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Beach Erosion : 4 pages on Beach Erosion; its recent history, progression, costs etc;. Goes into detail about reasons for the erosive process. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Beachero.wps

Beach & Coastal Erosion : 5 pages discussing beach erosion at Sandy Hook (New Jersey). Discusses and analyzes possible methodologies for slowing such erosion. *Also an excellent resource for those studying meteorology and other related courses. No Bibliography. Coastero.wps

Miami Beach / Land & Coastal Survey : 5 pages in length. A thorough analysis of the Miami Beach area in which the writer attempts to evaluate dangers of coastal erosion and human influence in order to determine feasibility as a resort. Vegetation, humidity, definition of the barrier coast, and offshore fishing are among the many items discussed. Recommendations are made for municipal government funding of new sea walls to better protect the area from further erosion. The writer concludes, however, that very little danger ultimately exists. No Bibliography. Miamires.wps

Effects of Adverse Weather on Beaches : A 7 page discussion of beach formation, beach profiles, and properties of sands. The writer then examines the effects that hurricanes, tornadoes, and monsoons have on beaches and the subsequent erosion that occurs. No Bibliography. Hurrmnsn.wps

The Great Lakes : A 6 page discussion of the Great Lakes, their sources, natural environment, and pertinent theories. Bibliography lists three references. Greatlak.wps

Ocean Currents : 5 pages in length. The ocean waves that wash up to the shore in regular intervals do so because of currents that help move the water along its path. Without these currents, the sea would remain a stagnant body of water that could support no life. The writer outlines the concept of oceanic currents, as well as discusses their important duties with regard to all life on the planet. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Currents.wps

Water Desalinization : A 7 page paper on desalting the oceans. The writer details the history of desalinization, as well as the various techniques, and pros and cons of each. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Desalt.wps

Salt Water Intrusion / An Overview : A 5 page overview of the environmental problem of saltwater intrusion. Provides details of occurrences currently being experienced in Florida. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Swintrus.wps

The Great Barrier Reef / Physical Issues & Human Influence : An 8 page research paper on the Great Barrier Reef located off the northeastern coast of Queensland, Australia. For the most part, the writer discusses the formation of barrier reefs (in general), and the size, scope, and inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef in particular. Human impacts, tourism, nutrients, algae, pollution, sediments, and various other elements of the reef's environment are discussed as well. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Reefgrea.wps

Coral Reefs & The Florida Keys : 4 pages in length. A brief, but comprehensive discussion of Coral Reefs and the ecological problems they face in the Florida Keys. Human factors are considered and some insight into the future is provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Coralree.wps

Coral Reef Ecosystems & The Florida Keys : 5 pages in length. A technical look at coral reefs and ecosystems in the Florida Keys. Food chains, biomass, and various other pertinent issues are touched upon. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Coralre2.wps

Electronic Devices & New England Fishermen : A 6 page research paper on the use of electronic devices by the New England fishing Industry. The writer describes the types of electronic devices, other technologies used, and the effect they have had on the industry and the fish supply in New England. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Fishinne.wps

Geographic Information Systems / Importance in Coastal & Oceanic Management : An 8 page overview of GIS and its applications in resource management and research activities. Discusses coastal and open water applications specifically. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Giscoast.wps

Effects Of Acid Rain On Mid-Atlantic Trout Fishing : A 7 page paper on trout fishing in the mid-Atlantic region. For years, the practice has played a vital role in the area's economy but man's own abuses have severely damaged the environment and killed off a significant amount of fish. The writer examines this problem, its occurrence, and how it occurs. The production of acid rain and how it disrupts the food web is of primary importance to this discussion. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Troutfis.wps

Aquaculture & Fish Farming : An 8 page research paper on the rapidly growing aquaculture industry reviewing: why it is growing, why it is needed, who is entering the industry, what problems are encountered, and what solutions have been found. Special mention of Great Lakes region is included. Bibliography lists a number of relevant sources. Aquacult.wps

Whale Conservation : A 12 page paper describing the plight of the whales at the hands of humans. The writer describes the history of whaling, why it is important to conserve whales, and other human threats to whales. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Whales.wps

International Whaling Issues : This 3 page paper examines the issue of international whaling practices, the regulations, as well as the impact on several nations throughout the world. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Whaleint.doc

The Fishing Economy : A 7 page paper discussing the commercial fishing industry and its economic impact on coastal towns. Highlights the economic contributions of the industry to the communities with an examination of how overfishing in these regions can cripple the industry which ripples into destruction of the communities’ economic stability. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fishing.wps

