / An Analysis Of Cause : A comprehensive 23 page research paper on airplane crashes. Citing numerous examples, the writer examines various crashes and their possible causes. Industry regulations, FAA restrictions, training procedures, etc; are analyzed and the idea is presented that although maintenance problems are a leading cause of plane crashes, pilot error has played more of a role than we think. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Aircrash.wps

Flight 800 / Air Tragedy : A 6 page paper describing the events following the fatal accident. Details of the search which ensued are covered. The fact that there were two sperate conclusions as to the cause of the crash is descrbed. There are also details given as to the changes in regulations ,and rules that occurred as a result of the crash. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Flight80.wps

The Aviation Safety Rules and Regulations / The Impacts of Pan Am Flight 103: This 5 page paper provides an overview of the safety rules and regulations in place prior to the Pan Am Flight 103 crash over Lockerbie, Scotland, and reflects the changes in the industry that were linked to the impact of this crash. This paper also considers the changing view on airline safety in general and increased security measures implemented by major carriers in compliance with national and international law. Bibliography lists 4 sources. MHpanam.wps

The Role Of Human Error In Aviation : A 5 page paper that discusses the types of human error impacting the aviation industry with a particular focus on the implications for pilots. This paper contends that increased training and a reduction in mechanical problems would assist cockpit crews in increasing safety. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Humaner.wps

Pilots & "Situational Awareness" : This 5 page paper briefly discusses the meaning of the term "situational analysis" and how it assists pilots in making crucial flight decisions. Good situational analysis skills allow a pilot to be prepared to handle any potential problem without emotional over-reaction. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Pilsit.wps

Voice Dictation / Synthesis In Aviation : A 10 page paper that provides a human factors perspective on the use of voice technologies in aviation. The writer supports the use of this technology in reducing pilot error. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Voiceavi.wps

Flight Recorders : A 5 page paper discussing the issues surrounding flight voice recorders and flight data recorders for aircraft. The regulations that apply to this particular area of the FAA’s jurisdiction are discussed. A detailed account of the capabilities of the boxes is illustrated. Also addressed are some of the new ideas that apply to the "black boxes." Bibliography lists 4 sources. blackbox.wps

Airline Mechanics & F.A.A. Regulation : A 21 page paper on the regulations imposed on airline mechanics. The writer details the problems and suggested solutions, as well as the impact of the FAA's proposed regulation Part 66 on the future of airline mechanics. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Far.wps

F.A.A & N.A.S.A. Airline Safety Programs : A 10 page paper on the FAA and NASA collaboration in ASRS for reporting, tracking and mitigating airline safety problems as reported by pilots, maintenance crews, air traffic controllers, etc. Also includes FAA safety policies and the need for their move into the global airline safety arena. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Airfaa.wps

The Importance Of Pilots' Unions / Airline Industry : A 12 page paper that considers the impacts of the pilots' unions, including Allied (APA) and ALPA in the airline industry. This paper supports the efficacy of unions as a means of supporting the needs of their membership, as well as in providing greater safety and consistency in light of deregulation. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Pilots.wps

Military Pilots and the Airline Industry : The effect of reduction of military pilots on the airline industry is discussed in this 7 page paper. Suggestions are made to encourage qualified candidates to pursue careers through the private sector. Bibliography cites 5 sources. Pilinfd.wps

Airplane Pilot Ceritifcation Requirements -- 1958 to the 1998 : This 14 page research paper looks at the requirements to become a certified pilot and how those requirements have changed over the past forty years since the introduction of the Federal Aviation Act in 1958. Bibliography lists ten sources. Pilot.wps

Mandatory Retirement At Age 60 For Airline Pilots / Safety Or Discrimination ? : This 12 page research paper examines the issue of mandatory retirement for all American airline pilots at age 60. The writer includes background information and a detailed statement of the problem. Pilots60.rtf

Privatization Of Airports In The United States : The concept is discussed in this 6 page paper that looks at the world's airports as examples. Privatization efforts in the United States are compared to those of Europe. Pros and cons are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Airprivy.wps

Small Airports and Small Commuter Airlines : A 25 page research paper that gives an overview of the small airport and commuter airline industry. The author considers the safety, service, financial success and barriers to success as this industry relates to the more common large carrier airline industry. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Airlines.wps

The Autogyro & Vertical Flight : A 5 page paper on this vehicle for vertical flight. Its development, relevance to helicopters, and future developments are exploited. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Autogyro.wps