Issues Concerning Fisheries : 4 page discussion of fisheries- environmental issues, law & politics, and regulation relevant to salvaging dying breeds such as salmon. Paper includes thorough statistical data and factual information (as of early 1995). Bibliography lists 4+ sources. Fisheris.wps

Seahorses / With Particular Emphasis On Hippocampus ingens : A 5 page look at seahorse biology and impacts to their population such as the aquarium and pharmaceutical trades. Includes a particular emphasis on Hippocampus ingens. Bibliography lists twelve sources. Seahorse.wps

Ocean Dumping : A 5 page paper concerning the hazards of ocean dumping. The author discusses the many ways in which the ocean is polluted, the effects, and the solution. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Oceandum.wps

The Hawaiian Islands & Their Scientific Environment : Excellent for those studying oceanography, marine biology, geography, and even geology. This fairly technical 10 page research paper discusses various issues concerning the Hawaiian Islands including aquatic life, volcanoes, climate, and coastal topography. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Hawaiifi.wps

The Limnology of Lake Michigan : A 9 page scientific research paper on the limnology of Lake Michigan (one of the United States' "Great Lakes"). Included are the limnological characteristics, climate & erosion, human & trophic conditions, and more. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Lakemich.wps

Monomictic Lakes : A 10 page paper that discusses the physical and biological characteristics of monomictic lakes, with a specific look at Georgia's Lake Oglethorpe. This paper demonstrates the characteristics of a monomictic lake, discusses seasonal changes and turn around, and presents the physical, biological and environmental impacts on this microhabitat. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Monomict.wps

The Consequences Of Ground Water Withdrawal : A 7 page examination of groundwater overdraft. Incudes information on environmental degradation and contamination, cones of depression, salt water intrusion and other impacts. Bibliography lists five sources. Grndwatr.wps

The Consequences Of Groundwater Withdrawal / Nitrate Contamination # 2A 9 page overview of the potentials for groundwater contamination through the addition of nitrates. Identifies domestic wastewaters and fertilizers as two of the largest contributors to this contamination and identifies reclaimed wastewaters to wetlands treatment as an alternative to more typical discharges and as one which results in the reduction of nitrates and other nutrients. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nitratec.wps

River Pollution, Causes & Solutions : A 5 page essay on the causes of river pollution and some of the solutions that are being implemented to cope with the problems. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Riverpol.wps

Water Pollution / Problems and Solutions : A 9 page paper on the problems facing the world, and particularly the U.S., in regards to water pollution. The paper concentrates on streams, surface and ground water pollution and the most likely polluters of those waters. The solutions addressed include cooperative efforts, educational efforts, technology and changes in the law. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wpol.wps

Effects Of Agriculture On The Mississippi River: In 8 pages, the Mississippi River is discussed with special attention paid to the effects of agriculture on the river. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Missr.wps

The History & Current Conditions of The Rivers of Ohio : Complex geological and structural changes have occurred in the rivers of Ohio since the were first created as a result of glacial flows. The current conditions in a number of rivers in Ohio, including the Ohio River itself, are directly related to the geological development of the region, the influx of industry and agricultural development since the 19th century, and the transformation of the environment due to vast chemical, structural and natural changes. This 9 page paper reflects the transformation of the Ohio Rivers since their glacial formation and determines the most significant environmental factors currently impacting these natural regions. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ohioriv.wps

The Science of Oceanography & The Job of Oceanographers : A complete 12 page research paper defining oceanography and explaining its various forms and sub-headings. Each type of oceanography is discussed and a look at some of the problems faced by oceanographers is presented. Of particular importance to the discussion is the fact that funding from the National Science Foundation has remained relatively "flat" for many years. **Case studies regarding ocean drilling, global warming, and various environmental issues are presented to illustrate the importance of increasing funding for oceanographers. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Oceanog1.wps

The Cruise Line Industry & The Factors Of Oceanography : A 5 page paper exploring the relationships between the cruise line industry and the forces of oceanography. Bibliography lists five sources. Cruiselin.wps

Underwater Video and Lighting : A 5 page paper that provides an accurate account of the impacts of water depth on color, images, and light waver consumption/scattering in underwater video processes. This also outlines some of the current technologies being used for underwater video recording. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Watvid.wps

Jacques-Yves Cousteau : 8 pages in length. A true pioneer of underwater beauty and freedom, Jacques-Yves Cousteau represented adventure and discovery to a worldwide audience. His contributions to mankind were grand and far-reaching, whether it was his invention of the aqua lung or merely one of his many underwater sea quests. His unwavering devotion to the sanctity of the sea was apparent in his works, the way he spoke of its magic and in how he lived his everyday life. The writer discusses his ultimate mission, as well as the passions that propelled the French explorer to dedicate his life to the sea. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cousteau.wps

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