Helicopters and Firefighting : A 10 page paper that discusses the use of helicopters in fire fighting efforts, both in urban settings and in wildland areas. The regular use of helicopters has increased the need for new technologies and increased training to meet the requirements of this challenging transition. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Helifire.wps

Airport Security : A 5 page general, but comprehensive essay on airport security, F.A.A. measures, etc; Bibliography lists 5 sources. Airports.wps

Airport Security : The security of airports is explored in this 7 page paper. Airlines, such as US Air and ValueJet, which have endured public relations problems due to safety issues are discussed. The "flight 800" plane crash which prompted Presidential action is noted. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Airsecurity.doc

Airport Security / Problems : A 9 page research paper that investigates the state of airport security especially in the Untied States. Despite increased acts of terrorism in the world that are directed at airports and airlines and the terrorist attacks that have occurred in the United States, this country still does not take seriously the potential threat to airlines. Increased security measures are in force but the flagrant violations are frightening. Machines do exist that can detect today's sophisticated explosive devices but they are extremely costly and only a few airports are using them. The writer discusses the problems found at airports and machines that can increase security. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Airport.wps

Global TransPark Airport Design : A 10 page paper presenting the narrative for the design of a new international airport. Included in the discussion are the topics of site selection, benefits to the community, funding of construction, gate set up options with the classic "V" chosen, concessions and their contribution to airport revenues, rental car arrangements and holding area locations, baggage issues, access control and ancillary businesses. Though the paper addresses several major issues, the overall focus is that of security and profitability. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tranpark.wps

Deregulation of Commercial Airline Fares and Routes : A 10 page examination of the effects of 1978 Commercial Airline Deregulation. Includes a discussion of economic impacts and public perception. Bibliography includes seven sources. Deregair.wps

Prospects for the Airline Industry: A 5 page paper discussing changes likely within the airline industry over the next few years. Air travel nearly doubled in the period between 1980 and 1995 following deregulation. With the increasing rate of globalization of business and increasing levels of tourism, it is nearly assured that the airline industry will continue to grow. Delta and American Airlines bicker far less over the existence of the upstarts now that they have other focuses in their core businesses, but some of the others, especially United Airlines, have not given up the crusade against the smaller carriers. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Airgenrl.wps

Examining Problems in the Airline Industry / Book Review : A 4 page review of Thomas Petzinger's 1995 book entitled "Hard Landing." In this non-fiction text, the author discusses capitalism and greed in the airline industry. The end of airline regulation is criticized by the book and ultimately the writer of this paper concludes that Petzinger spends too much time complaining and not enough time forming commonsensical recommendations, alternatives, and/or solution. No extra bibliography. Hardland.wps

Industrial Safety / Aviation Focus : A 10 page research paper on the human, economic and other benefits to companies who implement industrial safety processes. The writer focuses on the 1997 Champions of Safety winners and looks at details of training and implementation programs. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Aviation.wps

(The) F117 Stealth Bomber : A 3 page paper on the F117 Stealth Bomber-- Provides some structural detail and a brief historical overview (from the Gulf War to the present). Good reference for those studying military warfare & weaponry. Bibliography lists 4 sources. F117stea.wps

Free Flight : A 5 page essay on the F.A.A.'s allowance for "Free Flight"-- which ends much of the strict route confinement jet pilots once faced. Focusing mostly on the 'pros,' the writer describes how free flight is not limited to takeoff to touchdown; It also covers the significant benefits possible during pre-flight planning activities and ground movement. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Freeflig.wps

Global Positioning System / The Role of GPS & Impact in the Air Cargo Industry : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the initiation and application of Global Positioning Systems and then relates the use to the specific issues related to the air cargo industry. This paper also considers the increasing technological changes and implications for air cargo companies, like UPS. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Globpos.wps

21st Century / Century Of Air Cargo : A 5 page paper that looks at the industry's claim, and support for the claim that air cargo is the industry of the 21st century. The paper also looks at the current problems facing the industry and what international leaders, public and private, are doing to resolve those problems. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Aircargo.wps

Air Cargo / Comparison : An 8 page comparative analysis of the air cargo systems, present and future, in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico and Hong Kong. The writer explores the problems facing each country, plans to mitigate, and barriers to mitigation. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cargo.wps

Southwest Airlines / Selection Of Pilots : A 15 page paper discussing the selection of pilots at Southwest Airlines. Finding a job is never an easy task for a commercial pilot. Not only does Southwest not make the process any easier, they also have the added requirements of a sense of humor and the proper attitude in order to be considered for selection for their company. Southwest has the highest percentage of female pilots of any airline in the country, but still have only a few in comparison to the total number of pilots they employ. The corporate culture of have fun and work hard applies to all areas of the company, including the pilot faction, and those prospective pilots unwilling to serve as substitute baggage handler on occasion most likely will not even make the first cut. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Soutwest.wps

Southwest Airlines -- Ingredients Of Success : A 12 page case study of Southwest Airlines -- one of the top companies in its industry. The writer analyzes SW's market niche, pricing strategy, human resource maintenance, financial structure, emphasis on low cost, and more. Equipment, technology, and plans for the future are included as well. Several charts provided in Appendix. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Swairlin.wps

Southwest Airlines’ Marketing Strategy : A 10 page case research paper with Southwest Airlines as its focus. Southwest is one of America’s largest airlines in terms of passenger boardings, and yet it serves airports in a relatively small number of 24 states. Overall, the company’s marketing strategy is to provide the best-possible no-frills service with the newest equipment available, then tell the flying public about the top-notch safety record…In a report filed with the SEC mid-way through 1996, Southwest included a list of "what ifs" of things that might happen, things that prevented them from forecasting performance for the very next quarter. They just keep flying—often, right past the competition. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Southwst.wps

Valujet Airlines / An Analytical Case Study : This 8 page paper examines the history, market niche, and organizational structure of ValuJet Airlines-- a company best known for its low cost airfare and frequent problems / crashes ! Issues concerning service, management style, and fiscal outlook are analyzed to provide an in-depth overview of the company's strengths and weaknesses. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Valujet.wps

Southwest vs. ValuJet / Successful Airline vs. Unsuccessful Airline : In this 10 page report, the writer compares Southwest with Value Jet Airlines. It is reasoned that the reputation-wrecked ValuJet airlines has only trotted along a bumpy road to industry success. Its future is much less certain than the ever-growing Southwest Airlines. Marketability, cost issues, human relations, and more-- are examined with respect to each of these two companies to support such a thesis. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Valusout.wps

British Airways’ Merger With USAir : A 6 page paper discussing the benefits and detriments of British Airways’ merger with the US-based airline in 1992.. At a time when the entire industry was losing unprecedented sums of money, BA was able to remain profitable, though only barely so. USAir was losing less than its US-based counterparts, and the two of them together had a chance to pull themselves out of their financial slump. Other US-based carriers and even the national airlines of several European countries opposed the idea, however, believing that increased competition would deepen their already-serious deficits. Bibliography lists 3 sources. USAir.wps

The Airline Industry / Marketing Strategies, Advertising, Competition & Alliances : Increasing competition in the airline industry in the United States has resulted in an emerging focus on advertising options, marketing strategies, advertising, pricing, competition, alliances and the transformation of company missions. This 62 page paper provides a substantive overview of the issues related to the current airline industry and considers the possible long-term implications of deregulation and emerging global alliances. Bibliography lists 27 sources. Airmark.wps

More People, More Tickets, More Money?—More Marketing! : A 6 page paper discussing current issues in airline marketing. Because marketing is an especially integral part of the airline business, marketing professionals must have numerous areas of expertise. Bibliography lists five sources. Airline.wps

Delta, American & United / Marketing Strategies In A Competitive Era : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the major elements of each of these three airlines and compares their approaches and success. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Delamun.wps

Management At American, Delta and United Airlines : A 9 page paper discussing the management similarities of the three airlines. American, Delta and United Airlines are all commercial passenger air carriers. Beyond that, they have only a few similarities. All are old commercial carriers that were facing bankruptcy together until the US Postal Service approved air travel for the US Mail in 1925. There, they reached a point of divergence that continues today. It would seem that, because of the emphasis on employee ownership, United would be the "best" to work for, at least as long as the pilots remain happy with their contract. The management style is appealing because it takes the employees into consideration perhaps more than the others do Bibliography lists 10 sources. 2air.wps

Air Traffic Controllers Dismissal And Its Relation The Works Of Kant :
A 6 page paper discussing Kant's imperatives to government and the governed people as they relate to the firing of the Air Traffic Controllers by Ronald Reagan. The paper postulates that Reagan's decision was short-sighted, because his actions have potentially lead to that which he sought to prevent--a socialistic public labor pool. The paper discusses the affects of his decision in relationship to both the public and private sector, and how it may have resulted in the quiet revolution affecting the private sector. Although Kant specifies that altruistic citizens subject themselves to their sovereign, they must also police their sovereign, and therefore, the long-term results of Reagan's decision are in the hands of the people. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Controlr.wps

The Effects of Yield Management on the Fortunes of the U.S. Airline Industry : A 9 page paper on the positive financial effects that yield management pricing has had on the major airlines of the U.S., exhibited by a $2.5 billion industry-wide profit after posting losses of over $13 billion over the previous four years combined. With the major airlines’ increased financial health, they are better able to compete not only with each other, but against the newer, smaller airlines that would like to create a secondary market in areas not well-served by the major carriers. The major airlines, however, are using all their new-found financial might to drive the smaller ones out of their markets and then follow with increased fares when the threat of competition is gone. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Yieldmgt.wps

Management At Three Major Airlines: A 9 page paper discussing the similarities and the management philosophies of American, United and Delta. All old, established companies, they are the three leaders of the US airline industry in terms of total revenues. Neither was profitable until the federal government authorized air mail by private carrier in 1925, and all three operate with only an uneasy peace with their pilots. The paper asks whether any of the three practices TQM, and concludes, based on the company-as-hostage stance of the pilots, that they do not. Bibliography lists 12 sources. 3Airline.wps

Marketing Air Freight On The Internet : A 10 page research paper which looks at what is needed to have a successful presence on the Internet for an air freight carrier. The writer specifically profiles the Web sites of FedEx and UPS examining the features which make these sites successful. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Airfreit.wps

Air Cargo Deregulation in a Microeconomics Perspective : A 15 page paper discussing results of airline deregulation on the air cargo segment of the industry. All too often, business management can too closely be characterized by that organization that reacts to the business environment in which it operates, rather than taking hold and attempting to change what could be while working for industry-wide improvements. Specific aspects of microeconomics theory can be applied to nearly every real-life issue concerning managing a business, but relatively few organizations appear to weigh market and internal contstraints in recognized terms of microeconomics. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Deregmic.wps

Y2k / Aviation Management & the Y2K Issue / The FAA and The Economic Impact: The Y2K problem has had widespread attention in business journals and the news media, but little has been said about the specific impacts for particular industries. Though speculators have asserted that the Y2K problem could have widespread impacts for transportation, especially in the aviation industry, arguments that these speculations are the perceptions of alarmists and don’t actually represent the scope of the issue has resulted in ineffectual or limited responses by financial managers in major airlines and aviation companies across the nation. This 25 page paper reflects the nature of this problem, provides a review of the current literature, and argues for the most successful plans to address this problem, especially for financial managers in the aviation industry. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Aviaman.wps

Airline Carriers : The role adopted in writing this 5 page example report is of a purser of a major airline. The rationale for such a choice is that, in this position, the report can be written from a hands on perspective. Thus, the executive receiving the materials will be well informed because the knowledge would come from experience. The utilization of a major airline as a model would also give a purser a better education than if he was employed within the context of a smaller operation. The report’s analysis considers topics in human resourcing as applicable to major airline carriers. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Arlin.wps

Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems’ Advantages : An 8 page paper discussing how this company consistently retains its competitive edge. The company instituted computer-aided production techniques long before it was commonplace, saving 20 percent of the former production costs of their aircraft. The world commercial aircraft market is expected to experience high growth rates into the next century, and LMTAS is working now to increase their commercial production from 20 to 40 percent of their total sales in anticipation of that growth combined with reduced defense spending. LMTAS operates in a realm far beyond what most businesses will ever achieve in size, but all businesses can learn from their approach to their method of operations. It appears to be company policy to stay ahead of competition rather than to chase it. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Lockheed.wps

Airplane Manufacturing : A 13 page research paper that examines the affects of computer assisted design and manufacturing methodologies on the aircraft and aerospace industry. The writer demonstrates how computers have revolutionized the process of designing and manufacturing new aircraft. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Planeman.wps

F-14 Tomcat : A 7 page overview of the specific design features and the function of the F-14 Tomcat aircraft. Bibliography lists 6 sources. F14tom.wps

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